Being the One

by Joel L

In the world there are many stories about ‘the one’ who will come to save us – humanity, that is.

I grew up in a religion that believes in a ‘one’ who will have all the answers, show us (humanity) the way and save only those who believe. This is not a new concept and the main variation on this theme is whether ‘the one’ has been before, or not. In my instance, the religion I grew up in has been waiting for ‘the one’ for 5772 years.

In recent years, I have stopped waiting and started to come to a deeper understanding of the possibility that I might be ‘the one’.  This is not a descent into delusions of grandeur but rather a reflection based on the possibility that for there to be any true improvement in the level of love and harmony in the world, I may have to start with the level of love and harmony in my own body first.

I am coming to understand that being ‘the one’ comes with no special powers; being ‘the one’ comes with no divine favouritism; being ‘the one’ comes with no crusades, missions or need to convert, change or be ‘the one’ in any public sense at all.

For me being ‘the one’ simply means a willingness to be as truthful about my motivations as I can be. It means choosing to live as much as I can from a deeper part of me that feels very steady, very real and very lovely.

I don’t get it right all the time… but as they say, ‘practice makes progress’.

Being the one for me now means taking responsibility for my choices past and present, and building a way of living that supports me to be ME… the real me.

This real me is ever unfolding. It is working out the difference between what I am asked to believe by the world around me, and what I feel is true from deep within.

At times I find it hard to avoid getting caught up in the pace of the world, but if I run away from the things that challenge me, I am hiding from myself. This is not always comfortable but for me, this is what it means to me and to be ‘the one’… being the one that is willing to be as honest as I can about the world and how I move through it.

This definition of ‘the one’ stands in stark contrast to what has been presented to me in the past, and I cannot begin to describe the joy that comes from making this exploration of being ‘the one’ a daily choice. I can however, describe the depth of appreciation I have for a guy called Serge Benhayon who is ‘the one’ who first reminded me that I might also be ‘the one’, no more special than him (and him than me). How humbling it is to also understand that this makes me no more special than my neighbours, my family, friends or colleagues. Everyone has this deeper part of them already within and is already living this way in varying degrees.

So I have gone from waiting for ‘the one’ to choosing how much of ‘the one’ that is me, that I am willing to be.

167 thoughts on “Being the One

  1. Absolutely Elizabeth, embrace the fact that we are all ‘the one’, ‘Time for us all to take responsibility and know that we are all the ‘one’ and live accordingly, to the best of our ability.’

    1. Maybe we all are to live as ‘the one’, ‘that for there to be any true improvement in the level of love and harmony in the world, I may have to start with the level of love and harmony in my own body first.’

  2. “I have stopped waiting and started to come to a deeper understanding of the possibility that I might be ‘the one’.” When we all appreciate the energetic responsibility of “the one” we will return to being part of the All.

  3. There’s this thing about being the one that really sticks out. At workplace or in a project, I have observed a general tendency of not wanting to be the one. Even for a seemingly very minor thing, people do not generally like to be the one that raises the point that they have become aware of, that usually ends up being the one that acts on the point raised, hence being the one that the others rely on to resolve any further issues that may arise, a possible scapegoat, a reliable one. And responsibility. We don’t like that because we can feel the same game others are also playing to shirk off responsibility in every manner. Some claim their innocence by declaring their choice to be unaware. But we all know it actually is no big deal. We do. We say we don’t. That is why the game feels so utterly yucky. Because to skive off our responsibility, we have to shut down our awareness, and this is a slow, gradual suffocation our body cannot hold up too long.

    1. What would happen if we all embraced our awareness, and responsibility, ‘to skive off our responsibility, we have to shut down our awareness, and this is a slow, gradual suffocation our body cannot hold up too long.’

  4. This is brilliant Joel we are all the ‘One’ and we are all equally important to each other because together we will make up the whole that will get us all out of here back to our origins. If only we would stop long enough to understand that building rockets to take us out into space will not get us anywhere. It is only through us coming together as the whole that will get us back to where subconsciously we are all trying to get to. This is why we build rockets!

  5. It is lovely what’s shared here about being the ‘One’ for ourselves, as how else will anything ever change? Even if a significant teacher arrived and began teaching the world, what difference would it make, as, after all, it would still be up to us to apply the truth. Plus, we have a historical tendency to dismiss, harm or kill such teachers who arrive and are able to advance humanity by having already walked those steps ahead of us. So far waiting around has not worked, in the same way, an unclean house is our responsibility, so too are our lives and the way the world is our equal responsibility. Yes, divinity is there to support us, but it’s up to us to take the steps back to being love and restoring the world to the harmony and brotherhood we are capable of.

  6. Stepping up to the plate and eating from the fruits that are within takes a dedication to the Truth, and not giving our power to those outside us but always being-willing to learn and explore. So take the plunge and deepen the essence that is always within. Then exploring our divine essence is like swimming with the sharks. You may get bitten occasionally as part of your evolution but eventually you rise above it all as does a lotus also rise above the murky depths.

  7. It is with Deep-Humble-Appreciative-Ness that brings an acceptance that we are all equally “the one,” and therefore have a responsibility to live in that divine connection. The Livingness as presented by Serge Benhayon brings a responsibility to our lives that allows us to accept that we are paddling our own canoe when it comes to evolution and thus bringing a divine purpose to deepen our re-connection to that essence of Love we all are.

  8. If every human being is equal, there is no space for racism and discrimination. But the fact that we hold others as less or more because of their race, their gender, or anything else that makes them different to us shows that this is not the norm in our society – and there must be a reason for that. For we feel better about ourselves if we are “more” than another, if our race or religion is favoured in a society, we can puff our chest up and feel as if we are somehow worth gold and others not. In my opinion, the only reason discrimination has come about is because of our need to feel like we are more than others as a result of our insecurities, our lack of connection with ourselves and the lack of our own worthiness. Because a person who is truly confident and values themselves, does not look to put another down and does not seek to be “better” than anything/ anyone.

    1. And what you share in this comment viktoriastoykova is all based on comparison which is such a killer. Yes, accept we are all equal.

  9. Knowing and accepting that we each are the one and can bring everything for everyone in every interaction we have together, brings a whole new level of responsibility and potential to our interactions.

  10. Great to ponder on this myself and consider that I have equal power within me to bring the essence of love that I am to the world, that every human being can be the Buddha and the Christ, because we equally hold the same connection to God and to all the love and wisdom that comes with that. It is up to us to save ourselves by simply returning to this connection.

  11. You have shared such a valuable point that to me is the key to true change, and that is to live the change we feel is needed now, live our future now. What level of truth and love are we willing to live for ourselves and with others, and do we live it in full? It is empowering to realised that every being in the world holds the power to bring the change that is needed to live the harmony and unity that we are ultimately here to live together.

  12. Having the belief that ‘the One’ will come and save us is to live dependent upon another and with the excuse not to be responsible: believing that ‘the One’ will save only those who believe in him is selfish, unloving and an excuse to not be responsible for the consequences of our actions that affect others: to be ‘the One’ oneself is liberating, responsible, loving and empowering.

  13. When you think about it, honestly, waiting for the ‘one to come and save us from our troubled ways and only those who believe, is a complete avoidance of responsibility we all hold to take heed of how we are living every day. I absolutely agree Joel, that true change is afoot when every step we make is with a willingness to be bring honesty and truth to our lives and in everything we do. And when you consider just how many of us are here together, and that each and every one of us are equally the ‘ones’, here already to bring the reflection of God through the lives we live – that is inspiring.

    1. It’s strange that when it comes to religion we have these beliefs, because we would never sit in our house and wait for someone to come and clean it for us, a messiah of housekeeping of sorts, we know that what’s works is taking responsibility for ourselves, religion is truly no different.

      1. Very true Melinda – and this is what exposes our laziness and our spirits insatiable thirst to stay embedded in creation and not be at one with our Soul, with God and all. To live our Godliness is not to live for ourselves, but to know that our every move is made with the love of the All that we are inescapably part of.

  14. Waiting for “the one” means we can kick back until they come along and save us all. Realising we are all “the one” means we have to take responsibility and live all that we are – or at least begin taking steps down that path.

    1. SO true Nikki, and how empowering it is to realise and accept that we all are ‘the ones’, here to live the light we are, through which we resurrect ourselves out of the quagmire we ourselves have delved into. Yes, embracing responsibility is embracing true liberation.

    2. One of the beliefs that is part of this is that there are people who had a special connection to or relationship with God, exceptional beings sent to support humanity, and whilst there is no doubt figures such as Jesus or Buddha had an immense influence due to the love and wisdom they lived by, what they accessed is actually equally available to all of us. Every single person can choose to reconnect to Soul and God and save themselves so to speak, and then when impulsed begin serving others to do the same for their own selves. We are truly all co-created equally.

  15. I love the simplicity of being ’the one’ – it comes with ‘no special power; no divine favouritism; no crusades; missions; need to convert; change or be in any public sense at all’ – there feels no truth in this but when we take that responsibility and we feel from deep within – it is always there

    1. Self empowering love at its best comes from our essence or ‘deep within’- it is always there. There is only the confusion created by those who are lost looking for the one.

  16. That is a long time to wait for something when in fact it’s been with you all the time you just needed to view things differently. Is this a story that suits us though, to wait? I mean then we don’t really need do anything because someone is coming to fix it all, to save us and this is perhaps why this has never happened, because this belief actually causes what we want to see to never appear. So many traditional religions talk about what it you need to do, follow or believe but not a lot are supporting people to truly live these things but are just holding them up as a point to live up to. What is far more powerful is a religion that first supports you to see and then truely supports you to live what what you see is needed for the world. A religion that bases all on how you live, knowing that the way you live will either walk you to more of the same or walk you away to believe again something is coming to save you when in fact we ‘save’ ourselves. The Way of The Livingness…

  17. When people claim and live this truth of ‘being the one’ it offers a powerful reflection for others to be inspired to also make this loving choice.

  18. “For me being ‘the one’ simply means a willingness to be as truthful about my motivations as I can be. It means choosing to live as much as I can from a deeper part of me that feels very steady, very real and very lovely.” Well said Joel, this inspires us all to also be ‘the one’ as choosing to live from a deeper part of us is something we can all aspire to.


  19. It is interesting that religion (as we pretty much know them), requires beliefs and believers and provide exclusive services to them, when in truth religion does not require to believe in something but to honour something that we all deeply know and can feel inside, equally so.

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