Knowing I am a Son of God: Inspired by the Full Moon

Recently I have been feeling how I don’t often see myself as a Son of God or feel that I have a strong connection to God or to Religion in the true sense of the word.

During the recent August full moon and I decided to take a walk. At the start of my walk my mind was full of doubts – is it the full moon tonight or have I got it wrong? But after a while I decided that the number of times I consciously take time out of my day to do something to connect to myself are very few, and even fewer are the times when I connect to the fact I am a son of God, so I wasn’t going to spoil it by spending the whole walk worrying.

As I walked I felt my body, I saw the beauty of the nature around me and felt the constant conversation there is to be had between myself and God, if I only allowed myself to feel it. I looked at how I had been living up to that moment and the choices I have been making to hold back my own connection. But I did it with no judgment and was able to look past those choices and see and feel the fact that I am a Son of God.

As this inner conversation was occurring it started to lightly rain and I had gone out with only a jumper and scarf, but no jacket. I was considering turning back when something told me to enter one of the fields beside the road and climb the hill and find shelter under the trees there. As the rain fell harder I ran up the hill, making it to the top, and as I turned around and tried to catch my breath, I was blown away by the view. Brilliant blue sky speckled with white and grey clouds, green rolling hills and there, right in front of me, the most beautiful rainbow.

I smiled to myself and couldn’t help but be filled with joy. I know in my heart I was receiving a message from God. He never doubted my connection and He was reminding me of that.

I stood there for several minutes taking in the view and the small miracle that had unfolded before me. The rain stopped and the sun shone forth and in my heart I felt the eternal love of God, my Father.

As I walked back down the hill to go home the rainbow faded, but the knowing in me that I had just shared a moment with God on top of that hill didn’t. I realised that so long as I am willing to listen and willing to talk, He will always be there to hear me and guide me.

I got home and felt to sit down and write a blog about my walk but once it had been written I started to have doubts creep in. Maybe what I felt wasn’t true, maybe I wouldn’t publish the blog but just leave it on my computer. I then went on another walk, this time to exercise my dogs, and as I stepped out the door and looked up with these doubts still circulating my mind, I saw another rainbow – faint, but there. I smiled and continued my walk, but I hadn’t gone far when the inner critic piped up again and my self-doubt was once more weighing me down.

As I rounded the last house and entered the country lane I had already walked down not half an hour before, I was looking straight at the brightest, most perfect high definition rainbow ever: the colours were so crisp and arched into a bright white puffy cloud – it looked like a postcard or biblical scene. I laughed out loud and anyone watching would have thought I was bonkers. But I didn’t care, because God wasn’t letting me get away with my self-doubt.

At every turn I was being presented with how amazing I am and the fact I do not walk alone.

I made my way back to the hill where I saw the first rainbow and stood there for some time listening to the birds and just enjoying life. Through the dark rain clouds that had gathered, the sun burst forth and shone brighter than the midday sun even though it was gone 7pm. The field was lit up like it was under a spotlight and it was – it was my spotlight. I can’t describe how amazing it was in the midst of a dark overcast evening to stand in blazing sunlight. And in that moment all the feelings I have had recently – feeling lonely and thinking a relationship with a man is the quick fix I need to fill my emptiness – melted away, and I have never felt so content on my own, with no hint of needing anything else. Take that, self-doubt!!

I walked home with a massive grin mainly on the inside and a steady feeling of love in my body and the feeling of God walking beside me.

I came home and made myself the most loving supper I have ever had, then sat down to expand on my blog. It was a night to remember.

I have been deeply inspired by the work of Universal Medicine and eternal love of Serge Benhayon, his family, and many amazing Esoteric practitioners, in whose presence, I feel and know I am a Son of God.

By Rebecca, 17, UK

615 thoughts on “Knowing I am a Son of God: Inspired by the Full Moon

  1. To me this blog describes a fundamental human dilemma. Whether to listen to the innate knowingness of our inner hearts – or those questions that forever pour forth from our heads. The thing I have noticed about those questions is that they continue even when we have answered them and this has led me to question the questions themselves. Is questioning life just a bad habit we have got ourselves into – like an addict who cannot ever get enough of a fix to satisfy the longing? What if in our true essence we already know – and the questions are the problem themselves?

  2. This constant communication with God feels so much more true than beliefs that He is distant and aloof from his children. It seems highly unlikely that any truly loving God would separate from his ‘progeny’ but much more likely that we are the ones who have strayed off course and that once we start to find our way back home are met with reflections of truth such as the incredible beauty of nature.

    1. I agree Richard – God’s love is far grander than anything we can possibly imagine, and in this the consistent love and support is often unfathomable and yet when we begin to connect it is obviously everywhere.

  3. I’ve discovered that God is present in my walk, if I allow this loving truth and support. If I walk alone then I’m doing the creating and controlling. My foot steps are heavy and tiring by the end of the day as I go about what I think I should be doing. By opening up and knowing that God is simply there then together we co-choose the steps, the intention and purpose and it flows through my walk. Not only do I support the gentleness of the imprint and the ripple effect on all but this flows back through me to support the next step and is a rhythm that is built on. Not draining or tiring but full, light and refreshing. This is a brilliant way to let go of a tiring day and cramps at night – which I’ve discovered are a message from God saying you don’t have to walk alone.

  4. what a divine blog Rebecca! There is something so amazing about the way you described you were moving as it started to rain and you decided to run up the hill which revealed a beautiful rainbow, Often we go for the ‘safe’ option but sometimes when we make other steps we didn’t think we would make it turns out we step right into the bigness of God! and how amazing is that.. we have a choice all the time and God, no matter what complications we throw in will always be there with confirmation.

  5. It is our choice to see the constant reflections God is presenting to us and the endless support he offers. He is forever by our side and when I am unaware of this I have to question as to where I am at in that moment.

  6. We do not walk alone. Yet, we try hard to believe that this is the case. Once we are convinced of it, the next step is we wishing it would not be the case. A self-created ‘reality’ all the way.

  7. Holding the knowing that it is I who chooses to walk away from God, always opens the path for me to question how and why I have done so in that moment. Knowing that it is how I move and breath that holds the key is the greatest tool I’ve come to appreciate. Fully understanding what it feels like to breath the breath of God has been a massive light bulb moment that showed me how easy it is to connect to God with every breath.

  8. Indeed, a night to remember Rebecca, The magic of God is alive and well and all around us; we only have to tune in and appreciate it.

  9. Just so beautiful to read Rebecca, God is always with us, beside us and within us and in nature all around us. “At every turn I was being presented with how amazing I am and the fact I do not walk alone.”

  10. Thank you for your gorgeous blog sharing your bountiful rainbows which pushed doubt aside and confirmed without a shadow of a doubt that you are a son of God. It sure made me smile!

  11. Just the word God makes my heart soar and yet in the past I would have reacted to the word and had all sorts of ideas about what it meant and all the harm done under the name of religion. It is such a crime against humanity that so much evil is done under the name of pure Love. Unimedpedia God: provides many absolutely wonderful quotes and audio that bring to us the Truth of God and his sons and daughters.

  12. God is so spectacular in those moments where he converses with us, it just changes our whole perspective on life and reminds us that what we see down here is certainly not it.

  13. Thank you Rebecca for this gorgeous reminder that who we already are within, is forever awaiting to be lived. Sons of God we are, equally so, and the more we listen to our hearts the more we can live in connection to this truth, our Soul, and as such we move in a way that magnifies God’s love through our bodies where there is then no room for self-doubt or negative self-talk to exist. I know that when I start to feel self-doubt that I have disconnected from me, which then gives permission for negative thoughts to try to run me down. Reconnecting to my body and being present with my movements has been a powerful way to return to being in connection to what I know is true.

  14. This is a beautiful reminder Rebecca of our deep connection with God always, knowing we are a Son of God and to walk living this truth brings a power and joy for others to be inspired by.

  15. Brilliant Rebecca, I appreciate you sharing all about your date with God. He always gives the best flowers and knows that Love is for every one, every day not just Valentines by any means. Your words remind me how we should walk in wonder at the world otherwise it’s like we are screwing up our nose at the beautiful bouquets God delivers without repose.

  16. A heart-warming reminder Rebecca, when we allow ourselves to connect and feel our essence we also feel our interconnectedness with God and everything around us.

  17. Your blog has me thinking – if that incredible connection with God is there in one day – it must be there everyday, so I’m wondering what we’re all missing out on every single moment of every single day if we do not place our relationship with God as being of the utmost importance.

    1. I agree Meg – for just a few hours I brought my attention to the possibility of God and was blown away by what happened. If we brought an awareness and focus to every moment of the day we would begin to see that there are rainbows and pots of gold in every person and every interaction.

      1. How would we all feel and interact with each other if we choose to consistently connect to God in every moment? Love, harmony and brotherhood would be felt and lived.

  18. It is so true that when we feel the connection to God we feel so content within ourselves that the quick fixes we feel when we are not connected are not there any more. It certainly does expose the ill choices we can make when we are not present and connected to ourselves.

  19. What really stands out in this blog is the huge contrast between doubt and the magnificence of God, and the messages which are there continually waiting for us to connect and pay attention, and that there is always a choice to choose one or the other.

    1. The choice element here is key. Self doubt seems to creep up on us but perhaps that is only because we let it. The more we allow self doubt to run the show the further off course we are pushed but it only takes a simple choice to connect to get back on track once again.

  20. ‘The field was lit up like it was under a spotlight and it was – it was my spotlight.’ It is lovely when there is that moment in nature that feels as if it has been entirely put together just for us, and each time there is a deep message to guide or confirm us, a beautiful reflection that makes us smile deeply from the inside out, and knowing that God is all around us.

  21. Serge Benhayon has brought through the most loving truth around connection to our body and the wisdom it holds. There are many moments of communication direct from God and all we need to do is to be open to them. This has been a gorgeous read Rebecca and so confirming.

  22. This is a beautiful blog Rebecca. Reminding us that we are never alone. God is with us all time, but sometimes we forget this and start to feel alone due to our disconnection to God. Your blog confirms how amazing it is to reconnect to God and to who we are, a Son of God.

  23. The simple truth I’m allowing myself to accept and appreciate is that God and I are one. I don’t need to doubt this but if I choose to humanity and I suffer – and this simply isn’t necessary by claiming my equalness to the divine.

  24. What is underneath our reluctance to embrace, or our utmost rejection, of the fact that we are the Sons of God, our father? The fact that we have normalised as spirit and human being, both not honouring ourselves and everything that we represent and leaving ourselves and God behind.

  25. What is described is a lovely setting and I can relate and see everything described and what if this is our ‘normal’? Not just a night to remember but a common place in our lives. It’s true to use such a beautiful experience as a marker to remember but not as something to recall on but more something to build on. I would often hold a night like this as a memory of a day gone by or when things are tough go looking for a night like that and yet I can have ‘that night’ anytime it’s just my perception that it can’t happen. If we are truly willing to read what is before us then we will always see the blessing that is there, at times to confirm us and other times to lead us whatever the heading ‘our’ part is the key. The how you are with yourself, the quality of action or movement you bring to yourself in each moment becomes the sum total of how you are in the world. If you a truly taking care of yourself, not just with food or holidays but always being aware of everything you are doing even thinking, this quality walks with you. It’s not a task or a dogma but more a living responsibility of how you are with everything, with yourself. This then feeds you back and feeds us all back.

  26. What a gift to give yourself this at 17 – to live your whole adult life in the knowing that you are as son of God….tremendous! And I loved this part – “because God wasn’t letting me get away with my self-doubt”…God is absolute, especially in his love for humanity. No room for self-doubt.

  27. Nothing beats an inside grin. I loved reading your blog Rebecca. I too don’t often feel a strong connection to God, but realise that it is a choice to feel that connection or not.

  28. What a beautiful sharing Rebecca! The reminder that we are all sons of God is timely too. We can get caught up in the everyday ups and downs of our lives to our detriment.

  29. This is the most beautiful blog to read Rebecca. The incredible beauty you witnessed is now accessed through this blog by anyone who chooses it. You remind me that God is following our lead and supporting us in truth all the way.

  30. Rebecca you have reminded me that God is there always and how little I turn to that connection especially when needed, as there is support on offer all the time. This is a beautiful line “I realised that so long as I am willing to listen and willing to talk, He will always be there to hear me and guide me.” Imagine if we truly let in the miracles every day that confirm our connection to God as Sons of God? What a way to live…

  31. Sometimes it may take a little while even though it is so obvious before I get what God is communicating with me. It is only through reflecting over what has occurred that I can see a familiar behaviour repeating itself but the beautiful thing about it is that God never gives up, never tires and loves me whether I get it or not.

  32. Such an awesome blog- thank you for sharing as I can relate to everything that you have written- the constant self doubt and looking outside of yourself to be filled and yet when you do feel a connection to your own divinity how everything is already there.

  33. Such a great loving gift to give ourselves “ to simply look at our choices with no judgment what so ever”, this is reflecting the love of and presence of God from with-in. God would never judge, have a harsh thought or word. It’s the harshness than triggers a repeat of the choice for me, rather than a surrender to understand why I might have chosen something that wasn’t as supportive an equal to the love of God that is natural and innately present with-in all the time.

  34. A fabulous sharing of the absolute Joy in the knowing that we are of Him. Love every word of this Rebecca, and most of all, that you have not held the Joy back one iota in the writing… 🙂

  35. I laughed when you talked about the doubt, its funny because it is so much easier in life to take negative feed back from nature or the universe than it is to take a confirmation. Its almost like we are more comfortable to take something as a sign if its bad but to be confirmed God needs to prove it with three rainbows, crack up! Well done for being brave enough to publish this beautiful piece of writing.

  36. Such a beautiful reminder that nature is a great reflector of what we are part of. It just is, and the power is in us whether to apply doubt or confirmation in what we are presented with.

  37. I keep finding myself back at your blog Rebecca and it touches me deeply every time… to know God and accept our equal worth is huge, well done, a delight to read.

  38. I loved what you shared Rebecca, a beautiful experience of the love and magic of God within us and all around us, the sunlight of your love that day shone through the clouds of doubt bringing you back to knowing and claiming you are and we all are divine sons of God, the rainbows helped confirm this for you.

  39. When we are open to seeing there are so many magical moments and reminders in our day that we are sons of God, the pesky self-doubt doesn’t get a looking. Very inspiring to read this today, a reminder to look up and out and within and have those conversations.

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