Am I Religious?

I remember around the age of 16/17 being asked by a friend at school whether or not I believed in God. I responded by saying that it would be crazy not to, but I did not believe in God in the way we are taught through the varying religions. So at one level I was saying yes to God but at another level I was denouncing all of the organised religions that I knew. I grew up having been to schools heavily influenced by the Catholic religion and whilst I liked some parts of the teachings, there were far too many discrepancies that I did not agree with and which did not make any sense to me.

This led me to the following conclusions about organised religion:

  • I grew up thinking that religion was something outside of me, where I had to go to a church or a priest to have access. This meant sitting in a cold church on uncomfortable seats, listening to things that in the main did not make much sense to my life!
  • It was something you had to go to on a regular basis. If you did not, you were seen as being bad.
  • You had to renounce your sins and somehow they would be taken away at confession. This starts with the premise that you have sinned and are already bad. It also implies you can get away with anything so long as you confess it afterwards.
  • That in order to be closer to God you needed to be a monk or a priest. This put God out of personal reach.
  • You had Heaven, a state of nirvana or bliss to look forward to at the end of your life… if you lived a good life, otherwise you would end up in hell. This led to a feeling of always trying to do the right and best thing whilst not wanting to own up to or admit mistakes. It led me to try to be a perfect boy growing up – polite, attentive and not saying what I truly felt.
  • You had to prove yourself in order to get to Heaven and that life needed to be hard and arduous. So I could not simply be myself, I was always trying to be someone else, someone better.
  • That you would go to war over your religion. The sheer amount of bloodshed that has been caused over religion is inconceivable. We were told we are all equal, yet those who are not in the religion are perceived as sinners and will go to hell.
  • Illness and disease are punishments from God. This takes away all responsibility for our own actions… leading to us blaming and resenting God and other people.

Now all of those can seem fairly obvious examples of what put me off religion but for me the most insidious one was actually being repulsed and turned off by the word religion itself, so much so that I would run a million miles away from it. When I came across The Way of The Livingness I found it very hard to accept the fact that it was about a religious way of life, and that I already am a deeply religious person. So whilst I struggled internally with this fact, although I knew it to be true, I began to feel how I had stopped fully claiming the relationship with myself, with God and with other people.

I have been almost ashamed or fearful of using the word religion because of its many connotations and so have shied away from using the word in my life. I have even shied away from really opening up about The Way of The Livingness to others, in case they may take it the wrong way. It is crazy in a world where we are led to believe in freedom of speech that I have stopped myself from speaking about the one thing that I hold very dear to my heart.

There are many tenets of The Way of The Livingness which cannot all be listed here, but here are some, which for me show the real and true sense of the word religion:

  • Everything is within me, no one is greater or more special than I am.
  • We are all the equal Sons of God and are born with a knowing of this fact.
  • There is no building you can go to, to be closer to God.
  • We are returning to the love we are and not going anywhere and so are able to live this love no matter what.
  • Access to God or Heaven is not restricted – we simply have to make a choice to connect and live in a way that supports this choice.
  • We are responsible for all of our choices and what happens to us.
  • The doors are always open and no one is ever excluded or judged for their choices.

As I say the list can go on but more is not needed here – this quote says it all:

Honouring the love you are in full and bringing that into full human life forms the basis of a new worldly religious way known as The Way of The Livingness.

(Serge Benhayon, Esoteric Teachings and Revelations, p 648)

It has been a very freeing experience to no longer feel shackled by thoughts that say I am not religious. It is also very freeing to claim that everything I could ever want is already within me. This has taken off a lot of the strain and pressure of wanting and thinking that I need to get somewhere and then, only then, can I let go and be myself.

So yes, I can not only claim that I am religious, I can in fact state that I am deeply religious.

Do I shout this from the rooftops? No, for there is no need.

Do I need to convert people with my words? No, for they will see the way that I live.

Does it matter what anybody else thinks about me? No, for if I am living the love that I am then this is more than enough confirmation for me.

By James Nicholson BNat, Design Consultant, Frome, UK

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589 thoughts on “Am I Religious?

  1. “It is also very freeing to claim that everything I could ever want is already within me.” this is the truth that needs to be constantly confirmed in order to renounce those patterns that keep us in separation to God.

  2. Every aspect of the The Way of The Livingness I can say resonates with me and I agree wholeheartedly with, there is no aspect that doesn’t make sense. Whereas in every other religion that I’ve come across there may be elements of truth so to speak but there are also tenets or practices that are loveless and so the whole package of those religions so to speak, are not bringing truth…

  3. Is saying yes to ‘religions’ yes to God? What does truly mean saying yes to God? What these questions reveal is the extent to which ‘religions’ are self-feeding realities starting with the understanding of the meaning of the word religion, which has to be in line with what they call to live religiously. Obviously, each religion offers something different. The question we have to pose is what are we truly saying yes when we sign up for a specific religion?

  4. What’s lovely is there is no need at all to shout anything from the rooftops. I know my relationship with God is between God and I and what can be felt by others, as I develop this, is what they feel or choose not to feel.

  5. From complication and imposition of organised religions to the simplicity and freedom of Love. This is my journey back to God.

  6. There is something evil about placing religion as something beyond us, to be revered, worshipped and seen as greater than us, which creates a huge separation between many and religion, when true religion is within us all equally and can only be connected through when we bring our love and are to ourselves and begin to accept how precious we are.

  7. It did not feel right and I saw it clearly for the untruth that it is, that a man or woman of the cloth is indeed closer to God because they are a priest, and if you want a closer relationship with God this is how its done. But it is not, we are all equally close to God if we so choose. As God is about love and harmony, how could their be favourites?

  8. I went quite casually jumping religion to religion, claiming that it was my belief. When none of them did anything for me I resigned from religion and proclaimed myself agnostic. Thank God I gave religion one last chance with The Way of the Livingness. It has changed my life and for that I am eternally thankful.

  9. What really stands out in the first list is how strong the attempt to make God exclusive is, that we have to earn our place in the eyes of God. When we expose this lie, all the other lies we have been accepting as our reality starts to fall apart.

  10. ‘Religion’ today has become a product and a very well marketed one at that. We need to consider that there is a lot of money to be made in ‘religion’ and a lot of invested wealth at stake, which drives the marketing of it rather than making it about integrity.

  11. The two lists feel so different….both under the title of religion….but one feels very exclusive, hard, arduous, and the other feels very inclusive, open, and real.

  12. “Does it matter what anybody else thinks about me? No, for if I am living the love that I am then this is more than enough confirmation for me.” When we accept and appreciate who we truly are we have no need for confirmation from another.

  13. “Do you believe in God?” The question assumes that it is not possible to know God or, at the very least, that the questioner doesn’t know God.

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