Exploring, and Singing with, my True Voice

I have found my true voice again! It all started with my singing along with some songs of Emmalee and Michael Benhayon from the Glorious Music album ‘The Glory of This Life’.

Suddenly I noticed my voice was very soft and nice but it just did not seem to fit with me anymore, so I decided to try singing with my ‘everyday talking voice’ instead of using my ‘singing voice’. What I began to notice is that when I sing with my ‘special singing voice’ I don’t feel I have very much volume and resonance, and the sound feels to just come from my throat; previously when I used my talking voice I did not like it because it sounded too loud and raw.

However, when I tried it this time I enjoyed the sound of my true voice, which was in fact simply my ‘talking voice’ singing. It felt good in my body, it resonated in my throat and after a while also in my chest. I then felt such love for myself and that my true voice was amazing just the way it was.

It was at that moment that I realised:

  • I had from a very young age an idea of what a perfect female voice should sound like.
  • I never liked the sound of my true voice and because of that, I had invented a special voice to sing with.
  • That this ‘special’ singing voice was very artificial.
  • That my special singing voice was only coming from my throat and not from my whole body. It was like I was being cautious so that if it came out wrong nobody would hear it.
  • My real and true singing voice comes not only from my throat but also from my heart and whole body and with that, if I open my mouth wide enough, I can create a lot of volume.
  • Singing with my real and true voice is a bit scary because it really shows all of me; it says here I am!

I have realised what a difference it makes to sing with MY TRUE VOICE – and where I feel this in my body, especially in my chest area. My chest feels more expanded and warm. I also feel my eyes are more open and when I sing like this I feel much more open to people. And that was only after maybe 20 minutes of experimenting with singing with my true voice along with the songs of Michael Benhayon, Emmalee Benhayon and Miranda Benhayon!

This is beautiful work in progress and I have yet to fully explore this new true voice of mine; how to sing with it and also how to talk with it. I often feel when I talk that my voice is soft, a little too nice and not very loud, even if I want it to be strong. So I am becoming aware that I am probably not always speaking with my true voice! I love singing and if I explore my true voice more with singing, it will help me speak more consistently with my true voice as well.

I am inspired by the beautiful music from Michael Benhayon and Glorious Music and the workshops of Chris James and Sounds Wonderful to explore and sing with my naturally beautiful and true voice.

By Lieke van Haastrecht, Student dentistry, Belgium

527 thoughts on “Exploring, and Singing with, my True Voice

  1. “It felt good in my body, it resonated in my throat and after a while also in my chest.” – Our body is such a great marker for the quality of our expression.

  2. Letting go of any pictures or ideals about how our singing should sound we can begin to explore and enjoy the quality of sound we express when we are in connection to our body.

  3. I love what you say about the voice coming from the heart and the whole body and not just the throat. Voice coming from our wholeness is so beautiful and carries such depth to it, and it’s like would it ever be possible to lie in that kind of voice? There’s authority and authenticity, whereas we can hear manipulation and dishonesty in a put-on voice.

  4. Interesting what you share that you invented a singing voice to sing with. I wonder how many do that instead of just letting their voice be natural. In the latter, it feels like there is no strain or push to make the voice be anything but it just is, whether you speak or sing it’s the same, only the way it’s used or utilised is a bit different.

  5. It feels amazing to make a sound and feel it resonate through the whole body. It’s super powerful and is an expression of the true us. This shows us what is possible on an every day basis with our speaking voice, how powerful we can be in conversation! Can we accept this, or do we back away from it, play it down and become smaller? Our voices are huge. We can claim ourselves and our fullness through our voice.

  6. I love to observe my own voice when I speak and pick up on my choices in quality, there used to be judgment, lots of it, but I have come to accept myself all of it. I observe the voice I sing in, all I hear is the vibration again the quality, it touches me, and my singing voice is more real than my speaking voice/manner and from that I have a marker to remind myself.

  7. I hold back with the expectations that my expression has to come out a certain way eg. clear and deep. I have learned to have a relationship with my expression and therefore it is a getting to know me more. Its appreciating me that I am who I am imperfections and all. I know my physical body is not perfect but my expression is from my body so it is perfect whether is honouring me or not. So, it begins in honouring me so my expression is true.

  8. Our voice is a wonderful reflection for us of how much of ourselves we are embodying and expressing. Rediscovering and reconnecting to my true voice has made a big difference to the way I am. I feel that expressing with the fullness of our natural voice is very healing, not just for ourselves but for those who hear us too.

  9. This is an awesome blog Leike, because it is my feeling most of us do not use our true voice when speaking, and more commonly most do not like their voice as a result… I put my hand up here, as I have always disliked my voice and how it sounded and I held the belief that I could not sing….This belief is not true, never has been, and slowly I am re-imprinting with; I can sing, I have a beautiful voice – which is very healing because I am clearing those old voices of the past.

  10. It is an amazing moment when one realises that they can sing and they do have a beautiful voice. After a lifetime of trying and failing it was a miracle to discover the secret was in stopping trying.

    1. Doug, thank you for sharing and revealing the secret is to stop trying, go figure! When I give up the trying, there is a different quality, thus there is a truer sound that leaves my mouth.

  11. After attending a workshop with Chris James, I discovered that my true and natural voice comes from my deep inside me and resonates throughout my whole body when I sing in connection to who I am. My voice is powerful, delicate and clear, and there is not one ounce of forcefulness or push in it when I sing in this way. It is beautiful to feel, and as you say Leike, when we learn to sing like this, it supports us to not only speak differently, but to express this quality in every aspect of our lives as well.

  12. Thank you Lieke, it was delightful to feel your joy in discovering your true voice, and it has inspired me to be more aware of my voice as well when I sing.

  13. Lieke you share so precisely what it is to sing with true power. For a powerful voice is not one that is loud but rather one that is connected to the quality of essence that represents the vibration of our Soul. This is why everyone has a naturally beautiful voice, and when we simply allow this expression to be freely voiced, we sing in celebration of all we are. And what is beautiful is, that singing with this quality supports our expression in every aspect in our lives.

    1. Thank you Carola for the description you have provided here about singing from the quality of our essence, it brings a true equality and unity to singing.

  14. I find one of the most empowering things is to speak from your body and not from your mind. We are conditioned to speak from our minds and this makes us small, contracted and opens the door to expressing things that our not our truth. When we speak from our body and this from our heart we naturally are very warm, open and truthful in our expression.

    1. That is true Joshua, when we speak from our minds we are engaging a liar to speak for us, a liar that is more concerned with concealing the truth than expressing it. There is no judgement here, I have engaged this liar for most of my life and still sometimes do.

  15. So gorgeously shared Lieke. I go through stages where I feel ashamed of my singing voice and stages where I love the way I sound when I sing. When I’m down on myself it’s often because I’ve compared myself to another. I love the way I sound when I’m in love with being me.

  16. Interesting blog Lieke, I have to start experimenting with my own voice as although I have been singing for years I still haven’t found my true voice,or I have at times but it like me is not consistent.

  17. When I feel really connected with myself I just love the sound that comes out of me, whether that is with speak or with singing. The more we are connected with our body the more beautiful the sound that is produced.

  18. I love singing to the songs of GM Records too, knowing and feeling the depth of love in them and the configuration of the lyrics. Every new album from them feels like a deeper level of truth and fullness that asks us to claim both in our voice and in life.

  19. Lieke it is inspiring to read discovering your singing voice from a different perspective – I’d like to experiment this with my own voice. I would love to sing and I know my voice sounds rough and my it affects my ear drums – I had never considered singing from my heart and body before – thank you.

  20. “Singing with my real and true voice is a bit scary because it really shows all of me; it says here I am!” I have kept my voice soft throughout my life so as not to be noticed, since I have been exploring my singing voice lately I am noticing the difference when I sing from my throat or from my body, most of my past singing has been from my throat with the checking it as to whether it is right or not. I know I have a true voice which comes out at times and it sounds beautiful, just as it is, without any judgment.

  21. When we make a choice to no longer ‘hold back the volume’, we may be a little surprised at the depth of the beauty that comes through us that has been waiting a very long time to do so! We live in an ocean of energy and how we choose to occupy space, be that in our fullness or in contraction to this, will determine the note we sound out that will affect all others who share this space with us.

  22. There’s so many different tones and differentiation in the way we talk, and I find my voice (speaking not singing – that’s brave!) tells me a lot about how I’m feeling and if I’m feeling strong or not, or if I’ve been acting like a child rather than a woman, or if I’ve been expressing the truth, all these factors influence my voice making it a great indicator of how I’ve been living and what I may need to work a little more.

  23. When we sing and speak from our whole body and let go of how we ‘think’ anyone else will react we can express through every movement and sound who we truly are.

  24. If we only listen to the sound of our voice we can easily be fooled into thinking it is either a ‘good’ voice or a ‘bad’ voice, too hard, too soft, out of tune, or pitch perfect. Either way we are completely missing the truth that our voice disconnected from our whole body ie. coming just from our throat/head, is harming and can be nothing but harming, whereas our voice coming from connection to our body, ie. from the whole of our body so we feel all of us as we express, is healing and absolutely always beautiful whatever our judgemental head might think.

  25. The way we communicate through our voice is very interesting.
    When we give it our full awareness we can read the other person in full. We can feel the energy, the intend behind the words.

  26. I love how friends will say when my speaking voice goes a bit off when I’m not fully connected with me. Everything about our voice communicates so much – how much we are controlling of ourselves or how free we are being.

  27. Why is it through singing we discover more our true expression? Is it simple because when we sing there is a natural way we want to be with it? We want to sing. We should take this into all our expressions.

  28. So many of us don’t express in our true voice because we are not in connection with ourselves, learning to speak and sing from our bodies is a totally different experience and we get to feel how truly healing this can be for ourselves and others.

  29. What you touch on here Lieke is a massive subject and one that affects us all every single day. We all express through word of mouth in one way or another and basically if we are expressing through contraction we are harming our body just as you noticed in your singing. Singing and expressing from ALL of you is great medicine!

  30. I find that when I am totally with myself and in full authority I have a very different voice, it is stronger and comes from a deeper place in my body. This is something i am still mastering as most of the time I don’t speak fully in command of my voice, and this is also reflected in my singing….

  31. The voice we use is not necessarily our true voice. Shocking as this may be for some is true. The way we speak is a tool we have forged to help us to walk in life. Yet, how true are our movements anyway? What does this tell us?

  32. I notice the stronger I feel in myself, the stronger and deeper my voice gets. It’s definitely true that when we contract or make ourselves small or even project false confidence our voices do not represent the truth of who we are.

  33. ‘Singing with my real and true voice is a bit scary because it really shows all of me; it says here I am!’ I have been working on my vocal expression for quite a while and this, of course, involves singing. I used to be one of those people who would come out in a cold sweat if asked to sing in public (i would just mime at school so as to not get into trouble) and would never sing at home, even by myself. This suppression of expression came from inhibitions and hurts rather than for the fact that I couldn’t sing, (I felt I couldn’t hold a tune and the sound I made was not good – no wonder with that much holding back!) , but the not being able to sing was simply a contraction around my being seen. My singing voice will never be one of the strongest in the world but I am realising that when my body feels clear the sound that can come out is beautifully pure.

    1. Yes Michelle, when we are fully connected to our bodies, the differnece in the quality in our voice, whether it is speaking or singing, is quite amazing.

  34. Gorgeous blog about claiming back your true voice, and how to speak and talk with the world from that exact place.. Supporting yourself by picking up that which you notice about that true voice of yours, give it full credit and claim it as yours back again – by living it. Thank you Lieke. Appreciation is a forever living way.

  35. Great blog Lieke, it is true, we have really just one true voice that is apparent through any vocal expression. I can tell where I am at no matter whether I am speaking to one, to a hundred or whether l’m singing just through the quality of sound I am making when I speak or sing.

  36. When we express from our hearts the vibration of love is felt in our bodies and infuses our surroundings with harmony.

  37. It’s funny how we have a talking voice and then a “a special voice reserved for singing”, its great that you are discovering the difference and finding a true voice that comes from all of you. I find that depending on what I am singing, my voice can change, some songs just don’t let you sing with your true voice, Glorious Music songs all seem to support peoples true voice to come out of hiding.

  38. I hadn’t paid much attention to this but true – sometimes my voice feels hollow and my throat feels too tight for anything to flow with no effort, and I may even be talking faster than I want. This is very inspiring, Lieke. I would like to explore a bit more.

  39. I love the resonance and depth felt when you hear someone sing from the connection to their bodies. it is a beautiful quality we all hold and one that when shared is super inspiring to behold. Thank you Lieke.

  40. Thank you Lieke, how wonderful you are claiming more truth through your voice and feeling the different. Everything about us and everything we do offers opportunity to re-connect more deeply to what is true and within this healing happens. The voice can be very revealing especially when we hear children’s voices change depending on what they want. Is it possible that we all still have elements in our voice that reflect where we are at also? As we deep our quality so to does our voice.

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