My Home is Always With Me

I love nature and what it allows me to learn in every moment.

After having had a very beautiful meeting via Skype with an amazing friend, I was sitting on the terrace and I felt such an inner warmth and stillness. I decided to enjoy the wonderful morning by going for a short walk to admire the landscape, the golden morning sun, and let this joyful feeling sink in deeper.

After a few metres I suddenly saw a snail, which was graciously gliding through the grass. I could feel a stillness, beauty and clear focus in those movements that felt very similar to what I felt in myself. It seemed to be so full of joy gliding through the meadow, just living each moment, without a goal to be reached or something to be fulfilled, just living and being. Now and then nibbling some leaves to nurture itself, constantly stretching out its feelers to feel its surroundings.

Michael Kremer-My Home is always with me

When seeing the ease with which this snail carried its home and how solid that home seemed, I had a deep realisation of the fact that my home is also always with me. It is not made of brick and walls, but a place of trust, love and inner knowing that I carry with me, deep down inside of me.

It is light and yet the safest and most solid place I can imagine. I can always go there to be warm and to nurture myself and I do not need to be provided for with anything from the outside, as everything I might really need will be ‘at home’.

The striving for goals and the expectations I have had towards life suddenly seemed like a big distraction from the ease and stillness I could feel, if I would be constantly aware of the fact that my home is always within. It feels like I just need to allow myself to go there more often.

This little snail has been an amazing reflection and inspiration… of coming home to my soul, my inner wisdom, and to my inner-heart.

By Michael Kremer, Personal Assistant, Buchholz, Germany

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751 thoughts on “My Home is Always With Me

  1. The snail is an amazing symbol that all we seek is already within us. I’ve always admired the steady, consistent pace the snail moves at, completely in its own rhythm, and never trying to be anything other than that.

  2. Seeing nature as a constant teacher opens up our world and allows us to feel just how interconnected we all are and that is pretty cool.

  3. I am someone who doesn’t like change, but have had to move home 4 times in the last few years. I too have discovered through the discomfort of several moves that there is something within me that is solid, dependable and foundational, even when things are constantly changing on the outside.

  4. Thank you Michael for a beautifully simple blog, the magic of God in nature is constantly reflecting back to us his messages of Divine love.

  5. ‘Just Be’ is what came to me reading this but when I first started reading I had a thought of ‘where is the snail getting to?’… but that’s the point, the snail is not getting anywhere, it’s just with itself. I can see where I can get caught up in an outcome or an accomplishment to tick my day off as successful… and it’s just not needed.

  6. ‘Just living each moment, without a goal to be reached or something to be fulfilled’.. how different would life feel, day to day and moment to moment, if we made it about the quality of each moment rather than reaching a goal, ticking a box, completing a list? My own experience is that it is infinitely more joyful and far less stressful when I take the time pressure off and allow myself to just ‘be’ and enjoy each moment, without needing to get through a list. By removing the time pressure somehow it removes the need to do everything perfectly, and so things actually take less time anyway.

  7. Remaining open to the many reflections nature is constantly offering us allows us to feel the enormous love and divinity that surrounds us always.

  8. The magic of Nature is a wonder to behold. Recently at a course we were studying the teachings of Hermes Trismegistus and even over 10,000 years BC he was telling us that God communicates with us constantly in two ways, through dreams by night and through signs through day e.g.. birds and the sacred oak i.e nature. It is a deeply beautiful and grace-giving science that is all around us.

  9. In my garden I love to observe the snails and how they move, they are constantly feeling their surroundings with their feelers and make their next move or glide according to what was felt. Sometimes I need to move one from the lawn before the grass is cut and it is lovely to see how it is not perturbed by the fact of the change and will continue feeling its way in its new surroundings exactly the same way as it did, before being moved. I see this consistency in flow, as a much-needed reflection for me to not lose myself when things suddenly change in my life and to be aware of the importance of staying with me whatever these changes may be.

  10. I also love nature Michael and that whenever we are open to the messages that nature constantly offers us, reminding us of and confirming our Soulful way, our lives are enriched to no end.

  11. Home is really only a breath away – a revelation that has changed my life. For if I’m ever ‘out’ or not feeling myself, I can always return ‘home’ by connecting to myself. I love the simplicity.

  12. Life is full of symbolism – we can let it go by without batting an eye or we can stop and take notice and learn from a humble snail.

  13. Great blog Michael. I was just thinking this morning, if only you could be truly at ease with yourself most of the time, you would not need to search so hard to find your place in the world. You would simply feel at home wherever you were.

  14. Every time I re-read your beautiful blog Michael I feel refreshed and know the simplicity of life. Thank you!

  15. We have symbols all around us revealing and confirming our innate qualities or sharing with us aspects of ourselves which need refining…. to receive these loving messages requires us to be present within our inner home which is always with us wherever we go.

  16. It’s a beautiful feeling to know that our ‘home’ is always with us. With every loving choice we strengthen its foundations until even the most tempestuous of ‘storms’ leave us unrocked and steady in their wake.

  17. I haven’t read this blog in a while and thoroughly enjoyed reading it again. Appreciating what you are sharing with us Michael and reminding me that my home too is always with me, by connecting to my soul.

  18. When we are open to the messages we receive from nature it can bring a wonder to life. This morning I passed a snail and while I knew there was a message from God to read I carried on walking….That is until I came across another and then admitted that I couldn’t ignore it anymore. What I felt was to be assured that my home, my heart and my love is always with me, and to take things slowly rather than trying to force myself to be the picture of what ‘being me’ is/has been.

  19. That you found such inspiration in the gliding steadiness of a snail Michael shows that if we open our eyes up to the fact, we are blessed by many experiences in our day to day lives that can inspire us.

  20. Nature is always giving us gorgeous messages that are exactly constellated for us in that moment. In fact all of life it like that including the people we happen to meet and the page of the book we just opened. The Universe is our home.

  21. This is a beautiful thing to remember as I put my lovely home on the market ! The divinity is within me and that is my home – I reside in the heart of God amidst the universe.

  22. It’s so gorgeous to feel how when we choose to re-connect with our inner heart we discover that we have truly come home and have no need of outside trappings. I am gradually releasing so many items in my home that I was attached to but they no longer serve a purpose and can be easily let go of.

  23. The snail is such an awesome reflection of being complete within yourself and trusting in the universe.

  24. What you have shared in this blog Michael is also an amazing reflection and inspiration. How blessed we are to have the opportunity to come home to our soul, inner wisdom and inner-heart;
    “This little snail has been an amazing reflection and inspiration… of coming home to my soul, my inner wisdom, and to my inner-heart”.

  25. This shows the importance to make sure we really feel at home in our own body and in and with ourselves.

  26. I always love being at home but I have to agree that our home is with us all of the time, this is felt when I take a trip for a couple of days and I am somewhere else. The surrounds may be different, the luxuries sometimes decreased, sometimes increased, but the feeling is that I am home, as when you have yourself in full, your home is everywhere.

  27. Beautiful to read Michael, thank you for sharing that our home is always with us, this was the feeling I first experienced when i first heard Serge talk, a feeling that I had come home, home to my inner heart my soul, there to be bathed in its beautiful love, warmth and stillness.

  28. This is such a lovely reminder that everything is a symbol, communicating divinity in one way or another – and it is when we allow ourselves to be open to read what is being offered that magic is felt.

  29. I have always enjoyed the abundant reflection from nature and I felt to read your lovely blog today Michael as I too found a gorgeous little snail on my travels this morning and he was leaving behind a beautiful silver trail and it showed me how the quality in which we move can be a direct reflection of how we live and that is pretty cool.

  30. This is such a gorgeous sharing and reminder Michael; of the messages we receive from the Magic of God that are constantly offering us truth and wisdom.

  31. Through our connection to who we are within, to our inner-heart we discover that our eternal home resides within, a kingdom where our Soulful light represents all that we are and how our lightness of being can be lived wherever we are. We certainly are blessed to have the constant reflection of nature reminding us of the true nature of who we are and what we are here to live.

  32. Yes allowing ourselves to really go there is the key, a commitment to forever deepen within ourselves. I have been bringing more consistency to deepening within myself which is having a huge impact in all areas of my life, far beyond what I could have imagined.

  33. I find sometimes the magic of God through the symbolism of nature provides a rocket of awareness to the simplicity an absolute confirmation of the majestic we are from and are.

  34. What i love too about snails is that they always go in their own pace and never are rushed by anything (imagine a rushed snail!) There is a knowing that there is a moment for everything and that it will come to us as long as we steadily keep going.

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