What Does Truth Really Mean?

by Eva Rygg, Oslo, Norway

Could it be that we have given up our own natural ability to know and trust truth, and have taken for granted that whatever is being presented or claimed is truth, as long as it is what the mainstream accepts to be the truth?

I know I have been one of those – even though I often had a feeling that there must be more to it than this, I somehow settled with ‘everyone’s’ truth.  Why wouldn’t I, no-one had ever presented otherwise. Not until several years ago, when I came across Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon’s presentations and the esoteric way of life.

The very first thing that I was presented with was to discern my own truth, and to never take on Serge’s presentations as truth without my own innermost discernment – that is, the feelings I have and know deep within myself, the feelings that are just mine and not told or dictated by anyone else. The feelings I have carried all my life, but at a young age had learned to override because I was sure they did not matter, since they were just mine.

Learning to discern and trust my truth again literally became a life-changing experience for me. Back then I was very ill physically, with a condition in my pituitary gland plus several other diagnoses – I was a typical example of the multi-symptomatic person. Choosing not to take heavy duty medications as I was recommended to do for lifelong treatment/support (it all felt too risky with the possible side effects), I learned to cope with life and maintain a facade, barely keeping my head above water.

I had countless different ‘alternative’ treatments during this time, which I felt just took me further and further away from me – I was just desperate to change or fix my situation and better my health.

At the first private session I had with Serge Benhayon I was for the first time seen as me, and not just as the diagnosis and symptoms in my body. The way he met me, and not my condition, made such an impression on me that I cried for the rest of the session. It was such a relief to be met as me, as an equal – but not only that, I could feel that it was a significant meeting. Not until later did I understand to what extent.

For me Love has been understood as something you give and/or receive. Having studied and worked with Serge I learned to understand that Love is something you are.  ‘Integrity’ was just a word until I met Serge Benhayon. Study Serge, and you will find that he talks Love, he walks Love, every move he makes is about Love.

And yes, I know it might sound a bit weird to be Love, but I have learned to experience that it is in fact possible, one gentle step at a time.

That brings me back to my own healing process – and guess what?… Love became my medicine. Slowly my body started to unlock and release the incredible tightness of old emotions etc. Not because Serge loved me to bits (as he does everyone), but because I myself was inspired by the way I was met by Serge and started building Love in and around me by my everyday choices – by discernment and awareness – by standing by my own truth. A huge part of my healing process has been the realisation that as soon as I take responsibility for my own situation (not look or search outwards) things already start to change – and it is not about getting someone to fix me or take my symptoms away, it’s about truly healing from the inside out.

And for those who might wonder… to be loved to bits by Serge, means to be met and seen in every way. He never turns his back on you, every question gets attended to – never wavering from truth no matter how uncomfortable and confronting truth at times may seem. Not until having had this experience did I realise that I had never trusted anyone in my whole life – Serge Benhayon taught me how to trust, by constantly reflecting truth to me, never with judgment or expectations, but always with Love.

My health is today excellent – to the extent that my endocrinologist, with whom I have kept in regular contact during this time, is astonished and wonders how it is that I have recovered this ‘easily’.

I can only say that I am in awe, that I have brought myself back from barely existing, to life in full. And that is thanks to the innermost way of life.

311 thoughts on “What Does Truth Really Mean?

  1. I feel that if we do not learn to discern and trust our own truth that we are bound get ill sooner or later, so awareness is key as is being able to define what we are aware of. Serge Benhayon helps us to understand the different energies at play which supports us to claim our own truth and live it.

  2. Lovely to read this again Eva. There is so much wisdom in your short blog, I love how you share the true healing power of how Serge met you for who you are, it’s a great reminder to us all of meeting others out in our communities and the powerful healing people can receive from this. A great line too about how you “started building Love in and around me by my everyday choices – by discernment and awareness – by standing by my own truth.” We rarely hear the word “truth” nowadays and not in the context you have presented, but how powerful it is when we stand by our own truth in our daily lives.

  3. We have such a distorted version of love that I often wonder what it truly is. It cannot be the emotional, “I can’t live without you” kind of thing. I remember when I was younger, asking the question at a dinner table – what do you think love is? Everybody was stunned and nobody wanted to answer – all I got was: “you’re going a bit too deep”. But this is where we are at, we are afraid to go deeper than what’s comfortable, we don’t want to speak about the things which may be a bit too awkward regardless of what is being offered with that.

  4. Our body knows and responds to truth and the more we connect and start to trust and honour our innermost feelings the more we open up, release the hardness of stored emotions and confirm that love is the essence of who we are.

  5. Eva it is truly a heartfelt and amazing story you have shared, I would love to read another blog from you about how life is for you now in the esoteric way of life. It’s always one of my all time favourite lines to read, and it inspires me each time “’Study Serge, and you will find that he talks Love, he walks Love, every move he makes is about Love.” Your healing of the endocrine condition is reflective of the power of the esoteric way of life, and the way the body can respond to our own love and care.

  6. I agree in full that learning to live guided by the truth our Soul is a life changing experience, one that continues to enrichen and deepen in quality with every day that comes, offering another opportunity to live all that we are in essence, to evolve back to the truth of who we divinely are.

  7. “Love is something you are.” This is such a different and beautiful way to explain and define love. No doing involved, just being all we are – can be…….

    1. I agree Sue, it is beautiful and confirming that we are actually already love, we don’t need to ‘try’ to be it or seek it from another but re-connect with it in ourself and allow it out…

    2. If love is something we are, something that we are innately born as, then it says a lot about the systems of life and the way human life is that pretty much everyone loses this connection. If we were to redefine life based on understanding we are all love in essence and make sure that every system of life supported that then imagine how incredible the world would be? With abuse, self abuse, violence, corruption and war, etc, pervasive worldwide surely the return to love must be of the utmost importance.

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