The Best Day

by Dr Rachel Hall, Holistic Dentist, Kenmore Brisbane

I had the best day yesterday at the Universal Medicine end of year talk, concert and dance celebration. The room was full with so much love, laughter, fun and talent and amazing people all under one roof having the time of their life. No alcohol or drugs needed here, just people being themselves and having a blast. I danced my butt off (not literally!), clapped, cheered, laughed, cried and sang my heart out.

I feel a deep joy at knowing that I can have the best day and days ever without the need to alter who I am. So a huge shout out to my main man Mr Serge Benhayon and all the awesome, amazing students of Universal Medicine who are choosing to live a life of self-care, love and connection to others.

Thank you to all the great speakers and performers and everyone who attended for providing such a special day.

123 thoughts on “The Best Day

  1. There is a way to live that supports us all to have the best day every day. To be full of joy from the start of the day to the finish of the day when we put ourselves to bed knowing that tomorrow holds the same quality. It’s like being a child again in the summer holidays where you know that no matter what you do it will be a great day.

  2. Every part of life is completely different when you live from your essence. It becomes the central point to express from, and day to day living becomes about supporting ourselves to be in connection to our essence. The celebration then is naturally about all we are living, as there is no greater experience than to live our soulful essence.

    1. Living in and from our essence is, ‘ the central point to express from, and day to day living becomes about supporting ourselves to be in connection to our essence.’ What a celebration to live our essence.

  3. How refreshing is it to have a celebration, have so much fun and to not wake up wasted the next day…instead one wakes up energised and motivated to embrace life and live all of who we are.

    1. It makes sense that if we live a life of self neglect and self abuse without care and love for ourselves, a celebration will be along those same lines; and conversely if a way of living is self caring, self loving and honouring then that is how the celebration will be as well.

    2. Universal Medicine celebrations are so full of joy and love, it is gorgeous to be part of them, ‘The room was full with so much love, laughter, fun and talent and amazing people all under one roof having the time of their life.’

  4. In this space as you have shared Rachel, there is total permission to be oneself – this is the gift, this is the celebration. What a blessing and all brought to our awareness by Serge Benhayon, an awareness we can then choose to embrace and bring into our lives.

  5. It’s a blessing having a space in this world where no one imposes an ideal or a rule about how we should or shouldn’t be. Love seeing people and appreciating how unique the expression of each one is, but at the same time the same gorgeousness wanting to come out. I appreciate being part of Universal Medicine for the opening that I’m experiencing towards others and myself. Definitely celebrating from our heart is far different, more real and fun. I couldn’t imagine another way today.

  6. Universal Medicine shows me that I don’t need to be anything else than Me, that I can move my body dancing, walking and enjoying life freely without the need to fit in or to be like someone else. Coming across to a celebration like you described Rachel feels like being at home, in a place to be free to express ourselves and to appreciate the Beauty in Us.

  7. ‘I feel a deep joy at knowing that I can have the best day and days ever without the need to alter who I am.’ Yes! and this is something that needs to be celebrated, the space we can feel inside by knowing how precious we all are.

  8. You are such a shining star Rachael Hall! These events are truly out of this world, i love the band, the music and the presenters too – the pure snippets of absolute gold shared and everything that people can bring when they align to that same source – love.

    1. One particular celebration stands out where an eminent surgeon got up on stage with a friend and did a comedy sketch that had everyone laughing their heads off, they were so funny. There wasn’t any swearing, or mother-in-law jokes, just two people having innocent fun on stage and sharing that with everyone. The other stand out is listening or dancing to music that doesn’t play on emotions but just leaves everyone to enjoy the music without altering their senses.

  9. What a Joy-full way to spend a day with like-minded people whose main interest is our lived health and the deepening evolution of society, so we can all deepen our relationship with our essences by understanding how we are connected to our essence, and move in such a way to remain in that connection. So the way we dance, walk, sing, eat and play are all movements that can deepen our connection to our essences!

    1. And nailed it Rachael – it is about it being normal and yet without the so called normal societal tools (such as alcohol and drugs) that most need these days to ‘party’…. It is possible to have joy and fun and celebration tenfold, twentyfold and more with not a drop of stimulants and/or depressants.

  10. Rachel I can understand the joy with which you have expressed this in, the Universal Medicine events and celebrations are such joyful experiences! To be able to reconnect to ourselves, to our soul and the essence of who we are, and then begin to live and experience that in all parts of life is simply amazing – to come together and celebrate that way of living is a kind of turbo charged joy!

  11. ‘I can have the best day and days ever without the need to alter who I am.’ – how could we ever come up with the notion that it was possible to have a great day without being ourselves? Being our true Self guarantees to have best days every day.

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  13. How amazing are Universal Medicine events! So can I also share, seeing I was at one of the many special weddings that have taken place over the years, this weekend and the same can be said about what happens on these days, which is in a similar vein to what you have shared Rachel.

  14. We love it because its a whole body celebration of who we are… not the other celebration which is all about who we are not. Every end of year celebration is even more amazing than the last, showing how we just keep evolving constantly.

  15. And what a celebration it is when we really celebrate love altogether with song, dance and heaps of joy!.

  16. It is a celebration in itself to come together as a community to rejoice in who we are and how we are choosing to Soulfully live. To meet each other in this way, with this openness, is a confirmation of who we in truth are. Such is the deep joy that is naturally expressed and felt throughout these celebration days, which far exceeds the need or desire to alter this quality with drugs, alcohol or any stimulants.

    1. That fact that we need drugs, alcohol or any stimulants shows how deeply painful it is to not live soulfully as so called fun at parties is using substances to create a temporary deeper separation away from ourselves.

  17. Well said Rachel “I feel a deep joy at knowing that I can have the best day and days ever without the need to alter who I am.” Beautiful to feel the joy when people are just being who they are.

  18. Thus far I have attended only one end of year talk and party and I have never attended a party like this before. What was different about it? There was no alcohol, drugs, desserts etc, it was full of people who had bought dishes lovingly cooked for sharing. The music was perfect, the dancing was perfect, it didn’t matter if we had two left feet too, kids were dancing, there were no handbags in the middle of the dance floor – it was real.

    We finished in plenty of time to have an early night too so no sleepless nights or hangovers. Now thats a true party with real people with no side effects.

  19. Universal Medicine is setting the standards of what true celebrations are all about, there is so much respect and love amongst people that creates such a joy in one’s bodies as you don’t get wasted to have fun but get totally energised and deeply inspired to celebrate each other for who we are.

    1. Universal Medicine does set the standard of what true celebrations are, as it equally sets the standard with so many other areas of living and being in this world.

  20. These are great days for all of us and the quality of it is really something to behold. Not many gatherings of this size come together in this style of quality and it’s great to see it sharply documented here. More and more are we seeing as people that the way of life we have chosen for ourselves is in a way killing us. This quality of relationships are a sure way to, not to be better but to be true to what the relationship is in front of you. It’s a chance to learn more about life and about people and bring more understanding to what we are already seeing and feeling in the world.

    1. Yes and when we accept things or resign to them not changing or following it because it’s a new norm we support a lessening further of this quality. The more you keep surrendering back to how we truly feel and bringing an expression to this the more we will see life change back to ‘this’ quality. No matter how well something looks it’s always the quality that is felt that should be our guide.

  21. Well said and very true Rachel, the end of year celebrations are an awesome way to end the year and celebrate all the joy and love that Universal Medicine and the student body has bought to our lives.

  22. “So a huge shout out to my main man Mr Serge Benhayon and all the awesome, amazing students of Universal Medicine who are choosing to live a life of self-care, love and connection to others.” A beautiful celebration of who we are to which everyone is invited, let’s get humanity dancing to the vibrations of the Universe.

    1. A beautiful way to live, ‘students of Universal Medicine who are choosing to live a life of self-care, love and connection to others.’

  23. I second what you have shared Rachel about Universal Medicine end of year celebrations, this is a party like no other party, no drugs or alcohol needed just sharing and expressing the love and joy we feel in our celebration of being together in dance, and music, with so much fun.

  24. I love the parties that are hosted by Universal Medicine, I only wish everyone in the world was able to know that a party like this is possible. Before Universal Medicine, I wanted to go to a party like that but there was nowhere that offered dancing and fun without drugs and alcohol accept for maybe the Church. Considering I was not interested in institutionalised Religion that did not feel like an option. There is nothing better than having a great night out without a conscience of a hangover.

  25. After this year’s retreats I felt that today can only ever be my second best day because I feel so amazing and expanded that tomorrow can only be an expansion on today.

  26. “I feel a deep joy at knowing that I can have the best day and days ever without the need to alter who I am.” That is really something to appreciate Rachel as this is not how people normally are! Thank you so much for being such an amazing role-model to show the world what is possible without drugs or alcohol or any other stimulation.

  27. The music and performers at these Universal Medicine events are out-standing to feel, watch, adore and celebrate. I enjoy how the many keep appearing on stage reflecting to us we all have something to present and it is a healing for all to receive.

  28. It is the best feeling having a dance off with your friends or people you barely even know, completely sober with absolutely no anxiety around simply being yourself and then being home by 9pm and waking up in the morning ready and raring to go! Once upon a time I knew this was possible but couldn’t see how given what was around me, but today it’s my reality and I couldn’t be more appreciative of that!

    1. I love this as well Elodie, celebrating in this way is also a highlight for me and what a great feeling to go to bed and wake up feeling sober and much lighter and clearer – definitely worth appreciating these loving choices.

  29. To attend a concert and celebrate having an amazing day because we feel amazing without one drop of alcohol in sight is indeed extremely rare but it is what I love about Universal Medicine; we are supported to be all of who we truly are.

  30. The best day ever: when you know that you no longer need to change who you are to fit into the world you just have to be yourself. I love it.

  31. Your experience Rachel goes to show that our best days and celebrations do not have to be marked by alcohol nor illegal drugs for if we are honest we will admit that both those substances actually numbs our awareness and thus our experience.

  32. My life now is something so different to what I have ever imagined it to be. It is incredible to feel how much it has changed, something I never felt was possible. Days like this are an amazing opportunity to reflect on and appreciate what is now lived.

  33. A night you can remember clearly, vitality is just the same from start to finish, you can work the next day just like you always do and you get to meet other amazing people who also don’t change how they are for one outing. Love it!

  34. What a wonderful reflection this is of the fact that we can be joy-full without the need of external stimulants but in the simplicity of being ourselves. Saves a lot of money too!

  35. Thank you Rachel for sharing your joy of these end of year events, I too love them so much, freedom to just be and let ourselves feel the freedom to dance and sing in celebration of who we are and the love we hold for ourselves and everyone else together.

  36. Do children need stimulation like alcohol or drugs to enjoy themselves, surely not, they just need space to express as who they are; it is the same with adults. Universal Medicine gives that space, encourages to restore that space for oneself, simply provides the tools and understanding to once again just be oneself. That is always worth a celebration.

    1. Beautiful Alex, it is like returning to the playfulness of childhood where we didn’t need anything to enjoy ourselves, we just played, danced and sang…. and didn’t consider taking our selves out with substances.

    2. I had a conversation with my son who is eight years old yesterday about adults feeling the need to drink alcohol to make them feel ‘happy’. He pulled a face and looked at me in amazement not fully understanding why anyone would want to drink alcohol to make themselves feel ‘happy’ or to enjoy themselves. Connect to a child or even to an adult from the connection to self and sense the playfulness, openess and transparency in that moment and there you have it – a celebration of union and not a drop of alcohol or any stimulation of any kind in sight.

  37. “I feel a deep joy at knowing that I can have the best day and days ever without the need to alter who I am.” Thanks for this Rachel – reading this I realised I had been taking this for granted of late. Now I back in deep appreciation instead.

  38. I do indeed love a good Universal Medicine celebration. In fact every Universal Medicine is a celebration, even in Sacred Esoteric Healing Level 2 where you are processing childhood hurts. But it’s all so worth it because you get to feel even more the depth to the beauty we all are. Why wouldn’t we want to celebrate that in every moment.

  39. These celebrations are so much fun, I too experience the same as you Rachel. I love the music, I dance my butt off, laugh, cry, share and love connecting with everyone there. Being amongst so many people, I felt totally at ease to express myself and join in with the fun. I was able to completely be myself, what a contrast to how I used to party in my late teens and early twenties? A massive difference, well to be exact it was a world of difference.

  40. Not feeling the pressure to conform to anything other than being simply ourselves is one of the greatest gifts we can ever bless ourselves with.

  41. The joy you felt is absolutely palpable through your words and such a pleasure to read. There are few events that offer such a celebration and yet for Universal Medicine it seems to be the norm.

  42. Serge Benhayon is a reflection of man who chooses to live truth and love in nearly every moment of his life. There is nothing super special about this man, other than feeling inspired by the quality in which he chooses to live and hold all others in his life.

  43. “I feel a deep joy at knowing that I can have the best day and days ever without the need to alter who I am. So a huge shout out to my main man Mr Serge Benhayon and all the awesome, amazing students of Universal Medicine who are choosing to live a life of self-care, love and connection to others.” I love coming together with other students to share in courses and events presented by Serge. They are completely life-changing.

  44. I spent my whole life looking for the ideal party and at last the true celebrations of Universal Medicine have shown me that life is the celebration that I had been looking for. As a Student of The Livingness my feeling is that I am continually blessed by the simple things in life that make me feel complete without any external stimulation. Totally Rachel, Serge Benhayon is a constant reflection of his undeniable Love.

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