The Mirror Never Lies – The Power of Reflection

One morning a mirror appeared in the town square of a small village. Like all other mirrors it could only reflect what was presented.

It was the mirror of Love and Free Will, a mirror that never lied and that allowed people to be seen by others exactly how they themselves chose to be seen. If you stood there as a labourer, a teacher or a student – that is what you would see reflected back. If you stood there as an orphan, a leper, a self-made millionaire, a sports star – that is what was reflected back. But if you stood with a willingness to look beyond the surface, the mirror reflected much, much more.

Some walked up to the mirror and saw the image they wanted to show the world and were happy to have this confirmed, others ignored its arrival altogether, but some stood wanting to look deeper.

Those who looked deeper saw that no matter how perfect their outer image was, they also saw sadness in their eyes, or hardness in their shoulders, or the extra weight that they carried. Some saw this and blamed life for these woes and went back to trying to improve the image they presented, some tried to build new ones; others were honest about what they saw and began to explore the choices they were making – what they were eating, how they were working, how they were relating to themselves and others.

The mirror was impartial to those who stayed and those who moved on. All it could do is reflect to the depth people chose. The choice to do something about what you saw was always yours. However, without this reflection, there was no way for people to see the possibility that things were not as they seemed.

Those who started making new choices both struggled and marvelled as each time they stood in front of the mirror it would reflect both the part that was the surface image and the possibility of something deeper. They still noticed layers of sadness, hardness, grief … and at times it was all they could see. Some felt guilty about their past choices and blamed the mirror for what they saw. They resented the growing possibility that they might need to let go of the façade, and they turned away. Some started shouting to others to remove the mirror from the town square, fearful of what they saw in themselves.

Some used these reflections to refine their choices – they took responsibility for what they saw and knew the only change worth making was to go deeper and become more responsible for their choices.

Over time, what was inside these people all along began to be lived on the outside. The more they dropped the façade, the more joy and vitality came to the surface. But it did not end there…

One day, enjoying the new (but really old) self they had rediscovered, some wondered if they could look deeper still. They stood before the mirror and saw that what lived behind the joy was a sense of their own divinity. They stood very still not wanting to walk away from the absolute sacredness they had just felt. The easy thing to do was to enjoy all they had felt, and keep it for themselves. They could stay with the joy and vitality they had uncovered for themselves, or go deeper still.

Some stayed basking in that joy for a long time, others knew that over time, without going deeper, they would just turn the joy into a new surface image; one that made them at best ‘comfortable’ and at worst ‘special’.

As always the mirror was impartial – the choice was theirs.

A few let go of the layers they had previously protected themselves with, appreciating the divinity that lived within them more than they feared how the world might see them. After all, they could not see this within themselves without seeing how this divinity lived in all equally.

In that moment they became a Mirror that Never Lies: others who looked into their eyes now had the chance to see that they too are much more than the outer image they project to the world.

By Joel Levin

633 thoughts on “The Mirror Never Lies – The Power of Reflection

  1. We get what we give, and there is no bargain to be had, what is simply is – but we think we can and that it the trouble.

  2. What a reflection comes with is a responsibility and being Sacred is a responsibility for everything, and seeing our reflection is our greatest form of communication. When we walk in Sacredness others feel the True responsibility of everything we live.

  3. I love a mirror – they never lie. So often I look at myself in the morning and see exactly how i have been: totally in-love with myself, with a sparkle in my eyes. Or in complete abuse, with sadness glaring through.

  4. Beautiful. The deeper we are willing to feel into our inner-most being the more we become aware of the amazingness of who we all are.

  5. The beauty is we do not need a mirror to look deeper into who we are, all that is needed is a willingness and intention and a love for ourselves and life, however it sure helps having others who live this way to reflect back to you. #inspiration.

  6. Pondering on the saying “The Mirror never Lies”, I realise that I used to feel that it did, as the reflection it presented to me was often not how I felt inside. In fact, some days I used to be quite shocked at what was reflected back. But these days I have come to understand that the feeling that it was ‘lying’ comes from me not wanting to see who I truly am; I was refusing to allow my eyes to see the truth.

    1. Wow, Ingrid, this is so true. Sometimes we see what we want to see, avoid the truth or be open to seeing it all, the whole truth.

  7. This is a deeply moving read, it expresses so clearly how we are with reflections of truth, love and divinity. You covered the different groups very well, those content on the surface, those chasing images, those going deeper within themselves, and those screaming for the mirror to be removed. Beautiful wisdom, thank you Joel.

  8. I love this Joel. It wonderfully depicts exactly how most choose to approach their own reflection, not just from the mirror they look into each morning but also in life. I have found people or situations are constellated to show us what we are doing in life too. Often these are the aspects of life we most hate, yet are the ones we can most learn from.

    1. There is a beautiful equality when we understand life by reflection, as everyone is reflecting and offering something no matter where we are in our return to our Soul.

  9. Every interaction or experience we have with another is constantly providing us reflections to learn from and if we are wise we embrace the opportunity to grow from them.

    1. And the opposite of this is choosing to react, an easy way to not take responsibility and we currently have more irresponsibility in the world than embracing responsibility. So, the more people who reflect truth and responsibility, then more people will be inspired.

  10. ‘The more they dropped the facade, the more joy and vitality came to the surface.’ Yep.. not being or claiming who we truly are is a draining and depleting way to live. We have a choice: full throttle going for it and being ourselves across the board, as fully and transparently as we can be, or holding it back, hiding, half committing: every choice to be ourselves or not either builds our vitality or depletes it.

  11. Very very cool parable. Looking in the mirror should be a part of your own development. Even if you so-called ‘hated’ yourself and were fully abusive towards yourself, if you looked past this and focused on looking deep into your own eyes you would have to see there is love. I do not know how else to express this — this would just be. We all know that inside us no matter what, we are who we are, and that is Love.

  12. ‘The choice to do something about what you saw was always yours.’ This is so true, do we want to stay with images and what we see, or do we want to connect or re-connect with something far more sacred within. I choose the latter.

  13. Sometimes we stray so far away from the truth of who we are, we may be afraid to look in the mirror to see what is being reflected back but the truth is, like what you’ve shared Joel, when we look past the layers the core of who we are never truly changes because in essence, we are all love.

  14. Like a mirror our surroundings are constantly offering us reflections through which we can understand ourselves on a deeper level. We can take these golden opportunities to evolve and become a clearer reflection for others, or we can choose to ignore them and deprive others of the opportunity to know that we are all more than mere flesh and bones.

  15. How willing are we to let our divinity be seen? And reading this I can feel that point is when we get over how the world sees us, and knowing and understanding that we have a wider purpose here, one that is all about living and showing the divinity we are, so we can be that mirror for all we meet.

    1. Yes, I have certainly witnessed this and also done it myself, reject the reflection we have been offered because it brings up an old hurt or highlights the fact that we have been avoiding responsibility.

  16. We can try perfecting the image, but we all know there’s something more. We pretend there isn’t but the more we try, the more tension gets built and we may like to think there’s a choice to ignore what’s truly there, but eventually we will all find ourselves returning and there really is no other choice.

  17. It is a beatuiful thing, to look into the mirror at your own eyes, and accept the depth of beauty and wisdom that is looking back at you.

  18. The norm of the world is asking for us to present our best image for them to see, so we can just see each other in superficiality, do not change the game and look deeper, well you can, but we won’t play with you—you won’t have the same recognition and rewards we have. But letting go of our external facade brings out a freedom that relying on the external facade could never bring, and the joy and freedom felt simply keeps us going.

  19. Confirmation is a layered business. We may be confirmed at the outward layer. We can also be confirmed at the innest one and at anything in between them. What is confirmed in each case is something totally different and has to do with the fact that we are living dimensions.

  20. When a ‘son of man’ looks into a mirror with an open heart, he begins to see the Son of God he is. When the Son of God looks into the mirror with a far greater opening of his heart, he sees through to the God we each in essence are. This is what mirrors teach those who peer into them in earnest for there is no end to the depth we can go. The more transparent we each become, the greater reflection we can offer others as to the truth of who they (us all) are.

  21. I love how the power of true reflections call us to be more and inspire us to claim our true and natural expression.

  22. A living example of a mirror that never lies is Serge Benhayon, 24/7 reflecting the absolute truth of what life on earth is really about: how to live together in brotherhood and to return to the multidimensional beings we are.

  23. This line is huge-
    ‘A few let go of the layers they had previously protected themselves with, appreciating the divinity that lived within them more than they feared how the world might see them. After all, they could not see this within themselves without seeing how this divinity lived in all equally’.
    What stands out in particular is the part that says- they appreciated the divinity that lived within them more than they feared how the world might see them’ such a huge lesson but one well worth the move.

  24. The more we care and nurture ourselves the more willing we are to see life as the reflection with all that we need to learn (or should I say unlearn) but also all that confirms our choices.

  25. ‘to explore the choices they were making – what they were eating, how they were working, how they were relating to themselves and others’. It is always good to do a stock take and refine when impulsed.

  26. This is a beautiful analogy of the true power that is on offer through our relationships with each other. Each one offering the opportunity to reflect the quality of who we are, to expose who we are not and to confirm everything that we are through the level truth and love we live for ourselves and each other. We only need to be open to honesty and to be willing to say ‘yes’ to love and truth in order to bring to life these unifying qualities in order for us to embrace the opportunity to live more harmoniously.

  27. Yes….”After all, they could not see this within themselves without seeing how this divinity lived in all equally.” It is true I have witnessed this reflection and now I walk knowing this truth myself and I reflect this knowing in how I live, express and move – I learn every day to live more of this glory on earth.

  28. Embracing the reflections is key, as often we reject or try to pretend we haven’t clocked the reflection so as not to take responsibility for the next point of evolution on offer.

    1. Or worse is when we attack the reflections we receive from people who are offering us opportunities to evolve. So when we receive attacks it is often someone attacking our loving reflections and it makes it so much easier to depersonalise attacks when we understand energetically what is truly going on. But in truth, pretending that we don’t clock the reflection and attacking it is equally as harmful.

  29. The power of reflection and choice – reflection supports us in seeing more of who we are and reminds us that there is more; and choice it’s up to us how we live that reflection, it’s agnostic in what we do, but a true reflection holds steady no matter what and in doing so offers all the possibility of seeing the divinity of who we all are. And eventually all of us will live this.

  30. That mirror is everywhere, all around us and in everybody we meet. Sometimes harder to decipher but it is there.

    1. So true Christoph, it does feel like we have mirrors everywhere and in everyone we meet. Sometimes we can forget that these reflections are actually deeply loving, even though at times they may seem like a huge challenge, they are simply a reflection and when we understand this life is a joy.

  31. I love the openness and inspiration of true reflection, truth is always offered with no judgement, it is our choice whether we are willing to read and understand the truth of what is reflected for us to learn and evolve from.

  32. When we choose to look deeper and take responsibility for what we see reflected to us by the mirror of life, we are given the opportunity to feel and heal all that does not belong to our true selves.

    1. We are always offered opportunities to evolve and to heal but we often don’t see these opportunities due to our addiction to delaying our evolution.

  33. The mirror never lies but as you say we often choose what we see in the mirror and that can be very clouded and not what is truly there.

    1. The mirror shows the truth and we can turn it into a lie and we know what we just did as the mirror is showing us.

      1. That’s why we often reject, react or attempt to smash a mirror metaphorically speaking.

  34. “Those who looked deeper saw that no matter how perfect their outer image was, they also saw sadness in their eyes, or hardness in their shoulders, or the extra weight that they carried.” I love this, there is such a care and love in just seeing what is going on for us if we are not truly doing well by honestly seeing our own reflection in a mirror, looking beyond the images we are portraying and seeing ourselves as.

  35. The mirror never lies and it is our choice whether we embrace the truth of what is being reflected to us or not. How clear we are as mirrors in the world, is determined by our willingness to heal our layers of hurts and protection that we have allowed to overshadow our divinity.

  36. A beautiful parable for how the journey within, the willingness to see and be honest and to live respecting that allows all of us to come back to the divinity we are.

  37. Joel, I just love reading your blogs – reading this is such a confirmation that we are constantly reflecting to each other and I love reflecting more and more who I truly am.

  38. “As always the mirror was impartial – the choice was theirs.” The reflection is always the truth of what we choose to see.

  39. It is worth considering what reflection we are each offering the world. We can never stop reflecting no matter how much we may think we can live in our own little world…the question is what quality are we reflecting?

  40. When the world is against you and feeding you the many things it sees you as, you can always return to the truth of who you are. We are all loving beings and that knowing is there within if we allow it.

  41. I can relate to seeing people shout to take the mirror away, sometimes the reality of the reflection is very confronting and asks us to address choices we do not want to take responsibility for. If we support each other by showing that regardless of how fearful it looks, it is far safer to look and address what is holding us back, than to delay, as the delay will poison our bodies till we have to look whether we are ready or not.

  42. Wow amazing to consider that we can all become mirrors of tremendous honesty and authenticity in the world for each other to learn from.

  43. How do we relate to ourselves and others? What would the world look like if we studied this deeply, from young? Our relationship with ourselves is so fundamental to everything else, that addressing that helps us to let go of unhelpful behaviours that get in the way of us being who we really are, all of the time.

  44. If we are willing to take an honest look everything is revealed to us. The power of reflection is a true gift and we get to see all that may have been layered over that which is already divine, or we see divinity meeting itself.

  45. I love the magic of what is presented here we get inspired and shown by life how we are and we can then choose to take it deeper, or not until we get to the pinpoint where we are in fact mirroring for others and we can all do this for each other.

  46. The power of true reflection is deeply felt within our body, it is our choice as to what depth of awareness we are willing to choose to observe and understand what is truly there to see.

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