Attack on Universal Medicine Australia: What Country Are We Living In?

by Rachel Hall, Australia

What country are we living in here? I believed Australia was a modern society with a “live and let live” attitude that fosters freedom of thought and speech. The media behaved appallingly at a recent Universal Medicine event (Lennox Head Community Centre – Friday night 12th Oct 2012).

This is a country where we have the right to choose how we think, feel and live, what religion we follow and what workshops we attend. What sort of country do we live in where a small group of disgruntled people who prefer to remain anonymous can incite such an unfounded media frenzy based on lies and unfounded accusations about what Universal Medicine presents?

If this were a country living under an oppressive regime then this would not be surprising, but this is not the case. The media acts as if they are totally unaccountable and can do whatever they please so long as they get their story – what about all the people at this event who have been traumatised and victimised by these disgraceful tactics? These are real people with real lives, jobs, families, businesses and children. If the media had bothered to have a balanced discussion, they would have found a group of people committed to living more lovingly, caring for themselves and taking responsibility for their way of life. But hey, that’s not so great for the TV ratings, now is it?

And that’s what is wrong here – the news should be about a group of people that are choosing to take care of themselves and are bucking the trends when it comes to stress, depression, anxiety, exhaustion and health and wellbeing.

55 thoughts on “Attack on Universal Medicine Australia: What Country Are We Living In?

  1. Perhaps we are under our own kind of oppressive ‘media’ regime Rachel. Less obvious but still as effective – maybe more so – suppressing freedom of speech and other human rights with the abuse of their power.

  2. It shows the real reality of a so-called ‘free country’ that is not actually free but just looks like it is. This is the world we have created, countries that are obviously not free and others that look free but aren’t.

  3. I wonder just how many times things like this have happened and are happening. I mean the news is still being printed and from what I have seen there is little you can actual trust when it comes to these things. It makes me wonder when I watch or read the news what the real story is, what really happened. I can see from how this night was conducted and how it was reported on that it isn’t close to how things actually are. This isn’t a one off and in fact it must happen every day. I am just wondering as a community what we are actively doing about it. I mean let’s not allow “you can’t trust the media” to be common place, let’s make a change. I see for me that when something is said to me making sure I get all the facts before allowing myself to repeat what was said. Bring a balance to each thing that is said and that way I can see more clearly what is going on in a bigger picture.

  4. We tend to identify the country we live in based on both our experiences about it and the prevailing narratives about it. Both may go along or they may contradict each other. This goes generally unchallenged until something unexpected happens, something that helps us to wake up to a deeper reality (good or bad). The disruption helps to open the eyes to a deeper reality we were not aware of. Horrible as it may be, it is a great thing to be more aware about what is true.

  5. I was there that fateful Friday night in 2012, as were many other community members, the attendee are everyday people but they also have amazing stories – there are people that were once so depressed that they were not able to leave the house unless it was absolutely necessary. People that have lost half their body mass, without dieting or trying, people that have recovered from chronic pain injuries that were preventing them from working. People that no longer use drugs but do not consider themselves x-junkies, they are free altogether from being an addict. Women that had extremely painful periods now have a pain free cycle. These are just a few examples the benefits many people have enjoyed from attending these 5 dollar talks. The dangerous thing about these “cult” rumours is that they spread hate, they breed gossip and they attempt to take away all the joy that these very normal people have in their daily lives now. What is printed in mainstream media has the power to prevent other people from knowing what a true and solid organization Universal Medicine is. Personally, I think the everyday miracles are inspiring stories, now why isn’t the true story newsworthy?

    With where we currently find our general health and well-being in this country and across the world, you would think that anyone who was attempting to be as healthy and responsible as possible, would be celebrated, you would certainly not expect them to be publicly humiliated and generally shamed because of the lifestyle choices they had adjusted?

  6. It is interesting how a ‘bad’ story sells but a good news story is thought boring and considered not worthy of reporting.

  7. Hear, hear Rachel Hall. People were indeed traumatised – the behaviour of the media crew was bullish and completely uncaring.
    What an eye-opener to there being no true standards of integrity our media hold as a foundation, that such an ‘ambush’ – for it felt like that, and quite military-like in its deployment, could take place. Let alone that the true story as you say here, could be so deliberately disrespected and negated.

  8. There is so much going on in the world that needs to be reported on, how can these sections of the media think that by creating a story that places a false light on the truth of what is actually happening is actually news or a story that has any value. These stories serve no-one, other than those creating them. What would serve is a story telling the truth, that we have a community of people going against the trend with all sorts of things in life; health, relationships, work. The question should be how is this happening? That is news.

  9. Well-said and very true Rachel, accountability in the media is very much needed, but also the many individuals who eagerly watch these TV shows needs to become responsible and aware of how their hunger for escapism and drama and how this feeds the media and their search for a sensationalist story.

  10. Everyone needs to realise they are totally accountable for the ripple effect of all that they do and say – with the media being no different to anyone else.

  11. With the state of ill health globally as it is, if the media were to run an unbiased story of the remarkable healings students of Universal Medicine have experienced, there would not only be many people interested but many would benefit from such a story. However for now, the stories that have been concocted for sensationalism are of benefit to no one… and serve no one except those who created them.

  12. “The news should be about a group of people that are choosing to take care of themselves and are bucking the trends when it comes to stress, depression, anxiety, exhaustion and health and wellbeing”. Wouldn’t that give the public true food for thought and may even allow them to reflect on how they choose to live. What’s more the journalists would come away from it knowing they had actually done their job with honesty and integrity and imagine how uplifting that would be for them.

  13. Everyone has the free will to live their life the way that they choose, without the fear of judgement, attack or assault from others. I know this to be true as this is the way that I have been treated by Serge Benhayon – never judged for the choices I’ve made and in that non-judgement I am arising to feel and live in a much truer way – this wouldn’t have happened if I’d been attacked or put down.

  14. Universal Medicine has supported so many people to turn their lives around, me being one of them. Lifestyles have changed where people who were seriously overweight or obese have lost incredible amounts of weight and have sustained the weight loss. Many have given up caffeine and no longer have the cravings and people’s relationships with others have also improved as we bring more honesty, love and understanding to ourselves and our relationships. Now that is something to report. The shenanigans of Friday 12th October 2012 was really a missed opportunity.

  15. “This is a country where we have the right to choose how we think, feel and live, what religion we follow and what workshops we attend. What sort of country do we live in where a small group of disgruntled people who prefer to remain anonymous can incite such an unfounded media frenzy based on lies and unfounded accusations about what Universal Medicine presents?” Shocking to see in the 21st century and in a democratic country that such a thing can happen. Whatever happened to civilised debate between two parties with differing opinions? The students of Universal Medicine should be making front page news – for the amazing turn-arounds in so many lives, since making changes in their life-style choices.

  16. You describe disgraceful media tactics that are more akin to a repressed regime than a democracy. All in pursuit of a storyline to boost ratings and so completely missing the real story of the century – that here is a group of people continuing to defy the trends in illness and disease because of the lifestyle choices they are making.

  17. The news that a group of people are bucking the trend for health, relationships, working, ageing, community, in fact life should be front page news! Instead we have lies that only harm and abuse many many more than who are the actual targets because by not sharing what the student body have found as universally applicable to everyone, everyone misses out. The media have chosen sensationalism regardless of the mass harm that as such is the knock-on affect of choosing stimulating cult stories over the truth, and this has been allowed to run by the public who buy these papers. Madness but not so for such a lost world. Thank God for Universal Medicine for pointing out the facts and waking us up to what is going on.

  18. The lack of integrity in the media is astounding, David Millikan and his film crew were desperate to present a story on Universal Medicine that was based on pure lies and twisted stories. What a missed opportunity to report the truth of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine and how life-changing it has been for thousands of people worldwide.

  19. The people involved with Universal medicine are bucking the trend when it comes to health and self care, however this was not reported by David Milikan.

  20. Having read now several accounts of the rude Milliken debacle and knowing several friends who work or have worked in television – the sad reality is that the bulk of viewers want to be stimulated by something they watch. What does this say about a society who don’t want to know the truth, rather, just be entertained?

  21. So true Rachel the real news story is one that inspires. What I appreciate is that out of this horrible situation has come the true stories of Universal medicine students, ordinary people who are choosing to make extraordinary changes in their lives through choosing to live with integrity, self-love and responsibility. Now that is something to celebrate!

  22. Absolutely, the true story is ignored because the truth just doesn’t sell…. The harm caused is just collateral damage for the almighty dollar.

      1. And why not is the question? Have we become so switched off that we only want things that will excite us, rather than stories that are about the truth of what is really going on? I know that I did. It has only been through my association with Universal Medicine and receiving the enormous support that Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine offer – genuine support that is offered to hundreds of people – that I have been able to make a change in my attitude and value what is True and ask for more Truth rather than going for what is popular.

  23. Well said Rachel. The media on this occasion behaved disgracefully, abusing the freedom of others to meet each other and consider ways of living that enhance their well being and their relationship with themselves and others. The media intrusion was the tactics of creating sensation for the sole purpose of selling a sensational story with no compassion for the harm they were intentionally inflicting on so many people. This is unacceptable in Australia or anywhere in the world.

  24. Absolutely Rachel ‘the news should be about a group of people that are choosing to take care of themselves and are bucking the trends when it comes to stress, depression, anxiety, exhaustion and health and wellbeing.’ This is a sensational story but in a different way and one day it will be told by an accountable media.

  25. Leaving aside for a minute the massive abuse committed by Milikan and the press crew to Serge Benhayon and the people assisting the presentation, as if there was anything wrong with them, that night, the trust society deposits in the press was broken also. The public was not served either.

  26. Well said Rachel, If they chose to document the lives of students of Universal Medicine that would be a great story to share! Far greater then the lies… It all depends on do they want the truth and connection to people or do they want the drama and thrill?

  27. Well said Rachel. I agree, the media’s attitude to getting the the ‘story’ they want, at any cost, is disgraceful, especially as there is a much better story to be told. As you say ‘the news should be about a group of people that are choosing to take care of themselves and are bucking the trends when it comes to stress, depression, anxiety, exhaustion and health and wellbeing.’ With the worldwide lack of health and vitality in people, why is the story of Universal Medicine not front page news? Why is the media so scared of telling the story, the truth, of this amazing organisation rather than the biased lies or conjecture of a few? Are there any journalists left that still make the truth more important than their pay cheques?

    1. These are GREAT questions Tim and questions that we as one humanity would be wise to deeply contemplate? How is it that the media are able to report great untruths as Truth and get away with it?

  28. I agree Rachel Hall that the media are not accountable for their behaviour as long as they get the story and who they harm as a result is not taken into account.
    How can the Australian authorities allow this to happen?
    Why do the media think that the public want lies and sensationalism instead of Truth and real life stories?
    Why are a group of people as you say who are living without anxiety, stress, exhaustion and depression not making news headlines?
    Modern media really has gone off track and has become entertainment instead of presenting facts and real life stories which hold Truth. This is what will win the public back as it is well known that very few actually have trust in the media.

  29. It appears to be a total reversal of what ought to be a normal situation where those who harbour nasty, unpleasant, unloving things/thoughts are free to express them i.e. David Millikan, yet a group of gentle folks who stand for love, compassion and truth is denied that same right.

    I am all for freedom of speech, however, freedom of speech does not or rather should not protect anyone from the consequences of saying offensive things.

  30. Thank you Rachel. It really is about time the media took notice of and published an article about a group of people who are discovering a way of living that is working towards harmonious living, rather than the disruption and chaos that they prefer us to see and by all accounts live by.

    1. And why is there not a journalist who has published this? Would they stand out too much and expose (by reporting the Truth) how full of lies the media is? Have we accepted, as a society, lies as normal? I know I had accepted lies as normal until I came across Universal Medicine, but not anymore.

  31. Awesome Rachel. It is time that things changed, after all we have supposedly evolved, however all of this behaviour by David Millikan, the media and a handful of bored disgruntled bangalow residents it appears that some of us have not evolved at all.

  32. So well put Rachel – the real news, the news of people learning how to truly heal themselves and live life to the full is not news that many people are ready for, otherwise they would be the ones banging on the door to get into a lecture on Universal Medicine, rather than a TV crew. It beggars belief as you say that ‘a small group of disgruntled people who prefer to remain anonymous can incite such an unfounded media frenzy based on lies and unfounded accusations about what Universal Medicine presents?’ in such a country as Australia, a country I have always regarded as an advanced society.

    1. It just shows Rowena that there is not only oppression in countries regarded as ‘developing’ or outside of the West. Oppression and Suppression still occur everyday in ways that may still surprise us and in some instances we may have accepted this as the norm.

  33. It might not be a sensational story the truth about Universal Medicine and its student body but there is an amazing story here and one day humanity will want to here it. So, I for one will continue to be more self honouring and loving and continue to develop with Universal Medicine ready for the day others do want to discuss how is it that we live such glorious lives full of joy, harmony, love and playfulness.

    1. I am with you ALL the way on that one. People will want to hear and will be asking questions as we are living the future now! Those that mocked Universal Medicine or tried to put us down will be further exposed by what is to come.

  34. That is right Rachel, by resorting to this sort of stunt to paint such a dramatically different picture to what is the truth, the people involved are destroying everything we love about this country.

  35. You make a very valid point Rachel. It is ridiculous, absolutely ridiculous that showing people on camera looking confused, violated and imposed upon gets that TV show higher ratings than a truly lovely story about people turning their lives around for the better. It will change, one day there will be an amazing story given to everybody about what Universal Medicine offers and teaches. We just need patience.

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