Benefits of Esoteric Yoga – Don’t Judge A Book by Its Cover

The old saying ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ is very relevant to Esoteric Yoga, as what lays beneath the surface, inside the simple book cover, is very rich indeed. I liken it to this because the simplicity of the Esoteric Yoga format does not allude to the depth and power of what can be felt in the body in a 1 hour session that is in the most part laying down, being still and creating the space to feel the body.

In fact, it is almost too difficult to fathom how something so simple could be so amazing in what it offers the body, and the being, and how one feels!  

To put this into perspective, in the many years before discovering Esoteric Yoga I had worked with many modalities and fitness regimes and have been regarded as an expert in my fields as a Fitness Professional, Yoga teacher and Acrobatic teacher/performer spanning a 30 year period: I can say without hesitation that everything I have experienced has not come even close to the profoundness and honesty of what Esoteric Yoga offers.

It is truly a modality sent from heaven, allowing me to experience and connect to a most natural rhythm and thus a way of being that is harmonious, healing and feels so yummy in my body. In fact I would go so far as to say that it is the foundation of true vitality.

If I were to summarise my highlights and appreciations of Esoteric Yoga they would read something like this…

  • The level of deep rest and harmony that my body feels after a session and how different my day unfolds as a result of this lovely connection with me is delicious. I can go into a session feeling quite tired, and come out of a session feeling restored and ready for my day.
  • Any tension or anxiousness (especially in the shoulders) dissolves, allowing for more of the spaciousness and yumminess of me.
  • The spaciousness, openness and gentle quality that is felt in my body is achieved without any stretching or contorting. It reminds me that this is most likely how we felt as babies – so open and feeling the preciousness and tenderness that is perfectly natural.
  • There is an absolute honesty that I am shown during each session that allows me to look at the way I am choosing to live. Knowing that my body feels the end result of my choices, it gives me an opportunity to make positive lifestyle changes that I know will directly affect my well-being and how my body feels.

I am in awe of how the body knows exactly how to bring itself back to harmony when I choose to get out of the way and treat my body in a most caring and respectful way… the same way that you would treat and hold a baby.

Esoteric Yoga is a self-healing modality that can be done anytime, anywhere and it epitomises the truth of yoga.

Esoteric Yoga was founded by Serge Benhayon of Universal Medicine. To learn more about Universal Medicine Therapies visit

By Marika Cominos, Melbourne, Australia

Marika Cominos Marika Cominos is a Yoga & Complementary Therapies Practitioner who has been exploring health and well-being from a very young age.

She presents Esoteric Yoga courses and workshops globally. You can follow Marika at

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705 thoughts on “Benefits of Esoteric Yoga – Don’t Judge A Book by Its Cover

  1. “the Esoteric Yoga format does not allude to the depth and power of what can be felt in the body in a 1 hour session that is in the most part laying down, being still and creating the space to feel the body.” I agree, it’s truly a magical and rich experience, Esoteric Yoga imposes nothing and leaves the participant to feel so much from their body and being. As a modality it’s supported me to make profound changes in the way I care for myself and reconnected me to the stillness and divinity within, and supported me to feel the essence I am as a woman. More than just a session Esoteric Yoga is a way of living. It’s truly amazing.

  2. How simple is true Yoga, and every page gets us to understand how we can fully re-connect to our-bodies. Thank you Marika, Esoteric Yoga has made a profound difference in my life.

  3. When we really don’t like something, when it repulses us it is useful to question why. Sometimes it could be the wisdom of the body, protecting us from harm but other times it could be our resistance, our pride and lack of humility to admit that perhaps the way we are needs to change.

  4. I have started doing a program at night and the difference to doing it in the morning is so exposing for what I have considered resting and wind-down time. It is worrying how much my mind has run the show at the expense of my body. I truly appreciate Esoteric Yoga for being the conduit through which I have seen through the pattern.

  5. The true teachings of Yoga Have been shared again by Serge Benhayon and what you have shared Marika should be head-lines across the world but the energy of Truth is a hard pill to swallow for most.

  6. There have been so many times that I have done Esoteric Yoga in the morning and the rest of my day just seemed to flow, I did not get into as much reaction to things that normally bother me, and felt more steady and calm, able to deal with anything that came my way. Alternatively, when I do not take time to do either the Esoteric Yoga or other body awareness/connection type exercises, I don’t seem to have that same level of clarity and stillness within me, as my connection to my body, and thus my soul is not as strong.

    1. Agreed Michael, we can underestimate its power in our lives. I recently stopped my practice and noticed a difference in how I moved in my day. Beautiful to be reminded of this.

    1. Agreed, I didn’t know what my essence felt like till I started Esoteric Yoga, it was a concept and a word but now it is a living and breathing word that I can feel in my body.

  7. What is amazing to start to feel is that vitality comes from living in a way where we are more still, less rushed and less stressed in our day.. to feel vital every day is our natural way of being and not something that has to be bought or created. Yoga is super supportive in reconnecting us to what this feels like.

  8. I love Esoteric Yoga, it’s allowed me to feel a depth of stillness in my body I did not know was possible and it’s a huge support in living my day, where I find I can more easily stay connected to my body in everything I do.

  9. “Benefits of Esoteric Yoga – Don’t Judge A Book by Its Cover” – quite Marika because the cover might look amazing and a “good read” but in fact what’s inside the book is the opposite. Quality of the content [our being] is the deciding and qualifying factor when it comes to what looks truly good on the cover [our body].

  10. I am constantly amazed at how our body is so quick to connect to stillness, surrender and heal once we say yes to it on an energetic level.

  11. ‘I am in awe of how the body knows exactly how to bring itself back to harmony when I choose to get out of the way and treat my body in a most caring and respectful way… the same way that you would treat and hold a baby.’
    Perfectly said, Marika and this being ‘awe willing’ might just be very healthy too.

  12. I love how Esoteric yoga is also called the yoga of Stillness. In connecting to the stillness inside my body, I connect back to the intelligence of my body and the quality of my movements change and become in line with and in support of that wisdom.

  13. I always love the feeling in my body after Esoteric Yoga, which brings our focus of our mind to our body so they are together. To me this shows that our true way of being is being present with our body instead of our mind.

    1. Yes and highlights that we have been living far from that way, because we come back to it. Our bodies want us to remember that it is us, our minds and our attachments to stimulation that means we leave the natural ease and flow of our bodies.

  14. The beautiful simplicity of an Esoteric Yoga session is the most challenging for the complex mind.

    1. I remember struggling with the simplicity if Esoteric Yoga during my first 3 sessions and once my mind settled into my body, I got to feel how powerful and healing Esoteric Yoga is.

  15. That is very beautiful Marika. It is felt in your words. I don’t know what to say however, what it did offer me is a spaciousness in the body and how lovely that actually feels. To take a moment and focus on parts of the body to make you whole.

  16. For me Esoteric Yoga is an opportunity to deeply feel who I truly am, and it also allows my body the opportunity to reveal how I have been living in relation to this truth.

    1. Spot on Elizabeth, I have had this experience too and I’ve had some very revealing sessions where my body was showing me so much of what was not loving in my body through the releasing of stuck energy and tension.

  17. For myself, it is this combination of feeling the lightness of the being within my body and the reality of how my body actually feels according to how I have been moving it, that really makes Esoteric Yoga so profound.

  18. One of the deep and healing techniques of the Esoteric modalities that truly offer people to come back to themselves; to their body and being (Soul). This I have never experienced before by any other modality in this world.

  19. Esoteric Yoga is a wonderful modality that allows the body to surrender so deeply that you get to know exactly where we are at, for example, how tired/exhausted or vital we are.

  20. True vitality is lived when our body is positioned in a way through which our Soul can be imbued. Esoteric yoga offers a very tangible way for us to deepen our relationship with our body along with the awareness of the divine intelligence that is always on offer to guide us to live in connect or more so in union with our body and Soul.

  21. The more I reconnect to the wonders of my body and take steps further and further out of living from the prison of my mind, I can appreciate more and more how crucially important living from the impulses of our body is and hence how vitally beneficial Esoteric Yoga is for us all.

  22. I think oftentimes we can seek something complicated to distract ourselves from how we are feeling inside, rather than give ourselves the space to really connect with our body and being and learn from whatever is there to be seen.

    1. I recognize the seeking for complication or focusing on another instead of stopping and connecting to myself to feel what is going on. Esoteric yoga does support with stopping, connecting and giving space. Sometimes I find tears rolling over my cheeks without me being aware that I was sad before. And releasing frees me up again.

  23. Indeed a Heaven-sent modality. I love its perfectly designed simplicity. And I often get reminded that simplicity is not a lack of details, but it is what encompasses the whole and presents what is in its entirety, with no condition or manoeuver.

    1. This is very beautiful and so wisely shared on the true meaning of simplicity – being that which reflects the whole truth without any corruption, complication or holding back.

  24. Marika, I love the simplicity of esoteric yoga and that it is about re-connection rather than contorting the body.

  25. “Benefits of Esoteric Yoga – Don’t Judge A Book by Its Cover” – but instead look inside to feel it contents, chapter and verse and the quality of it to then adore what cover is seen.

  26. Esoteric Yoga has given me a real connection with my body, it was not until I truly stopped and felt how my body was feeling that I realised how on the go it can feel, and as I payed attention to each area, I began to get a true sense as to how my body felt. I am now able to feel the stillness in it when I connect which is also my marker for the day, to continue to do all the things I need to do, yet still hold a quality of that stillness.

  27. Giving ourselves the space to tune in with our whole body and simply be honest about how we’re feeling gives us the opportunity to reflect deeper on why this may be, ‘good’ or ‘bad’. And from that reflection we can be more aware of the way in which we live in all areas of our life, benefiting not only ourselves but everyone around us too.

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