Millikan at Lennox – Memories of South American military oppression

by M. L., Sydney, Australia

I have been a resident of Australia for 35 years and it never crossed my mind that I would encounter the situation I faced on Friday the 12th of October 2012 at Lennox Head Community Centre at a presentation put on by Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon.

I thought that the times of persecution, which I experienced in the past, the injustice, ambush, attacks and the lack of respect for people’s rights were over, but I faced it again on Friday night.

The experience brought back terrible memories of what happened from the military oppression to my family, my friends and many people in South America where I come from.

A peaceful meeting of people was disrupted by Dr David Millikan. His manner was aggressive and intimidating and showed his desire to dominate the group and control the meeting. He was offered the stage by Serge Benhayon after requesting to ask the audience some questions, but instead hijacked the whole meeting.

Previously hidden small hand-held cameras were thrust in our faces with no respect and without permission, the rest of his crew were banging on the doors in an intimidating manner trying to get in from the back of the hall, as large commercial cameramen were then trying to enter the premises from the front. This assault by television media on a group of people who were merely in attendance to hear a presentation on Esoteric Medicine, was calculated and vicious.

Where are our rights here?… It seems that Australia is changing, but not for the better.

53 thoughts on “Millikan at Lennox – Memories of South American military oppression

  1. It is horrendous that you and everyone else present for the Universal Medicine health talk were subjected to tactics like those used in times of persecution in South America, M.L. No one would have ever thought such a thing would happen in Australia where ‘giving everyone a fair go’ is the national mantra.

  2. Yes what has happened to our most basic right, the right to choose? 150 people chose of their own freewill to attend an esoteric medicine presentation by Serge Benhayon. How is this any different to attending a seminar on buying real estate or an information session on the stock market. We gathered in a public recreation hall, I don’t see how this is any different to a group gathering in a church to listen to a minister preach or people coming together in a hall for dancing lessons. We all have different interests and likes and some of us very much like to listen to Serge Benhayon speak. This is our right and this choice should be respected.

  3. Yes M.L. it was a shock to everyone that something like this was even possible here in Australia. Where is the media’s accountability for its methods while it tries to drum up a sensational story? How ironic then that the only thing exposed was the depth of corruption within these media and related parties ranks!

  4. M.L. I was not there Friday night but when you liken it to the military oppression in South Africa I get a clearer image of why my teenage children, who were in attendance, came home so terrified and shocked, I agree this was totally disgraceful.

  5. Could not agree more M.L, It was a shock even to me who wasn’t physically present. It reminds me of the corruption and injustice that are still very much alive in south america… Thanks for expressing it so clearly M.L

  6. M.L. thank you so much for your poignant words. It is of such value to hear these words from someone who has experienced oppression in South America. Yes, Friday night was truly unbelievable. I have always known that the media was an instrument used to oppress and control the population and have been the subject of press slander myself in the past here. But I didn’t realise the extent of the bullying that is happening.

    Thanks again M.L.

  7. Thanks M.L. I was not in attendance myself at this event, but have certainly felt the impact of this media assault. That this can happen in ‘any’ country is absolutely appalling in its lack of regard for basic human rights and choice… that this can happen in Australia is equally deeply concerning and disturbing for it continues to highlight the mess humanity is truly in….

  8. Thank you M.L. for sharing with us how deeply affected you were by the
    events at Lennox Head on Friday 12 October. I have not experienced anything
    like what you and your family were subjected to in South America, but I
    sensed this ambush by Millikan on an innocent group of people who had come
    to hear Serge Benhayon talk, was well planned and deliberate. It is truly
    shocking that someone who presents himself as a minister of the church
    (among other things) can act in this way. As you say, can this really be
    happening in Australia?

  9. You are absolutely right M.L. Just because there were no Kalashnikovs firing it makes it no less harmful or painful to you all attending that night what David Millikan and his group of hijackers did. For a moment I was also going to write that there were no masked men – but then suddenly realised, of course there were – masked with niceness.

  10. It certainly makes you wonder how far the media are prepared to go to get a story-a story they have decided to write regardless of whether it is true or not. David Millikan had no interest in finding out the truth that night, if he can lie to get on stage what else is he lying about?

    1. Well said Elizabeth Dolan – if he lied to get on stage what else is David Millikan going to lie about.
      As ML says in the title – millitary oppression in south america and reading this clear account of what happened that night, I am somewhat stunned that this is going on in a country like Australia.
      How on earth does an accredited professional and so called investigative (cult) expert get away with this? Is it because he doubles up as a minister for a united church?

  11. Thank-you M.L. Exactly, what are our rights? Such a violation should not be ‘ok’ – not here, and not anywhere. That it occurred in Australia in the 21st century, has shaken me out of many illusions that occurrences such as this ‘don’t happen here’. And for someone such as yourself, David Millikan and co’s utter disregard for people’s rights must have brought back instances you would rather forget – and so the repercussions of such an act continue to be felt…

  12. Something is really wrong here…. the media have a lot to answer for? David Milikan has a lot to answer for? Does the church allow this behaviour? Are there reporters out there that are willing to simply publish the truth?… so many questions.

  13. Thank you M.L. for your take on the events of that evening. I seem to always hear about how the press need to have their rights to freedom of speech, but, it seems that the rights of non-press organisations and everyday folk take a back seat. The lack of integrity and deceitfulness shown by David Millikan and the TV network he is affiliated to is astonishing. I doubt very much if he will lose any sleep over this though, as I am sure he was compensated very nicely for this massive betrayal.

    1. Well said Tim. Freedom of speech in our society is vital for the expression of truth. However, it can be absolutely destructive when it’s abused.

  14. Thank you for sharing so poignantly how David Millikan’s actions brought back such terrible memories of the persecution you experienced in South America. This paints such a clear picture of what it must have been like to be there and is truly shocking that this can happen and that the people who carried out this act of betrayal have not yet been held to account.

  15. Yes how sad that this still goes on in the world. The way some people treat others is still not acceptable at times and I look forward to when people can honour and respect each other and not make some thing entirely about them self.

  16. Coming from South America and having lived under brutal dictatorships as well, I can only understand where your comment comes from. The fact that this happened in Australia only shows two things: 1. we are talking about an energy expressed through Milikan that knows no boundaries, and 2. the fact that the protection of fundamental rights in Australia is not as strong as it could be and should be. So, there is work to be done there in regard to this.

  17. In reading this blog I feel how much Milikan disrespected those that were there at the Lennox Head Community Centre and the aggression/domination that he appeared to display over the audience is despicable. This aggression and domination as well as much conflict seems to be occurring in so many places all over the world.

  18. Also attending that night I felt the intrusive energy of Millikan and crew. The next day he returned and was met by several students experienced in security work. He wanted follow-up pictures to add to the photos he had taken the night before. He was told by the students that he was not welcome. Thanks to the presentations of love and true religion by Serge Benhayon, David Millikan and crew were met with that love and respect that everyone deserves.

  19. The behaviour of Millikan and the media crew was incredibly disturbing for all involved. There was no doubt it was a pre-meditated attack laced with the intention to incite reactions for good footage that could be then manipulated to suit a skewed agenda. A sad state of affairs indeed.

  20. M.L. the situation you describe is truly unbelievable in the sense it is hard to fathom that this type of behaviour can be an acceptable form of journalism. To me it has more the feel of interrogation and a modern day witch hunt in which everyone is deemed guilty without any form of opportunity for the truth to be expressed. What I love is the fact that since this has occurred the number of people who have stood firmly in their truth and begun to express has increased daily, it shows that we are no longer going to silently stand by and allow such behaviours to continue. Thank you for sharing your experience and saying no to journalism without integrity.

  21. I was not at that meeting ML, when the event you speak of happened but I was at the event the next day in Lennox Head. I was absolutely shocked to hear what the Students and Serge Benhayon had to go through the night before. Many who had been there were visibly shaken by this horrific event and I like many, could not believe that this was happening in Australia. There was a sense of watchfulness and unease in the Hall the next day. Are Journalists the new Mafia?

  22. A great point made in this blog here that David Millikan’s conduct in cahoots with sensationalistic media resembles an oppressive military regime silencing any opposition or peaceful gathering that we have come to read about and be shocked about in some countries in the world where human rights are ignored and dictatorships rule. Australia calls itself the ‘lucky country’ presumably because it believes it enjoys relative religious and political freedoms, but this incident makes me wonder just how free are we?

  23. M.L. I must confess, I cannot but feel relieved that I was not there that night. No one should have to experience what you and others present experienced that evening! It definately shows that we are way overdue in standing up and saying ‘no’ to the many and varied forms of bullying present in our society.

  24. I wasn’t there on the night and I can only get a sense of how outraged and traumatised those present must have felt being subject to such an assault. What perpetuates the injuries is that I believe some of the events that were filmed went to air on television. Not a drop of respect and justice was shown for those concerned. Thank you M.L. and others for standing up to these bullies through your blogs.

  25. It seems that when truth starts to heal, so too does the opposing forces harm, that have successfully kept it oppressed for thousands of years. This era is different to many before, in that human rights and associated frameworks are a little bit more robust than in centuries gone by. May we continue to strengthen these, rather than let them slide back down.

  26. Mr Millikan’s attack on Universal Medicine obviously didn’t work because they have grown from strength to strength since.

  27. Your account of Dr David Milikin’s attack on students of Universal Medicine is shocking M.L. It is quite scary that this type of behaviour is allowed to continue unchecked. What does that mean for our society? The laws do not adequately protect anyone from this type of abuse and it is up to all of us to speak out as you have done. Thank you.

  28. It’s quite exposing of a society that may claim to be this and that – better than other places in the world because they may not have oppression in such a way as another place. But that doesn’t excuse the fact that oppression is still legal in another / many other ways.

  29. Your sharing of this night ML on a group of innocent people enjoying a presentation on health and well-being and how David Millikan hijacked the event is not only disturbing for all who attended but an abusive attack by the media hungry for a sensationalist story.

  30. What happened here is totally wrong and and whilst this may not be a legal indictment it is in my view a crime against very innocent and decent people. And even bigger than that David Millikan and his teams actions in my view are saying that people all over the world do not have a right to choose where they want to be and what they want to do. The very thing that is wrong with this world.

  31. The fact that Serge Benhayon welcomed Mr Millikan on stage to ask questions, just confirms Serge Benhayon’s openness. Serge is an absolute gentleman and Universal Medicine DO NOT deserve to be attacked at all.

  32. “I thought that the times of persecution, which I experienced in the past, the injustice, ambush, attacks and the lack of respect for people’s rights were over, but I faced it again on Friday night.” In a democracy such things should never occur. Having been invited – under false pretences as it turns out – Millikan abused his position. Where is the integrity in this? It is no wonder religion gets such a bad press.

  33. Indeed where are our rights? The media should be held accountable for this type of intimidating behaviour and perhaps it’s time they were put under the microscope.

  34. It is quite shocking to read about what you experienced at the hands of David Millikin and his crew. If this could happen to you in Australia it could happen to anyone. Television media in particular has been ‘egged on’ by viewers to get the most sensational story even though most people can see it is a beat up from a mile away. Enough is enough. We are all responsible for the state of the media today.

  35. It is deeply concerning to hear that some of the media tactics in Australia could be likened to the military oppression of South America. It is appalling the abuse that some are willing to inflict on others just to achieve their own agenda. Clearly we have a long way to go in our treatment of each other.

    1. I agree Samantha, it is atrocious how this media team have behaved during this meeting. It is pretty scary to think that they could be like this in other situations, leaving people feeling very disturbed, upset and even shaken. How can this support people to share the truth of their story if fear and intimidation was struck at them?

  36. Yes the level of respect and common decency seems to be lacking with some of the Media and their aggressive approach and manipulative tactics are shocking to read about. Is it possible our silence has added to this abuse and allowed it to continue like an out-of-control teenager?

  37. ML your writing has reminded me that whilst we may think that we are clear about the actions we are going to take. But how important to consider what the effect of these actions are going to be on others. Do the actions serve everyone equally in a manner that is respectful and considerate as a minimum? In what you have presented, considering your history, it is clear that there was no consideration given to others as a result of these actions.

  38. It seems the media in this case has forgotten how to conduct their work with respect and integrity. From what you’ve shared it sounds like they were using a bullying energy to get what they want, instead of approaching the audience with a more gentle way, they left many people very distraught. This way of approaching people doesn’t support anyone.

  39. I can still feel how my rights were invaded that evening and how I responded. I saw those people in the audience who were soon to be the hidden cameras. They did not feel right. Now, I am forever discerning to my feelings and responsible for my actions to the best of my ability.

  40. It is very degrading to be treated the way the media approached in this instance, but I find it interesting that it parralels with other equally as disgusting events in our world. The reality is this behavior is rampant in our world and all of us are responsible. Responsible for either seeing and talking about and exposing it, or closing our eyes and saying nothing.

  41. You do not need permission to video someone in this country, it is not against the law but ethically speaking what occurred on Friday in 2012 was wrong on many levels. It was a strange thing to witness; it’s almost like throwing something in someone’s hand in a local shopping mall and then pulling out a camera and screaming in their face that they are a thief. It is a complete and utter violation, not to mention misleading. It was not something you can fully understand until you experience it.

  42. It is difficult to avoid considering, how would some individuals act if they were in a totally different context and were allowed to carry out their way at will? We can only imagine if they can produce this kind of behaviour in Australia 2012, let’s imagine what the very same person would be able to produce in, let’s say North Korea. They could well make it to supreme leader.

  43. This shows the understanding and care we need to bring to each other because you just aren’t always aware up front of what people have faced or been through in their lives. I would imagine something like this would trigger many things and it’s something we don’t consider when we walk into a room let alone when something happens in this way. Above all else the importance or the deep care we should hold is that no matter what the headline or agenda there are people. It would seem from how this night went and the articles and comments written later that this was thrown out the window by those that instigated this stunt. Today reading this I will take more awareness in how I am with people, not to excuse or diminish from what was done but to lead the way in how it should have been done and trusting that in the future there is a possibility that it will change.

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