Co-Creation – Liberation from Creation

I recently returned home from a retreat held in Vietnam where Serge Benhayon was presenting on “The Process of Evolution – The Living Sciences of Human Life.” It was an expansive topic and truly revelatory. It was presented that we are all part of a living science and Universal order where we can either choose to align with the evolutionary pull towards a one unifying way, working together in co-creation, or we can – by our own free will – choose to resist this natural pull.

Simply put, life in self-made creation (in contrast to co-creation) is one where we are immersed in all the attractions, distractions and emotional highs and lows of our physical life. It can be difficult to clearly see for our ‘vision’ is limited by the very consciousness or quality of our chosen thoughts and beliefs, which then become our life, and therefore our reality.

As my awareness continues to expand, more is unfolding and coming to light around this understanding.

I took this photo in Vietnam before the retreat officially began and it was reflecting to me all that was to unfold. In all its beauty, the lotus flower is still within the consciousness of creation.

Co-Creation – Liberation from Creation?
It is however, often used to represent the state of liberation in Buddhist philosophy, rooted in the mud, while its flowers blossom well above the waterline, unaffected by the muddy waters of attachment. This was often seen as the final goal, but this is actually where it begins – the beginning of a Way of Living, free from the imprisonment of our self-made creation.

When I was young I felt like we were only being told part of the story of life; it just wasn’t right that we were born, we lived and we departed. I knew that there was much more to human life than that, and this led me to investigate many spiritual ideas and beliefs over many years. I believed at that time I was seeking to be liberated from this limited life, and to reach an enlightenment of some sort. I spent many hours in meditation trying to reach this elusive place of understanding I was seeking.

On reflection though, I question what did I want to be liberated from, and what or where to then?

It was not true liberation I was seeking, it was actually life I was looking to escape from; the harsh reality of what I felt overall was a loveless world, where we were living so much less than I knew to be possible.

In truth I was looking to re-connect with my Soul, and it is through the grace of my Soul’s light, and my loving dedication and acceptance of my responsibility, that I began to see clearly through the grand illusion I was held in, the deception of right and wrong, the highest ‘good’, and the illusion of false enlightenment.

What I didn’t see then was that we are all in this together and we can only truly evolve and be free of this way of life, with its limits of our self made creation, when we are working together towards our return to a one unified way of being. The tension we can often feel is because we don’t live this way, and we are constantly being pulled to this awareness while shattering the illusion of the individual separated life.

Our Soul is constantly communicating our oneness with us.

I was discussing this awareness with a friend of mine and she beautifully expressed it this way: “If we see a macadamia nut fallen from the tree we may crack the hard shell and experience the enjoyment of the taste of the nut, but if we stop at this, we are forgetting that single nut comes from a huge tree with many other nuts and the possibility is there for each to flourish into many more fruit bearing trees, ever expanding.”

In my experience trying to understand life and my place in the greater plan from a dimension that can only see its own creation was futile. This is why it never made complete sense to me, as I was caught in the web of it. It was like being in a lift and getting out on the fourth floor so to speak, and that becomes my reality, that’s all that I can see. However, as I stay open to the possibility, and now a knowing that there is a fifth floor and beyond, a greater awareness is unfolding, becoming available, and so much more is being revealed.

I have a new appreciation of the truth of ever expanding Evolution.

The Lotus flower now represents to me the liberation from the limits of self imposed creation and the beginning of an Age Old Way of Living, a One Unified Way in co-creation that is ever evolving – a way that is ours to choose.

By Victoria Picone

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777 thoughts on “Co-Creation – Liberation from Creation

  1. You have shared so much with us all Victoria thank you, I understand that we have created a reality that actually is not real at all and sometimes it is possible to catch a glimpse of the non-reality even though we have limited our vision not to see. There’s a raggedness at the edges and through this the light pours through like the sun on a cloudy day.

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