Sin, Confession and the True Religion of the Ageless Wisdom

I was born into the institutionalised religion of Catholicism. At the tender age of 7, my classmates and I all underwent the training, practices and rituals that would allow us to make our first confession – currently called reconciliation. After confession we became eligible for ‘Holy Communion,’ the act which, according to Catholicism, symbolically unites one with God.

Central to the rite of confession is the concept of sin and the notion that we are all sinners with different levels of severity. There were lesser or venial sins, like calling someone names or taking a biscuit without Mum’s permission – these were the sins of childhood we were advised. Then there were the very heavy feeling mortal sins like adultery and murder that some adults engaged in, to the detriment of their ‘Souls’.

It was understood that the greater the severity of the sin, the deeper the guilt one should feel and hence the more intense the penance to be done. The type and quality of penance was ordained by a priest in a confessional box, a place I experienced as a child as having a suffocating quality and a rancid smell, which left me feeling nauseous.

I had problems with this notion of sin from Day 1… and this was not only attributable to the smell of the confessional box.

I was a gentle and obedient child and couldn’t relate to any of the ‘sample sins’ presented to us. I didn’t call people names and my Mum kept a lock on the biscuit box; I never hit my brothers, sisters or friends. Asking adults what I could confess to the priest, as I was worried about the quality of our conversation, I was advised to just make up a couple. Ultimately, my only sin was following this advice and lying to the priest that I had committed sins that I hadn’t! So I was guilty of lying to keep people and the church happy. I noted that as long as my guilt about something was assured, everyone was content and the self-perpetuating system was upheld.

Much later in life, and with the true blessing and grace of the Ageless Wisdom as presented by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, I felt to revisit this experience and review it from the perspective of what I feel to be universal truth.

Firstly, for me true religion is about the inner connection with Soul, my innermost essence, which allows me to re-connect with Divine energy. This connection with Soul allows me to connect with God through feeling. It is not possible for me to connect with God through consuming a piece of white wafer or by taking a sip of wine.

Secondly, what removes me from God is choosing an energy that God is not – that is, a non-Soulful energy, or a spiritual energy. Re-connecting with Soul, by re-choosing the quality of the energy in which I move, is what is required to re-establish my relationship with Our Father and the Divine energy that God is. Nominating and renouncing the other false, spiritual energy – the energy that is not who I really am – supports me in choosing the energy of Our Father with greater consistency. This is all accomplished by my own awareness and does not need a priest to hear and/or to absolve what I have done, nor to administer a penance.

Thirdly, my personal experience of guilt is that it is a false, emotional energy that is not of the energetic quality of God Our Father. It does not serve to reconnect us. In fact, in operation, it serves to disconnect us and to place us in a heavy energy that separates us further from God.

The true religion I now live, The Way of The Livingness, is based on living the qualities of God on this earth, the qualities of Stillness, Love, Truth, Harmony and  Joy, so that eventually we will not live on this earth at all, but return to our original Divine Soul Plane. The catholic religion of my childhood taught that I was born a sinner and could achieve salvation only through compliance to its tenets.

The Way of The Livingness presents that all children are born with a Divine potential within and that, with energetic integrity and responsibility, by choosing to align with this energy, our Soul, we start to discard all that is not of our true essence quite naturally. Neither the confessional box, nor any of the other rites, is ever needed for this.

By Coleen Hensey (BA Hons; Dip. ED

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563 thoughts on “Sin, Confession and the True Religion of the Ageless Wisdom

  1. ‘Central to the rite of confession is the concept of sin and the notion that we are all sinners with different levels of severity.’ I have been raised with a weekly visit to the Catholic Church and placing God and Jesus far above myself. Confession in the church we went to was something you could choose to do, so only the older people did this and I have never once tried it. It was something I was curious about but it did not feel as the truth to me but although I did not need to confess but there was this ‘being a lesser person’ within me fed by the dominance of the priests and the whole organisation of the church. Since I live The Way of The Livingness, my body in connection with God, I am back home in myself and know we are divine and are here to return to this divinity.

  2. The Way of The Livingness is love, harmony truth, joy and stillness in a loved expression. It brings us home to who we are far greater than connecting to anything outside of ourselves.

  3. I also remember having to make up sins before my fist confession, something that caused me much anxiety. Branding people as sinners from a tender age is a foolproof way of ensuring that they remain disempowered and will only reach salvation through another, interceding on their behalf. This is in stark contrast to The Way of The Livingness religion which presents that we are all born equal son of God, and that our only role here on earth is to live this truth in our daily life.

  4. Most religions are just so far removed from the true religion that will evolve us. It seems like they are specifically designed to keep us from connecting with ourselves and then to God by telling us that we are not worthy or we are born sinners and guilt and confession are a necessary thing. I can thankfully say that is a thing of the past for me thanks to The Way of The Livingness.

  5. It is very powerful when we nominate and renounce that which is not true and the more I become aware of the false energy the more comes my way to call out as it is a path of unfolding to return home to God and to that who I truly am, a son of God.

  6. This word ‘reconciliation’ jumped out of the page at me because I am not entirely sure I understand what it means in the context of the catholic church. So I looked it up in the dictionary which says that reconciliation is “the action of making one view or belief compatible with another: any possibility of reconciliation between such clearly opposed positions.” Which is interesting because I can see how on the one hand religious reconciliation in the catholic church would be a very special event for someone who feels very strongly about their chosen religion or religious beliefs because it would be a confirmation that they are in line with what the church also believes. But for someone who this is not their truth, this would be a very imposing experience. The words that come to mind are ‘live and let live’. Surely everyone should have the right to choose what religion they belong to and to have that confirmed in whatever way they deem appropriate – as long as no harm is coming to any one else – and never should one religion be imposed on to another person. Isn’t it so that at the end of the day we all need to listen to our inner-hearts and let that place of truth lead the way on what religion is and how it can be lived? Which may be different for many people, but again, as long as there is no harm what-so-ever being caused to another person, then freedom to religious practise is a very precious thing.

  7. Our Souls, a spark of God no less, are a quality that remains true and pure, and can in fact never be affected by evil, ‘sins’ or otherwise. It is only that we live in disconnection to our Divine essence within that we ‘fall from grace’ so to speak and live less than the Soul-fullness that we already are. The Ageless Wisdom Teachings holds the truth of our Divinity are the core of all its teachings as such The Way of The Livingness is a true religion that allows us to live these teachings as best we can through our everyday lives, so that our Soul-fullness is our natural way of being as is our intimate relationship with God.

  8. If false rules of what God is are a prison, a box we can get trapped in, then sin and shame are the padlock and the key that keep us trapped and mired in this for so much of our life. All of the ideas of sin are mentioned in Gods name yet when you turn even the smallest microscope to these behaviours and attitudes we entertain it’s easy to see they have absolutely nothing to do with divinity or Love. So as you have done Coleen, let’s bring our care and attention to what we think and say and one by one root out the sin from our everyday.

  9. The Way of The Livingness allows us to understand that true religion is in everything that we do, whenever our movements reflect the fullness of who we are, no holding back or playing small, we are living as a true Son of God.

  10. There just seems to me so many things on this earthly plane that are designed to keep us from connecting to our souls and God. I remember the old Catholic guilt; it took me a while to shake that one, and being born a sinner? What’s that all about?

  11. I absolutely love how you defined both ‘religions’ here Colleen. It’s an absolute wonder how Catholicism is still in such huge operation today. The contrast in the foundations of The Way of The Livingness and Catholicism is incredible.

  12. The idea of ‘sins’ is a great way to control children and make it seem like there is something wrong with them. The control comes in because if children think there is something wrong with them then they will, from a young age, seek to fix or perfect themselves through whatever means possible on the outside. To me, this is an act of crime, as there is nothing wrong with us. The purity within can always be accessed and lived.

  13. Coleen, this is a great article, it really exposes how untrue the teachings about sin from the Catholic church are; how crippling it is to tell people they are sinners and to hold back the truth that we are all born divine, the Catholic teachings are the opposite to what is true and serve to keep people small and disconnected.

  14. Guilt is a powerful force in the world that is used continuously to manipulate, and this occurs from the interpersonal to the international, and yet, when held up to the light , it contains no power at all.

  15. Guilt is a heavy and insidious burden that the powers that be, in this case the catholic religion, burdens the followers with so that power over them is assured and hardly ever questioned. But it makes a mockery of God and has nothing at all to do with His beholding light.

  16. One amazing thing I have learnt from Serge Benhayon is that God doesn’t forgive and that is because he doesn’t judge in the first place, this just feels so true to me, and so if God doesn’t forgive or judge what place does the confessional really have?

  17. The fact that you had to confess something to be accepted by the church shows that there was no true openness to people being truly honest, loving and caring which is a bit contradictory as the church does preach to be loving, caring and honest…

  18. “I noted that as long as my guilt about something was assured, everyone was content and the self-perpetuating system was upheld.” What a set up this is and an absolute lie that attempts to control and manipulate the truth and natural godliness within us.

  19. The true sin of Catholic sins is that given in real human life we all make mistakes, and none of us are perfect, so if we listen to Catholicism the fact that as humans we will never be perfect is turned into a self-flagellation of knowing how unworthy we are. There can be no love in any religion that takes something every human experiences and turns it into self abuse.

  20. Such a simple and purposeful recipe for living Coleen, thank you for sharing;
    “The true religion I now live, The Way of The Livingness, is based on living the qualities of God on this earth, the qualities of Stillness, Love, Truth, Harmony and Joy.”

  21. I agree Coleen, to make up sins for the sake of confessing something to a priest in the confessional box is a sin itself.

  22. “I noted that as long as my guilt about something was assured, everyone was content and the self-perpetuating system was upheld.” – It’s such an absurd system when you expose it like this! Guilt can be such a heavy blanket to carry energetically and only serves to keep us dis-connected from our essence and from God – the opposite to what true religion is about in my view…

  23. Great blog exposing how much the truth has been bastardised and how holy communion has become a ritual that is anything but a holy communion and in fact takes you further away from God rather than showing you your own divinity and innate connection to Thy father.

  24. The thing is, the priest probably didn’t know you were lying, such is the disconnection of Mainstream religions and their ‘holy ways’ of what is actually going on for people.

    1. Excellent point Harry – this exposes the churches ‘people in power’ for the intention behind what they do. It’s not about people, relationships, love or even care – it’s about wanting people to think they are broken and cannot communicate with God themselves and need to rely on another to get there.

  25. You lay it out so starkly, one assumes you are flawed and in need of redemption and you are expected to comply with their ways to be redeemed, the other says you are from God, from love and you have ways that keep you away from that so it’s about dropping those and living the love you – simple really I choose the second a religion called The Way of The Livingness which confirms me in the divinity I am while always asking that I live connected to that divinity, for as you so gorgeously say it, Coleen, ‘what removes me from God is choosing an energy that God is not’.

  26. There are many times I have been in the energy of confession without even going to church – so great to know what that feels like in my body and to clock it as not being me.

  27. Thank you Coleen for shinning light into the lies of what we have been made to believe religion is, as in truth The Way of The Livingness is the only way to connect to that which is within us and in direct contact with divinity and the universe around us.

  28. How controlling are some Religions? I can see that the Anglican Church controlled us by guilt ! l love the fact that The Way of The Livingness as presented by Serge Benhayon sees us as all equal Sons of a Loving God and responsible only to ourselves for the decisions and way of life we lead..

  29. ‘…what removes me from God is choosing an energy that God is not…’ – WOW I love this sharing – I chose to remove myself from God for a long time because I associated God with constructed religion – but in that I missed the fact that God is within and it is just my own choices that either connect me or disconnect me.

  30. Confession box, what an interesting thing to be made to do as a child. It almost solidifies you into believing what ever your “sins” are because you are consistently repeating them or in your case, making them up. It feels like an effective way to ensure people are disempowered. For if the congregation is constantly struggling with feelings of guilt and failure then they are less likely to question the Priest in the box that is dishing out pennants.

  31. We will look back, in the not so distant future, at today’s so-called religions in the same way as we now look back on whole nations being afraid of thunder, and letting just this rule their lives.

  32. Thank you, Coleen, I love what you say about guilt ” It does not serve to reconnect us ” that’s for sure, it does the opposite, it gives us the feeling that we are not worthy to live the divinity that we are as Jesus did.
    The religion I also live is, “The Way of The Livingness”. It is knowing that the way I live brings me closer to my divinity or further away from my divinity.

  33. The notion that we have to go to an intermediary to confess marks a fraudulent religion designed to disempower and prevent us from experiencing true and direct connection with the living God within each one of us.

  34. A great article Coleen ” these words really struck me today “Thirdly, my personal experience of guilt is that it is a false, emotional energy that is not of the energetic quality of God Our Father. ” I was brought up in the Catholic system and the getting it right has stayed with me most of my life, I am realising now it is the guilt that I am feeling that feels yucky in my body, which I have no need to feel, now knowing that I am no sinner for I am a Divine son of God.

  35. The connection to God definitely does not come through a wafer or a sip of wine! Yet as I write that I can feel how caught I was in that belief for so many years. Today I can feel it in my movements, which feed my the space from which I make a decision. Is it love, or is it not, if it is not love then it is not from God.

  36. Thank you Colleen, for this is a great insight into the so-called religious ways of the church, and thank God I also found The Way of The Livingness as a religious way of living. I could never get all that other so-called religious mumbo jumbo that was presented it never felt true for me. When I hear the word religion I feel the original meaning, which is to return or re-connect with God.

  37. In this simple story so much of our normal and accepted religious ways are exposed for the control and manipulation activity that actually goes on… Perfect example of a child pretending to have sinned to please the priest! This says it all – that we have to be told and learn that there is something wrong with us as that is not a true reality.

  38. The idea of a confession of a sin, gives the image of something that leaves your body from the inside; a liberation. Yet, in truth, the idea that you are free makes you prisoner of your own actions and to the ‘liberating mechanism’ of confession. So, while you decry to the winds how free you are, you are highly imprisoned.

  39. As a society we have strayed so far from true religion, even though it is easy to observe that the current versions of ‘religion’ do not work and never have. Religion is pure love with no judgement or condemnation of any kind, irrespective of the act committed…

    1. ‘Religion is pure love with no judgement or condemnation of any kind, irrespective of the act committed…’
      Yes, only when we get rid of those concepts as guilt, condemnation, fear, etc. we can find the simple and deep connection we already have with God.

  40. Coleen I can very much relate to all you share here, having also been bought up Catholic I can remember having to make up something for confession even though I knew there was nothing at all wrong with the way I behaved. It is obvious that this Religion is miles away from true Religion and inspiring people to live a life of truth, love, integrity and joy.

  41. It blows my mind that we are taught what we are taught. And we don’t question it, we know something doesn’t feel right, but when we see a heard of sheep all going in the same direction we immediately assume they must know what they are doing. Thank god for Universal Medicine reminding us to connect to our inner wisdom and not that of a bastardised regurgitation.

  42. We don’t need to wallow in guilt in order to take responsibility for ourselves – that just keeps us stuck from truly changing and moving on with greater commitment to life.

  43. We don’t need to be anywhere in particular to connect with God. We don’t need to be in a church or on our own, or on a mountain. These rituals and used objects only expose the deep lie that we have to reach outward to find God. The truth is there is we just have to connect within, he is there and always has been, waiting patiently and loving us all the while.

  44. I personally have never entered a confessional box, but what is shared here has allowed me to feel the heavy dark energy that is left within them by each person who enters. For not only is there the honest person confessing, but as is shared here many who lie, maybe not for the reasons Colleen did, but for a myriad of reasons. How can true society ever be built on lies? This simple fact exposes to me the deeply harming entity that the Catholic Church is.

  45. I like how you describe guilt here. It is a rather useless thing, isn’t it? As you say, it is a heavy burden, and we voluntarily pick up and carry to make it even more difficult to move forward. It’s a fantastic alibi we create when we are choosing not to evolve.

  46. Guilt is an energy that removes us further from our connection with God. It’s so misguided then that when we do something we know is not in the quality of God because it does not match who we are inside, that then to choose a path of penance further cements our steps away from God. Being sold this lie is evil as it takes us away from ourselves and God.

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