Making Space

I am in the process of getting my house ready for sale at the moment and, although I love my home, the time has come to move on.

I have lived in my beautiful home for six years now and even though I haven’t accumulated much during that time it is becoming apparent with every drawer and cupboard I open that there is an excess of unnecessary ‘stuff’ that is not actually needed… and is taking up space.

This is interesting to observe, as compared to when I was younger I had way more then than I do now. I used to love collecting all sorts of goodies just for the sheer beauty of appreciating them, even if they did not serve any real purpose.

There were also items I brought into this house when I moved in 6 years ago that had no real purpose but there was a certain attachment to them, because of sentimental reasons. Some of these items have been sitting in a cupboard and have not seen the light of day for that amount of time.

What I am becoming increasingly aware of lately is there is a constant refining and re-evaluating that is necessary in my home if I am to honour the change and refinement that is taking place in my body. Even though I may not see these things, they are nonetheless taking up space, literally and energetically. It is rather like carrying around excess weight or emotional baggage that causes unnecessary strain and is a drain on the body.

Our homes, I am discovering, are a powerful reflection of our relationship with ourselves.

How we care for ourselves, what we choose to hang onto, what is left in the third drawer down, all these things affect the order and rhythm of our lives.

As I am letting go of past tensions and protection held in my body and re-connecting to the spaciousness within, so too do I need to adjust my surroundings and discard what is no longer needed in my home for there to be flow and harmony. If there is resistance to letting go, it makes sense that it creates stagnancy in moving forward.

Bringing more attention to my home environment, letting go and discarding, I can feel the space is opening up for me to expand and evolve into what is next in my life. There is clarity and simplicity and I am really enjoying the lightness in the body that naturally follows.

In spaciousness everything is available to us, so in ‘emptying’ out we are naturally filled with the love and divinity we are.

By Victoria, Suffolk Park, NSW, Australia

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Making Space

604 thoughts on “Making Space

  1. Ha gorgeous Viktoria! We are currently in the exact same process of feeling in our surrounding, our house what is needed to let go of and remove or throw away, and what is serving us.. We have been holding quiet long onto a certain configuration in the house, which after some beautiful Esoteric sessions today for the three of us, we felt it was time for a change. And hence, we moved things, cleaned things and ordered the house, also thrown things out and moved on from the old design/collection we had things in.. And now, when I walk in my living room – everything is simply confirming who I am and what is next for us to walk in – super supportive – making space.

  2. I have moved 5 times in the last 10 or so years, from the family home where I just took what I could fit into a small car this was not a lot. Amazingly over a period of 4 years I re gathered a lot of possessions, and then that mostly had to go again as I moved from a big 4 bedroom town house all the way down to a little cottage and every move I have had to shed things that I thought I needed or would come in handy but never used. And still it is an on going process, as the sheds have boxes in them that have been stored but not used. So it reflects to me that life is an ongoing process where we have the ability if chosen to shed the unwanted ideals and beliefs that we soaked up as we go through life that do not serve us and clutter the body. We can store them in our bodies but this is not a good idea as it affects how were are with ourselves and others especially or we can discard them and create space in our bodies which allows greater clarity, the more clarity the greater our understanding of how life should be truly lived free of ideals and beliefs.

    1. It is fascinating to feel how things we hang onto can keep a certain old energy alive that we may have well left behind. Yet it is more than that as you say, it is the ideals and beliefs that become a burden and clutter the inner and outer space. The feeling of lightness in the body is well worth the shedding

  3. I’ve always loved decluttering and clearing out what we don’t need anymore. When we moved to a new country, obviously it was the biggest clear out I’d ever done. It was easy to start with (15 years in one house there was lots that was ready to go) but towards the end when the very nitty gritty stuff needed to be decided on it was quite overwhelming. A part of me just didn’t want to know any more or didn’t care, and I was so tired with all the decisions. Would we ever need it again? Was it important? Looking back on this time I can see I was in my head a lot, lots of questions bouncing around and deadlines, and would do it completely different next time, listening to my body instead. It was interesting how drained and heavy my body felt clearing drawers out that we just kept adding those ‘I don’t know what to do with things’ in… a direct reflection of the energy and emotion of holding on to these things. Three years on the items we stored in our home country we have just let go of very easily.

  4. Beautiful Viktoria and it is exactly what I am doing this weekend as I did many times before. Every time I let go old ways, or hurts which I kept for long in my body, I have this strong feeling to adjust the house towards the same release. All gets a new review and I feel if it is any longer serving or confirming me; if not it goes out, very simple. This time it is very much about refining all in the house. To the detail level, it needs to be good so it confirms that deeper honoring in me, so the house can hold me and remind me of being very delicate and loving to myself and equally so to others. A great thing… a house…. a space to build more and more love.

  5. It is interesting to feel the difference between a room filled/cluttered with so much stuff, it is like the energy is stagnating and holding us back from the next steps forward – like a pull back into old ways that no longer serve. Clearing out the clutter shifts the old stagnant energy and there is indeed a lightness and freedom to walk unfettered into the new.

  6. Gorgeous sharing on de-cluttering, which offers the reader more on what it is on offer when you do so. I also recently heard that when we leave stuff around our home, they can become pockets of where energy can nest in them and that is why it can often feel so much better when you put that stuff away. I know I do.

    1. Yes, you can actually feel that when areas have been left unattended. I spent all of yesterday re organising areas in my house and I can feel there is more to go. As one space opens up it exposes the others that have been lying dormant.

  7. Great writing Victoria. At the moment we are also refining our home, throwing things away, cleaning everything and reconfiguring the way things are set. It feels awesome, and indeed gives more space and clarity.

  8. I love the clarity of this writing and the link between the home and our bodies. This resonates with anyone who has felt the clearing of a cupboard or drawer and how they feel more relaxed, and perhaps even expansive in their body.

  9. Decluttering our house can be done while moving – but should be a natural process to go through when it is needed. It can be a two way street: sometimes we feel our body is lighter than the house is reflecting back to us and we can feel the need to tidy it. The other way is that if we honestly look at our house and see things we could let go of, or that there is a deeper level of care we could bring to the house we could bring, and once we take of that, we feel lighter in our bodies as a result.

  10. Stuff takes in space, physically and energetically and this can be clearly felt, when there is too much we hold on to it is felt in everything in our life. It is a beautiful reflection to have and gives us the opportunity to see that nothing isn’t affecting us.

  11. It makes sense that when we clear a space there it allows more light in and so more clarity and it is exactly the same with our bodies… when we let go of something or go through a clearing there is more light that we naturally shine. Energy is clearly felt and communicated in all our interactions with each other.

  12. This process of refining is fascinating. 3 years ago I condensed all I owned into fitting a small room. It wasn’t worth the cost of moving to another part of the country so I bought new.

    As I write this I realise there is a level of letting go that goes deeper than just physically letting go of things because I got rid of many items but it was a wrench and for many items I didn’t feel ready to, because of this I wanted monetary compensation and felt hurt that I didn’t get it. So though I can’t even remember what those items were I still held onto a sense of displacement and sadness that I can now see is there to address. The ruthlessness that the situation required at the time wasn’t a letting go but this is great to acknowledge as there are items that I still have from that era that actually I am becoming ready to let go of. I now appreciate I can do this with love and understanding, fully aware that I am choosing space for what’s next and not a nostalgia or regret of the past. Letting go of these items lovingly will re-imprint what was given away unwillingly but necessarily in the past. A great opportunity to let go of these attachments that are nothing to do with the objects but everything to do with accepting myself with my past.

  13. making space in our homes and in our lives and how we work allows the far greater intelligence that is on offer to us to make itself known – the more we hoard, cram down, worry, get tense, the further we are away from the all that is there for us in every moment. The first way holds insight, awareness and the potential for evolution, the other a cementing further into the fog that obscures the way… so clearing out the house and making space is just the beginning of something grand 🙂

  14. I have been cleaning/clearing our my bedroom and moving furniture around and acquiring some new furniture. It actually feels very amazing to support myself in this way. I intend to go around the whole house this way. But the important thing is not to try to rush to complete it; otherwise that just feel like I would be aiming for relief or just to feel better. But taking my time which each room. It’s interesting to ponder on my resistance with this, for there is symbolism here in the areas in life that I haven’t want to look at, where I have swept things under the carpet – so to speak.

  15. I love clearing and making more space at home. As you say, it is a constant refinement, and even though I have done lots of it, as I sit here and write this I can feel THAT drawer – you know the one as you probably have one yourself – the one where all the miscellany goes which doesn’t quite go anywhere else but needs a home. Well ours is in need of some healing.

  16. I can really relate with what you have shared especially this ‘It is rather like carrying around excess weight or emotional baggage that causes unnecessary strain and is a drain on the body.’ And am in the process (although is seem never ending … or even resistance in getting started!) of doing this for myself. Drawers with underwear in etc seem very loveless at the moment! Yesterday I also noticed another way energetically we can bring to our home. We have lived in our home now for over 1 1/2 years (a new build when we moved in) and only got round to painting one wall in the living room yesterday. But I could really feel the difference energetically with the wall once we had painted it, it felt lighter, more expansive and more loved and exposed the energy in what we had been living in without putting our imprint completely with it. I am so inspired to love every inch of our home as much as I have loved this wall. More painting, more love, more detail 💕

  17. Such a cool sharing. I recently had some members of family sell their house and need to do the big clean, and they got rid of so much stuff – and each time I spoke to them I could feel how this was so healing for them. As if the more they let go of the more they were clearing in their bodies. It shows that how we live really is a reflection of our relationships.

  18. We have got some things in the loft. Even though I can’t see them, I know they are there and it does make the house feel heavy. I know there are items that I don’t and will probably never use, but I am reluctant to let go of them. It’s one of those jobs I easily put off, but I’m feeling its a task I want to tackle soon.

  19. I have been cleaning my home a lot lately, to a detail I have not done before. What an amazing difference it makes to the quality of the space, and I feel so much more supported to just be.

  20. Having the willingness to let go of those hurts that have stumped our evolution allows us to create space within ourselves first that then needs a reimprint in our homes and every aspect of our lives.

  21. Being willing to let go of the old is key to allowing greater expansion in our lives…otherwise we may want to expand but we will try to bring the old with us which doesn’t work.

    1. Letting go of the old and allowing for the new – after all why would we want to walk around in something that is old and tatty when we have so much more to offer. It is not all about buying new clothes for example but wearing ones that support you and you feel great in. I know for me it makes a big difference what I choose to wear.

      1. I have found this too James. I hadn’t in a long time bought new clothes (because I was always working) but I found the new clothes were long overdue and I actually did feel great in them and out went the old!

      2. It is awesome when we truly appreciate ourselves clothes are just one of the many ways we can say yes I deserve this. Ofcourse they do not have to be expensive or anything like that it is more how you carry yourself in them. The same thing applies to say wearing an ironed shirt it makes such a difference rather than a scrumpled up one.

  22. It makes such a difference when I come home to a clean organised place. It is a direct reflection of the way I have been living and then can support me or bring me down. I can go out have an amazing day yet come back to a messy house and suddenyl I feel down and flat and want to distract myself yet when I come back to a clean tidy house it is like I am embraced with love and then take it to the next level. It is such a stark contrast.

  23. I love the reflections found all around us and our house is a beautiful example of such reflections. How they continue to learn and grow or deny this and live in comfort and or protection of who we truly are. Making space not only feels amazing but shows a new level of awareness of our bodies and how they in turn feel too. A very cool awareness for all to consider.

  24. If there is resistance to letting go, it makes sense that it creates stagnancy in moving forward. Perfect for me to read today as I can feel I have a little resistance to letting something go, even though I feel the pull to be more! It is time to call on support me thinks.

  25. Beautiful “In spaciousness everything is available to us, so in ‘emptying’ out we are naturally filled with the love and divinity we are.” something I have been connecting and experiencing to the more space I create in the home, the more I have with in my own body and the clarity to connect to my own divinity.

  26. I love to come back to this blog, just makes so much sense, and to feel the truth that when we create space in our lives by letting go and clearing out that which we no longer need, so that ‘In spaciousness everything is available to us’.

  27. What we accumulate definitely takes up space so it is our responsibility to always consider the quality of what we have in our stash to help us sort what we need to keep, and what we need to let go.

  28. This is spot on Victoria “Our homes, I am discovering are a powerful reflection of our relationship; with ourselves”. Thank you Victoria for the inspiration to look carefully at what I am holding onto.

  29. Great timing to read this. I definitely feel the need to clear away what I don’t need nor use from my cupboards. My wardrobe in particular contains clothing I never wear but hold onto in case one day I might be able to fit in it or might change my mind. It does feel quite stagnant and unnecessary.

  30. I love the feeling of space in our new home.It is light, spacious and has very little clutter. We moved in over a year ago, and I had a draw by my bedside that I had not cleaned out before the move and I could feel how when I opened it it felt disorderly and messy and I could feel how this was a pocket of disregard that was not honouring the spaciousness of the rest of the house. I cleared it out and threw away anything I no longer needed and put the things back in a orderly way that made everything easily accessible. I could feel how this untidy draw had been affecting the rest of the house and. by tidying the draw it opened up the house even more. It can be so easy to think we can hide our mess but the truth is it may not be seen but it is always felt.

  31. Everything you have shared about making space and how the home reflects our body and relationship with ourself is so true. I have lots to let go of and clear with regards to things/items I am holding onto and am really looking forward to it.

  32. At some point when we are re arranging and decluttering we feel it is complete..this is until the next time comes around. It is a beautiful process to stay aware and open and go with the flow in what will be presented to us in time to come.

  33. Yes agree Annelies, we are always ‘moving’ and evolving within ourselves if this be our choice, and nothing therefore remains done and dusted, it is an ongoing expansion which clears the way for more space.

  34. It is interesting how we can procrastinate when it comes to clearing out those cupboards and yet when we do it can be felt and appreciated so strongly in the body. For about a month now I have been feeling to clear out my sweater cupboard and to donate what I no longer use, but have been putting it off. Until this morning that is when I found a tiny little moth, which from past experience tells me they love sweaters. I looked at this from the point of view that if I am procrastinating in my life then where are the holes that this creates, other than my sweaters of course. So I did it and it took minutes – now I am wondering why I was procrastinating in the first place, especially as the decision to discard was not that difficult.

    1. Procrastinating really does waste a lot of energy doesn’t it? Part of the reason I feel we can procrastinate, or do not complete is that we are not yet willing to step into the next level of expansion. It doesn’t make sense really as we feel so much clearer when we just do it as you share. There is nothing that life does not reflect back to us which is such a gift when we pay attention.

  35. Even decluttering one room in the house, or even one cupboard, can change the entire quality of the whole house…every space counts and affects the whole.

  36. I love clearing out, letting go and cleaning up spaces- it feels very loving and natural to do this. Its like there are cycles in life that offer moments to stop, assess and let go or clear out what no longer fits with where we are at.

  37. When you consider we all occupy space you get to feel how the quality of what we choose affects the greater whole and therefore every one of us. It brings awareness and responsibility to how we live.

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