Universal Medicine Presentation: What an Australian Media Crew Tried To Get Away With!

by Anna Karam – mother, wife and small business owner, Goonellabah, Australia

Last night (12/10/12) I witnessed a disturbing act by a well-known television station media crew whilst attending an event by Universal Medicine (at Lennox Head Community Centre). The crew was interspersed throughout the crowd with hidden hand-held cameras whilst their leader/co-coordinator David Millikan, a claimed Uniting Church Minister and so called expert on cult groups, was introduced on stage by Serge Benhayon. David had told Serge that he was interested in the philosophy as presented by Universal Medicine for a book he was supposedly writing. His intent, he claimed, was to have the opportunity to speak to those attending to help him understand more what the philosophy is truly about. He said he had some simple questions to ask, and so he was graciously given the opportunity to do so. What occurred following this was nothing short of horrific.

Never in my life have I seen such blatant disregard and disrespect from a group of people towards another. I felt attacked, belittled and abused and I am both shocked and disappointed by this. At one point there were even men hiding on the roof waiting for us to leave the site, and I amongst others, had to be escorted to my car for safety. For me this whole situation is so ironic, for the presentation which we were attending was titled Esoteric Medicine which, in my understanding, is about exploring the underlying root ill cause of illness and disease within humanity, and whose common working is towards the care and wellness of human beings. How ironic that a group of men and women would seek out something so good-willed and honest and attempt to taint it with false accusations and lies which they then feel they have the right to air on national TV in front of thousands of the Australian public – destroying the lives and credibility of decent honest people.

At what cost to people’s lives does the media get away with such behaviour?

And why is it that no one seems to have the power to say no to what can only be described as outright harassment and bullying?

The media has got away with this for far too long!

A little humanity is called for here – I say it is time that a new legislation and regulation be placed on media activity, publication and print.

47 thoughts on “Universal Medicine Presentation: What an Australian Media Crew Tried To Get Away With!

  1. The only way to stand up to the media is to write and distribute the truth yourself. To stand tall enough to not be touched by it is to stand steady in what you know is true and walk in that, then regardless of what is hurled at you, you can withstand and it will not touch you.

  2. It seems like this “Uniting Church Minister” David Millikan felt a bit of competition to his own marginalized view of the world and felt the need to annihilate it. Pretty much as how things were done in the dark ages.

  3. In a time of reality programs that brings us to our homes, the most exquisite examples of human misery, the ‘Millikan Show’ does not truly stand out. That reveals how much we can prepare the terrain for others to endure more garbage.

  4. Shocking how the media act and that they expect to get away with it, it is time for the media to take responsibility for their actions.

  5. Time for new legislation yes – and equally time for us all to say no to this kind of ‘entertainment’ by switching off our TV’s and choosing not to give it any energy.

  6. A small exhibition of what the press is capable of when they run political agendas inspired in the idea of being morally superior to the people that are dealing with as in having ‘the right’ to do that and more.

  7. Sometimes we have to be shocked by a serious and abusive attack on ourselves to wake up to the abuse that is rampant in the world.

  8. I agree Anna, what is it going to take for a legislation and regulation to be put in place – only when someone dies or it is someone famous? It is ironic how we head down the garden path propped up by people in power who make about self and not about all. It is time for change.

  9. These are obviously well trodden tactics used by sections of the media to get the story that they are after. The very interesting thing is if they had have done what was originally proposed they would have walked away understanding the philosophy in which a group of people live. However it seems that this was not the intent. It’s time that decency and respect are added to the journalists code of conduct.

  10. Thank you Anna for a great article that was written 4 years ago and unfortunately during this time there has been no changes towards accountability in the Media. Thank goodness for websites like these that allow for the truth to be expressed and tell the facts as is without any need for sensationalism or drama.

  11. It’s so true Anna. It is far too easy these days to totally destroy ‘the lives and credibility of decent honest people’ in just one article shared on the many media sites available to us. This is only exacerbated by the fact there is no governing bodies or formal laws enforcing a reprisal if what you share has no integrity or truth to it.

  12. What I find interesting and yet equally disturbing…. is that whether true or not, the media has the power to create and sell any story they wish… and the victims of such stories, not only can get abused by the tactics used to get the story in the first place, but also suffer the repercussions once the story is aired…. Whilst those that produce the lies are never held to account for the harm they have caused. Surely if you cannot wield power responsibly then you should not be given it.

  13. I agree Anna, the media have abused their position for far too long and this type of journalistic bullying and harassment needs to be halted and if that means that a new legislation and regulation needs to be put in place on media activity, publication and print, then so be it.

  14. This is really horrific! A traumatising event for all and for what gain, I ask? Really what was the purpose? I have learnt a lot from Universal Medicine about purpose and how any of our actions can go towards truly advancing humanity or holding us back. This was clearly not an action that contributed to advancing humanity, regardless of what anyone might say to the contrary.

  15. “A little humanity is called for here – I say it is time that a new legislation and regulation be placed on media activity, publication and print.” Here, here – and so say I Anna.

  16. I firmly agree that any harassment and bullying in search of a storyline is entirely worthy of revised and upgraded legislation and regulation so that an equivalent penalty can be applied that befits this type of crime.

  17. While reading this I was reminded of all those shots you see of media camera’s scrambling to get into a persons face for a close up shot, only to have a hand pushed into the camera lens. Often there it is spun as if the person has something to hide but what about the other side? why is it not questioned that to violate people by sticking a camera in their face is an act of abuse and harassment? Why have the media been allowed to just barge onto the scene in this manner or how there are reports of photographers hiding in car boots or stalking people just for a sneaky shot – how has all of this been allowed?

  18. Well said Anna, it is time the media is held accountable for their actions. I wasn’t at the Universal Medicine presentation the evening they were attacked by the media, but by all accounts it was totally unacceptable and irresponsible behaviour by this film crew and David Millikan.

  19. The trouble is that in the past media regulation has gone hand in hand with controlled propaganda by repressive regimes, it becomes a tool to present a particular point of view rather than the truth. In our current situation with “freedom of speech” we don’t get the truth either, but rather someone’s biased point of view which will attract readers or viewers and make money. Individuals speaking up is a good and necessary start, but until our culture becomes one where, as individuals and groups we seek truth rather than comfort our media may continue to reflect this.

  20. Totally agree Anna, regulation and integrity within the media is needed, this type of behaviour must not be repeated. It is time the media become accountable for what they print and air.

    1. Thank you Anna and Jade, I agree, regulations against this type of lying intervention are needed. David Millikan was there to gain maximum reaction from the participants to back up his false premise about Universal Medicine.

  21. It was appalling… and new legislation is absolutely required, alongside a dash of journalistic integrity and common decency. No one should ever have to experience that… ever.

  22. The scope the media have to stalk and hound people in the public eye shocks me time and time again. There is absolutely no regard to the harm it causes with the only focus on sensationalism and money. I agree, times need to change.

  23. I agree this type of behavior by media or anyone for that matter should be brought to accountability for their actions and ill intent. Absolutely there should be legislation and regulation to enforce accountability for this ridiculous behavior.

  24. ‘How ironic that a group of men and women would seek out something so good-willed and honest and attempt to taint it with false accusations and lies which they then feel they have the right to air on national TV’. Absolutely Anna and thank you for sharing your experience of that horrendous night. I totally agree that new legislation is needed to protect decent people from the machinations of a media trying to create a non existent sensational story for their ratings.

  25. Thank you Anna! What happened that night is very revealing of the modus operandi of the so-called ‘anti-cult’ industry. Very insidious, very dishonest, very abusing, very bullying. I agree with your calling up for new legislation to uphold and protect your rights.

  26. Well said Anna and yes, it is very ironic that the world is crying out for answers and on one hand we have an organisation, like Universal Medicine, that promotes health and well-being and has helped many people and then you have David Millikan backed by a TV network who feels that it is ok to attack such an organisation. To ambush this meeting, all in the guise of so called ‘entertainment’, in this way was very cynical and very abusive and just shows how irresponsible and destructive elements of the media can be.

  27. Thank you Anna for putting into words what happened when David Milliband tried to take over a Universal Medicine event.. I have heard and read much about it and I find it absolutely disgusting that someone can lie their way into an event with the sole purpose of disrupting and causing as much panic and unrest as possible without any consideration for the children that were there and the trauma this would cause. It was a heinous act but it is written down for future generations to see what happened on Friday 12th October 2012 at Lennox Head.

  28. It definitely is high time for a change in law, rules and regulations on media and what can/cannot be done. This sort of behaviour is usually reported in what we call and look down on as the ‘third world countries’ We are under this great illusion that we (in the West) are an advanced/sophisticated society – but, hey, what a fallacy – and on the Friday evening 12th October at Lennox had we had a proof of that.

    As I was growing up I remember my mother often reminding me and my siblings never to ‘sell our soul to the devil’ – which meant to stand up for truth, honesty, love and integrity. I know that same expression is used in many other languages and cultures.

    Seems to me that those people who were capable of doing what they did on that night had sold out their souls long ago!

  29. Hear hear Anna! The media has definitely got away with this kind of behaviour for far too long. Enough is enough!

  30. Awesome Anna, I was there and couldn’t believe the disgusting manner in which we were all subjected to, including the children in attendance. Enough is enough, the media should be held accountable for their actions. Why do David Millikan and others feel so intimidated by our loving lifestyle choices?

  31. Here here Anna. Well said. Where indeed was the humanity? – Friday night’s events are another example of why we need new legislation and regulation placed on media activity, publication and print.

  32. Thank you Anna. I loved the point you raised of the irony that you were attending a meeting about “Esoteric Medicine which, in my understanding, is about exploring the underlying root ill cause of illness and disease within humanity, and whose common working is towards the care and wellness of human beings”.

    It seems the media are aligned to the exact opposite of what Esoteric Medicine stands for and in fact may be perpetuating the energy of illness and disease with the abusive and bullying behaviour they are choosing to express whilst earning a living!

    1. Well said beverleybrown. This aggressive bullying hijack of a group of people choosing to come together to explore the root causes of illness and disease within humanity exposed very clearly the state of much of humanity and in particular a self-serving drive within much of the media. Time for change.

  33. “It is time that a new legislation and regulation be placed on media activity, publication and print”. I’m with you here Anna, it’s time that this kind of legitimised abuse of power is called to a halt with meaningful change in legislation and regulation. This needs to be about people and everyone’s right to say no to abuse (of power) in all its guises.

  34. Well said, Anna. It felt nothing short of abuse and utter violation of a basic human right to hear such a philosophy. Serge Benhayon, Universal Medicine, and I would say the vast majority of those attending, were all there from a deep and shared resonance with topics that matter deeply to us – as we see so much with humanity that is startlingly out of control. We are respectable, decent people, who care deeply enough to explore ways in which we can ‘make a difference’, not only in our own lives, but in those of others – simply by bringing ‘love’ back into the equation. There is no ‘blind following’, no ‘cult’ (ridiculous notions), but only people who ‘dare’ to ask deep questions about the nature of how we live.

    David Millikan’s behaviour was from no ‘man of God’ (from a minister and theologian it was utterly disgraceful), and the media circus surrounding him that invaded this event, and prevented any presentation from occurring (other than Mr Millikan’s own ‘rant’ for the well-known Television Station cameras planted in the audience, and the ‘big gun’ cameras that tried to also enter) deeply affected and upset many, many people (including children) – people of clear and true intent, who deserve no such vilification and harassment.

  35. Every woman has the right to feel safe in Australia. Anna shares the violation perpetrated on everyone at the Universal Medicine health presentation was taken to an even greater level with men hiding on the roof in their attempts to get their story. Understandably the females present felt threatened so escorts were provided to guarantee their personal safety as they walked to their cars.

    The media really needs to be reigned in! Things have gone too far!

    I too say it is time for new legislation and regulation of the media in all its forms.

  36. Thank you Anna for sharing your experience. I was shocked to hear what took place at this peaceful presentation on health and wellbeing. All this unnecessary trauma was inflicted in the name of a “news story”. If the media and David Millikan truly cared for people (and not just about themselves and the next headline grabbing story) they could have reported what is really presented here: A return to living our natural loving way – with self and everybody else. Many of my friends and family were present and had to be exposed to this abuse. I know they are only interested in how to live lovingly and supportive of each other and their communities everywhere. Yes, that’s absolutely news worthy, but to share this, was not the aim of the news crew. I’m still baffled at what posessed them to behave in the attacking and hurtful way they did. Yes, there is a huge need in bringing decency and truth back into the media and human relationships everywhere.

  37. I agree with all you say Anna. Friday night was a shocking experience for those in attendance. I think about the women who were carrying the hidden cameras and their disregard for everyone in the room. They were robotic in action and expression. They looked devoid of connection to who they were filming and to what they were doing. Ultimately, they are devoid of connection to themselves and the truth of who they are. As my anger and frustration begin to settle, I find myself feeling sad for these people. My compassion for sold out journalists has been ignited. I haven’t yet found the same for the organiser, David Millikan, but I suspect it will come in time.

  38. So true. It is time that the media was held responsible for its behaviour and that the government looked at how serious our lack of consideration and respect for others and another has actually gone. It is way out of control.

  39. Absolutely. Isn’t it time that the Media is pulled into a line of responsibility and asked to take full accountability for all of its activities, actions and views?

    We don’t appear to have learnt a lot as a country of the enormous harm that is done by one-sided reporting of news and the emotional ‘feeding frenzies’ that follow as a result.

    1. Responsibility and accountability by journalists and media is definitely needed in our society. Incidents such as these simply highlight the extent that some journalists will go to to sell a story, even if it means a blatant disregard for truth and a disregard for all who are affected by the spreading of these mistruths, and the techniques used which show no common decency or respect.

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