Anger, what Anger? The Joy & Appreciation of Esoteric Yoga

Not so long ago I was having an Esoteric Yoga session when we were asked to be aware of how we were feeling that morning.

As I lay there I thought,That’s easy, I feel angry this morning”. I had felt this way since I woke up but couldn’t work out why, and looking back, I can see a pattern of how I magnify these thoughts by trying to figure it out.

As I lay on my mat with my blanket covering me, my head gently supported on a pillow, and starting to really allow myself to connect with my body, what suddenly came to me were the words “Anger – what Anger? I feel lovely.” This made me smile deeply inside and really struck a chord with me, as I knew this was how I truly felt. The anger had been something that was not part of me, something I thought I felt, from my head, but in truth when I allowed myself the time and the space to stop and truly connect to my body, I could actually feel how lovely I was.

It was amazing to observe all the things that came up in this Esoteric Yoga session – little things like how I would go into comparison with everyone else. Even though it was an online programme and I was lying in a room on my own, I still compared myself to others somewhere in the country or on the opposite side of the globe – judging myself in how I moved or when I moved – and then critiquing myself, thinking others would judge me if they saw me, when all along, none of this was actually true. I was being held in absolute love and truly supported to honour and feel what was true and right for me, and was able to give myself as much time and space as I needed to move.

There came an amazing moment (actually there were lots, but this one still stands out) when it was presented to us that, how you are with yourself is how you are with everyone else. At this moment tears rolled down my face as I realised I was being hard on myself and that the judgment, critique and hardness I often hold myself in, is how I am with everyone else. I knew this through and through, but it was just such a blessing to feel this in my body with tenderness and grace, and not beating myself up and claiming I did not want to be this way. This brought humbleness and allowed me to feel how I had been treating people who I cared about so much, myself included, and realising I had done this for years.

As I worked through the Esoteric Yoga session, allowing myself a deeper connection to my body and self, I let go of all these thoughts that were not me. What I was left with was the stillness and joy as I could feel the truth of who I really am. There was no anger, no judgment, no hardness, blame or comparison, just a feeling of absolute deep contentment, joy, connection and space; I could appreciate and feel how lovely, sweet, tender and pure I am.

Inspired by and in appreciation of Serge Benhayon, Universal Medicine, Vicky Geary and the modality of Esoteric Yoga.

By Gyl Rae, Scotland

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787 thoughts on “Anger, what Anger? The Joy & Appreciation of Esoteric Yoga

  1. Reconnecting and confirming our true qualities, ‘just a feeling of absolute deep contentment, joy, connection and space; I could appreciate and feel how lovely, sweet, tender and pure I am.’

  2. We can overcome and release much by staying connected to our body and not let emotions engulf us. And if they come in, connect to breath and stillness within.

  3. When we walk and then lay down with our soul, is it possible that this is the energy that will come through us as, you have shared Gyl? As we open up there is so much more that is our divinity from our Soul-full-essences, and as such then anger etc, do not get a look-in as they are not us, but an ill energy that we can choose to not be part of, that lets us feel like we are in anger.

    1. Saying ‘no’ to energies that aren’t us, and that are harmful, ‘As I worked through the Esoteric Yoga session, allowing myself a deeper connection to my body and self, I let go of all these thoughts that were not me.’

  4. I wonder if the majority of the time when we feel angry, sad, disturbed or whatever else, we are actually not feeling what’s underneath it…? So we think we’re an angry person and we walk around with our anger, but in truth we’re not an angry person & actually just need to connect?

      1. But how can you be harmonious if you’re angry? I get that it’s the opposite, but when you are so engulfed in the situation, and anger is just rushing through your whole body – how do you turn to harmony?

    1. Could it be we live in Harmony, and then we have already taken the necessary steps away from anger, so we are so far away from being-anger-y that even the smallest thought stands out as being disharmonious and we have anti-dote-ivied our-selves by our Livingness! so we allow, observe and accept and by allowing it takes away the judgement that would have otherwise triggered an angry outpouring because we have accepted the situation and have felt it is nothing we can do except observe from our essences and be harmonious.

  5. Returning to the True self leaves the most Loving imprint and glows with he most divine reflection and Esoteric Yoga opens these doors that allows them to be openly shared.

  6. A young man stepped into the underground train carriage, found there wasn’t a seat for him to sit down, (I was in the same position) and announced his arrival loudly angrily: sighed, banged down his suitcase, then newspaper and umbrella. I, in stillness reflected to him there was no need to be angry because there wasn’t a seat for him, to wait and one would be available shortly. When a seat became free, I moved with my suitcase in a way that was without rush. When the next seat came up, he followed my movements exactly, claimed the seat, sat and settled. Esoteric Yoga in life.

  7. Gyl a lovely return to the true you. It’s a great reminder for me also as this morning I awoke realising how distracting and negative my thoughts are, they are like dark clouds above the deep, still ocean (my body).

  8. It’s great when we can name the emotional reactions we are feeling; such as anger, frustration or sadness, for it gives us the opportunity to have a better understanding of what we are actually reacting to, so we can resolve and heal the issue.

  9. Tears came to my eyes by reading your sharing Gyl. What you experienced in this Esoteric Yoga session feels really close by. Comparison, judgment, control were ways of being with myself and hence with others. I still find myself in this pattern at times, but the way I’m seeing it is far from blaming myself. What is amazing to realize is how anything that prevents us from feeling our loveliness inside has actually nothing to do with who we really are. And even though sometimes it seems to be real and powerful, has no power once we connect deeper with ourselves.

  10. What a great moment of responsibility, to recognise that how you are with yourself is how you are with everyone else.

  11. Esoteric Yoga is so powerful, it supports us to connect to our inner joy, stillness and love within that has always been there waiting for us to connect to.

    1. And Esoteric Yoga can support us to let go of what is not true, ‘As I worked through the Esoteric Yoga session, allowing myself a deeper connection to my body and self, I let go of all these thoughts that were not me.’

  12. ‘I can see a pattern of how I magnify these thoughts by trying to figure it out.’ – this one sentence has made me stop this morning and realise that when we try to work anything out in our heads, turning it into an intellectual dilemma, we get nowhere, except spinning ourselves in ever greater circles. What really does stop all that is stopping the trying to work it out by just accepting whatever it is that we feel, and allowing ourselves to feel it. In that stop and acceptance, we give ourselves the space to actually feel it, instead of using up more energy in resisting it, not wanting to feel it, and trying not to feel it. And when we go there and feel it, we can start to let it go.

  13. A great sharing Gyl, thank you. We can get so locked into emotions like anger and lock ourselves further in by trying to figure out why that we in fact miss the truth of how we really feel underneath and do not allow ourselves to deeply connect to us and our bodies; and that’s the beauty of Esoteric Yoga, it allows the space for us to be with us, without expectation or critique, and to just be in the stillness of who we really are.

  14. Thank you Gyl these words brought me to a stop, “how you are with yourself is how you are with everyone else” it made me realise how we cannot for one moment check out, because when we do we are no longer connected to either ourselves or anyone else.

    1. I can relate that I used to be very judgemental on myself, ‘I realised I was being hard on myself and that the judgment, critique and hardness I often hold myself in, is how I am with everyone else.’

  15. “How you are with yourself is how you are with everyone else” – this really stopped me on my track. I feel the truth in that, and the untruth that gets lived every now and then in my day-to-day life. I am currently taking part in a 6-week Esoteric Yoga course as well, and the deep stillness I get connected to during each session, which then becomes a new marker for me, is just priceless.

  16. Thank you Gyl, for appreciation goes hand in hand with our action. If we do not appreciate, our further steps will not be made from a true foundation we have laid before us, for we need to appreciate in order to truly being able to move on to the next depth of love.

  17. This makes so much sense Gyl, that when we are judgemental, hard and critical of ourselves we are more likely to feel angry. The anger comes from a deep sadness and it stems from the disconnection from our essence/soul.

  18. Observation is a great tool: it’s like an allowing of space, in which we get to feel that the thoughts and emotions aren’t really the core of who we are, but stuff on the surface, temporarily obscuring the strength and power that can come through us. We don’t even have to work on letting this stuff go: when we realise it’s there, and see it as the transient veil that it is, we can choose to keep perpetuating its existence, through believing it’s part of us, or not.

  19. I have found the experience of Esoteric Yoga to be very revealing as to my current state of being, as my body begins to share the moment the session starts and doesn’t stop until it finishes, and often even a long time afterwards. In the beginning I really didn’t want to hear the messages as they were asking for change in the way I was living, but these days I welcome them as I know my life will only benefit in many ways from doing so.

  20. What lies underneath all the thoughts and beliefs that we accumulate, and what is at the heart if the matter is the truth – the love, sweetness, purity and all the things you wrote about- that we are. This is absolute and unchangeable.

  21. I am not surprised that you cried when you heard these words “how you are with yourself is how you are with everyone else. They offer a beautiful stop moment to honestly feel into the way we live including the way we are with ourselves. I love how Esoteric Yoga offers stop moments like this and many more, to support us when we choose to reconnect to the wonderful beings that we naturally are.

  22. The gift of Esoteric Yoga is that it allows us to come to know who you are, through deepening our connection to our inner-most, our inner-stillness, where love is what defines us and our living way.

  23. “Anger, what Anger? The Joy & Appreciation of Esoteric Yoga” – the effects of doing Esoteric Yoga and a series of sessions too are far beyond what you may initially consider before taking up the practice of stillness through this Yoga because it highlights how you are in reality living life (eg in emotion, tension, exhaustion and so on)…. to what you have “pressed pause” on towards living more truly and spaciously. Two pictures, two views you can work on to develop a true relationship with yourself.

  24. I started a yoga program and at the moment I just can’t get enough of it, my body is just craving it, the stillness, the connection. Every session has something unique to offer. Whilst a couple of years ago, my body just wasn’t ready for it.

    But this statement “how you are with yourself is how you are with everyone else” is a biggie and worthy of pondering on our day to day life whether we do yoga or not.

  25. This is very cool Gyl how you were able to observe your patterns and habits with ‘tenderness and grace’. Often I have noticed that when I realise something e.g. a behaviour I am doing or when something ugly about my life gets exposed, I can quickly react to this and go into self judgement or self bashing and overly focus on the imperfections rather than feeling and appreciating the power and volume of love that I am and that I live. To do this is a trick and it means I don’t get the full healing on offer in that moment. So approaching healing from the perspective that we are already divine and enough as we are and simply observing those behaviours or habits which are not part of this divinty is a great thing to be able to do and does lead to greater changes actually happening.

  26. It’s really funny how we stubbornly want to stay in something even though we’re no longer feeling that emotion. I’ve experienced that before, where you feel like you need to prove a point by staying stuck in anger or whatever. It’s crazy and isn’t even fun!! Realising it and letting it go….so much more fun!

  27. Esoteric Yoga peels away the layers of what is sitting in our bodies that we are unaware of when we are constantly in motion. It is a practice that evolves our relationship with our bodies and with the source we are from, offering us a tangible experience of love in stillness and in motion.

  28. “how you are with yourself is how you are with everyone else” This is a profound understanding of love.

    1. It is so simple isn’t it? When we see someone displaying anger towards someone, it is in fact a sign that they are first angry with themselves, this means we don’t have to take things personally, whatever happens.

  29. Gyl all you have shared here encompasses the tenderness, love, and clarity available in an Esoteric Yoga session. We are held in such love that we can learn from the sessions to have a new relationship to ourselves that is very tender and self loving.

  30. Wow — thank you Gyl, this blog hugely touched me.. I have walked my life in protection and judgement; being super critical and judgemental.. And what I am feeling is that I am actually not that, and that I am actually hiding myself when I take those emotions serious and allow them through.. And from there on I can feel how much more I am willing to admit that those judgements have always put up a wall towards the intimacy with myself and others.. And how I no longer want to be known for being critical, judgemental or hard or beating myself up.. Its time to let my true expression come out that actually offers me to be me and others to be them.

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