How Traumatised Was I By Friday Night’s Invasion?

Like everyone in attendance at the Universal Medicine presentation at Lennox Head on Friday night (12/10/12), I was stunned by David Millikan’s unprofessional behaviour. We all reacted differently. Some of us sat in stunned silence (I was one of these.) Others thought to reach for their mobile phone and start recording Millikan ranting on stage or perhaps recording the previously disguised film crew that had swung into action. Some rose to attempt to stand in front of the television cameras or to hold a piece of white paper up in front of the lens. Some retreated to the rest room. Some were crying. Children were confused. Some talked amongst themselves about the state of the world in which this could happen.

There was nowhere to go. The room had been sealed off in order to prevent more invaders and big cameras and lights from entering. I continued to sit in my chair until the last of the TV camera people had finally departed. There was a brief regrouping of those in attendance as we stood in a circle with each other. We discussed whether to continue with the weekend’s events or not. We collected our things and left.

Up until this point I was so stunned I wasn’t even able to think about how it was affecting me. I got in my car and headed home. My first point of consciousness after leaving the car park was when I found myself driving down a dark country road – not having any idea where I was. I had obviously taken a wrong turn somewhere. That may not sound unusual until I tell you that I have lived in the same community for 25 years. I have attended events at Lennox Head too many times to count. I have lived in the same house for 10 years. How could I have gotten lost driving from Lennox to my home?

The real question is: how traumatised was I by Friday night’s invasion of David Millikan and his film crew?

by Gayle Cue, Bangalow

57 thoughts on “How Traumatised Was I By Friday Night’s Invasion?

  1. The absolute disregard for those in attendance is staggering. Whoever we are and whatever our role in life, surely having regard for each other is a basic part of being a human being…isn’t it? If it isn’t then we all have some very serious questions to ask ourselves.

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