Everyone is a Practitioner of Life 

It wasn’t until I studied holistic therapies that I became aware of the word ‘practitioner’. For me, this meant someone that had trained in something specific, such as massage, physiotherapy, counselling or aromatherapy. If I am really honest, once I got my qualification in Reflexology and holistic therapies and started practising, there was definitely an element of “Here I am I have finally got somewhere in my life,” even though I knew I was kidding myself and it was only the beginning and there was a lot more to learn.

Indeed, there was a lot more to learn! Even though I was a ‘practitioner’, I was not looking after my health and wellbeing, or taking care of myself. I was not eating well, I was eating on the go, and not listening to or honouring my body, which eventually led to an illness that forced me to stop being a ‘practitioner’ and go back to work in an office environment while looking at my health.

It wasn’t until a few years later that I heard the term ‘practitioner’ being used in the office workplace. People were calling themselves practitioners and at the time I felt this was really strange. Why would you do that? A practitioner was someone that had a qualification and worked in the bodywork / therapy industry, not a team Manager!

Through Universal Medicine, what I have come to realise is that actually we are all practitioners, no matter what our age, qualifications or job role; that each and every one of us has something to bring or reflect to another person.

This was made really clear to me while I was on a recent training course, where the room was set up with the person at the front of the room as the trainer ‘teacher’, and the people listening as the ‘students’.

It was a long and painful day and it wasn’t until the end of the day, when we did a group exercise, that everyone in the room came alive. The ‘students’ were talking about the young people they were working with, sharing their experiences until eventually at one point everyone in the room was helping each other with the cases they were working on.

For me this was gold and very valuable, far more valuable than everyone sitting facing one person listening to them talk. It emphasised that we are all practitioners, that is, we all have our lived experiences and know if these have truly supported ourselves and others, or not. We all have access to the same innate wisdom within us, whether young or old. It is just a case of whether we know how to connect to this or not. Being a practitioner is not a title, it is a way of living – how we live and what we learn from choices, either good or bad, that we have made. It is a forever learning and evolving.

I am continually inspired by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine who consistently reflect to me that we are all practitioners of life.

By Vicky Cooke, London 

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577 thoughts on “Everyone is a Practitioner of Life 

  1. I agree with your comment that everyone is a practitioner Vicky. We all have something unique to offer the World. This energy that we have is actually part of the whole.

  2. I love that every single one of us represent a piece of Universe that cannot be represented by anyone else. We could be at the same training but how we received and then reflect back to the others would be completely different from those of the others. We are constantly teaching and learning from each other. Such a beautiful picture together we form.

  3. It is through the acceptance of who we are that we can break away from all the limiting beliefs that we have been aligning to delaying our return to soul and once again live life to the fullest simply by making it all about energetic quality first, that is then is expressed through every movement of our day- a true practitioner of life!

    1. Francisco Clara I agree with you, it seems to me as well that acceptance is the key to breaking away from the limitations we put on ourselves and life. Accepting that we all do have a role to play that we are all part of the plan not just a chosen few. An Aeroplane flies because every nut, bolt, washer has a part to play keeping the plane airborne. It is the same with humanity we are all needed to support each other to align back to our soul and move on from this plane of life.

  4. If we all saw ourselves as practitioners in our workplace, home, relationships and in the world, the reflection we would offer would be very different and bring responsibility and a quality to how we are moving and expressing in the world.

    1. Yep I agree and it eradicates people feeling small or less than others as it would be felt within that all are equal and we all have a specific innate quality we can bring to either another, a space or a project or task.

  5. The word practitioner goes hand with hand with the word integrity. Both of them are more than two words; they are deeply linked as what we live, say and do has to be one and the same, without having ‘hidden pockets’.

  6. Wow, being a practitioner of life. Yes, it is a constant learning and then expanding by putting it into practice to see what works what doesn’t. How often are we living from a space of normal that once we find a new normal we question how we could ever have found the last normal normal?!!

  7. As we learn and build our understanding and wisdom in life, we can express the expanded lived awareness and inspire all others. What a great insight that regardless of the ups and downs of life we have a lot to offer, and often it is exactly the lessons we have learned from such ups and downs that can make us be the practitioner in the moment, even if our input is simply to relay “how not to do it”!

    1. raegankcairney, I was definitely a billboard for the Astral plane of how to live in life withdrawn from it. Coming across Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon was a life saver for me. I understand that there is an energy that I am aligned to that is the complete opposite to how I could be living. Learning to live and move from the stillness that is naturally within my body is challenging because I have allowed my spirit to run amok for life times and reining it back in, to me requires a discipline of staying steady when my spirit wants to freak out at the level of stillness I/ it can feel in my body. The spirit hates any form of stillness as it knows that is where it will return to, so there is this inner battle of bringing the spirit to heel to align to the stillness it comes from.

  8. Practitioner is not equivalent to a therapist. While a therapist is someone that administers a therapy, a practitioner is someone that lives honoring what has learned about us and life.

  9. Thank you Vicky for a great blog putting the word Practitioner in it’s rightful place, one where we take responsibility for the way we are living and the refection we bring to others by our living way.

  10. This blows away any critique or illusioned mind – making clear that all we live is what we send out to the world and that this is our daily practice. And so, what if we would all live by integrity? What are we then sending out to the world? a beautiful pondering..

  11. “Being a practitioner is not a title, it is a way of living”…and so it follows that the quality of our way of living will affect the quality of the practitioner we are. When the call these days is for evidence based trials, especially in medicine, to me the best and most reliable evidence is in the way people are living, the quality of their lives and the sum of their lived experience; it is this lived experience that will inevitably inspire others to make changes in their lives.

    1. I agree Ingrid, spend less time and money on medical trials and instead learn from the way we are living I am sure, in fact I know, the results will speak for themselves and what we will find will be truly astounding … make common sense and something we can greatly learn from as we truly do hold our health and well-being in our hands by how we live. In fact it is sad we are not learning, evolving and healing as humanity on a scale we could be from how we are living as surely this should be a no brainer!

  12. Everyone is a practitioner – we are either healing or harming, bringing expansion or contraction in everything we do, there is no middle ground.

    1. Well said Jenny, as a practitioner we hold a responsibility to offer healing to the world and to not add to the drama and chaos we see.

  13. The beauty of connecting with others is listening to their lived experiences and being inspired to share your own. We have all lived life and experienced life in oh so many ways and it is then shared from our movements of our bodies and that is a very cool way to learn, observe and connect with others. Thank you Vicky.

    1. Agreed. I haven’t heard many questions that someone else in the room hasn’t been thinking about. Valuing our voices and sharing our experiences is an opportunity to support each other and value that what we bring is a different perspective on a common issue.

  14. It was only until I started attending Universal Medicine presentations that I started to value my life experiences, good, bad and ugly they all are valueable and worth sharing as another may learn from them.

  15. ‘That each and every one of us has something to bring or reflect to another person’ is a true blessing and when you pair that with the fact that our everyday life is all about learning, growing and letting go of what is not true then we can indeed see each other as practitioners of life that are here to simultaneously teach and be a student at the same time.

  16. Not sure if this is true, but reading this today it felt like when you become a practitioner, you become more public in a way, you are more ‘out there’ and are representing something. And thinking about it some more, we are all ‘out there’ just by being alive, and walking the streets, going to work, going shopping etc… and then that begs the question, what are we representing? Interesting one to ponder…

    1. Yep definitely worth pondering some more. I recently felt this at work in how am on my way to work, when I walk into the building and when I speak with colleagues. What am I representing, am I caring and am I true to what I feel?

      1. Am I true to what I feel? I love that Vicky, I will take that into my day/s and do as part of my check-ins with myself.

  17. When we accept, appreciate and confirm that we are all practitioners of life and how we all have our own unique qualities to share with the world, this would go a long way to eliminating all the jealously and comparison issues which are so common place in our world today.

  18. I love how being a practitioner of life we are also forever students. We are always open to opportunities of learning and discovery, when we are connected and aware to our surroundings and connections. Sharing the way we live through our expression is a gift and is one we can continue to deepen and enjoy forevermore.

  19. Everyone is a practitioner of life – regardless of age, gender and occupation – “Being a practitioner is not a title, it is a way of living – how we live and what we learn from choices, either good or bad, that we have made. It is a forever learning and evolving.”

  20. Every one certainly is a practitioner in life – you can sell an apple to someone and transform their life in the way that you hand them the apple and look them in the eyes with an open heart; you can clean someone’s house and leave an imprint that supports to carry them forth in more ways that you realise. We don’t have to have a clinic nor a bookings system with clients coming regularly, in order to feed our community back the support that they deserve! Life itself is a practice, it is simply what we make of it that makes it the transformation it is (or not).

  21. I was at a community group on raising teens the other day and the facilitators set up the space as a circle rather than seats looking towards one main presenter. This was awesome as it allowed everyone to share equally. We all have things to bring and we all have things to work on, the beauty is that once we start to open up, you realise that we are all able to be support to one another and that life experience is sometimes just as valuable as a piece of paper, sometimes even more valuable.

  22. And this reflection upon what a practitioner truly is actually redefines the word and makes it a living truth of an expression of love for humanity.

  23. I love this Vicky and certain from my experience have come to understand that everyone is a practitioner in there own expression what ever that maybe. I personally am a senior manager in hospitality as well as being a practitioner on the Saturdays. Each one is just as valid as the other, it is about the quality in the way I do things.

  24. No matter what job we do we all touch and affect people’s lives through the way that we live and so we cannot but be practitioners – the quality of the practitioner that we choose to be is what counts, in whatever arena that happens to be.

  25. It is beautiful how we are all practitioners of life, our roles and jobs could be different, but the essence is that we are all true practitioners, in our daily lives, with this we are reflecting in every moment.

  26. “…that each and every one of us has something to bring or reflect to another person…” totally agree, and once you see and experience this then it knocks out any crumb of ‘better than, less than’ behaviour.

  27. Thank you Vicky for highlighting the responsibility we all equally hold through the way we live, the quality we choose to live in, as it is this quality that we bring to life and share with all that we meet. In other words our movements, choices and actions are either healing or harming, evolving or de-evolving at any given moment. As you say we are all practitioners of life and as such all have equal greatness to live and share with the world.

  28. Group work is invaluable for us all to realise we have our own expression to add from our experiences as people and as practitioners. When we all contribute, we get a greater reflection of learning from many others, not expecting the practitioner to heal us. We heal ourselves.

  29. Recognising that everyone is a practitioner of life, means to recognise and claim this about ourselves too, that our own life experiences, realisations and continuous curiosity and questioning about things that matter hold a level of authority and understanding through the life experiences we ourselves have discovered. Having this sense of authority about ourselves, (not big ‘I know it ego’) brings genuine humbleness and respect without giving your power away to another.

  30. Since experiencing my first Esoteric Healing session, I found the practitioner had a depth and level of wisdom they could bring which helped me on so many levels, it has inspired me to see how this is possible with the profession I work in. How amazing would it be to receive this in medicine, hairdressing and at the mechanic!!

  31. There is a beautiful equality here in this blog, stating how everyone is a practitioner of life and bringing home the fact that not a single person is without energetic awareness and responsibility.

  32. I love the song by Michael Benhayon “we are all teachers in this world” it is so true, we all have so much to share with others.

  33. “Through Universal Medicine, what I have come to realise is that actually we are all practitioners, no matter what our age, qualifications or job role; that each and every one of us has something to bring or reflect to another person.” – And hence we could say we are all role models, and also that we are all teachers in this world too!

  34. “Through Universal Medicine, what I have come to realise is that actually we are all practitioners, no matter what our age, qualifications or job role; that each and every one of us has something to bring or reflect to another person” – absolutely, and the greatest healing is when we leave our job title or position etc. ‘at the door’ so to speak, and enter the room equal to whoever is inside, reflecting both the necessity and responsibility of this humbleness.

  35. There is an important message here: having a ‘title’ does not mean there is nothing more to learn in that area, life is forever offering us opportunities to deepen our understanding and awareness. And on the other hand not having a ‘title’ does not mean we have nothing to contribute, everyone is a master in the life they have lived and by that virtue have a lot to contribute, even if it is to say “don’t do any of what I did because it clearly didn’t work!”.

  36. When you recognise that everyone is equally a practitioner, you can’t but help notice and appreciate their own style, talents and strengths that they have in the way they express and the positive contribution they bring to something.

  37. Approaching life as a practitioner and forever student equally helps us all learn from each other and equally embrace the responsibility to share what we have learned – bringing us all ever closer towards true brotherhood here on earth.

  38. When we bring self-honesty into our everyday conversations – it is an opportunity for another to open to the possibility of greater honesty and understanding themselves. If we keep guarded or holding back in judgment of ourselves or another, if we are waiting for another to make the move, then the opportunity to learn and grow is missed.

  39. Thank you Vicky, being a practitioner of life is simply letting go of the conditions we place on ourselves of how we need to be and allow that which is innate for us to come through and be expressed in our daily living, it is simple and a choice we can make at all times and a true reflection that so needed by all.

    1. Yep and it also brings it back to equality .. that everyone is equal it does not matter what role we have as a job.

  40. Absolutely, our life then becomes our responsibility on every level, from health to relationships to work to family to community … it is all one, our actions, thoughts, words … there are no segments.

  41. We all have so much to offer and share; sometimes one word can transform a situation for a person – I love that we are all practitioners of life.

  42. Yes indeed Vicky, we are certainly all members of practitioners of life. From the moment we are born to our very last breath, we are constantly reflecting something for each other to learn and grow. Every choice we make is an opportunity to evolve, to inspire each other and to appreciate who we are and what we can reflect to humanity.

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