For Every Force there is an Equal and Opposite Force

I was always a keen physicist at school and thus was very aware of Isaac Newton’s Third Law which states that:

“For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” (Isaac Newton)

In one of the many presentations given by Serge Benhayon, he offered an expansion to understanding Newton’s Third Law:

“For every force there is an equal and opposite force.” (Serge Benhayon)

My scientific mind was immediately pricked, so I began to consider the world through the lens of this scientific fact and it enabled me to unlock a far deeper understanding of the world.

Through the work of Universal Medicine and through the teachings of Serge Benhayon I have seen, felt and now know a level of love that is almost unfathomable in its purity, consistency, integrity and power. That love, and my choice to align to that love, has changed and continues to change my life entirely. I have also seen, felt and know the game-changing effects that love has had in the wider community, in humanity.

But I was just seeing the tip of the iceberg… because I hadn’t fully considered the science.

“For every force there is an equal and opposite force.” (Serge Benhayon)

I know the power of the love that I have felt. It is gigantic. Now I am beginning to understand the forces that counter this love which, as per this scientific equation, must therefore also be gigantic. This understanding puts so much of what is at play in the world into context.

But there is more. The above looks at love first and then considers the opposite. What about the vice versa of that. What about looking at it in the opposite direction. Look at the horrors, atrocities, corruption, greed, war-mongering, desolation, loneliness, rampant dis-ease and illness, abject poverty, extreme wealth and all the other hideous inequalities that affect our world. Every day there are countless examples of it from every corner of the globe.

Look really, really closely. Open your eyes to the all of it. It can be a bleak and overwhelming vision. But keep looking. Do not avert your eyes. And then consider again…

“For every force there is an equal and opposite force.” (Serge Benhayon)

So, if that is the state of our world, if that is the extremity to which the situation has got to, if that is the depths to which humanity has sunk… then, through this scientific equation, we can also know the depth of the love that we are opposing.

Imagine what love, glory and joy is available to us, should humanity choose the opposite force to the one that most of us are currently choosing.

That choice, through the divine right of free will, will always be ours and ours alone.

But whilst humanity tears itself apart, it serves us well to fully contemplate both sides of this equation, and thus the love that must also be in each and every one of us.

Scientific fact.

Our choice.

By Otto Bathurst, UK, 45, Film and TV Director

Otto Bathurst is a man, a father and friend of three kids, a husband and partner of a beautiful woman, an active member of industry boards, local communities and support groups and a lover of people whose days are full of so much more than just directing film and TV.

You can follow Otto Bathurst on Twitter @ottobathurst

Serge Benhayon is an author and presenter and the founder of Universal Medicine. You can learn more about Serge Benhayon at his personal website www.sergebenhayon.comFollow Serge Benhayon on Twitter @SergeBenhayon or on Google+ +SergeBenhayon

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838 thoughts on “For Every Force there is an Equal and Opposite Force

  1. I hadn’t stopped to actually consider the true and full implication of what you are saying Otto
    “Look really, really closely. Open your eyes to the all of it. It can be a bleak and overwhelming vision. But keep looking. Do not avert your eyes. And then consider again…
    “For every force there is an equal and opposite force.” (Serge Benhayon)”
    I have adverted my eyes to see what I want to see rather than what is actually there to be seen and felt. So, therefore could we say that all the horrors of the world, and there seems to be more abuse now towards ourselves and each other than ever before, is a reaction to the amount of love that is on offer that we are all in resistance to?

  2. Freedom to choose is the energy we choice by our-will so as Jesus said thy ‘will’ not my ‘will’, will be done, or some such, thus our will is to choose what energy we are in and Love (God) comes to the fore when we understand the choice we have from whatever else is on offer.

  3. This brings a scientific fact out of the realms of being a concept and into human life, exactly how science needs to be, applicable in every facet of life, and used for the purpose of evolution. The power of love is quite something to ponder if we consider the ugliness currently in the world – “Imagine what love, glory and joy is available to us, should humanity choose the opposite force to the one that most of us are currently choosing.”

  4. There is a great science of life that plays out, outside of our visual range, so therefore we have chosen to not be aware of this. This quote really highlights this “For every force there is an equal and opposite force.” (Serge Benhayon).

    1. Jennifer I understand what you are saying
      ‘There is a great science of life that plays out, outside of our visual range,so therefore we have chosen to not be aware of this.’
      If we were to regain our inner sight of the Astral Plane and all that this means, I feel we would all be brought to a complete stop as their hold over us would be exposed to the full light of day. While we chose to remain seemingly ignorant of what is truly going on, it gives us all the excuse to continue living in such abusive ways towards ourselves and others by ignoring the great science of the Universe by pretending it doesn’t exist.

    2. Many people choose to bury their heads in the sand to not see the ugliness in the world, but that does nothing to make it go away, or stop this energy.

  5. It can be very overwhelming when we observe what is going on in this world, the wars, the greed, the abuse and so on, especially if we only take in what we see and not what we would feel if we stopped and allowed ourselves to understand that there is more to it than what we can see on the surface. To come to understand that “for every force there is an equal and opposite force” offers us the insight into the fact that the chaos and pain we see is simply the force which is opposing the huge amount of love that is always available to us. Fight the love and we create all that is not loving. Accept the love and learn to live with it, the opposite force dissolves and the world changes.

  6. This awesome blog reminds me that when we look at the state of our world and humanity, we don’t have to go into overwhelm or despair because when we understand this equation we also understand that there is much love in all of us. Which then leads to, how do we inspire ourselves and others to live the love that is within us? It is pretty easy once we are willing to go there and learn to live love again.

    1. Chanly88, I know from my own experience of life (I’m now in my mid 60’s) that there is a force that feels to me as though it pushes down on our heads and that feels like a capping over my skull. So that the thoughts I have I think are mine because I’m thinking them. Recently these thoughts have been pouring into my mind in an attempt to destabilase me as they did very successfully when I was growing up. I cannot fully express my deep appreciation of Serge Benhayon and his family, they have supported me to hold steady against this force that wants to push me back into a state of given-up-ness, to withdraw again into a mental illness. Anyone who has felt the horror of sliding into an ill mental state will understand what I mean. Through the teachings and workshops of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, I now know that there is a force that wants to keep everyone in the fear and despair of life, this ‘given-up-ness’, because then it has control over us. The more I can see and feel this let’s say negative force and expose it within myself the less hold it has over me. The opposite force is love and this can be found within each and every one of us if we can re connect to this, which I have been able to do to some degree, it sustains us against the thoughts that are drip fed to us all that we are all undeserving of love. We save ourselves by renouncing this lie. The more we renounce the lie the more we move inwards, back to the love we come from and are made of. This is one of the greatest sciences we are not taught within family life or within the education system.

  7. It is so easy to read the newspaper and see the news on TV and turn away, the horrors humanity enact on themselves and others in the form of abuses, violence, and corruption, etc, are very hurtful to witness. What your blog has reminded me is we look away but we forget to look within, what we see is the result of those who have buried their love and live from disconnection, but the power of love is there to be lived, a power much greater than the abuses of the world for its ability to touch us all deeply and inspire the same great love in others. For someone who does not watch the news for the above reasons I never thought I’d say this, but the horrors of the world have inspired me to be the love that I am. It’s not about giving up or turning away because there is only one of two forces to choose from, love or all that is not love. Thank you for the science on this Otto.

    1. Awesome Melinda, that is what is needed, people to say this is enough, I will not add to the horrors of the world, I will present a different way of living, ‘the horrors of the world have inspired me to be the love that I am’.

  8. I have read your blog before Otto but never let myself truly feel what you are offering here, the depth of love we are resisting by choosing to live in the misery we are in, is incredible. There is no grey only black and white, lets go for the truth of love.

  9. If the level of atrocities and horrors of the world is indicative of the level of love that is actually available to us yet we are opposing; and truth is we are Love – it’s a gigantic, mammoth no that we are giving to ourselves, it’s the ultimate self-annihilation – all in exchange for a bit of individuality in this game of creation.

    1. Fumiyo I agree with you, it is the ultimate self-annihilation – all in exchange for a bit of individuality in this game of creation.
      You have summed up the game of creation/life so well. Currently, I can feel that humanity is in denial of itself and is on a path of self – annihilation. Which will need a correction from the universe to bring us to our senses. It seems to me that we arrogantly, stubbornly and ignorantly refuse to believe that we are part of the Universe and therefore how we live, behave, think, move, has an affect not only on this planet but the energetic ripples we give off disturb the universe, too much disturbance has to be re-balanced and this goes back to
      “For every force there is an equal and opposite force.” (Serge Benhayon)
      and so the re-balance will take place it has to be the laws of physics.

  10. In order for the sun’s giant light to be obscured by a mere cloud one billionth of its size, this cloud must stand at a great distance from such Fire, for were it to stand too close, not only would it not have the girth to block its light, it would be devoured by it.

  11. To see the beauty beneath the horror that masquerades over the top of it without getting caught in this outermost layer is a learning we must all come to on our path back to Soul.

    1. I have quite literally but by no coincidence stumbled across your comment this morning, Liane – it is exactly what I needed to hear as I have been struggling ‘to see the beauty beneath the horror that masquerades over the top of it without getting caught in this outermost layer….’ It is the drama our spirit loves to get caught up in if we so let it and because we are surrounded by a plethora of horror it can be quite tempting to let the spirit run with it. Rather than being breadcrumbs, your words are the stones to my abandonment in the wood and so escaping the spirit’s grip and finding my way back requires not the baking of the witch in her own oven to escape but the simple act of following the foundational stones set out before me on my path back to Soul.

    2. Such great wisdom you share Liane, this reminds us that no matter how horrid some of the behaviours we witness in the world, when we understand this equation then it supports us to be love, with no judgement.

    3. Beautifully expressed Liane. To not get ‘caught in this outermost layer’, and in doing so not allow ourselves to see the beauty, is so crucial if we are to live in connection with all those around us and with our soul, a way of living that is so very natural to each and every one of us.

  12. Otto, thank you for your very restoring and reaffirming words, this is a great way to look at life. Often it is because we do not want to see the horror in all its grotesqueness, that we cast a veil over our eyes that also serves to shield all that is truly loving that is still living beneath it all.

  13. This scientific fact really supports us to understand and appreciate how much love there is for us all to access and express. ‘That choice, through the divine right of free will, will always be ours and ours alone.’ so, how much love are we willing to express?

  14. What a beautiful and scientifically correct way of looking at all the misery we see and experience in the world today. The amount of love that we are resisting is almost unfathomable and keeps growing for the stay or our world keeps getting worse and worse. What would happen if we stopped resisting and surrendered to the grandness that we actually are?

  15. This is why we must go deeper in to our love for ourselves and for eachother – so that the forces which seek to counter such connections can only play at being great, when really they are just a minuscule speck in amongst the vast expansiveness of what this universe is really made of.

  16. It is the responsibility of all who have felt the powerful pull of unfathomable love to share this love with humanity so that it can be felt by all.

  17. This is powerful to consider wisely Otto for it reveals an important understanding we need to have about love. We can express love to another person but if they are not ready for it the force of resistance they must rise up within them has to also be significant to offset the love we have offered. We should by no means hold back love but just understand it is a very power-full force we are dealing with.

    1. We can express love to another person, however what then happens depends on the other person’s alignment, all we can do is give them space and observe, with no pictures or expectations.

  18. Thank you Otto for this is a great display of the lies we have created to be our “truth, reality” whilst we actually live the opposite to our fiery love. So yes there is an equal and opposite force, so which one do we live by most of the time?

  19. What you offer here really does put so much of what goes on in our world into a deeper context or understanding.

    1. Yes, it does for me too Fiona. When we have understanding, it really supports us to be non-judgemental and more able to support ourselves and others. Whereas when we avoid getting to the understanding stage we easily get caught up in judgement and all sorts of reactions.

  20. We can either observe everything in life and see it for what it truly is or get sucked in and affected by all the harm and forces around us. The key to living a true life is connecting to the bigger picture and feeling the grandness of love we all are as you have powerfully shared here Otto.

  21. It is indeed the case that as I continue to say yes to what is next, and essentially get myself out the way, more comes back at me. It is for me to keep looking at what are the openings I am still letting a force into – what are my investments and how do I plan ahead for those forces as they come my way.

  22. I love your blog Otto, reading it again, and the way you’ve so beautifully explained the quotes support me to make so much sense of the world we live in and it comes with a deep, deep appreciation that love is in each and every one of us.

  23. This blog reminds me how powerful we all are, because all of our choices matter: all of those tiny moments that we like to think of as inconsequential contribute to either more love in the world, or more hate. It really is that simple, and that stark.

  24. To know we are opposing love is a sad state of affairs. The more I see the world where it is at, I understand more about life. We chose more force of love and continue to reflect this to others and show others there is another way to live.

    1. Our world is not in a great state and I agree with you Shushila. After reading this blog and many comments, I get a better understanding of why our world is where it is. There are no more feelings of overwhelm or despair for me, as I understand the quote by Serge Benhayon, everything makes absolute sense. It opens up a deeper level of appreciation for who we are and how powerful our choices are as it inspires me to contribute back to humanity the love that we are here to reflect.

  25. I am beginning to know more and more about this, for every force these is an equal and opposite force. This makes me realise more and more that I have a sense of responsibility to others even if the repercussions are not visible to me – everyone has this responsibility to live from here.

  26. This stopped me in my tracks today: that we have actively chosen to ignore, deny, dismiss and even attack the huge amount of love that we can connect to within us. It’s like having an enormous pot of gold within us, that provides an endless amount of steady and solid joy and consistency, and a real, loving way to be with ourselves and others, and not believing it’s there.
    Instead we have searched high and low around the world for something – anything- to fill the gap of what we’re choosing to not feel- and eventually we’ll realise that nothing satiates, except what we already have within us.

  27. There is the potential to feel overwhelmed by the bed we have made in this world but the point is we made it so we can unmake it by not trying to make it better – which will always have lacings of tolerance and fragile peace but – as you so eloquently say in one of your comments – changing the sheets!

  28. If we consider this level of commitment to responsibility for the energy and forces we put out into the world we can see that the world we have is the one we have created.

    1. And this is the truth as to why we do not want to peer too deeply at the horror that surrounds us, for not only does it reveal abuse in all its forms, it also reveals the architect behind it all.

  29. Otto – this is a great call to us all to be more aware of what happens in the world and the part we have in either healing or harming. And with that, with our choice to be one or the other, comes a force. I have seen and felt how the more loving and honoring I am, the more things seem to ‘go wrong’ around me- but in this I have to see the equal and opposite force that is always there, and that is not there to be reacted to, but to observe.

  30. Instead of giving up on humanity because we are ‘all so lost’, you’ve proposed a gem here Otto – could it be that the reason we are so lost is because we have chosen to live against the grandness that is possible? Would there be more change if we paid more attention to living this grandness rather than indulging in the woes of society?

  31. LOVE your blog Otto, it confirms all that is held as my truth in my cells and keeps me moving as I know.

  32. The more aware we become, the more of humanities rot we can sense and the more aligning to the Divine makes sense.

  33. Brilliant Otto. The horrors in the world must be seen for what they really are in all its detail, as you say with eyes completely open. For it is only then we will realise that is by our hands alone that the world is this way, only by virtue of the fact that the love we are is far greater and more powerful than it all, and it is our resistance to our love that allows lovelessness to exist in the capacity that it does.

      1. Well said Otto. As are we are also free to not want to change the sheets or to wait and see if someone else will do it for us. Such is the delay we create in the seeming game of life to avoid our inevitable return to Soul – the great love we are and are born from.

      2. Adding to this Liane, what I have learnt is that actually no-one else can change the sheets for me. They can wash them for me, dry them, iron them, fold them, put them right next to the bed, but….the point being that it is us who has to commit to making the changes, to making those moves. I have had many amazing and inspiring people in my life who have “washed my sheets” for me many times, but the ultimate responsibility of evolution is always mine.

    1. Beautifully expressed Carola, as I was reading your comment the word ‘responsibility’ jumps out, as we are responsible for everything we see in this world and hence, we also have the power to change it.

  34. “This understanding puts so much of what is at play in the world into context.” The presentations by Serge Benhayon and the Ageless Wisdom are a constant reminder of the equal and opposite force of Divine love that we are all offered.

  35. Great blog Otto, a real invitation to look at what it truly going on in the world, the atrocities, the wars, famine, disharmony, greed, illness, and many more, all of which we play a part in by not living the love that we innately are.

    1. Well said Sally. In understanding what is really going on, the level of dishonoring playing out in the world, we then can see and understand that it is only by our power that the changes needed will come through our aligning to the love we are.

      1. We only hate because we love. At one of the incredible retreats that Universal Medicine runs (best 5 days ever), Serge Benhayon spoke about hate. I had always felt it a bit of dirty word and had always thought that it was ‘good’ that I didn’t ‘hate’ anything or anyone. But what I have been feeling since the retreat is that it is indicative of me not connecting to the depth in me. For, if I am not hating in full, then I am not loving in full. For example, if I am total in my love for another, then I am going to hate anything that stops them from being that, if I am total in my love of humanity, then I am going to hate anything that hurts them. Now, of course the crucial thing here is what we do with that ‘hate’ and the reason that the word has such a bad rap is that most people use hate in reaction and then go do crazy stuff. This is not the way. The way is to feel the hate and thus commit to the opposite even more so, as a counter. Become a love fundamentalist!

  36. A deeply inspiring blog Otto and a great reminder to look at the other side of the equation with regard to the il- force that is championed by the majority of humanity .
    “Imagine what love, glory and joy is available to us, should humanity choose the opposite force to the one that most of us are currently choosing”.

      1. Hear, hear, Lucy. “…get with the program and give it a go.” What is the world so afraid of that this giving it a go is being fought tooth and nail? It’s not like humanity is living in good health with joy and harmony reigning supreme…there is nothing to lose and everything to gain.

  37. This blog is empowering me as it reminds me about the fact that there is an equal force of love in me when other energies approach me. This means I have all the power of the world as love is always the strongest one.

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