The Men in Black Choir: A True Expression

by Emily Newman, Mirani, QLD


That was one of my first thoughts when the Men in Black went on stage to start singing for the Universal Medicine end of year celebration in December 2012. But what I felt when this happened was so much more than those three letters can begin to describe.  I have never had so much fun watching grown men on stage! And, it was a choir. When I think back, it puts a big smile on my face. I would have loved to have seen the decision making process for these men when they actually made the choice to get together and be a part of a choir for everyone to enjoy. Making this decision to stand on stage and sing so openly to a crowd would take a lot of courage and strength within oneself.

Let me paint a picture for those who weren’t there.

Chris James was singing beautifully, like he usually does, and on his own this is fantastic. But then from the side, about 20 grown men walk up on stage and arrange themselves playfully into a group – some were a little nervous, others were stoked to be up on stage. These men then started swaying all as one and singing. They weren’t uniform and swaying exactly at the same time, but they were beautiful for who they are and what they were doing.  It was an astounding men’s choir, coordinated by strength, care and dedication, supported by Chris James.

Have you ever seen children on stage? Really enjoying themselves and having so much fun? I love watching this, seeing the joy and sometimes shyness they have when expressing.

Well, this was like that, only ten times better because it helped me see that men can be amazing, and loving, and tender, and caring – and, I’ll put this in again… amazing. There was a certain pureness, as if all the hurts they have had when they were younger weren’t there anymore and they now had the freedom to enjoy what they were doing.  They were like little children again, having so much fun without the grownup do’s and don’ts, with no restrictions. I am so proud to know men like this.

For me, it was a new experience to see men express in this way. I have not experienced many men in my life who are so open and willing to be playful and publicly show their very caring side. I have often experienced men who have been moulded by ideals of how men should behave, and there is often a hardness to this.  In this, I have rarely seen men free enough to be able to express true love or equalness with females, let alone other males. Rarely have I seen men able to let go and open up, let themselves be and just have fun. To have seen the Men in Black go on stage and sing their hearts out meant a lot to me; it was a very beautiful and special experience.

It is so uncommon to see men working as one – with no competition and no championing, or trying to be ‘better’. They were up there, singing so beautifully together, and I was amazed. I never knew men could be so awesome and open, and willing to let themselves be. I have heard a lot of women at some stage say that ‘men are all the same’. Well ladies, I have found some that aren’t.

Thank you to all of the men who performed. Thank you to Juzzie Smith for being so playful with instruments and having the best of fun. To Chris James, just for being awesome. But especially to the Men in Black for putting so much time, effort and dedication into the choir for the night; and for opening up, being tender and allowing me to see that all men are truly amazing… and now I’ll be able to see this every day because I know it is there. I would also like to thank them for inspiring others: for being something other men can look at and go ‘whoa, I could actually be like that!!’

Chris James – thank you for supporting these men to return to their natural expression – it has inspired so many others.

159 thoughts on “The Men in Black Choir: A True Expression

  1. “now I’ll be able to see this every day because I know it is there.” The truth is out, every man is naturally tender and playful, however much they have been taught to hide it.

  2. We are all supported by healing, and men benefit in the same glorious ways that women do by returning to their true inner essence and to the many precious qualities they can express.

  3. When men learn to be their tender true selves they share a sacredness that comes from the same energy that we can all reconnect to, so men and women are all the same, we have to understand how we reconnect to our essences and share the Love we all are.

  4. I have loved meeting men at Universal Medicine Events, in an environment where they don’t feel like they have to compete with one another or show who’s more macho. My friends who I have made through these courses are very caring, very open and tender towards women. They respect women in a way that is very rare in our society, thank you Serge Benhayon for inspiring this in the men around us.

  5. When men are in connection with and from their essence it is absolutely magical because it is an opportunity for others to see that men do not have to be tough and protective, because in their tenderness there is an amazing power.

    1. When men shut down to their true selves their hardness and aggression often brings up fear in others, but when a man is his gorgeous self and truly tender, others can feel so deeply held and able to surrender to who they are too. I’ve seen this in action and it’s very beautiful.

  6. It is very beautiful to watch a group of men who are prepared to show their tenderness, without any guardedness being completely open with themselves and others – an amazing reflection for us all.

  7. Chris James is indeed a master of being able to bring men (women and children too) together in this way, supporting them to express with the innate tenderness and joy that they hold within. I have been witness to this many many times over the last 10 years or so, and every time I am deeply touched by the willingness of men to be so open and vulnerable in the complany of others. Sadly not something we experience so often in todays society, where being tough and hard has become the accepted norm.

  8. What a beautiful testimony this is, when we allow ourselves to simply be and express we touch others deeply and inspire.

  9. Lovely to hear about your experience and it also shows how important it is for men to be able to feel the space to be this way and for women to see and feel men in this way.

  10. Emily, you have painted such a vivid picture with your words that I felt I was there with you. How inspiring it must have been to sit, watch and hear these beautiful men step as one, out of their comfort zones, expressing their vulnerability as they opened themselves up to the world. Just imagine if all the men in the world were supported to do this on a regular basis; how the world would change.

    1. Singing from our hearts feels and is amazing, ‘it was a new experience to see men express in this way. I have not experienced many men in my life who are so open and willing to be playful and publicly show their very caring side.’

  11. It is amazing to see people up on stage with no need for recognition, but just being themselves. They could be delivering the most amazing performance or revelation, yet stand there as our equal, simply offering their body and whatever coming through to be expressed in however the way. It is just such a beautiful blessing.

  12. The key here, is that every man has this playfulness and purity to him, perhaps buried very deep, perhaps rejected. But the men described here on stage are not special, they are men like any other. And so, the stage is open for every man to join them, and to play in the beauty that is being a man.

  13. Chris James has indeed inspired many men to sing, move and express from their innate tenderness – rather than their learned hardness. I am one of them – and learning this from Chris’ example has changed my life many fold. Thank you Chris – and thank you Emily for sharing your appreciation here.

  14. I had the amazing experience of singing in a male choir last night and it felt awesome to feel that sense of connection and unity with other men and to be free to express the tender strength that is our natural way and share this with everyone there.

  15. So beautiful for you to actually see and feel how men can work and sing together playfully expressing their tenderness and sensitivity which is innate in every man on the planet, an amazing reflection they have given to the world of men who are so caught up in the world of roles and sterotypes of the rough tough he man.

  16. “They were like little children again, having so much fun without the grownup do’s and don’ts,” The child in all of us is waiting for us to stand up and sing with love, tenderness and fun for just being who we are.

    1. I have noticed that it can come out in groups as they each encourage each other to let themselves simply be. What a change to the supposed ‘pack’ mentality we hear so much about.

  17. I recall seeing these men sing on stage and it was very moving and deeply healing to experience, the way these men expressed themselves so tenderly and gently warmed the hearts of everyone who was there.

  18. Beautiful to feel how amazing the men were and how connected to their hearts like young children who are able to let go and have fun, without a thought about what anyone else thinks, and at the same time singing most beautifully.

  19. “It is so uncommon to see men working as one – with no competition and no championing, or trying to be ‘better’. Thank you Emily for sharing with such appreciation of what you beheld in the awesome presentation given by the Men in Black Choir, this is rare in our society today seeing men express their natural tenderness and playfulness with no holding back just being who they truly are.

  20. It is a sad fact that we have allowed it to be uncommon for men to gather with an openness to appreciating and expressing the tenderness, sensitivity and playfulness that they naturally hold within. It is high time we all began to consider how we view men, and if we impose expectations that ask of them to negate the qualities they naturally hold within.

  21. There is a further great reflection in what you’ve offered here Emily… In the fact that our current societal ways do not openly encourage the man to be all that he is – heart wide-open, unashamedly to the world and letting everyone into the depth of his care, his love, and indeed his greatness.
    We all play our part in this status quo being as it is, and so it is worth all of us reflecting upon the way we hold each other in our everyday life, relationships and interactions. Are we ourselves the openness and loving beings we want to see in others? Great food for thought and ever-reflection… Thank-you Emily.

  22. What a glorious celebration Emily – fantastic that you’ve shared this…
    We are all the greater when we see others being openly themselves – and celebrating and enjoying the expression. Singing offers such an amazing opportunity to truly be ‘us’ and let the world into all that we have to share, from the depth of our hearts.
    I agree – these men rocked it on all of these counts, and in doing so, offered us the most amazing beauty and glorious reflection, that is, that every single one of us can be so open, and sing, shout and celebrate it from the rooftops 🙂

  23. I agree Emily, the presentation from the men in black and the awesomeness that they expressed themselves in unison together was very inspiring. And if I remember correctly another man from the audience who loves Chris James’s music got up and joined them mid song, and was totally welcomed by all other men who moved to accommodate a space for him so he could fit in – with a warmth that made it look as if he had always been a part of the group.

    1. How beautiful Suse, there is something so much greater than the individual self here, it’s the universality we all share in our essence, though each is unique in their expression there is a shared oneness. The warmth and openness in which they welcomed a man up from the audience reflects this sense of brotherhood. Truly beautiful.

  24. It is very touching to see men being themselves, letting their tenderness and amazingness be seen and felt. Actually, women too. Just the other day, on my way home on a bus, I saw two men probably in their 30s working together to take down a flag from a pole and fold it neat, and the tenderness and the care I could see in the way they were moving to do the task while having fun and being light with each other, and the closeness and trust I could feel between these two work colleague was just beautiful to behold.

    1. There is so much richness to receive in seemingly small and mundane moments by observing our fellow man.

  25. Gorgeous. I would love to have been there. What’s interesting though is since then, there has been a ripple effect around the globe where in the UK I now know many more men who are allowing themselves to express these divine qualities with each other and out in the world. Its so inspiring.

    1. Absolutely Judith – I am in awe of the gorgeousness all men are whenever they walk in connection to their natural qualities within. When met by a man who is comfortable with his tenderness, walks in the power of who he is in essence, I feel met and held by the fire of Brotherhood.

    2. How amazing would it be if we all allowed this quality to be present and seen, ‘There was a certain pureness, as if all the hurts they have had when they were younger weren’t there anymore and they now had the freedom to enjoy what they were doing. They were like little children again, having so much fun without the grownup do’s and don’ts, with no restrictions.’

  26. Emily this was such a beautiful moment when the men were singing with such tenderness and harmony, it is not something we see everyday, so it was a great joy for us all to experience.

  27. Gorgeous testimony Emily and I can feel how deeply touched and inspired you were, and how amazing it is to have men come together in their openness and tenderness and share themselves, and in this case with song too! This is indeed not common but is something all men have and can do, and each one who does this inspires another until eventually one day this will be a very common thing.

  28. It’s beautiful when we can be our natural selves and allow ourselves to be seen like that, not changing ourselves in any way for those we know might be watching. To be on a stage and singing and just being ourselves, you have painted a very relatable picture and one that is very inspiring. I also feel very touched when I witness men dropping the mores that they have grown up with and they show me that any perception I might have had about them being hard, dismissive or whatever is not who they truly are.

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