Anger, what Anger? The Joy & Appreciation of Esoteric Yoga

Not so long ago I was having an Esoteric Yoga session when we were asked to be aware of how we were feeling that morning.

As I lay there I thought,That’s easy, I feel angry this morning”. I had felt this way since I woke up but couldn’t work out why, and looking back, I can see a pattern of how I magnify these thoughts by trying to figure it out.

As I lay on my mat with my blanket covering me, my head gently supported on a pillow, and starting to really allow myself to connect with my body, what suddenly came to me were the words “Anger – what Anger? I feel lovely.” This made me smile deeply inside and really struck a chord with me, as I knew this was how I truly felt. The anger had been something that was not part of me, something I thought I felt, from my head, but in truth when I allowed myself the time and the space to stop and truly connect to my body, I could actually feel how lovely I was.

It was amazing to observe all the things that came up in this Esoteric Yoga session – little things like how I would go into comparison with everyone else. Even though it was an online programme and I was lying in a room on my own, I still compared myself to others somewhere in the country or on the opposite side of the globe – judging myself in how I moved or when I moved – and then critiquing myself, thinking others would judge me if they saw me, when all along, none of this was actually true. I was being held in absolute love and truly supported to honour and feel what was true and right for me, and was able to give myself as much time and space as I needed to move.

There came an amazing moment (actually there were lots, but this one still stands out) when it was presented to us that, how you are with yourself is how you are with everyone else. At this moment tears rolled down my face as I realised I was being hard on myself and that the judgment, critique and hardness I often hold myself in, is how I am with everyone else. I knew this through and through, but it was just such a blessing to feel this in my body with tenderness and grace, and not beating myself up and claiming I did not want to be this way. This brought humbleness and allowed me to feel how I had been treating people who I cared about so much, myself included, and realising I had done this for years.

As I worked through the Esoteric Yoga session, allowing myself a deeper connection to my body and self, I let go of all these thoughts that were not me. What I was left with was the stillness and joy as I could feel the truth of who I really am. There was no anger, no judgment, no hardness, blame or comparison, just a feeling of absolute deep contentment, joy, connection and space; I could appreciate and feel how lovely, sweet, tender and pure I am.

Inspired by and in appreciation of Serge Benhayon, Universal Medicine, Vicky Geary and the modality of Esoteric Yoga.

By Gyl Rae, Scotland

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752 thoughts on “Anger, what Anger? The Joy & Appreciation of Esoteric Yoga

  1. This is a beautiful and honest sharing Gyl on the power of the Esoteric Yoga Modality and how it provides the space for us to stop and connect deeply with our bodies and to feel the loveliness of who we truly are without any mind chatter getting in the way.

  2. Esoteric Yoga gives us an opportunity to deeply connect with our body, which supports us to build trust in what the body is trying to tell us.

  3. We think what is said to ourselves is private and only for us. So if we are are own worst self critique or judger then we only believe this is how we are to ourselves and ‘never would we do this to someone else’ and yet it’s truly the opposite. We can’t turn a tap on and off as we please and so the way we are with ourselves actually is the marker for how we are with others and so with this in mind it pays to take true care of yourself knowing this is the marker we share outward to all. The article highlights how we can be with ourselves and make all manner of comments, even if they don’t make sense to what’s around us and then how this translate to all relationships thereafter.

  4. I find this happens as well when I’ve been emotional, frustrated or angry and someone truly meets me by asking how I am going, it’s like an instant stop, and I realise in truth none of that is how I actually am or feel. It’s an awesome opportunity to then look at how I let those emotions in and then what I got out of them, usually distraction, to allow them to flourish.

  5. As I discard that which is not me the more I am being presented with more to discard. The key is not to judge or compare myself to where I have been but to accept what is there coming up in my body eg.I may have been feeling moments of delicacy in my body which I am beginning to embrace and then suddenly I feel a hardness. It doesn’t mean I have lost the delicacy or fragility but it means there is some hardness to feel and discard so that I can embody a deeper level of delicacy or another divine quality. There is no such thing as right or wrong so it doesn’t make sense to compare but to allow what is there that is true to be exposed and come to light to clear.

  6. Its a beautiful moment when we realise we are not anger or sadness, it is not who we are. We may be feeling this way. But all that is needed is to nominate it rather than to own or embody it. I know I have done that latter many times.

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