Making Space

I am in the process of getting my house ready for sale at the moment and, although I love my home, the time has come to move on.

I have lived in my beautiful home for six years now and even though I haven’t accumulated much during that time it is becoming apparent with every drawer and cupboard I open that there is an excess of unnecessary ‘stuff’ that is not actually needed… and is taking up space.

This is interesting to observe, as compared to when I was younger I had way more then than I do now. I used to love collecting all sorts of goodies just for the sheer beauty of appreciating them, even if they did not serve any real purpose.

There were also items I brought into this house when I moved in 6 years ago that had no real purpose but there was a certain attachment to them, because of sentimental reasons. Some of these items have been sitting in a cupboard and have not seen the light of day for that amount of time.

What I am becoming increasingly aware of lately is there is a constant refining and re-evaluating that is necessary in my home if I am to honour the change and refinement that is taking place in my body. Even though I may not see these things, they are nonetheless taking up space, literally and energetically. It is rather like carrying around excess weight or emotional baggage that causes unnecessary strain and is a drain on the body.

Our homes, I am discovering, are a powerful reflection of our relationship with ourselves.

How we care for ourselves, what we choose to hang onto, what is left in the third drawer down, all these things affect the order and rhythm of our lives.

As I am letting go of past tensions and protection held in my body and re-connecting to the spaciousness within, so too do I need to adjust my surroundings and discard what is no longer needed in my home for there to be flow and harmony. If there is resistance to letting go, it makes sense that it creates stagnancy in moving forward.

Bringing more attention to my home environment, letting go and discarding, I can feel the space is opening up for me to expand and evolve into what is next in my life. There is clarity and simplicity and I am really enjoying the lightness in the body that naturally follows.

In spaciousness everything is available to us, so in ‘emptying’ out we are naturally filled with the love and divinity we are.

By Victoria, Suffolk Park, NSW, Australia

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Making Space

694 thoughts on “Making Space

  1. A beautiful blog Victoria. I am now going through exactly the same process as you! I am leaving my home which I love to move elsewhere because that is what is needed. I am pretty ruthless as keeping the decks clear and not hoarding, and especially regularly clear out my wardrobe of all sorts of beautiful things I no longer wear . . .but like you, there are things in my drawers and cupboards that have not seen the light of day and must go. Spaciousness is the greatest gift and is very beautiful to feel in a home.

      1. Yes Victoria! This clearing out the layers is never-ending. Thank heavens we can embrace it in the way that we can now, with all the love of our hearts – the One Life.

  2. Appreciating that nothing is nothing and that everything has an impact on everything brings a whole new perspective and responsibility to the way we set up our abode…

  3. We have an uneasy relationship with space. We tend to fill it up with whatever but when we do so, we do not do it from internal spaciousness. A totally different relationship is when we relate to space from spaciousness.

  4. “If there is resistance to letting go, it makes sense that it creates stagnancy in moving forward.” So very true, I know for me that when there is resistance presenting, there is definitely a stagnancy, I don’t allow the freedom and a flow, I just foster procrastination and complexity.

  5. I am finding it more and more important in my life to make space. If you’d asked me that a few years ago, I wouldn’t have known how to answer you. But now I find that is it more and more important for me to stop, feel and understand what it is that I am either not wanting to feel, or read about life. What it is that I am needing to perhaps focus on within myself. I know that the answers generally come, but they do only when I make space.

  6. I de-clutter only for some clutter to creep back in which is a reflection on how I am living my life so a great learning for me to see in order to heal this completely … meaning being more organised, keeping it simple and not creating a momentum that is messy!

  7. In spaciousness there is transparency and clarity, energy can flow through the area without getting stuck. This is how it feels in the body also; we can feel dense or light in accordance to what is being stored.

    1. I totally get what you are sharing Raegan, for me it starts with a shift that comes from inside and then I get the impulse to clear and clean my living space which is bringing my surroundings into alignment with how I am feeling inside.

  8. I thought I was good at organizing and clearing things up but I can feel how there still is something in me that associates letting things go with losing something – like, fond memories or connections that comes with certain objects, and in that I can also feel it was creating a kind of construct from all the bits and pieces collected along the way in life and has become my identity. And this of course is not limited to physical objects, it applies to all the beliefs and patterns as well, very much. Nominating this in itself actually feels like a bit of clearing.

  9. ‘If there is resistance to letting go, it makes sense that it creates stagnancy in moving forward.’ Thank you Victoria, very wise words for me to hear this morning as I am in the process of discarding things from my wardrobe and cupboards but can feel where there is resistance in keeping certain things ‘just in case’.

  10. “In spaciousness everything is available to us, so in ‘emptying’ out we are naturally filled with the love and divinity we are.” I love this. Nature abhors a vacuum – so what better way to empty out what is not us and fill it with what is and who we truly are – love, stillness, joy truth and harmony – pure divinity.

    1. Yes it happens very naturally that we are filled with the love and divinity we are when we surrender and let go of the resistance of our ‘self’. The qualities we essentially are simply shine out.

  11. In space there is no time and yet there is ample time within that space. Space holds everything within it and does not play ball with the constructs of time, as we know it. To feel this expansiveness within the body is divine.

  12. “If there is resistance to letting go, it makes sense that it creates stagnancy in moving forward.” Great article for me to read today, as I have been putting off decluttering especially from my wardrobe, which has shown me there is so much to let go of and just surrender.

  13. I love the simplicity of making space which you describe so well Victoria. It is those hidden areas we are so fond of ignoring that store all the gunk we don’t want to expose, and these will affect us and how we live. Beautiful Blog.

  14. I love everything you have shared here Victoria. There is an energy behind everything as such a vibration that it represents. When we surrender to the vibration of love, we can feel what is not of the vibration, and how holding on to anything that does not represent or support our love and our evolution, is a encumbrance to embodying the divine space that awaits to be reclaimed with the love we are.

  15. I love to come back to this blog because I am loving space…. I have just moved again which was another opportunity to clear and discard the old which I love to do. And when I was unpacking my things I became aware that everything that belonged to me had been moved and then unpacked and rearranged differently in my new space. Thus everything feels different, and I feel open and ready to embrace new opportunities that are already there for me awaiting to unfold….

  16. Space is a huge topic when it comes to any subject, but especially when moving house. Our home is symbolic of our space, and the space that we carry within will determine how spacious our home is. Moving is wonderful because it makes us clear out any superfluous or stagnant ‘stuff’ we have accumulated over ‘time’. We re-discover what is essential for our living at this stage of our life and discard that which is not needed. Very empowering and re-juvenating.

  17. I came across a couple of items within the past week where I felt an attachment. One of the items I had placed in a box in the attic and the other in the garden shed a few years ago but it exposed how I can still place others and events before what truly supports me.

  18. Nothing remains stagnant when we are prepared to look at our attachments and be willing to discard what is not longer needed or serving us, so we can naturally expand to what is next. This I find both within the body and in my surrounds.

  19. Taking an airline recently that had a severe baggage restriction on weight and volume was a great lesson for me on only taking what was really necessary and likewise not buying things on my trip unless I really loved them and was willing to discard something else.

  20. I am in the process of packing up my house to move and have found it a great uncovering of more items that have been hidden in the cupboards and taking up space. Sometimes we need to look and weed out the seemingly little things hiding away to uncover a greater expansion and growth and the letting go of what is not needed anymore. Letting go of stuff wether it be items we no longer need or behaviours that do not serve us anymore allows us the space to grow and that’s is a great movement for life.

    1. I had the same experience Kelly when I had a country move 14 months ago – what a great opportunity that was for me to let go of so much stuff that had no purpose or no use but taking up space nevertheless! And with the really deep clearing out what I found was that I had created so much space that everything I needed in my new location just came to me effortless, eg, a new car, a new job, new friends etc.

      1. Beautiful Jacqmcfadden04. It is the uncovering of what is no longer needed that then offers us space to grow, connect and learn what is right for us at the time. Very cool indeed.

  21. I have quite a bad habit of putting things away in cupboards and forgetting about what’s inside – so thank you for reminding me that my third drawer down counts equally and that inside our cupboard and drawers need to be as spacious as outside.

  22. How wonderful it feels to let go of stuff that is clogging up the flow of energy around the house and outside the house too. It is like carrying extra weight on our body. As we let go of excess baggage in one place it supports us to let go in another. I spent only half an hour today clearing some stuff from a shed which seems to be a sort of dumping ground and I feel so much lighter in my body. I ask myself do I really need this half way house of a shed, could I not sort things out in the moment?

  23. Interesting how so many like myself love feeling the refreshingness and openness of being light with more space. Yet it is comfortable to not be so spacious and light which is not truly comfort just a familiarity of not being responsible for our choices and our emotions.

  24. I can feel too that clearing all areas of my home is supporting me to what is next in my life. We do not realise the impact hanging on to items such as clothes, toys, books and other possessions has on our body. Clearing out that which no longer supports us is great medicine for our body.

  25. Having cleared out two houses after the persons have passed away, it has become clear that it is our responsibility to clear away these things if we can before passing over as a way of getting ready for the event and bringing completion to this life.

  26. It is a interesting reflection that our house communicates about us and how we are living inside our bodies. I am noticing as I expand in myself the physical space around me is more expansive and clearer too.

  27. Thank you Victoria it is by appreciating what there is, space and more, we get to feel the mount of love we give ourselves by living in a connected way that inhabits space the most time.

  28. As I look at the many areas (thoughts, patterns, objects) that I have been holding onto the old without being open to truly examine this old way serves at this moment or not, I am drawn to the sentence you conclude with: “In spaciousness everything is available to us, so in ‘emptying’ out we are naturally filled with the love and divinity we are.” Thank you. A clear call and invitation to revisit and reassess.

    1. Yes the emotional and mental holding on equally crowds our energetic space and we do not get to feel the depth of love we are. Likewise with the many distractions in life we can be taken away from the natural stillness that is there.

  29. I have recently been clearing my home of a lot of ‘stuff’ that was no longer wanted or needed but there are still a couple of cabinets that are full of items waiting to be dealt with. On the outside they look great but I know what lies within and “even though I may not see these things, they are nonetheless taking up space, literally and energetically”. I am so aware of feeling this clutter in my body and I know that once cleared out both the cabinets and my body will feel very spacious and light.

  30. Decluttering is an expansion of our surroundings and allows more spaciousness in the body. Just because we don’t see those items in the third drawer down, does not mean that they have no energetic impact – everything does.

    1. This is so true. I have been feeling the impact of those cupboards and drawers lately and have felt to take everything out and review. The feeling of being stuck soon leaves us when we change the energy of our surroundings.

  31. I love this blog Victoria as it is simple, doable, it makes perfect sense and it does in deed make space. And making space is making love.

  32. If there is resistance to letting go and completing then there is no room for anything else to come into our lives.. space in our bodies and movements is reflected in how we relate to and are in life: crowded and squashed or spacious and flowing.

  33. “If there is resistance to letting go, it makes sense that it creates stagnancy in moving forward.” I had not perceived it in this way before but it is so true. I have just moved house and have let go of many things from furniture to books that I have had since childhood and I have been aware of feeling so much lighter and freer. What this comment has also made me aware of is I feel I am more ‘forward looking’ than before which I had not been consciously aware of until now.

  34. “In spaciousness everything is available to us, so in ‘emptying’ out we are naturally filled with the love and divinity we are.” This is so lovely.

  35. Thank you Victoria, I came home recently and felt that my house was reflecting stagnation, I could feel the stuckness and the not moving forward energy. I have many things I need to sort, declutter, put into order and discard. Everything you have shared here was very helpful, clear and common sense, thank you.

  36. Creating space by de-cluttering has such a profound energetic effect on the house as well as its occupants! And in doing so, we simply eliminate old unused collectables that are really like a mill-stone around our necks.

  37. I find that when I notice something in my home needs a bit of decluttering it’s because I’ve already deepened within myself in some way…which allows more space within me and hence my abode needs to be adjusted.

  38. “As I am letting go of past tensions and protection held in my body and re-connecting to the spaciousness within, so too do I need to adjust my surroundings and discard what is no longer needed in my home for there to be flow and harmony.”
    Total light bulb moment reading this today. I had not correlated of how much I have let go in my house to how much I have let go in my body….thank you for this moment of appreciation and awareness.

  39. This is such a great blog to re-read Victoria – especially now having gone through a very similar process to yours! I have ditched three quarters of my stuff coming to this new house. The old stuff just doesn’t fit, energetically speaking, and spaciousness is what is needed. A practitioner shared with me that one’s furniture actually lives within one’s body, and so it is crucial to have clear and harmonious furniture that does not undermine the flow and inner spaciousness.

    1. Reading your comment Lyndy I had this image of our whole world and the constant production of the new, and how much space this is actually taking up. Are we continually adding to it and crowding ourselves out? Things do not magically de-materialise.

      1. I totally agree Victoria that the constant production (creation) of more ‘stuff’ is taking up space – the energetic space we could have if we surrender to know what is needed, and the ‘physical’ space of filling the world up with objects and ideas that litter space and crowd it out. The ‘crowding’ energy is a deliberate trick by the astral plane to prevent our natural spaciousness, and so our evolution – which is basically what you are so wisely saying here.

  40. A great little reminder that I’ve been putting off doing a bit of a new year clear out. I’ve been getting so much better at letting all my possessions go. I still love and appreciate nice things, and I can’t see myself stopping that, but I ‘collect’ far fewer things these days, and it feels a whole lot better not to be stuffing things in cupboards for a rainy day.

    1. Me too Elodie, I use to be a bit of a collector of all things beautiful, though now I am more discerning with my purchases. It feels great to have a more clearly flowing space and it is easier to clean as well.

      1. Absolutely Victoria, this is a great way to make cleaning simple. Another for me is I actually start to appreciate the ‘special’ item because I use it, none of this for a ‘rainy-day’ or ‘good’ mentality.

  41. I was collector of books. I now have about 1 and half shelves of books, rathe than 3 book cases. It was something that I had to prove to myself that I was was intelligent. Its quite lovely to feel I no longer have to prove this to myself because my intelligence does not rely on the books I have read or have. Its about my relationship with my own body and thereby by connection.

    1. I can relate, I used to have a wide variety of philosophical books which I love to explore, though I have learnt more from my connection with my body than I have from any book. This is where our true intelligence lies.

  42. In emptying out the ‘stuff’ we are very much offering space for the qualities of truth and love. This happens in our bodies, thoughts, movements, relationships, homes, work, every where.

  43. “In spaciousness everything is available to us…” – agree, and such is the beauty and clarity of space where we can just see what needs to be done because of the clear space.

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