Exploring, and Singing with, my True Voice

I have found my true voice again! It all started with my singing along with some songs from the Glorious Music album ‘The Glory of This Life’.

Suddenly I noticed my voice was very soft and nice but it just did not seem to fit with me anymore, so I decided to try singing with my ‘everyday talking voice’ instead of using my ‘singing voice’. What I began to notice is that when I sing with my ‘special singing voice’ I don’t feel I have very much volume and resonance, and the sound feels to just come from my throat; previously when I used my talking voice I did not like it because it sounded too loud and raw.

However, when I tried it this time I enjoyed the sound of my true voice, which was in fact simply my ‘talking voice’ singing. It felt good in my body, it resonated in my throat and after a while also in my chest. I then felt such love for myself and that my true voice was amazing just the way it was.

It was at that moment that I realised:

  • I had from a very young age an idea of what a perfect female voice should sound like.
  • I never liked the sound of my true voice and because of that, I had invented a special voice to sing with.
  • That this ‘special’ singing voice was very artificial.
  • That my special singing voice was only coming from my throat and not from my whole body. It was like I was being cautious so that if it came out wrong nobody would hear it.
  • My real and true singing voice comes not only from my throat but also from my heart and whole body and with that, if I open my mouth wide enough, I can create a lot of volume.
  • Singing with my real and true voice is a bit scary because it really shows all of me; it says here I am!

I have realised what a difference it makes to sing with MY TRUE VOICE – and where I feel this in my body, especially in my chest area. My chest feels more expanded and warm. I also feel my eyes are more open and when I sing like this I feel much more open to people. And that was only after maybe 20 minutes of experimenting with singing with my true voice along with the songs of Michael Benhayon, Emmalee Benhayon and Miranda Benhayon!

This is beautiful work in progress and I have yet to fully explore this new true voice of mine; how to sing with it and also how to talk with it. I often feel when I talk that my voice is soft, a little too nice and not very loud, even if I want it to be strong. So I am becoming aware that I am probably not always speaking with my true voice! I love singing and if I explore my true voice more with singing, it will help me speak more consistently with my true voice as well.

I am inspired by the beautiful music from Michael Benhayon and GM Records and the workshops of Chris James and Sounds Wonderful to explore and sing with my naturally beautiful and true voice.

By Lieke van Haastrecht, Student dentistry, Belgium

556 thoughts on “Exploring, and Singing with, my True Voice

  1. Thanks Lieke, I recently have begun exploring singing with my ‘talking voice’ and how my voice feels to me as I sing, I am planning to have some sessions with an esoteric practitioner who specialises in expression to explore this further because I even though I mostly only sing around the house, I can feel the blessing for myself and others if my expression could be more from my essence and whole body.

  2. Ah, the singing voice vs the true voice – I know that one. Some of us have a phone voice as well. It is very interesting how we always seem to have an idea about how we should be and sound like and it seems always to never quite match with how we naturally are. If we do not accept how we already are, it would be impossible to find a circumstance where it would just be acceptable as is, I suppose.

  3. Finding out True voice can be simple when “the workshops of Chris James and Sounds Wonderful” become a part of the relationship we have with our singing and re-connecting to our Soul-full-essences.

  4. There are so many expectations about singing, and what I have loved about listening to Miranda Benhayon’s songs is that I get a sense that every single person has the capability to sing. In that i feel a welcome to give it a go and not worry about hitting the perfect pitch. It’s such a blessing to have voices like hers to inspire us to just sing, from our heart and no worries about how we sound.

  5. I too have a soft voice and can find it hard to make myself heard in groups – no problem one to one. But when I claim my authority and know I have something to say that serves the whole I am heard more easily. Chris James; workshops have been transformative for me.

  6. I love feeling the sound of my real voice resonating in my whole body – it has a deep holding vibration that feels very different than when I speak from my throat only. The give away is when my voice starts to sound thin and high then I know it is not my real voice.

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