Brotherhood: What if True Love Was Taught From Day One?

by Adele Leung, Fashion Stylist/Art Director, Hong Kong

Imagine a world where everyone first knows and claims their preciousness; and not only this, but knows that everyone else is equally as precious. If there were any religions, it would only be that of love. There would be no mistrust between humankind because everyone is an open book and nothing has to be hidden or protected; and if anything is not done out of love, everyone is aware that self-responsibility cannot be avoided.

A world where parents and schools share what is truly important for a child, by supporting him or her to grow up to know his or her true self, rather than what he or she is told to be. From day one, there is love, and only love.

Where corporates work in collaboration rather than in competition. Work is not about projects or skills, but about people – through the unique expressions of one’s light, everyone’s contribution is a confirmation of who they are in a harmonious synergy with others. Every part of every contribution is essential, not only within an enclosed system, but ultimately, for the entire human race.

Imagine a world where family is beyond that of blood, nationality, community, tribe, sect or pact. Everywhere we travel, we are returning home.  Language will not be a barrier towards connection, for it is not the main form of communication; we utilize a much more truthful way to communicate, that of feeling from the inner-heart. There is no differentiation in the love we hold for everyone, whether we have met or have not met.

Why is this world not that kind of world presently?

We are living in a perception that every one of us is separate and individual, when in-truth, we all know brotherhood.  Individualism rewards us with what is recognition and identity. Achievement and identity have almost become the reason to be human, and being human has come to equate with being only about self. Instead of love and brotherhood, we enter school to immediately learn about competition at 4-5 years of age, and even earlier, if favouritism began at home.  As is currently the case, being human in this world feels nearly unnatural.

Being human has been my greatest anxiety. In fact, this anxiety has been so strong and overwhelming that for most of my life I had sought to escape life. I know deep down there is something so much better in this world, not because I am a dreamer, but because that is exactly how I know life to be. Yet, I do not know how to live that fully.

And because of that, I have felt hurt. I have been impatient and very reactive towards humanity, only because I had needed humanity to fulfill my expectations, and that is not love.

So after years of reaction, I went back to square one. What if love was taught to me on day one? I would then be reminded that love is never imposing. It is just forever patient and non-judgmental.  Would love ever feel alone? Never, as love just is, it is nothing but being that. Would love allow itself to be walked all over in the name of trust and would love be abusive or take abuse? No, as love cannot ever cause harm, either to oneself or to others. The truth is, it has taken me decades, and probably lifetimes, of not living what I know in my heart.  How can this not be the greatest anxiety a human being can experience, if it is allowed to be felt?

I had not committed to life by living and expressing what I know is true in my heart because I had felt inadequate, small and powerless: knowing love, yet I lived all the lovelessness by reacting to the world. Instead of being me, I focussed on not being understood. Knowing brotherhood, yet what I lived was separation. I did not let love in, and that was not true love, because true love is when loving out we equally let love in by acknowledging the divinity in every human being equally. Therefore, I am also responsible for the world that I know is not being the world it is truly meant to be presently. Having said that, I know I can also make a difference by finally choosing to live what I know in steadiness and consistency from now on.  In fact, it is my responsibility to commit to life.

Yes, I am one person, but I have the whole of the universe with me, backing me up, cheering me on, holding my hand when I need it, because now I have chosen to finally let the world in.

406 thoughts on “Brotherhood: What if True Love Was Taught From Day One?

  1. How beautiful. This title speaks the golden truth. For if we learned by our childhood and education what true brotherhood is – by re-connection to our knowing of what this is, we would have a complete opposite world. A world that would be having values based on love.

  2. What an amazing education system this would be and how deeply inspiring and confirming of all we are to be celebrated every moment in our lives.

  3. ” not living what I know in my heart. How can this not be the greatest anxiety a human being can experience, if it is allowed to be felt?” So true and very meaningful to share and look at life differently to what we may have received and to honour who we are innately within ourselves first and share this with everyone we meet.

  4. ‘and if anything is not done out of love, everyone is aware that self-responsibility cannot be avoided’ and accountability. You are right we are all responsible for the world we are living in and I love how you have innately claimed this and turned it around from where you have been in years of reaction to now this ‘Yes, I am one person, but I have the whole of the universe with me, backing me up, cheering me on, holding my hand when I need it, because now I have chosen to finally let the world in.’ Very beautiful Adele keep shining ✨

  5. Brotherhood seems a massive leap away when you look at the current state of the world, your blog is a great reminder that we can start to change this right here right now by our choices today and how we interact and speak with everyone we meet.

  6. When we believe we are all individuals and have autonomy we go into ‘ mine’ and ‘yours’, and the haves don’t want to share with the have-nots. True brotherhood loves all equally so, knowing that none of us really own anything. We are all care-takers. When we all recognize the multidimensionality. of our world this can and will be achieved.

  7. When we are living in the belief that we are all individuals and not connected, then every particle and cell in our body is under enormous strain and tension. Just goes to show how the body can’t handle not living the grandness that we are.

  8. We can balk at life in reaction to all that we can see is harming, or we can like you offer here, commit deeper to being true to who we are in every way and bringing that in full back to life, without conditions.

  9. We have the Universe within us, every single one of us, and access always to the love we are and come from but we don’t always live that, and I can see how we all hold a ransom on each other not living who we truly are and raging at others and the world for not being the love we know we all are. But it starts with each of us, living the love we are regardless and allowing others in, and knowing that each and every one of us is love no matter what.

  10. The loss of self in brotherhood is rewarded with the true self that only can come to full bloom in union with others.

  11. Love the last paragraph ‘the whole universe behind me ‘ what a wonderful claiming the truth of our origins.

  12. “Instead of being me, I focussed on not being understood. Knowing brotherhood, yet what I lived was separation.” – I can relate to taking this stance in life, and have noticed that every time I have withdrawn from people based on a feeling like I was not being understood, it resulted in a downward spiral of self-destructive behaviours, because I then allowed the negativity and self-negating energies into my body through the contracted state I chose to be in, holding the world for ransom, which helps no one in the end.

  13. Actually love is taught from day one but usually not by those around us who themselves are missing the love in their lives. Love is omnipresent hence why we feel the pain when we are not loving, that should already teach us to return and or align to love. What is missing is the expression of love and thus we are not brought up by the expression of love. Everything in life is a lesson, the absence of love due to not being expressed as much as the presence of love are teaching us what love is.

  14. I remember the terms “open book” and “closed book” used flippantly when I was growing up to categorise us based on our nature in relationships. In truth no one is a closed book. It is not our natural nature to not let others in.

  15. What would our lives look like if we committed to it in full? What a different world it would be. What a different life we would lead and what magic and love we would be saying yes to daily.

  16. What if questions are not in vain or day-dreaming when they state the truth of what should or could be; then they activate the truth not yet lived but laying within as a potential to be awakened.

  17. The actual cause of the anxiety most human beings experience and probably accept as a given explained, and as well, the catch 22 that we create the world we feel threatened and pressured by, through the reactions we have towards it. Not before we step back and return towards ourselves can we step out into the world with something that can bring a true change.

  18. “Being human has been my greatest anxiety” – this is such a profound statement. It exposes the undertone of our existence – a step-down from the Divinity we are.

  19. Adele, this blog speaks to me at such a deep level and I feel like I have had an almost identical experience to yours in my life. – “Being human has been my greatest anxiety.” – this sentence by itself epitomises how I have felt for the majority of my life, always knowing there was something much grander and interconnected about our being that we were not taught growing up. ” I have been impatient and very reactive towards humanity, only because I had needed humanity to fulfill my expectations, and that is not love.” – To this day I sometimes wonder why I am reacting so much to all the cruelty, disharmony, lack of respect and decency in the world, but the basic tenets of what love is and what it is not that you have shared here Adele are super helpful in living in the way I would like to see the world be. Thank you for this wonderful blog.

  20. It is so easy to expect the world to bring all we know to be true. But brotherhood does not come to us – it is up to us to live it in the world and then it will one day be the only true reality on earth.

  21. To really connect with our innermost is to connect with the all and the knowing that we are interdependent by nature and part of the all.

  22. You had me at the first line Adele – what you describe is not a distant fantasy, but what we are all destined to return to. It’s just a matter of us seeing through time to understand space and grasp the beautiful part we each play in the human race.

  23. If true love was taught from day one, we wouldn’t have sibling rivalry, sisterly jealousy, cousin put downs, classroom competition, workplace bullying, abusive marriages, depression, self-abuse in all of its varieties. Ironically enough, if true love was taught from day one, our world will be filled with love – we may even be open to stopping and smelling the flowers on our path.

  24. Looking at the mess we have made of the world, it is hard to believe that we all come from brotherhood and that we are all going to return to it, but this is precisely the truth.

  25. It will be amazing when we can live as you describe Adele. A world where family is beyond that of blood, nationality, community, tribe, sect or pact, but where everyone simply knows we are all Love. When we know this as our normal, there will be true joy in the world.

  26. When we, as a whole humanity, embrace the religion of love, we then will begin to truly advance as a civilisation where we can live together our true potential. As it is from this point of love where our Souls lead the way in order of us to rejoice in the awe and live the power of what we are truly capable of. This we will realise is our true normal.

  27. We are love. Therefore we cannot be taught to be something we already are, but we can be supported to feel safe in expressing this love in a world that has drifted so far from it.

    1. I have always felt unsafe to express myself in this world and so hid and played very small. Having worked on healing my hurts, I now feel so very differently, having made the space to let love in, I now can share and express more love out, and yet there’s always more love to receive, but I now make the choice to make life about love.

  28. ‘What if love was taught to me on day one? ‘ How would I feel when I woke and let the world in knowing the world is only love? And what if I lived knowing that beneath all the harshness and cruelty that exists there is a love that is forever beholding of us? I would feel expanded and light and see the beauty and order at play.

  29. That is so true, no matter where you have been, the world is always there, and each day when we wake up we can choose to see more of the world (in truth) and let it in, let people in and become present and aware of what is going on, and the love that we are (each individually and together). No one can take that away from us, even though sometimes we use it as an excuse, we can start choosing to be open to the world and let them. Only this will form the brotherhood we wish it to be, to then become our reality by our own living choice.

  30. It is important to appreciate we all have something different and unique to offer, but that we are equal in our quality of essence.

    1. Yes, and what we all offer is of equal importance and merit because all unique perspectives are divine reflections of the whole. Supporting ourselves and one another to shine brings through our glory.

  31. I do recognise what you say Adele, that there is an anxiousness of not living that quality I know so well in my inner heart. That instead of this inner knowing, I live in a constant dependant of the recognition of others that indeed, cannot be anything else than cause the constant inner tension my body is experiencing.

  32. I love the analogy that everyone has something unique and vital to contribute to the world, that the world would not have without them – it really highlights how important it is for us to be true to who we know we are and learn to never hold that back.

  33. By withdrawing from expressing the love that we innately are, we have forsaken true Oneness for individualism. Thus we lust to be ‘the one’ and all the recognition and identification that comes with this, at great expense to the One we collectively form when we are not competing and measuring ourselves against each other but simply living in accordance to the one-unifying breath the pulses from within.

    1. The lust to be ‘the one’ for recognition and identification is there only because we have walked away from this knowing that we already are the one in brotherhood and made this copy of ‘the one’ as our creation instead.

  34. We don’t need to defeat the ills and corruptions of this world – just address the core of this mess, the illusions we have about ourselves. When we live understanding the truth of who we are none of the junk sticks – and our natural loving brotherhood is obvious as our way. Thank you Adele.

  35. If this was made part of the fabric of our society then we would have a very different society, imagine life where people were not running from or covering up their hurts. The whole way we go about life would be different, there would be a true purpose, a true foundation and one where we don’t have to walk again the path of frustration.

  36. This is beautiful and real, making me realize that I have expected many and much from outside of me whilst actually all this came from missing not living it myself. Ouch! Seeing that I was actually creating my own spiral (circle) not changing much myself. Very silly actually.. Now it is key to keep observing my own creations and start bringing more love (me, the true me that is love inside) into my daily living.. As expectations are a huge imposition on another and very dishonest to yourself and others. What you do not live yourself you can not especially expect from another. A beautiful teaching itself.

  37. To make the world as you describe would not only be simple, it would be the obvious way to go, yet mankind has resisted the obvious for thousands of years. It makes no sense until you bring in the factor that there is an energy making everything happen. First we actually have to make the choice to be impulsed by a different energy. There are only two so it is more simply than perhaps it sounds.

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