From Apologist to Confident

When I was younger I used to apologise for everything. I used to say sorry to people at work before I asked them a question – like my manager, even if it was to do with my job! I used to say sorry to people if we bumped into each other on the street, even if they bumped into me. Sorry was a word that would automatically jump out of my mouth if I wasn’t sure about anything.

I had totally forgotten about this until I remembered the other day how much I used to apologise for just being me.

I knew this felt horrible in my body and my posture would also reflect this: my shoulders would be tense and curled inwards, my chest would feel caved in and a bit hollow and my back would be a bit slouched.

At the time, I would think to myself, “but why am I apologising for asking a question?” or “why do I see myself less than others so much?” In truth it would make me feel a bit pathetic, but I felt I just had to accept it as I thought that was the way I was and I didn’t know how to change.

Looking at this now, I can also see that it had to do with confidence as well, or lack of confidence in myself.

However, the other day something happened that made me remember this – how I used to apologise for everything – and I could appreciate how much I have changed since this time.

I now know and feel I am equal to everyone, which is massive in itself as a lot of the time I felt less than others. I no longer say sorry before asking a question and I feel a lot more claimed within me. When I say claimed it is a strength from within, a part of me I have re-connected to that I had forgotten about or didn’t feel I could connect to.

I feel stronger within my body, more confident, more present and am not afraid to ask questions or answer them. Also my body posture has changed a lot. My shoulders are not up by my ears anymore, they have dropped, feel more relaxed and are not hunched forward, my chest feels more open instead of feeling hollow and my spine feels stronger and my back straighter.

I am not afraid to stand in front of another and be open with vulnerability – and I feel I am able to connect to a lot more people in a much deeper way.

So what has changed in between forever apologising, with little confidence, to now?

The biggest and main support in my life, when I reflect on each moment and change, is the Sacred Esoteric Healing Courses presented by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine that I have been attending over the last 9 years.

Through the teachings of Universal Medicine I have not only gained a deeper and clearer understanding of energy, the Universe and life, but also of myself.

With the healing modalities I have been able to feel and see what I have been holding onto within my body that was not truly me, or did not serve me in how I was living and expressing with others – from ill ideals and beliefs to patterns and behaviours I was living every day, like seeing myself less than others, or apologising for being me.

Through this, as well as making other choices in my life such as committing to life and what I am doing / job I am in (I used to continually want to run away from everything I was doing and not fully commit), these changes have come about.

Another really important subject that has been presented by Universal Medicine is movement and the way we move; if we are purposeful and present (body and mind together) with each move we make, to the best of our ability, be it filling up the kettle to make a cup of tea or walking to a door, this can bring about a true confidence and commitment that is felt deep within the body, giving us something tangible we can build from.

For me this is such a big step and change from how I used to be. It is still a work in progress and at times I may fall into old patterns, but this is very rare and I know there will always be an opportunity to evolve and be more of me if I am willing to let go of what I know is not me.

I am continually inspired by the teachings and presentations of Serge Benhayon, the Benhayon family, Universal Medicine and Universal Medicine Practitioners: they are true role models, living and walking what they talk and present – showing us all there is a more fulfilling and loving way to live and be.

By Vicky, Youth Worker, London

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931 thoughts on “From Apologist to Confident

  1. This is such a brilliant blog Vicky, as you have named a ‘disease’ that affects a huge proportion of the population, especially women – ‘sorry for being me and daring to say anything’. It affects our expression hugely and thus will end in throat and head disease. Our whole society has been stratified in a way that there are ‘the most important’ people at the top, going down in scale until we hit ‘the least important’ – this occurs in our work situations, in the wider community, in politics, and in our personal relationships.
    I have a friend who is in her nineties and when she rings up she says’ It’s only me’ in an apologetic sort of way. This is a strong amazing woman and it is painful to hear her say that.

  2. Thank you Vicky, one of the greatest realizations for me too since attending Universal Medicine is the power that we all hold through movement of our bodies, it is amazing as something so simple has the power to shift and dispel so much in our lives, which is not done in truth. This is a constant exploration and the more I commit to develop such a quality within myself the more life just opens up and flows like never before.

    1. Beautifully said Francisco – ‘This is a constant exploration and the more I commit to develop such a quality within myself the more life just opens up and flows like never before.’ The more we are guided by our connection to who we are, our Soul, the more we are moved by a quality that is in accordance to the pulse of the universe… and what an exquisite quality to explore.

  3. I can relate to all you have mentioned about apologising Vicky and being with Universal Medicine with courses, books and retreats has changed my life and my movements. The way in which we move is super important. Every movement done in presence is a commitment to life and is felt in the body.. work in progress as my mind is always very willing to take over and leave the body behind but I know how to come back by just changing my movements.

  4. Reading this Vicky took me back to how I used to constantly apologise a well. Making myself less and playing small was a game I used to hide from the world, learning to let go of this pattern and to live and move in a way that is more honouring of me has been an absolute blessing and a game changer in many ways.

  5. A gorgeous appreciation Vicky, of your reclaiming and returning to who you are. It is empowering to feel our connection to who we are as we realise that there is absolutely nothing to apologise for when we bring our loving presence to the lives we live. It is in fact a blessing for us all and there is nothing more healing in this world than our loving movements and imprints.

  6. How awesome, Vicky, to have made these changes in your life and to keep making them, to keep appreciating how much things have shifted. It’s appreciating all of the little things we do – the way we walk, move, make a cup of tea or type an email.. when we bring presence and purpose to what we do, it totally changes how we feel in that moment, and the more we do it, the more that feeling of connection and enjoyment builds.

  7. What an amazing transformation Vicky. I feel your deep connection and solidness with you and how you living this has allowing you to be clearer and more present in your day to day life. And you note movement, how we move, how we are with ourselves and within ourselves sets us up for how we are with others and the world around us, the more we can be present in each moment the more we have that solidness behind us in the world.

  8. Only this morning (whilst ironing!) I was reflecting on everything I have been given to date, and continue to be given by Universal Medicine. The modalities I have both learnt and had access to via practitioners have supported me to literally clear everything out of my body and being that is not me, ill ideals, beliefs, patterns, resentment, blame and have been an absolute blessing. When we have access to such gold it is never just for us but for all and I could feel the responsibility I have to make sure every single person has the same access to true healing as I have had.

    1. That is really beautiful to read Vicky, it is true we need to appreciate fully what we have had offered to us and how much it has positively impacted our lives.

  9. I notice so many people apologise almost constantly! It is most often women as well, it is great to read how you turned this around and now have a real appreciation for yourself and how you are equal to all.

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