Brotherhood: What if True Love Was Taught From Day One?

by Adele Leung, Fashion Stylist/Art Director, Hong Kong

Imagine a world where everyone first knows and claims their preciousness; and not only this, but knows that everyone else is equally as precious. If there were any religions, it would only be that of love. There would be no mistrust between humankind because everyone is an open book and nothing has to be hidden or protected; and if anything is not done out of love, everyone is aware that self-responsibility cannot be avoided.

A world where parents and schools share what is truly important for a child, by supporting him or her to grow up to know his or her true self, rather than what he or she is told to be. From day one, there is love, and only love.

Where corporates work in collaboration rather than in competition. Work is not about projects or skills, but about people – through the unique expressions of one’s light, everyone’s contribution is a confirmation of who they are in a harmonious synergy with others. Every part of every contribution is essential, not only within an enclosed system, but ultimately, for the entire human race.

Imagine a world where family is beyond that of blood, nationality, community, tribe, sect or pact. Everywhere we travel, we are returning home.  Language will not be a barrier towards connection, for it is not the main form of communication; we utilize a much more truthful way to communicate, that of feeling from the inner-heart. There is no differentiation in the love we hold for everyone, whether we have met or have not met.

Why is this world not that kind of world presently?

We are living in a perception that every one of us is separate and individual, when in-truth, we all know brotherhood.  Individualism rewards us with what is recognition and identity. Achievement and identity have almost become the reason to be human, and being human has come to equate with being only about self. Instead of love and brotherhood, we enter school to immediately learn about competition at 4-5 years of age, and even earlier, if favouritism began at home.  As is currently the case, being human in this world feels nearly unnatural.

Being human has been my greatest anxiety. In fact, this anxiety has been so strong and overwhelming that for most of my life I had sought to escape life. I know deep down there is something so much better in this world, not because I am a dreamer, but because that is exactly how I know life to be. Yet, I do not know how to live that fully.

And because of that, I have felt hurt. I have been impatient and very reactive towards humanity, only because I had needed humanity to fulfill my expectations, and that is not love.

So after years of reaction, I went back to square one. What if love was taught to me on day one? I would then be reminded that love is never imposing. It is just forever patient and non-judgmental.  Would love ever feel alone? Never, as love just is, it is nothing but being that. Would love allow itself to be walked all over in the name of trust and would love be abusive or take abuse? No, as love cannot ever cause harm, either to oneself or to others. The truth is, it has taken me decades, and probably lifetimes, of not living what I know in my heart.  How can this not be the greatest anxiety a human being can experience, if it is allowed to be felt?

I had not committed to life by living and expressing what I know is true in my heart because I had felt inadequate, small and powerless: knowing love, yet I lived all the lovelessness by reacting to the world. Instead of being me, I focussed on not being understood. Knowing brotherhood, yet what I lived was separation. I did not let love in, and that was not true love, because true love is when loving out we equally let love in by acknowledging the divinity in every human being equally. Therefore, I am also responsible for the world that I know is not being the world it is truly meant to be presently. Having said that, I know I can also make a difference by finally choosing to live what I know in steadiness and consistency from now on.  In fact, it is my responsibility to commit to life.

Yes, I am one person, but I have the whole of the universe with me, backing me up, cheering me on, holding my hand when I need it, because now I have chosen to finally let the world in.

349 thoughts on “Brotherhood: What if True Love Was Taught From Day One?

  1. I seems easy to see what’s wrong with the world and be in reaction to that, rather than see our part in creating that by our behaviours and choices. How am I living in my life, and what am I adding to our collective space? It is empowering to know we have a choice in every moment and movement we make.

    1. So true Victoria, we have the power and choice to be and live the love we are looking for in others. It always starts here.

  2. It is indeed our responsibility to commit to life Adele, thus creating a life, for all, where brotherhood, harmony and love is truly lived.

  3. “I am also responsible for the world that I know is not being the world it is truly meant to be presently. Having said that, I know I can also make a difference by finally choosing to live what I know in steadiness and consistency from now on.” This is such a gorgeous empowering, loving and responsible way to relate to our relationship with life and the world we live in.

  4. I am inspired by your dedication and commitment Adele. Seeing it put into lived action and not just as words is what is the most power for change.

  5. In a sense, to me at least, learning that we are here to ‘be love’ rather than seek it from the world and others is what it means to be ‘born again’. It is a complete turn around of the way I learned to live life, in search of love, trying to be a good person, trying to please others and God. Today I know that love is innate within me and that it is my responsibility to live this nature and reflect it back to others. Yes, it would be wonderful to have learned this from day one, or at school – but I appreciate the fact that I have learned it at all in this lifetime – thank you Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine and the long line of teachers who have consistently shared this teaching with us all across the ages.

  6. Your comments on competition feel very stark Adele. I have played a lot of competitive sport in my life but within me it never felt right. I had to draw on something unnatural to be so competitive and to have the desire to be better and to win. We are not truly competitive by nature. Our nature is to be unified, to work together in collaboration, sharing our uniqueness with each other to be part of that greater whole. It is pure common sense really – but we do not always pay heed to our common sense it seems.

  7. Amazing really that the education we have allowed and endorsed is all about how to be an individual, how to not be who we truly are, how to seek outside of ourselves, how to be competitive so in effect how to harm ourselves and create separation and nothing about true love, energetic integrity and responsibility. Seems the curriculum is due for a change.

  8. One day we will live in a world where love is the only religion, then we will not have to imagine. Love, equality harmony and brotherhood will be truly lived;
    “Imagine a world where everyone first knows and claims their preciousness; and not only this, but knows that everyone else is equally as precious”.

  9. “What if true love was claimed from day one”, we would have no wars, no abuse, no corruption, life would be about love first and foremost and anything less would stand out and be exposed. While this may sound an impossibility, the more people that connect and live from their inner most the more this will naturally happen because from the inner heart abuse of any kind stands out and can no longer be tolerated

    1. What if we claim true love for ourselves right here and right now? This question made me smile, a pre-cursor to my initial question: What if true love was claimed from day one? It all starts with each and every one of our choices.

      1. I am learning that claiming love starts with a movement towards something I know to be true. I used to think I had no idea what love is but the truth is it starts with us, the next choice has the opportunity to be love, it really is as simple as our next choice.

  10. Knowing love from the inside out, but choosing to be dictated to about what love should be from the outside in is the greatest cause of anxiety in our world today. To speak truthfully what we feel may come with uncertainty and unsureness, but to not creates a life of being in a prison of our own making. That of denying the truth we know as absolute.

  11. When we work on our own only with the intention of our own self gain our rewards are for us as an individual only. But when we collaborate with others and work in unity the rewards are for everyone.

  12. Yes Adele, brotherhood is our way and something that is natural to each of us. When a moment of crisis happens to us where the isolation of being ‘individual is felt or where there is nothing we feel we can ‘do’ alone to change what is happening, we are be drawn to others in a way that true brotherhood is experienced. Once true brotherhood is experienced it is never forgotten for it ignites the re-connection to what is true that we all know.

  13. The reason true brotherhood is not a reality is that very few of us are even able to master one on one relationships, known as sisterhood. Without that foundation, it is very difficult then to apply what you learn in that relationship to the rest of humanity.

    1. So true, we are guarded against being hurt, therefore mistrust and jealousy lead the way. Working on letting people in starts with one person at a time, then brotherhood naturally follows.

  14. What I am getting now, in no uncertain way is that life is actively teaching me Love each and every day. And actually it always has been operating this way. For in any difficulty I experience; stress I see or unhappy disturbance I feel around me – it all points back to something that is out of place and educates me on how to hold a space to allow others and myself to see through the junk to remember the glory and the grace we all naturally are. There is no amount you do and then you are ‘done’ – life and Love’s learning forever will come. Thank you Adele for reminding me of the true way life is designed to be.

  15. When we look at the state of the world it can be quite daunting as to where to start with bringing true love and care into it. The answer of course lies with each and every single one of us. We have the power to change the world by changing how much love we choose to connect with on a daily basis. The more we connect with our true essence and live from that place the more love is seen and felt. This can then inspire another to live their true essence and this is how the world changes, one person at a time.

  16. What a beautiful blog, it is so true that the state the world is in currently is far from allowing us to be love in all its facets. But has narrowed it down to dependency and is about competition more than working together as a whole. We are all beautiful loving beings from day one we are born into this world, cherishing this from day one and taking this learning with us when we didn’t get this is a truly beautiful way, to return slowly but surely to a new society that lives as one.

  17. We think we know what Love is, but if we ever pick a fight, critique or attack another we have long departed from Love’s safe shores and just hold this idea of what it is in our head. Then it’s just a mental thing – not a living quality. This practice of existing conceptually has got us into so much trouble. No amount of fine words will replace living with integrity. Thank you Adele.

  18. You mention how brotherhood does not need to be impeded by the separation of language. I find this very powerful as while language can be a great barrier to understanding what another means you can feel from your heart what they are conveying as their whole body is also communicating not just their mouth.

  19. When we separate from the one truth, we disengage from the all and this is where we begin to stray and not see that every movement we make can be one held in responsibility and contribution to connection in brotherhood or against it. It all begins with us and our choice to build a consistent pattern of movements towards love or away, but the real constant in our lives is that love is forever patient and waiting for us to simply choose a new foundational movement towards the yes to life and love equally so.

  20. We are often taught or presented with the idea that we can love one or a group more than another or that we will have one true love but what if we actually cannot in truth love one more than another? What if true love is universal and unconditional – as in we don’t withhold it or release it depending on if another ticks our boxes but it is something we emanate equally for all – no trying to love or push others away.. To me it is still true that we are monogamous and that there are those we spend more time with and practically are more responsible for but it doesn’t mean that we hold anyone else as any lesser.

  21. In order to love, and be loved, we first need to be that love for ourselves. This is not an arduous path, for we are all innately love, and this is what is missing in our development as we grow from childhood to adulthood.

  22. “What if love was taught to me on day one? I would then be reminded that love is never imposing. It is just forever patient and non-judgmental. Would love ever feel alone? Never, as love just is, it is nothing but being that. Would love allow itself to be walked all over in the name of trust and would love be abusive or take abuse? No, as love cannot ever cause harm, either to oneself or to others.”

    These lines I will hold dear, I will take with me and I will cherish them. You have really changed my life with these lines. Love would never be needy or hurt either, I have been playing games and this simple piece of poetry has reminded me that I need to stop.

  23. Once again you hit the mark with me. There is a victimhood we can live from when we don’t feel we have been met by the world for the love that we are. We react to the ugliness, the comparison and the separation of ideologies, countries and even families and then don’t let people in, just in case we get hurt by them. We can choose to perpetuate that way of being, that way of living, or we can choose to be the love that we are from, that we are and inspire that in others through a trust in our consistency. Step by step.

  24. The truth about brotherhood lives not in a gesture or an act but in our willingness to connect. When we feel, sense and live knowing we are one, there’s nothing harming that can be done. It’s living in the conception that we are ‘individual’ somehow that brings us all down. Ironically that’s the thing, life is constantly showing us that this separatism doesn’t work. And so you could say we are taught brotherhood everyday by life’s events. Thank you Adele for reminding me that I am with you and us all in life – there’s no way I can hide from playing my part.

  25. Beautiful Adel and a gorgeous reflection of the future we are ultimately returning to live. It is so true that we can never be alone when we are connected to love, as by virtue of the fact that we are all love in essence, we are therefore inescapably connected to all, in Brotherhood.

    1. What a stunning return! I can feel the futility of resistance and the fact that every cell of my being is pulled to live that love, the essence of who I am, in every moment.

  26. “Yes, I am one person, but I have the whole of the universe with me, backing me up, cheering me on, holding my hand when I need it, because now I have chosen to finally let the world in.” I love this line, something we definitely need to be taught from day one or more so this needs to be kept, acknowledged and cherished from day one.

  27. What this blog makes very clear is how many things of this world conspires against us being simply us. And how much beauty they rest in our daily life. It is up to us resurrecting ourselves to bring it to us, hence to all.

  28. ‘In fact, it is my responsibility to commit to life.’ So simple and yet so powerful if we know this and make this our living way, we waste too much time waiting for others to change or for life to bring us something better, when in truth it is always ourselves who have the power to bring the true change and love we are seeking.

  29. ‘Being human has been my greatest anxiety’ – the same is true for so many people around the world. The antidote to this has to be to turn within, to love one’s self with all one’s commitment and will, and equally to open up and to let others in: to love and allow yourself to be loved, deeply.

  30. The ‘Imagine if’ question you posed Adele, in the context of family; “Everywhere we travel, we are returning home” offers the understanding also that our relationship with ourselves and our inner connection IS that returning home and so wherever we go matters not.

  31. It’s a way to react to the way things are but change will only occur when we choose differently for ourselves.

  32. It takes a great deal of energy to live apart from what our bodies know to be true. We are love, each and every one of us, and therefore being influenced by the layers of protection we put on ourselves and communicating with that rather than the essence of who we are would seem illogical and extremely exhausting as we are immediately sensing there is more going on that we are seeing.

  33. Your initial paragraphs Adele are where we are heading, a glimpse into the future. These aspects already are practiced in our world today but are far from being accepted as normal. However as we build and share a way of living that holds our equal divinity as being our true selves we bring that future towards us all.

  34. The first four paragraphs is the world I want to live in – the open book, but the reality is we are far from this. It starts with the thing missing in our lives, that thing we have been searching to fulfil – true love. And when this is realised we can truely begin our journey to undo the steps that kept us away from this.

  35. Adele, you opening line was simply divine “Imagine a world where everyone first knows and claims their preciousness” yes to do wonder all the time. It would certainly be a different world, one that is more tolerant or others, we would see the grace and love in one another and be able to hold each other in a way that is supportive and loving. I look forward to seeing these days when that is the case.

  36. Ohh that’s a big ouch of humble honesty including for myself …. you can only ever let the support of the universe in if you are also letting humanity in. We all want the world to be loving (or do we?) but we are the ones that have to choose to make this change.

  37. That is a great reminder that we always have the back up from heaven.
    The Universe is where we are from, that union we can feel always when we choose so.

  38. If we all viewed ourselves and others as precious the world would be a very different place. Quite astonishingly so.

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