Benefits of Esoteric Yoga – Don’t Judge A Book by Its Cover

The old saying ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ is very relevant to Esoteric Yoga, as what lays beneath the surface, inside the simple book cover, is very rich indeed. I liken it to this because the simplicity of the Esoteric Yoga format does not allude to the depth and power of what can be felt in the body in a 1 hour session that is in the most part laying down, being still and creating the space to feel the body.

In fact, it is almost too difficult to fathom how something so simple could be so amazing in what it offers the body, and the being, and how one feels!  

To put this into perspective, in the many years before discovering Esoteric Yoga I had worked with many modalities and fitness regimes and have been regarded as an expert in my fields as a Fitness Professional, Yoga teacher and Acrobatic teacher/performer spanning a 30 year period: I can say without hesitation that everything I have experienced has not come even close to the profoundness and honesty of what Esoteric Yoga offers.

It is truly a modality sent from heaven, allowing me to experience and connect to a most natural rhythm and thus a way of being that is harmonious, healing and feels so yummy in my body. In fact I would go so far as to say that it is the foundation of true vitality.

If I were to summarise my highlights and appreciations of Esoteric Yoga they would read something like this…

  • The level of deep rest and harmony that my body feels after a session and how different my day unfolds as a result of this lovely connection with me is delicious. I can go into a session feeling quite tired, and come out of a session feeling restored and ready for my day.
  • Any tension or anxiousness (especially in the shoulders) dissolves, allowing for more of the spaciousness and yumminess of me.
  • The spaciousness, openness and gentle quality that is felt in my body is achieved without any stretching or contorting. It reminds me that this is most likely how we felt as babies – so open and feeling the preciousness and tenderness that is perfectly natural.
  • There is an absolute honesty that I am shown during each session that allows me to look at the way I am choosing to live. Knowing that my body feels the end result of my choices, it gives me an opportunity to make positive lifestyle changes that I know will directly affect my well-being and how my body feels.

I am in awe of how the body knows exactly how to bring itself back to harmony when I choose to get out of the way and treat my body in a most caring and respectful way… the same way that you would treat and hold a baby.

Esoteric Yoga is a self-healing modality that can be done anytime, anywhere and it epitomises the truth of yoga.

Esoteric Yoga was founded by Serge Benhayon of Universal Medicine. To learn more about Universal Medicine Therapies visit

by Marika Cominos, Melbourne, Australia

Marika Cominos Marika Cominos is a Yoga & Complementary Therapies Practitioner who has been exploring health and well-being from a very young age.

She presents Esoteric Yoga courses and workshops globally. You can follow Marika at

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601 thoughts on “Benefits of Esoteric Yoga – Don’t Judge A Book by Its Cover

  1. Esoteric Yoga is not just a self-healing modality in regard to applying it to oneself but also in fully acknowledging the natural re-harmonizing of the body once we simply stop imposing on it behaviours and attitudes that otherwise disturb this most natural and consistently proceeding process. Effectively we give the body space to ‘do its thing’ and thereby get to know and honour the intelligence it holds.

  2. Esoteric Yoga is completely different to any other forms of ‘yoga’ I have known. I know deep within this amazing modality can help to reconnect and reclaim the quality of stillness we hold within our body but if I am honest have had a little bit of an aversion to it!!!! Which I guess shows me I have had an aversion to truly wanting to connect to the quality of stillness and therefore sacredness within my own body. However, it is really lovely to feel how my relationship with this has changed over the period of the Universal Medicine retreat where Esoteric Yoga in incorporated twice a day and I know that my relationship with Esoteric Yoga and my own body will only deepen and evolve from here.

  3. “…the body knows exactly how to bring itself back to harmony..” This I have found to be so true when I have participated in Esoteric Yoga. This modality has no imposition or demands, but simply supports you to come to a stillness and reconnection to love that is literally a drop in the ocean of the infinite grandness there is available.

    1. I love the quote in your comment Johannebrown17. Esoteric Yoga supports us to truly reconnect to our body and reconnect to its natural rhythm and intelligence. Our natural ability to connect to harmony is always present. Esoteric Yoga very powerfully and simply reminds us to reconnect to what is already there and available to access.

  4. Esoteric Yoga is a slice of a person’s day laid on a slab for them to look at under an illuminating lamp. Yes, technically we could look at every hour of every day in this way but generally we are too distracted or disconnected to notice in detail what is going on. It’s so beneficial to feel something in the body during an Esoteric Yoga session and then to take that awareness back into our everyday lives and ‘watch’ for when it shows up. Eventually we observe a pattern and then have the ability to address it. Powerful, powerful stuff.

    1. I get this Alexis, I have found doing Esoteric yoga is illuminating, it shows me the way I am living. Often when I do it I can be fidgety and unsettled, and other times completely relaxed and still. It is not by chance these two differing states arise, it all occurs from how I am living, what choices I have made and how much I have allowed the outside world to govern how I feel.

      1. Stephen you are spot on when you say ‘how much I have allowed the outside world to govern how I feel’ as most of us live at the constant mercy of the outside world. We are continually tossed on the turbulent sea of emotion. If we want to steer a steady course then it’s imperative to stay as connected to ourselves as possible so that we start to really get to know when and what leads us into emotion. The body can then flag the situation and next time it arises the body is able to give us a heads up and that invaluable warning allows us the space to choose to react differently. Slowly over time life begins to smooth out and become far less emotional.

  5. “I am in awe of how the body knows exactly how to bring itself back to harmony …” how true. We are taught the value of intelligence that comes from knowledge we learn, yet the body has a profound intelligence that if listened to can restore wellbeing and vitality. Respecting and honouring the body is a great foundation for life.

  6. I agree wholeheartedly. Esoteric Yoga has been and continues to be a mainstay of support. The practice of yoga in this way makes it impossible to not feel our choices, as we connect deeply to the body and are given the opportunity to feel who we really are, as opposed to how we actually live our lives. I, personally can feel gaps between the two and know from experience that Esoteric Yoga not only provides the stillness to feel these gaps but in such grace also offers powerful insights into how to bring the two into alignment.

  7. Marika, the way you described Esoteric Yoga is exactly my experience too. The simplicity and stillness I can feel after each session is totally divine.

  8. I had a one to one Esoteric Yoga session the other day. It revealed much about my attitude to life that my practitioner picked up and talked to me about at the end. It is simple yet very profound and I appreciate choosing to have sessions where I give myself permission to stop and observe how I am.

  9. Marika, I have found this to be true; ‘There is an absolute honesty that I am shown during each session that allows me to look at the way I am choosing to live’, I noticed that after a recent Esoteric Yoga session that I was much more aware of any harsh or jarring movements – they really stood out, my body wanted to move gently and so since I have been much more aware of how I move in my day to day and that I can go into a drive and rush and that this does not feel good.

  10. ‘It is truly a modality sent from heaven…’. Marika my sentiments exactly. The first time I tried it, I was in heaven. Subsequent sessions showed me the degree to which I didn’t live every moment or every movement like I was in heaven! In the years since that first, benchmark session, my body has shown me through this very amazing modality that I am, slowly but surely, getting to a place where I can quite literally ground heaven in my daily life.

  11. “In fact, I would go so far as to say that it is the foundation of true vitality.” I totally agree with this as Esoteric Yoga allows us to connect to that which is a true movement in our bodies exposing the harms of living in constant nervous energy on our health and wellbeing. It is this consistency of movement that regenerates us and connects us to something truly divine within ourselves where there is no need to push through life, just a deep surrender to what is.

  12. Esoteric Yoga is indeed profound, the simple movements can change how I feel in my body completely, even if I think it is not possible to change how I feel, it simply does.

  13. Esoteric Yoga allows us to experience the true space and flow within our bodies once we get ourselves out of the way and can meet life through sensing rather than thinking which creates the tensions and hardness of needing to control life rather than surrendering to what is divine and appropriate for our own evolution.

  14. Beautifully expressed Marika, I can totally relate, I was so blown away when I discovered and surrendered to esoteric yoga. It allows a moment where you get to feel the depth of your power, and gives you an incredible marker for what you can chose to live in your everyday.

  15. There is nothing and I mean NOTHING about esoteric yoga that is not utterly loving and supportive. There is no right or wrong with how the session goes, just simply pure loving truth of how we have been living shown back to us and at the same time re-minding us of the natural exquisiteness of who we truly are.

    1. Couldn’t agree more Joshua, and another thing that I Love Esoteric Yoga for is that with there being no right or wrong, there also can be no pictures, ideals and beliefs, only what is there and what is true. Everything so lovingly gets revealed every time.

  16. The body is very honest and shows indeed all our choices when we lay down on our mat to ‘do’ Esoteric Yoga. When we go out of the way by not following our so called ‘intelligent’ mind and surrender, simplicity takes over, the simplicity of the format supports the simplicity the body loves and within this space the body shows us our natural state of being.

  17. If we judge something before we truly connect to it, then what we do in the next moment already comes polluted with the harmful energy of judgement that potentially blocks us from experiencing the truth of what is offered. The beauty is it is always possible to let go of judgment in an instant which is always a choice we are able to make at any moment.

  18. ‘I am in awe of how the body knows exactly how to bring itself back to harmony when I choose to get out of the way and treat my body in a most caring and respectful way’ – this is true Marika. However unsettled the body is at the start of the session by the end it is brought back to a deeply still place. To bring this quality into our day and every movement is a choice open to all of us.

  19. If we were to compare all the different yoga varieties currently on the market via a demonstration, it would be easy to see how Esoteric Yoga stands out – and as an observer, you’d wonder if it was a joke or not, because nothing happens! There is so little movement, you’d be right in wanting to asking a million questions about it. It’s the only yoga I’ve tried where I’ve been so uncomfortable so challenged that I’ve wanted to run a mile. Why? Because it asks nothing of me, and at the same time asks me to be nothing but myself, which, when we don’t connect to on a daily basis can be painful! There are no distractions with stretches etc, it’s literally focusing on the union between the body and the mind in the energy of stillness. It’s challenging but also very exposing and for those willing to get a sense of how their body feels without all the layers of protection and the distractions of busyness, this is a highly recommended modality.

    1. Yes, me too! To know that a simple lift of the knee is yoga, rather than the complicated, strenuous movements taught in gyms is just incredible.

  20. “…I would go so far as to say that it is the foundation of true vitality.” I agree with all you have shared here Marika. We are sold a lie that fitness, sleep and eating right are the keys to wellbeing and this is true to some extent but it is not the full picture. Esoteric Yoga fosters a connection to who we are and supports us to be present in each moment. From here we have a choice to choice a way of moving and living that truly supports us.

  21. The world as we know it today is quite in your face and close up, and with the emotions that color our day we can feel very imposed upon. But Esoteric Yoga allows us to bring a stop to all that overwhelm and blesses us with the opportunity to feel a spaciousness and lightness to our body which in today’s world is literally a breath of fresh air.

  22. Of late I am experiencing a powerful adjustment in my awareness of my body and what I allow to be within it. The reality is that I have a choice in every moment to hold my body in the grandness that resides within or to allow my body to “collapse” so as not to represent who I am in truth. Esoteric Yoga has been a major resource in feeling the grandness and knowing that it is real, not because someone has told me that is who I am, but because I have felt it, and can now make the choice to hold myself from it.

  23. This certainly blows out of the water what we assume “yoga” to be. I gave a style of yoga a go many years ago. At first I was embarrassed to let my friends know that I did yoga and so I did it at home. The focus was then on stretching my body into all manner of poses to make it feel better and also give me mind a rest from the relentless thoughts it had back then. When I was introduced to Esoteric Yoga I slept through that many sessions that it became funny. How could something so gentle be so so good for you. I kept going back to it and a times I would actually stay awake. I couldn’t go past how this modality felt in my body, it was just so so lovely to feel. I was amazed, in a world that I thought you needed to push through there was something that went against that grain and gave you a truly settled body.

    1. I am sure our first Esoteric Yoga presenter thought we were having a competition to see who could snore the loudest some 10 plus years ago when I was first intruded to this modality. So as you have shared Ray ‘I slept through that many sessions that it became funny.’ Eventually when our bodies are felt in full our movements confirm our divine connection and the body starts to flow to a rhythm that feels full of the joys of life. Our divine connection being the full-ness that is felt in the heart and when this is maintained we become re-connected in union with the Soul and this is a complete lack of emptiness so our movements are in Yoga.

  24. Esoteric Yoga affords us an opportunity to deeply connect with our bodies and to feel and experience the yumminess of this exquisite state. We are then left with a choice as to how much we are willing to take what we experienced during our yoga session into our daily lives.

  25. If I’m all over the place and my body is showing me or if I’m generally connected then Esoteric Yoga always confirms this for me. and I am left to feel where I am and surrender more.

  26. There is indeed so much that the modality of Esoteric Yoga offers us – especially in these times where running on nervous energy and oftentimes pushing our bodies beyond exhaustion, is so commonplace.
    To return to the knowing of one’s innate stillness… this is profound, and has no ‘end point’. Every day I learn more from the foundational tenets of this modality. It has become a resource for an ever-deepening relationship with myself and my body, and how I move and go about the living of life, that is valuable beyond measure.

  27. Indeed, the ‘cover’ of simplicity of the presentation of Esoteric Yoga is EXACTLY what reveals how potent it truly is. To live, move and be with simplicity is a marker of our mastery in life, of living with the fire and love of our soul in our everyday…
    I am hesitant to say in the first place, that there is actually anything that may be ‘judged’ here… though very much appreciate the sentiment. If we judge what is lived as simplicity in its true essence, then that in itself is a marker for how far from our own love (and perhaps ‘into our heads’…) that we have strayed…

  28. I love these yoga sessions because they bring you back into your body, not your head and this changes your day. I find I am much more aware of my movements and hold myself in more tenderness and awareness and then feel more energised and less drained at the end of the day.

    1. 5. The mind has got a great gig, it’s intelligence is considered superior and is not challenged, yet it runs the body it is part of into the ground. Self destruction is not very intelligent even if you’re a professor of algebra! Learning about whole body intelligence through Universal Medicine has been truly wonderful, and Esoteric Yoga really supports the reconnection to the wisdom of the body.

  29. I have had a strong resistance to Esoteric Yoga – up until yesterday that is, when I had a one to one session and let myself be open and feel whatever there was to be felt. I started the session feeling protected and pretty weepy and pathetic from my week, but in a few minutes I was feeling connected to my body in a deeply powerful way. I have fallen in love with Esoteric Yoga and in doing so have fallen in love with myself.

  30. “I am in awe of how the body knows exactly how to bring itself back to harmony when I choose to get out of the way and treat my body in a most caring and respectful way… the same way that you would treat and hold a baby.” It seems a paradox to ‘get oneself out of the way’ to actually connect but it is true and Esoteric Yoga is all the things you say, and more, Marika. It is powerful means to come to realise and experience the body’s intelligence.

  31. I love your appreciation of Esoteric Yoga Marika, and how it shows you exactly how you’ve been and there’s no need to fix, just a willingness to observe and see the outplays of how you’ve chosen to be. It’s something I come back to more and more and I love the honesty it brings me to, even while at times it’s super uncomfortable but I would not have it any other way.

  32. I loved reading your appreciations of Esoteric Yoga Marika. Through this modality we are able to connect to a quality and spaciousness within that allows our body to restore its natural balance and true harmony.

  33. It is very profound what can happen in an Esoteric Yoga session, in a relatively short period of time I can feel completely transformed, in tune with my body, connected to what feels like a very heavenly flow of energy and move into my day quite differently. All of this from being with me.

  34. It beautiful to hear from someone like yourself Marika, that has such a massive back ground in fitness. You are detailed in exploring the values of this modality. I loved it when I use to attend classes but lack in the self discipline to motivate myself at home. Each time I read someone expressing their passion for esoteric yoga, it brings me one step closer.

  35. Esoteric Yoga is unlike any other Yoga I have come across because it is not about us controlling the body to get into and keep certain poses and then to better them, it is not about looking any particular way or fitting into an image of any kind. It does not introduce, cats, goats, chocolate or anything extraneous like a lot of ‘yogas ‘ do. It is extremely simple and in its simplicity it allows the body the space to realign itself naturally. It often feels very strange at first and can bring up awareness of things in our lives that we have chosen to ignore. The body itself can feel uncomfortable as it shows us and lets us feel more than what is on the surface and it can begin to let go of old ways that have not been supporting it. We get to feel ourselves on another level. We get to find out more of our inside story and are no longer content to just focus on the outside cover.

  36. When the body is allowed space it naturally starts to energetically realign without any effort what so ever. Esoteric Yoga gives us the opportunity to reconnect and ‘be’ in our bodies without any imposition. It is very nourishing.

  37. Esoteric Yoga stands alone in the amount of healing that is on offer when we connect to and feel deeply what the body is offering. during it we are brought into the stillness harmony and love that is our natural state, we can also feel what it is we are holding in our bodies that need to be cleared for us to go deeper. It is indeed a modality sent from heaven.

  38. I used to not like Esoteric Yoga at all! Looking back it was the stillness that made me uncomfortable. So much lies in stillness when we connect to it and allow ourselves to be in it. Yet in my case, I was so used to constant doing and motion that the stillness caused a bit of a freak out.

  39. Every aspect of Esoteric Yoga can be used in our everyday movements to confirm the deep connection we all have with God. As Yoga is union, so why not feel the divine connection in all we do. When opened up to our divine connection there is a full-ness that is felt in the heart and when this is maintained we become re-connected (religious) with the Soul and this is a complete lack of emptiness.

  40. I have been doing some yoga just before I go to bed and have found that my sleep has improved incredibly. I fall asleep with so much ease and wake up rested like I never have before.

  41. “I am in awe of how the body knows exactly how to bring itself back to harmony when I choose to get out of the way and treat my body in a most caring and respectful way…” – I hear you loud and clear, and couldn’t agree more. My body doesn’t need a big blow, a little nudge, or even just an intention of it, is enough for it to register something is not in full support of it. I am so learning to get out of its way.

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