Finding Something that Works for Me

by K.E.  Male Age 61 , U.S.A.

I had been searching outside myself for answers to my life situation (depression, exhaustion, pain). I even travelled to Peru to take Ayahuasca (to try to be fixed). That experience took me further away from myself and opened me up to extremely harmful energies.

I came to realise that the answers had to be inside, and so I was drawn to Universal Medicine. Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine teach and present that you need to reconnect to yourself before you can know what is True or Not True. This made sense to me.

In a few months, with the guidance of Bina Pattel – a woman who is living her truth (an esoteric student/student of her own inner heart) – I came to the understanding that my situation is because of the choices I have made. I began to take responsibility and to make more loving choices (not numbing out etc.), and have been able to access and clear my issues on much deeper levels than all the other healing work I have tried.

I am freeing myself of many of the beliefs that have limited my life. I have more energy, I feel more (I am less numb), and I Accept and Love myself more for the first time in my life.

392 thoughts on “Finding Something that Works for Me

  1. It’s a joy to see the unfolding process of the student body from Universal Medicine. As the time goes by I enjoy to feel the clearing that takes place in each one, the innate beauty and the light coming out…no mattter the age we are. In every student I witness how gorgeous we are and that life is actually an opportunity to unfold the preciousness within that is there from our day birth.

  2. “I Accept and Love myself more for the first time in my life.” Beautiful. The more we love and appreciate all that we are on the inside, the more there is to love and appreciate.

  3. It’s a key part of true healing, recognising that our choices are the foundation for what plays out in out our lives, and looking outside of ourselves to heal ourselves, but returning to the same life after we get ‘healed’, doesn’t work. Yes, we can receive support from others but the key is in the reconnection to ourselves, to the love within, and then bringing that love out by living from it in our daily choices.

  4. This seems to be a new beginning for you K.E., in which you have found solid foundations to heal and walk your path with greater awareness and responsibility. In the end, the answers always remained within you. Great that you chose to listen to them.

  5. The fact that we looked outside for answers, that we were looking to be fixed – it is amazing when we can come to realise these so that we connect with our inner most, and seek true healing instead, as I know when I was in the midst of it, I was in no position to see my choices with that kind of clarity.

  6. There are many different ways we can latch onto things in the desperation of finding some peace of mind and yet as you have found K.E. the answers are and always have been inside of us.

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