A Simple Truth about Universal Medicine

by Alan Johnston, Pottsville, Australia

A simple truth about Universal Medicine is that it is: 1) universal and 2) medicine. This is my experience. ‘Please explain’, as Pauline Hanson once said.

So there I was, (un)happily faking it with the best of them… and had the trappings to prove it – including a holiday shack on a remote South Pacific island. All that sashimi swimming along the outer reef.

And, not so many years ago, I undertook a Masters in Social Documentary Photography and photo-shopped it into my life as a ‘creative pursuit’.

Also, I’d been through a ‘Who’s Who’ of teachers and gurus and had a clutch of certainties that seemed to stand up – although a nagging, never-healing bedsore of a question was “why am I at times run by a kind of self-loathing, that when given in to, leaves me feeling flat and joyless?”.

Given all that, when I first encountered Universal Medicine, I was hypercritical. I hadn’t really allowed myself to feel just how deeply disillusioned I had become.

In any case, I committed within myself just enough to attend a few Universal Medicine events and to have some sessions with Universal Medicine practitioners. Something like, “one more wary circuit before I really clock off and head for that palm-fringed lagoon”.

During a session in those first months I became aware of what it felt like to not be who I really am – to have “turned my face from God” (my words). That was the downside. The upside was a homecoming that was just Angelic, a roomful, pure and joyous.

The truth of me being me, and that is Universal Medicine. Healing, and for all.

208 thoughts on “A Simple Truth about Universal Medicine

  1. “The truth of me being me, and that is Universal Medicine. Healing, and for all.” It is so simple isn’t it, returning to be our true selves and inspiring others to do the same. It’s something we should deeply question that we have a society where we have almost all moved away from being our natural loving selves, and created a life to support the misery of that emptiness with oodles of distractions. Life would be so different if everything we did supported everyone to be the natural essence of love they are.

    1. It is so simple, ‘It is so simple isn’t it, returning to be our true selves and inspiring others to do the same.’

  2. Living with my face turned from God has left me in a very crooked position with a sore neck, and eventually I had to admit that it was actually so unbearably painful and start undoing that.

  3. Returning to God is, in my words, taking our bat and ball and returning home. The game is up, so when we realise this we can pull up stumps and see the games we have been playing and start to make loving choices that serve us and humanity.

  4. Being ourselves in full is Universal Medicine “medicine for all”. Business aside, one would think that we would jump at this chance of being ourselves in full, but it exposes our choices and what we are invested in to not be ourselves.

  5. The way you write Alan is so interesting, a lot of the time I question whether I have actually understood what you are saying in each sentence – but at the end of the blog, I always get the message of what is coming through…. reminds me of another author I know 😉

  6. When we live with the illusion that all the trappings and indulgences of human life are more important than our quality of relationship with ourselves and others we are only deceiving ourselves.

  7. The one medicine we all need to heal that we once “turned our face from God”, the ultimate source of all our suffering, reminding us of who we are and where we come from and facilitating the path of return.

  8. A simple, yet totally life re-defining truth – I love everything about Universal Medicine and the opportunities it offers to rediscover that how grand we in fact are.

  9. Universal Medicine – a living way, the one medicine for all of us to be once again who we truly are.

  10. Universal Medicine is exactly what the name says. Medicine for ALL and what is better medicine than reconnecting to Love / God / who-we-truly-are

  11. It sure is a Universal Medicine, that even if we don’t choose it, it is forever calling us to be more with out pressure or judgement, just a constant holding with love.

  12. When I first encountered Universal Medicine I just couldn’t get what Serge Benhayon was talking about, yet I could sense something I had not come across before which kept impulsing me to return. I listened and as I began to gently discard that which was not true and what I thought was me, what was being presented started to make sense. On reflection it is incredible to get a sense of what I chose back then to what I am choosing today, and with every step I choose what I know to be truth and I am closer to the knowing and living of the love I am.

  13. Thank you Alan, it’s a great line about our responsibility for ourselves “I became aware of what it felt like to not be who I really am – to have “turned my face from God”…”. Usually it’s human beings blaming God, not a human being taking responsibility for turning away from God. And this really summed up the simplicity and inclusiveness of all with what Universal Medicine presents “The truth of me being me, and that is Universal Medicine. Healing, and for all.”

    1. It is so much easier to name, shame and blame rather than take responsibility for our own behaviour and choices. The biggest blame of them all that I have felt in my body is blaming God for letting me go and for letting bad things happen. There was always a nagging feeling that I had some part in it all though, and it was my shame that I had turned away from living all of who I am, that held me from admitting it and in my shame, I joined in the naming and the blaming of God.

  14. Universal Medicine is a form of medicine that does not cost the earth and is accessible to every single one of us. It’s key ingredient is an open absolute honesty to seeing that there is more going on in life than meets the eye.

  15. ‘Homecoming’ is a common experience of those who attend Universal Medicine presentations, and it was for me, too.

    1. It’s a true feeling of home, of all that we truly come from. It could be said that it’s a Universal homecoming!

  16. A way of living that re-ignites and deepens our connection to Soul, to who we really are, all of us equally so, is indeed truly a medicine that is universal. Thank God for Universal Medicine for offering a tangible way that this can be lived.

  17. In disconnection to the all, we can easily get seduced and taken by the illusion and glamour of life. It is only through our commitment to self and healing that we can once again live the grandness within.

    1. Very true, Francisco, to live again one’s grandness does not just happen, one has to commit to it, work at it and persevere.

  18. So well said, our perceptions of life and the very dogged belief in our choices make Universal Medicine and its modalities a standout healing for all. Yes, I am sure it was and is challenging for many when they connect with the undeniable truth and wisdom that is brought again to the fore front of our minds. For deep down, we know it. Being willing to surrender to it and again implement it in our lives is very much a committment to Truth, that eventually exposes that which we held so dear actually kept us imprisoned.

  19. I remember the awful feeling I had in my body as it started to dawn on me that the life I was living was one where I was being everything everyone else wanted me to be, and not being who I truly was, Universal Medicine have really helped me to let go of who I’m not and live a life from who I am, truly amazing.

  20. Alan I’ve loved the simplicity of how you shared what Universal Medicine presented for you, often the problem for some, is how it is perceived and received.

    Like yourself, since my encounter with Universal Medicine and practitioners that the REAL me is emerging through more and more. My relationship with myself has developed to whole new level and in all honesty no other modality has ever assisted me in achieving this. It is ‘Universal’ and it is a form of ‘Medicine’ – it is that simple.

  21. Spot on Alan, Universal Medicine supports you to be who you truly are and then you take this to the world and others get blessed and inspired to also be themselves – true brotherhood in action.

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