My Home is Always With Me

I love nature and what it allows me to learn in every moment.

After having had a very beautiful meeting via Skype with an amazing friend, I was sitting on the terrace and I felt such an inner warmth and stillness. I decided to enjoy the wonderful morning by going for a short walk to admire the landscape, the golden morning sun, and let this joyful feeling sink in deeper.

After a few metres I suddenly saw a snail, which was graciously gliding through the grass. I could feel a stillness, beauty and clear focus in those movements that felt very similar to what I felt in myself. It seemed to be so full of joy gliding through the meadow, just living each moment, without a goal to be reached or something to be fulfilled, just living and being. Now and then nibbling some leaves to nurture itself, constantly stretching out its feelers to feel its surroundings.

Michael Kremer-My Home is always with me

When seeing the ease with which this snail carried its home and how solid that home seemed, I had a deep realisation of the fact that my home is also always with me. It is not made of brick and walls, but a place of trust, love and inner knowing that I carry with me, deep down inside of me.

It is light and yet the safest and most solid place I can imagine. I can always go there to be warm and to nurture myself and I do not need to be provided for with anything from the outside, as everything I might really need will be ‘at home’.

The striving for goals and the expectations I have had towards life suddenly seemed like a big distraction from the ease and stillness I could feel, if I would be constantly aware of the fact that my home is always within. It feels like I just need to allow myself to go there more often.

This little snail has been an amazing reflection and inspiration… of coming home to my soul, my inner wisdom, and to my inner-heart.

By Michael Kremer, Personal Assistant, Buchholz, Germany

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762 thoughts on “My Home is Always With Me

  1. “without a goal to be reached or something to be fulfilled, just living and being.” Recently I experienced the beautiful feeling of just being without a mind full of chatter or repetition. There was more space to enjoy life and the company and connection of others.

  2. The concept of eating food to nourish ourselves is so far gone that we have probably forgotten that that’s food’s one and only purpose.

  3. Your blog Michael has made me think of the hare and the tortoise story, as everyday I am wrestling with my habitual rush and push that undermines that poise, stillness and gracious gliding movement that you observed in your snail. We can learn a lot by observing and appreciating nature.

  4. This is very true Elizabeth – and you have reminded me how often I dismiss this opportunity when I fall into the rush and the hustle and bustle of the world around me.

  5. A great lesson from nature that when we rush we are going nowhere but when we return to the love of our inner-heart we know we are at home.

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