A Call to all Journalists

by Anna Karam, Goonellabah, Australia

I write this in response to the recent media coverage focused on Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine through both the print and television media. This comes as a question – or series of – to those involved in the creation of these stories, and furthermore to all those involved in the media industry.

Why is it that our journalists today are not dedicated to looking at the real issues? Why are so many of the articles and segments we read and see based on sensationalised dramas, hearsay or gossip? We only need to look at the situation of the paparazzi to see how terribly ill the media industry has become. 

I realise that there is a pressure to write the most interesting article, to sell the most papers or to receive the highest ratings, and drama certainly has proven itself a bestseller, but at what cost to those whom these mistruths are written about? Have you not considered the possibility that what we do to one, we do to all, and in line with this, is it not too much to ask that we bring integrity and respect to the table in all we do!

Moving on from this, it seems to me that we are missing the bigger picture, and certainly only a small minority are writing about it!  As a journalist or reporter you are in a position that holds great influence. Whether it is a local paper, or the national or international news, your words are seen and felt by all, so why not start looking at the bigger picture? Why not start asking the questions that humanity continues to keep in the background? Questions such as:

  • Why illness and disease is escalating out of control around us, whilst all forms of medicine struggle to keep up?
  • Why infertility affects one in six couples in Australia alone?
  • Why breast cancer is on the increase in every country around the globe, with the UK estimating 226,870 NEW cases in 2012!
  • Why obesity is now a global epidemic and people are out of control with their eating habits?
  • Why the global economy is in devastation with government leaders desperately trying to cover it up or fix it, and no one addressing the underlying cause of why this is happening?
  • Why is the consumption of alcohol so widely accepted around the globe when science has proven it a poison to the human body and worse when our bodies actually tell us this each time we partake in a so called ‘big night’ aka the day after?
  • Why are there still such extremes between wealth and poverty throughout the world regardless of all the effort that has been put into global charities and assistance?
  • Why are there silent wars occurring between nations, within nations, between neighbours, within families and even within ourselves?

And to get even more personal…

  • Why stimulants such as caffeine and sugar have become a global addiction with many of us unable to get through our working days without our daily cup of coffee or hit of chocolate?
  • Why many rely on alcohol or drugs to deliver a good time, or to escape their emotional pains and issues?
  • Why so many of us still choose to smoke cigarettes when we are all well aware of the devastating effects they have on our bodies?
  •  And why, when we can all feel on some level that the way we are living cannot be all that there is to this life, do we continue to defend it, and then attack those who offer something different? Is it possible that we are not in fact the intelligent race of beings we suppose ourselves to be?

Everybody seems to be skirting around the edges of these topics, Universal Medicine however does not. It is asking these questions, raising awareness, supporting individuals to be more real, more honest and more deeply loving and truth-full in life, starting with self, but in consideration of all humanity, and not just one or a group of us. If you enter into the recently created blog sites connected with Universal Medicine, you will get a taste of this. Real people, sharing their stories and feelings openly and honestly; now this is inspiring writing. Imagine these stories in your local or national papers, something real and tangible that people can connect with.

It is worth mentioning here that if we start to truly look at and be honest about how we are living as a race of beings – from the decline in global health, economics and lifestyle to our individual experience of life and what our bodies are showing us through illness and disease (from cancer and heart disease to the smallest of niggling aches and pains), one cannot deny the fact that there is a great need for change. The statistics are our living science – a science that we can no longer choose to ignore. 

Universal Medicine presents this science; it doesn’t hide behind or push aside the reality of what is truly going on. It is an expression that was founded in the service of and for all humanity, and it has come at a time when the world is in great need of some true truth and love. Why has nobody grabbed on to this for a story – Is the welfare of humanity not at our highest consideration? Surely this is something to be considered newsworthy!

So I say to the media community – rather than write about a few people’s negative opinions and accusations regarding Universal Medicine (or anyone or thing for that matter), why not explore the philosophies presented here for yourselves? Seek out the real truths and present this in your papers, for it is you – the media – that has the authority and the means to reach the great many, a great many that are in need of your truth-full expression.

81 thoughts on “A Call to all Journalists

  1. Thanks Anna, and adding to what you have shared in a climate where the media seems to be running the show from so many angles it takes a lot of us to stand up and ask for the lies to stop as the Truth is in plain sight and needs to be shared.

  2. Yes, it is in our hands, if we demand sensationalism and lies that is what we get: if we don’t buy this type of media, then the industry would cease to exist as it is.

  3. Yes, it is in our hands, if we demand sensationalism and lies that is what we get: if we don’t buy this type of media, then the industry would cease to exist as it is.

  4. I agree with you Anna why do we defend our way of life when we know it is rotten to the core?
    It shows me that we are not at all intelligent because if we were we wouldn’t be in the mess we are currently in. We are raping the planet of its resources because we are greedy beyond words. How much worse does our collective living have to get before we are brought to our knees through our arrogance and pride.

  5. It seems to be that the point journalism is at nowadays, is the same point humanity is at too. One is the reflection of the other. The greater the lies, the more evident is the false woven world we live in. How far are we going to allow this to go?

    1. I feel people are starting to say ‘no’ to the lies and the corruption, people are starting to wake up and say no more lies.

  6. Imagine what the world would be like if journalists were truly investigative? What would happen if we truly wanted to understand what is going on, questioned things and wanted to get to the bottom of the state of the world. We definitely would not be where we are at.

    1. Thank You Viktoria, as it has become so obvious now because what is being shared by the media and also politically, because the lies needs to be examined so the Truth can be expressed and maybe we need a global commission of True Justice!

  7. When you look at it it seems a bit odd that we get served sensationalistic stories but not what is actually going on in society. And could it be that the sensationalistic stories are actually there to obscure what is actually going on in society? I think they are. And the journalists are the puppets that allow themselves to be puppets because they want to be seen and recognised. A shame really. I hope some journalists pull themselves up from this swamp and start to deliver what they are actually there to deliver and if they read their journalist code of ethics this is what they actually signed up to do. So time to get to work!

  8. Journalists play an important role in the definition of social problems and they have a social responsibility in what they choose to report on. They bring some problems into the open, yet, they also make sure to not bring other ones. And there are big ones that they have shown no interest in whatsoever. The problem is, since they do not bring the big ones to the fore, there cannot be pieces of news related to them, which could allow us to truly appreciate who are doing what for the sake of all, and who is not.

  9. You are absolutely right, there is no skirting around anywhere when it comes to Universal Medicine.They talk about all the questions you have highlighted here and more, and they do this not to be the best or to ‘look good’, but because they genuinely care. Really each and everyone of us should be asking these questions, and the reason it is continually getting worse in the world is because … we haven’t truly stopped to ask these questions. So thank absolute goodness that Universal Medicine has. And shame on those so called journalists who have defamed, vilified and well, basically lied to make themselves look good.

  10. It doesn’t make sense – I’m sure no one goes into their journalism career thinking they want to be contributing to all the corruption in world, yet the media is one of the most influentially corrupt platforms in the world and how many journalists are actually writing the truth ?

    1. Very true – most career choices are about personal preference or just money or career opportunities, and not about the opportunity to really serve and bring everything we’ve got to the world.

  11. I would like to say that the media is to blame for all the rubbish that we are getting fed, but if we don’t read it, if we asked for something else, like truth, they would have no option but to supply that instead. Yes, the media has the power to influence people, but I have a feeling that we are actually more powerful.

  12. Unfortunately it has become very much a case of supply and demand, society are demanding to be entertained by the drama and journalists are supplying it, the only way it will change is if the demand is no longer there and society start questioning and seeking the truth, then journalism will have to revert back to publishing the truth.

  13. The media merely reflects what society is asking for. Many people blame the media for what they are printing yet it is the masses who support it…in fact demand it!

  14. I love how you are giving the power back to the journalists rather than playing their own game of pointing fingers and creating further drama. You’re seeing them for who they truly are, people, like you and me, decent people how have simply been misguided, or rather chosen a path of glamour and destruction as opposed to truth. We all have so much to offer and feel, we don’t actually need the crazy to feel something, we just need to allow ourselves the space.

  15. Journalists have this enormous capacity to influence public opinion. How do they use it? Do they use it to enlighten the people and help them to be more aware and understanding of the world we live in? Or do they use it essentially to advance their own career? If the latter is the chosen one, there will be crucial questions not being asked, there will be crucial topics not to be brought up and to be covered in a particular way that do not challenge the status quo. They have a choice and they do choose. It is up to us to say yes or no to what they have chosen.

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