On the Verge of Being Dumped

by Suzanne Anderssen, Brisbane

I like to use metaphors to describe where I am at each moment. A year ago, I felt like I was walking a tightrope. The tightrope was very saggy, very swingy and each step along that tightrope was difficult, but I was at least travelling forward. Bit by bit, that tightrope became tauter, stronger, more still, albeit I still felt like I was walking it.

The metaphor I feel like today is similar, but maybe less life threatening! Life often feels like I’m at a surf beach, diving through waves. Have you ever noticed that waves tend to come in sets of about six or seven?  Then there is a bit of a rest, where you can catch your breath and prepare for the next set. Sometimes that next set is an onslaught, where each dive under the wave is an effort, you get messed around in the froth, the sand; you barely have enough time to take another breath before you need to dive under the next wave, you may not even get to push off and dive under the wave, just duck under so you don’t get dumped. You’re exhausted by that set and nervous about the next, as surely it will come too soon.

And sometimes it’s a set of waves that you navigate with ease and harmony. Your timing in diving under the wave is perfect, you feel the swell of the wave above and around you, but you don’t get caught up in the swirl of the water. You have time to wipe your eyes, keep your hair off your face, take a look at where the next wave is coming from, take a deep breath and push off the sand with your two feet to dive deeply under with a strong body…and your swimsuit stays on too 🙂

For me, life can be like the surf. Those seven or so waves in a set represent my job, my husband, myself, my child, my child’s school life, my friends, my house.

Whenever I am on the verge of being dumped by the waves, I notice that I make a special effort to use a bunch of support mechanisms that I have learnt over my lifetime, with many learned in the past two years since listening to Serge Benhayon’s presentations. I have learned that what I can do to support myself is to breathe gently, or take a warm, moisturising bath, or make a super nurturing, light meal, or light some incense, or put on super comfy clothes, or take plenty of time to blow dry my hair, apply makeup, moisturise, paint my nails, or go for a long, easy walk or swim, or visit a friend, or do a meditation, or brew some herbal tea in a pretty teapot, or fold laundry (very soothing for me!), or tenderly moisturise my hands and feet… etc.

When I don’t feel amazing, I then consciously go back to basics, stopping to nurture myself fully and come back to a level of stillness that is me. I feel so grateful that I have people around me who have shown me many different ways that I can truly support myself.

179 thoughts on “On the Verge of Being Dumped

  1. Before Universal Medicine brought me the wisdom to deal with life, my support mechanism was to open a bottle of wine. This never worked and in fact poisoned me, whereas employing lessons learned from the ageless wisdom always enhances my life

  2. I loved your reminder of how waves come in a pattern which was a great reminder for me of how life has its own natural flow and rhythm. When we live in that flow we stay on top of the waves, yet as soon as we stray from the natural flow, we soon find ourselves lost and looking for the light.

  3. I loved your analogy of life like riding the waves, there are many things we learn through life from our own experiences and those of others, Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine have definitely inspired me to live my life through knowing myself first, which has truly helped me cope with the testing times in life.

  4. A great reminder of the many tools I have to remind me to be love and to love me. It is so easy to let self care drop amongst all the things we have ‘to do’ but if we have true care for ourselves as a foundation thenee find we can go though life without getting caught up in life.

  5. I get the feeling when I read this that we can be the ones that are at the end of an onslaught and manage as best as we can or we can actually move away from that onslaught and let something else guide us through life. This something can be love and it feels like life can be quite different when we are guided by love instead of how we think life has to be like.

  6. Knowing how to return to our connection to our essence, our stillness is incredibly empowering as we then can return to being ourselves with greater awareness of how we can respond with truth with whatever aspect of life we are met by.

  7. I find the wisdom shared during the presentations by Universal Medicine is hugely supporting to a harmonious ride in the waves of life.

  8. It is quite incredible to have this foundation of ways to connect back to you, when you feel like you have been ‘dumped by a wave’. The Way of the Livingness does provide a way of living that steadies you, connects you to your inner-essence and to your body, that reminds you to breathe your own breath (and not the breath of the situation), to care and love you, and from this strong foundation, you can ‘face the waves’, even dance and play in them as well.

    1. So beautifully said Sarah. It is also my experience that The Way of The Livingness offers a way we can live in connection to who we are and how we can bring this loving quality to every aspect of life we live. Always inspiring and there is always more to explore.

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