Millikan at Lennox – Memories of South American military oppression

by M. L., Sydney, Australia

I have been a resident of Australia for 35 years and it never crossed my mind that I would encounter the situation I faced on Friday the 12th of October 2012 at Lennox Head Community Centre at a presentation put on by Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon.

I thought that the times of persecution, which I experienced in the past, the injustice, ambush, attacks and the lack of respect for people’s rights were over, but I faced it again on Friday night.

The experience brought back terrible memories of what happened from the military oppression to my family, my friends and many people in South America where I come from.

A peaceful meeting of people was disrupted by Dr David Millikan. His manner was aggressive and intimidating and showed his desire to dominate the group and control the meeting. He was offered the stage by Serge Benhayon after requesting to ask the audience some questions, but instead hijacked the whole meeting.

Previously hidden small hand-held cameras were thrust in our faces with no respect and without permission, the rest of his crew were banging on the doors in an intimidating manner trying to get in from the back of the hall, as large commercial cameramen were then trying to enter the premises from the front. This assault by television media on a group of people who were merely in attendance to hear a presentation on Esoteric Medicine, was calculated and vicious.

Where are our rights here?… It seems that Australia is changing, but not for the better.

63 thoughts on “Millikan at Lennox – Memories of South American military oppression

  1. What is the energy that is controlling the media? As always they are a group who once again are doing their best to silence the truth. Could it be the wayward spirit who is not wanting to be exposed? The science of the Soul as presented by The Way of The Livingness, as in every era where the truth has been presented, is poo-poo-ed by those who are invested in the spiritual way of being!

  2. ML thank you for sharing your experience with the media. Is it not so that this is the normal way the media is working today? It is sad that they do everything to get their readers satisfied and it is even more sad that the readers (US!!!) ask for such sensationalism!

  3. This is such a serious matter and should have been effectively dealt with by the police and courts, and a media ethics regulatory body. The media ware getting away with criminal acts, and this may be because they are protected by the might of their legal teams. This whole experience was absolutely an abuse of human beings and their rights. The behaviour of the media team and Millikan were abhorrent.

  4. It is just outrageous that people can be ambushed in such a way in the 21st century. We have fought for women’s rights, for equality, for laws against abuse but when the real deal happens, when people are abused, in the same manner as they were in the dark ages what does the government do? What does the media do? They actually make it worse, despite that the purpose of these two entities is to support the citizens of this world, they have actually turned around and the lack of care we live with, the complete disregard for one another within our society has lead to a cut-throat culture where people are only interested in their own benefit, to grow their own career regardless of the impact this has on other breathing human beings,These antics are purely selfish for one’s own gain, and they are not uncommon.

  5. Goes to show where the focus is, caring truly about people, which is what Universal Medicine is all about, or doing it the David Millikan way, traumatising people (possibly) for life.

  6. ‘Where are our rights here?’ Great question M.L. and in this instance sadly they were being trampled, and to see this happening in a so called ‘enlightened’ democracy is scary and exposes how in fact despite the veneer of respectability shown in many of our societies, there is a beast of power and corruption we need to tackle, to root out any bullying, any disparaging of the rights of others, to ensure that everyone has a right to free assembly and to be heard. We have a way to go.

  7. It feels to me that the media will stop at nothing in order to get the story they want, completely disrespecting people, their choices and most of all not having any respect for the truth.

  8. When there is an agenda to be achieved considering others and how they may be impacted is ignored or dismissed. It shows how deeply sensitive we ought to be with each other, as a situation a hand can trigger different things for different people…

  9. Thank you for sharing this ML. Humanity needs to know how the media goes about meeting the demand for sensationalism in its name.

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