Ageless Wisdom: The Key to The Mystery of The Forgotten Fool

by Annette Baker. Sydney, Australia.

The Key to The Mystery of ‘The Forgotten Fool’.

These words came to me one day when I was about 17 – I was sitting at a train station, waiting for a train. The words came seemingly out of nowhere; they came only once and very clearly. I heard them and I have never forgotten them.

The words had no significance to me at the time, though I knew they were important. They had no reference to any book I was reading, nor any movie or programme I had seen. These words were a message for me – that I knew, about what, I didn’t.

My whole life since then these words have been there, and I have known and felt that it was something of a riddle to life that I had to ‘de-code’.

For years nothing seemed to present anything of an answer to this ‘riddle’: though I wasn’t ‘actively’ searching, I just felt that the answer would come, perhaps unravel, in its right time. Nevertheless I was always curious, much so because of the strength and clarity of the message.

Over the last many years, as I began to study and to understand, embrace and live the teachings of the Ageless Wisdom (which Serge Benhayon has presented via the vehicle known as Universal Medicine), I knew that this was the answer, or at least that the answer was contained within these teachings.

However, ‘The Key’ had not yet revealed itself clearly… or maybe it had and I just hadn’t lived the Wisdom enough to get the revelation.

‘The Forgotten Fool’, I had begun to understand, was the human being living by the drive of the Spirit, rather than by the impulse of the Soul. The human being was the ‘Forgotten Fool’ because it had lost its way and forgotten its true origins – that of the One Soul; and a ‘Fool’ because it had been taken for a ride, and for a fool!

Hence the ‘Mystery’ was “how did we get there?” – what happened for us to break away from our truth, to be living a life that was not as it was originally intended, a life that was so complicated and at times meaningless?

‘The Mystery’ and ‘The Forgotten Fool’, these things I had started to understand well over the last twelve years, but the ‘de-coding’ was not complete without the understanding of what ‘The Key’ is.

I could safely say in general that the teachings of The Ageless Wisdom are the key, but I have known that I would not have ‘cracked the code’ until I had a definitive understanding of what ‘The Key’ actually is.

I could feel that how I am living now was releasing me to a great extent from living as one of ‘The Forgotten Fools’, but I am also aware that the unlocking of this message was not just for me, it was something to understand for all of humanity: so ‘The Key’ has to be something for everyone, not just for me.

Living with the understanding that there is a greater purpose for our being here, that all is not what it seems, that there are other levels of perception and sense awareness that we as a race have ignored for too long, I could feel that ‘The Key’ was somewhere in this.

We have ignored for a very long time the truth of what we innately have the ability to be aware of – we made that choice!

So how we go about reversing that choice is ‘The Key’.

If we were to live in a way that reverses that choice we would reveal ‘The Mystery’, and it would also expose ‘The Forgotten Fool’.

And so it finally revealed itself very clearly to me, as clearly as that first message, that ‘The Key’ is ‘The Livingness’.

And so twenty six years after receiving that message I have the answer, and like all things with the Ageless Wisdom – it is so simple.

‘The Key to The Mystery of The Forgotten Fool’ is ‘The Way of The Livingness’.

239 thoughts on “Ageless Wisdom: The Key to The Mystery of The Forgotten Fool

  1. A straightforward message that we all carry ‘the key’ within us and that it requires us to be honest about it – that whilst we have the key, we have been choosing to ignore it and pretend we are the ones in trouble (helplessly so). In one way this is foolish (not so smart), in the other way it is understandable we did – as we have made creation our primary focus, creation away from God..

  2. The Way of The Livingness opens all doors including and especially the many illusionary ones we have erected, and reveals that we all already carry all the answers (keys) within.

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