Purpose: Discovering & Nurturing Who You Truly Are

by Dr Rachel Hall, Holistic Dentist, Kenmore, Australia

I’ve been working on being more gentle and nurturing towards myself, taking life slower and being kinder with my self talk and actions for some years now.

When I first began to be more in tune with me and my body I recognised that I had a continuous underlying nervous tension and anxiety running like an undercurrent in my body. When I contemplated and felt into this anxiety I realised I had spent most of my life from being a teenager (and possibly even younger) in a state of angst, wondering what on earth I was here for, what was the purpose to life and more deeply and importantly, what was MY purpose.

By the age of 34 the need to find MY purpose became all consuming. I found myself almost constantly questioning – “what’s my purpose, what is it that I am here to do, what’s my calling?” “Is this all there is – eat, sleep, work and repeat ad infinitum?” Surely there had to be more.

As 35 approached my need to find my purpose, my calling, intensified; what was the part I was to play in the grand scheme of life? I searched in vain and almost quit my profession so I could try something new – healer, teacher, counsellor, coach?

But this is where the problem lies. When we consider our purpose to be something external, we may never find it. When we attach purpose to a goal, activity or a vocation, we are likely setting ourselves up for failure or disappointment.

And this is exactly what I believed until 9 years ago when I started to apply the teachings of the Ageless Wisdom (via Universal Medicine) to my life.

Purpose has nothing to do with what you do. Purpose is about discovering and nurturing who you truly are: to know and love yourself and to reflect that love to the World.

That’s IT!

Of course you can have passion for life and the things that you do. But they are just that, things you enjoy doing. They are essential to the quality of your life, but not to your inner quality.

Purpose does not hinge on your getting that job, a pay rise, meeting the right partner, having kids or not, being liked or having loads of friends on Facebook. Purpose is something else entirely….

What if your purpose is very different than what you’ve been taught to believe?

What if your purpose is to build an everlasting relationship with yourself, to fall deeply in love with the precious you?

What if your purpose is to deeply care for yourself and gently heal and by doing so, become a role model for others to do the same?

What if your purpose is to release all shame and feelings of unworthiness and find your vulnerability and fragility?

What if your purpose is to teach yourself that there is no such thing as perfection… and that your never ending pursuit of it is destroying your life and your relationships?

What if your purpose is to elevate your energy and that of the world around you?

What if your purpose is to develop an everlasting faith in yourself, to remember your Divinity and treat yourself accordingly?

What if your purpose is to take impeccable care of yourself so that you have the energy and joy to serve others?

Take a moment to consider the possibility that your purpose is about finding yourself.

Consider that your self-worth has nothing to do with your craft or calling and everything to do with how you treat yourself and your inner quality.

I’ve met brilliant and successful people whose lives appear incredible from the outside but who are a mess on the inside; full of bitterness, meanness, sadness or self-loathing etc.

Imagine what we could accomplish if we moved from loathing to love, if we knew that no matter how important our mission, our inner purpose matters even more.

People are like plants, we all lean towards the light.

You are the light. Your inner purpose is to connect with that light and become the love that you naturally are.

225 thoughts on “Purpose: Discovering & Nurturing Who You Truly Are

  1. Rachel I absolutely love reading and re-reading this blog – it is a wonderful, tender and powerful reminder to come back to being super duper gentle with myself, caring, respectful and appreciative and nurturing, and to remember that there is true purpose in this, that purpose does not lie outside of oneself, but lies within. …

  2. When I was about 35 I would have these moments where I would stop what was doing, literally drop what I was doing, stand up and say “I need to be somewhere…” “I have to go now…”, and yet I did not know where to go nor where to be…This was a super challenging time for me as I felt such a strong call to something so old and so familiar, yet I could not quite put my finger on it. What I feel it actually was, was the call to go deeper with my self care, self nurturing, to reconnect with my true purpose in life, to connect with my essence, my Soul. I never really understood this until I finally came across the work of Serge Benhayon and things began to make sense in my life. And today, if and when I get this same feeling of having to be somewhere again, I know it is a sign for me to go deeper within myself, to surrender to another level of purpose.

  3. Loved reading this blog today and for me was such a powerful confirmation of all the loving choices I have made in the past few years to care, nurture and nourish myself, and as a result I am feeling very solid in my body. And yes sometimes I do have wobbles, but I also observe how much quicker I can steady myself again. The purpose to my life unfolded as I began to self-love and appreciate myself.

    1. What a gift to yourself and to us to be able to appreciate that about yourself. Appreciating what we offer ourselves by way of support and connection really helps to build a solidness of foundation we can come back to whenever old patterns of self-bashing rear their ugly heads.

  4. ‘Purpose has nothing to do with what you do. Purpose is about discovering and nurturing who you truly are: to know and love yourself and to reflect that love to the World’. Absolute Gold Rachel.

  5. Every time I read this blog I feel a deep settlement within: it’s such a great reminder of what true purpose is all about – reconnecting with our qualities, deeply taking care of ourselves so that we have the energy, joy and vitality to remind others that they are that, too.

    1. I too feel the settlement that is shared here. This article takes away all the should do’s, needs and desires that we get coerced into in every day life and lays bare again our soul.

  6. Our purpose is not a job or what we do, but express who we are. This is something I am taking a little while to learn and live. Once understood however, my need to recognition will no longer be a need.

  7. I love coming back to this blog that reminds me that life isn’t at all about what I’ve made it to be: that the external stuff is just decoration, an extension of who I am, and not a substitute for it. As I make more space in my life to feel what’s needed next instead of being in the constant, anxious drive of ‘doing’ it all, I’m also becoming more aware of how I am with myself: the quality of thoughts and movements that I allow, and how these make me feel.

  8. From reading this blog I can feel that True Purpose is never a strain or pressure but something really beautiful to have in your life.

  9. Thank you for this wonderful thought provoking blog. The world is full of people chasing some success or another, yet we have the behavior of the most successful people as evidence that they are not that settled or fulfilled in life – how we have been seeing purpose is not it.

  10. What if your purpose is just to be and respond to life in each moment. To have no investments or pictures on how you need to be but to just be in the movements that allow yourself to be more free from external pictures, ideals and beliefs.

  11. “Purpose has nothing to do with what you do. Purpose is about discovering and nurturing who you truly are: to know and love yourself and to reflect that love to the World.” Oh yeah!

  12. Purpose provides the commitment and grace for us to correct and let go of all that we hold onto that is not loving and obstructs our growth and expression of our divinity.

  13. What a gem to read this morning. Isn’t it interesting how young the feeling of searching comes in and how we go on this journey for so many years till we come back to realise we never needed to go anywhere. Some find that moment up a mountain or due to a life changing accident or illness. What a blessing to consider it without the trauma or endless search and to nurture it from young.

  14. I had a big smile when I read your words “People are like plants, we all lean towards the light” as it conjured up a picture of all of humanity on a lean to varying degrees. There were some really leaning in almost falling over and others with a very small lean while others were trying to stop themselves leaning altogether. In that moment it summed up humanity for me; not everyone wants to know the light, the love, that is available to all, some are ready to and others are simply sitting on the fence just in case something better comes along.

  15. What a delight to read this first thing in the morning – or any time of the day. True purpose connects me to the ‘lightness’ of being that I am and I really love your sharing on the qualities of this. If I’m not choosing these I’m choosing something else, which comes in degrees of heaviness, pulling me down and then others are reflected this. I would never obviously choose to pull another down so true purpose supports me to choose responsibly my actions and thoughts and be light and loving in all ways.

  16. That’s it!? I know with-in when I read this I can feel it is true. Equally true is discovering how tricky and complicated the mind wants to make everything it possibly can so the subtly of the simplicity can easily be over looked when not staying connected to myself .

  17. Scratch the surface on many people’s lives and often not all is what the facade on the outside suggests and as you shared in your blog Rachel, they indeed are a ‘mess on the inside’.

  18. For me when I become caught up in my own issues or problems I lose purpose. However, when I connect back to knowing there is more than this it brings back a purpose and commitment to get on with it.

  19. Beautifully said Rachel. “When we attach purpose to a goal, activity or a vocation, we are likely setting ourselves up for failure or disappointment.” How often has the sought-after goal been set in order to assuage if not completely deny, avoid and/or bury other underlying issues we may harbour?
    In the industry in which I’ve worked for most of my life (music and the arts), I’ve seen this all too often. And as you rightly say, even those who reach a form of pinnacle, rarely feel the love and consistency of lived joy of which you speak.
    And so it is not only purpose in need of our redefining and reflection, but ‘success’ and what this actually means in terms of the quality of life lived.

  20. Being also a student of the Ageless Wisdom, through the profound work of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, I can say that my sense of purpose has also undergone a thorough and needed ‘overhaul’…
    We live in a world that basically teaches us to strive for more, to be more, climb that mountain, make that million and the rest… and yet we have, to our own detriment, negated to give true value where it is needed most – i.e. in the quality of love that we live, every day, 24/7.
    Making love our bottom line and accepting nothing less equates to true purpose for me today. The ‘what is done’ then naturally aligns to how our own particular qualities can most truly express, grandness being able to be known in the most (seemingly) mundane of tasks, to those that appear to hold more sway…

  21. When I find myself indulging eg. staying at an event or function longer than I feel to I lose my sense of purpose but when I listen to my body and act on it with love I feel purposeful.

  22. It is a beautiful feeling to find that true purpose lies within by deepening our relationship with ourselves and living in a way that transcends ‘self’ and encompasses everyone.

  23. Clearly I have read this before but today it came to me through clearer eyes. I feel like I read it for the first time and I has blown more cobwebs off! “Purpose has nothing to do with what you do. Purpose is about discovering and nurturing who you truly are: to know and love yourself and to reflect that love to the World.” Thank you, I am not sure what I have been running away from!

  24. I so wish I had read this when I was a teenager feeling pressured to come up with what to do with my life and having no idea. Here is a way of living I never thought was a possibility.

  25. How different to everything we have been taught at school, at university and other forms of education we receive just from our surroundings, our purpose is already within us and abundant but through the lack of living that quality we are circulating the information which has been supplied to give us the picture of “making the world go round”; but that system is broken and is exhausting us all.

  26. ‘. ..there is no such thing as perfection…’ What a relief to discover that and let go of the ‘never ending pursuit of it’ which was indeed destroying my life and my relationships. Our true purpose is not to tick some box or live up to someone else’s standard but to honour ourselves and allow ourselves to unfold and blossom. By being in love with ourselves we emanate that love and we then reflect to others that there is divinity beyond the mundane.

  27. I love how simple the Ageless Wisdom is. Just be you and the what needs to be made sense of will start to make sense just by its own accord, without the need to search or find.

  28. I used to wonder why so many successful people are unhappy and even committ suicide. Could it be that their success is actually built on a foundation of emptiness and that, though a huge monument of success is built, it inevitably caves in because there is no solid foundation to support it? If we believe that success will get us love through recognition we may drive ourselves to achieve until at some point we are either stopped by an illness or disease or we can no longer avoid the pain of the emptiness within and start to allow ourselves to feel it and address the hurts. Once we do this we begin a journey back to ourselves and can reconnect with the love within which is always there underneath the pain. Universal Medicine therapies have supported many people to take responsibility for their choices and change their life.

  29. I have a plant in my bedroom that is bending over backward into order to reach the light. I never really thought of correlating that to the human experience. It is so true to make that connection and from here it so easy and simple for me to know my purpose, to be the light not be the leaner. hahah

  30. I love this blog and recently I came across a a couple of lines: ‘ When problematic events or incidences occur Simply step up and turn your light up brighter’ As Michael Benhayon reminded me once we are the commanders of light, no less.

  31. I love what you have shared Rachel, the simplicity of our true purpose here on this earth, to connect to our divine essence of love and from that space of love, shine our light in all that we do that others may know they too have this divine essence of love within them also.

  32. It is interesting how we play with words in a way that is not true. Anyone can make up a ‘purpose’, start believing that this is it and be satisfied with it. Yet, the word purpose cannot just cover anything or everything. If it does it means nothing. Purpose is about living in a way that supports you and others deeply and, hence, serves you and others to become who you truly are.

  33. The word purpose carries a a lot of pictures and beliefs and ideals that we can buy into, what a refreshing take you share here Rachel on the true meaning of purpose and how far we have stepped away from this when we being to search for our purpose outside of ourselves.

  34. With the fast pace of this world seeming to get faster every day I am sure that the majority of humanity are living with “a continuous underlying nervous tension and anxiety running like an undercurrent” throughout their bodies; I certainly did for a very long time. And if this tension, and the reason for it being there, is not healed our bodies are being set up to become exhausted and even unwell and it definitely will be a road block in the way to connecting to our true purpose in life.

  35. When we attach purpose to a goal, activity or a vocation, we are likely setting ourselves up for failure or disappointment.” When we know that our purpose is to reconnect to the Divine love of our true essence and emanate this out to the world the Universe recognises that we are reflecting back our being as a true part of the All.

  36. Loved it Rachel. You make really tangible what purpose is really about. One trap: that we do all these beautiful things you mention to better our lives, because all that we bring to ourselves has to serve humanity, to inspire them and to give it back to them.

  37. If we indeed pursue something outside of us to make us happy, than we are setting ourselves up for failure. That is not what true purpose is. Yes, there are things to do in this life, and yes are there many evils around that should be exposed and addressed. That comes after establishing a loving relationship with our selves. When we have that loving relationship we also feel what is there we need to do, instead of pursuing an ideal from our head.

  38. This article is indeed worth re-reading as part of the big trick to set me to failure, I still have a belief that purpose is about doing something big for the world, to change the world and get rid of all the evil. That could be true but is more of a spin-off of living a life full of love.

  39. Interesting coincidence: also at age 35 I thought I had found my purpose: I started my business that should help people find their destiny in work.
    True purpose like what is shared in this blog? Not really because I did not build that loving connection with me, fell in love with me first.
    Result: then year later the business fell apart and I fell into a deep hole.

  40. I am connecting more to the fact that my purpose is to reflect my true qualities, which are not ‘my’ qualities but qualities we are all a part of. No doing required, just reflecting…

    1. Yes, I agree that true purpose has a simplicity to it.. we just follow what we’re feeling to do next. No need for drive or excitement, just a delicate unfolding of each next step.

  41. “Purpose has nothing to do with what you do. Purpose is about discovering and nurturing who you truly are: to know and love yourself and to reflect that love to the World”. So simple indeed.
    Very worth remembering and embodying that in full, so that it makes you wake up every day without thinking what to do.

  42. Not coincidence? Not really of course: at age 35 I thought I had found my purpose. I started a business, which grew over the next 10 years. Then it fell apart, because it was not based on true purpose. Indeed a business is something you may enjoy doing, but if it is not about connecting to love you are, it remains empty.

  43. Everyone wants to be “successful” but we all have different ideas of what that means. As a society, we really have to reconsider what our idea of success is. What I am hearing from this blog, is that finding true purpose in life, means that no matter what you are doing, you are successful. Purpose is simply knowing that everything you choose counts; every choice is felt and matters.

  44. Tending to and nurturing our connection to who we are, what is already there within is an important part of our purpose. For there is much in how we live and in the world around us that can stop us from knowing who we are. It is however our choice to maintain and deepen this connection.

  45. This has Lightened my morning Rachel, and when someone who has a divine purpose enter my life it provides a level of Love and that is what a guiding light is and that light is openly expressed so all can see. True expression comes from everything we do and allows us “ to connect with that light and become the love that you naturally are.”

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