Where is the Love? Where Has it Gone?

In our present time of wars, drug wars, binge drinking, corruption at all levels (e.g. from pharmaceutical and weapons industries all the way down to local government), religious fanatics killing and enslaving, the booming global slave trade (now referred to as human trafficking, including child trafficking, sex trafficking and refugee extortion), poverty, extreme wealth, abuse, cyber abuse, self abuse, bullying, suicide – the list could go on and on – where is the love in this world? Where has the love gone?

Were not all religions originally based on love? Were not all religions originally from the one religion of love?

Love for one another, love thy neighbour, love all of mankind, love will save the world, love is all we need, love conquers all, unconditional love… but what have many institutionalised religions become? Nothing but a human created set of rules (sometimes cruel, harsh and discriminating and definitely NOT loving) based upon some old scriptures that have been twisted and turned, re-written and re-translated to become the basis of how almost the whole of humanity act, think, indulge, hate and disregard one another.

I stop now and think; I have been a part of this, joining the masses, saying this is normal, ‘I’m all right Jack’, ‘we have to look after our own’, or just hiding inside my own little bubble of life, doing my own thing, cutting off the rest of humanity as though I was not a part of them and they were not a part of me. A ‘part’ of this, not by being a drug trafficker or any of the other abhorrent pastimes listed above, but a part of it nonetheless by accepting that all this happens, and never doing anything about it.

We can all do something about the state of the world we live in, from the smallest word lovingly spoken to the greatest act of love; every single loving act will conduce towards a more harmonious society.

Yes I did hear all those love statements and think “yea, OK, nice thoughts, lovely sentiment, but really I mean, really, does anyone, apart from the Dalai Lama that is, think that it is possible to not just love thy neighbour but love the whole of humanity?”

The answer is YES, there are many people who truly believe; large and small groups spread across the globe, growing steadily in number, in strength and most important of all, in love.

Normal everyday people who truly believe that love is the way, laying down the foundations for a better world to live in for the generations to come. Already enjoying harmonious lives and living examples of true beauty. Lovingly helping others around them unconditionally.

Through the living example of love personified, Serge Benhayon, his family and Universal Medicine, with an ever growing number of students practising true love for all humanity, there is the greatest possibility to find where the love is. It has not gone anywhere, it can be found inside us all! Truly inspired!

by Christopher Murphy, Kindergarten Assistant and Universal Medicine student, Drøbak, Norway

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1,173 thoughts on “Where is the Love? Where Has it Gone?

  1. We are surrounded by the chaos created by humanity but we are equally surrounded and have passing through us the Divine Love of God. It is a choice for each and everyone of us to reconnect to our inner essence of Love and change the world.

  2. So true Christopher. We have countless songs, books and other written documents sprouting that love is the be all end all – but do we collectively live and express it as a quality in everything that we say and every movement we make?

  3. For love to have gone somewhere it implies that love is something outside of ourselves, but this is not the case. Love is something that is inside of us, but will stay inside if we don’t express it to ourselves and then to one another.

  4. Awesome Christopher to read your blog, the answer to your questions I would not have been able to answer say 6 years ago but now, I know without a doubt that love hasn’t gone anywhere but it is within us all waiting to be expressed and lived. I used to wonder where love has gone but being able to feel love within myself and within everyone I meet has been an amazing confirmation that love lives strongly within us all.

    1. I too used to “wonder where love had gone” but in those days I can see that I really didn’t know what love truly is as I was so caught up in the emotional interpretation we have been fed for so long. To know that love can’t go anywhere as it is an intrinsic part of me, and can only be buried not lost, has certainly changed the way I live, how I love me and how I love everyone else.

  5. Love has not gone anywhere, as it is who we innately are and where we all come from. Separating from it may feel that it has left us, but in fact it is us who have chosen to leave it. The good news is we can rekindle it at any stage by a simple choice to reconnect with it.

    1. So true Elizabeth it is us that have chosen to separate from love, so we can at any moment chose to reconnect to it. The sad thing is we have bastardised the word ‘love’ so much that we no longer know the true meaning of the word, so we think we are returning or reconnecting to love, but in truth it is usually just another flavour of the bastardised version

  6. Being love and expressing love is fundamental to who we are and if we have forgotten that then it is telling us that we have disconnected from our essence.

    1. When I talk to people I get the feeling that most of us have forgotten what love is due to stepping away from love for such a long time. But it doesn’t take much for us to reconnect to love when we are ready to embrace it again.

    2. We are here to be love, and to express love, ‘We can all do something about the state of the world we live in, from the smallest word lovingly spoken to the greatest act of love’.

  7. We have come to a level of corruption in this world that is set by the loveleness of our choices, our will to be not who we truly are from here the mass destruction was let in.. Being it ; rape, discrimination, poverty, molestation, murder, suppresion, human trafficing, drug use, crime, money laundring, cursing, speaking bad about another, being dismissive and protected, acting careless to one and another and so much more etc. Is all that we are not. We have made life about that even if it is about talking for change, but not truly change or be that love that we innately are. We have gone so far away from our essence. That we need to see that this all was one big set up
    – a creation, the opposite of our love. Which of course, because it is a replica of love in its opposite form creates everything in lovelessness.

  8. Where is the love is a great question – you don’t even need to look at big astrocities to feel it’s missing – you just need to go into the supermarket and observe how people treat each other … we are accepting so much less than we deserve.

    1. Yes, it is great to ask the question because otherwise it almost gets normal that the love is so missing in society today.

  9. Love has not gone anywhere. We are that which we think we need and seek, we are chasing our own tail, making sure that we give ourselves only a glimpse to keep us in a hope, which actually keeps us in this crazy chase.

    1. Love is inside us all, do we feed and nourish this love, and then share it with the world? ‘It has not gone anywhere, it can be found inside us all!’

  10. Whilst we may be able to say that we are not actively part of all the atrocities that happen in the world, we still allow it all to happen by putting into this world loveless energy from all our unloving acts, be it the smallest abuse of our body to the more extreme forms we commonly know.

  11. Expressing our love to all equally is what’s needed in a world that has held back and reduced their divine and true selves.

  12. That’s very sweet Christopher – the love hasn’t gone anywhere, it can be found inside of every single one of us.

  13. “We can all do something about the state of the world we live in…” – Absolutely, the way we live our everyday, how we are at home, at work, with family, friends, anyone we meet, all has a ripple effect and makes a difference.

  14. A great blog to highlight how far we have stepped away from love in order for these things to take place, we all have a responsibility to bring more love into the world, because for each loving step or moment the world gets to equally feel that love.

  15. We can give in and succumb to the cruelty of this world or we can step by step live by what our heart is telling us and with that lay a foundation of love slowly but steadily that we all one day will stand on.

  16. It shows us how far we have descend away from our true nature – love, and how much we have hurt ourselves by not being that love with each other. It now takes us to see the corruption, pain, suffering, hate, murder, rape, discrimination, poverty, abuse, swearing and so much more, for us to face what the effects are when we choose to not be that absolute love that we are.

  17. Visions of normal that are not true, true that is not normal. We know this too well. Normalising true is the next bit we are being asked for since we can recognize true with all our particles

  18. Beautiful Blog, it is something to truly grasp, accept and appreciate, each moment that a loving gesture is made, the whole world is blessed by this grace. Therefore each and every one of us is then bringing to our world the change we all dearly want, every moment love is lived.

  19. Hearing a policeman talk recently about paedophilia, he made it very clear that it could not happen or at least reoccur without enablers – the people who suspect or know but never do a thing to stop the things that we say we abhor in society. This is an extreme case but I can see how this happens in other areas of life like at work, where everyone allows the bully to continue their behaviour, so long as it’s not targeted at them.

    1. This is an extreme example, but very significant. If I am honest with myself, I have certainly allowed abusive behavior to continue. Honestly looking at why I allow this to be the case is the beginnings of acting differently as such experiences come my way.

  20. I love this line: ” every single loving act will conduce towards a more harmonious society. ” Every moment we can either contribute to a more loving society or contribute to what we currently have where people don’t seem to truly care about other people unless they are friends or family.

  21. I am not sure that it is true that all religions came from love. We cannot say christianity came from Jesus who of course was love. He didn’t ask for a religion to be set up and he certainly wouldn’t give christianity a stamp of approval as it was set up 370 years after his death by a Roman emperor with an agenda to control people and in doing so decided what was to be allowed into the one book of so called truth and what was to be left out. For me none of the religions we accept as mainstream religions came from love but rather from a bastardisation of love by those that followed long after and used it for their own ends.

  22. Will we ever live our true potential if we base the way we live and compare ourselves to the extremes of evil and abuse that exist in our civilization today? If we settle that we are OK because we are at least not killing or enslaving another, are we really evolving. What if we were to hold ‘love’ as the marker of who we are first, that we are first the Sons of God, and our true living way is to live the love we are through our connection to our Soul? A not so obscure possibility and reality that is already being explored and consistently lived today by a global community through a religion known as The Way of The Livingness.

  23. There is much emphasis on what we leave for the next generation when it comes to the state of our planet, our government and so on, and rightly so, but there is not much talk among families or society that we need to let go of unloving beliefs, ideals and so called traditions that we hold on to, so that our young are free to be themselves.

    1. Yes, agree Aimee. The greatest gift we can leave for future generations, is the way to live in connection to our Soul, our Godliness, who we are, as this is where that love is really and always at.

    2. Living love, being love adds more love to the world, which is truly needed, ‘every single loving act will conduce towards a more harmonious society.’

  24. Where has the love gone? It never went! It has always been within us and around us, it is just a matter of what do we truly feel and what are we aligned to? .. as well as, what do we choose in our day to day living and choices. This is still work in progress for me and will be forever more. It is my true life purpose returning back to the love I truly am and loving all others equally. One thing is for sure and that is Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine have stupendously paved the way with regards to this for all of humanity and continue to do so ✨

  25. Love has indeed gone nowhere, it was there all along inside each everyone of us. The trick is to inspire people to connect back to it and stop looking outside of themselves.

    1. Building a foundation of love for self is a great start, and then allow this love to emanate out into the world.

  26. Truly beautiful Christopher, love has not gone anywhere but has been literally around all the time and it simply comes back to us to choose love to be our constant guiding light in our life.

  27. Where has the Love gone? Is it under the chair? Or on the internet somewhere? Or in the closet? Or in the fridge? Hmmmm well we will never get anywhere looking for love outside us when it is right there where it has always been and will always remain, in our inner most within us.

    1. Looking high and low for love can be exhausting because it is a game we can easily play without releasing that it is a game because love has away been inside us all along.

  28. Love is never gone – a fact that is shown in how sensitive we are to all that is not love. We know love inside out, and we are the ones who start to live it again.

  29. Love is always with us and within, it never leave us, it is our responsibility and decision to go to it, if we so wish.

  30. I see so many people struggling and I often hear these words, ‘something is missing or I’m not enough’ and I used to think and feel this too. It’s only since meeting Serge Benhayon, family and Universal Medicine has this changed. Its when I started to reconnect with myself and removed what was not me, did the love emerge and it is beauty-full and it is limitless, It has always been there.

  31. Love is the steps each of us take and every step matters, so the question for all of us becomes, have I stepped with love?

  32. Unconditional love can seem like one of those pie-in-the-sky phrases that never comes into the reality of everyday life. Like it is something nice that could happen but never does. And yet, I have felt in my inner-heart an unconditional love that is beyond what this world has to offer. It is a divine love that knows only the essence of all people and so it cannot judge and so it cannot place conditions.

  33. True love is just simple, it isn’t laced with any emotions, any measures, it is of equal to all and within us all, we just need to be willing to drop the masks that hide it.

  34. The different types of love that we have show how very complicated we have made love to be. All the while there is no need for this complexity but a simple tuning in with ourselves, as deep down we all know true love to be, we simply need to start living it again.

  35. Love is here, has been all along – a deep well of it within us. So where are we that we live in a way that deprives us of that which would quench the eternal thirst we have all developed when we do not live in connection with such love?

  36. Children know they can love all of humanity! It is their natural way and expression – it is us that reduce family to blood line or close friends. I say “go love bugs”!

    1. And as parents we don’t get in their way of being the natural ‘love bugs’ they are, even if it brings up a lot for us where we allowed our loving expression to be squashed and boxed in.

  37. Beautifully explored and found, that love has not gone anywhere but is always with us, we simply have to choose to live it. And the important part is to live it consistently and not get swayed by the many distractions and obstacles on the way.

  38. When we reconnect to the love within us, we then realise and can feel an equal love within everyone else.

  39. Asking the question where has the love gone implies that it was there and then disappeared, whereas we could ask has there ever been love in our past? If there has been it is now hard to spot for it must have been very long ago if at all. Certainly in the past two thousand years since Jesus brought us the message of love thy neighbour, we have not listened and done the opposite.

  40. ” and Universal Medicine, with an ever growing number of students practising true love for all humanity, there is the greatest possibility to find where the love is. It has not gone anywhere, it can be found inside us all”
    Well said Christopher, love is inside us all it just needs to be lived.

  41. When we choose love, there is an ease to life it is when we fight the living the love that we are that we create complication.

  42. One of the biggest issues, if not the biggest, is that we have made love a word rather than a way of living. In doing so any matter of ills can be pardoned because with the right words it sounds good…

  43. Every journey starts with the first step. So, too, does the journey to establish true brotherhood on Earth with each and every person taking the first step of love and to keep walking. Many have begun and each who does inspires many to follow suit. Hence the journey has begun.

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