The Key to Life – Would you Take it? 

What if you were given the key to life – would you take it? Would you even recognise it for what it was or know what to do with it?

I recently began pondering on this as I found myself composing an email in my head to Serge Benhayon, the founder of Universal Medicine. Over the past few years, I have written Serge a dozen or so emails asking what seemed like huge questions about my life. All of my emails have been responded to lovingly, with a few simple words.

As I thought about the next email I was writing, it occurred to me that perhaps Serge had already answered me. Perhaps what was answered in one of my previous emails was applicable to the current question. Perhaps his one-liners are in fact keys to life.

Each time I have been given such a key, I have accepted it with huge gratitude and placed it in my metaphorical key bowl. It sits there with all the other keys Serge has gifted me over the years.

I also have a collection of keys that I’ve been given at retreats, workshops and presentations… my set of keys is quite impressive!

So I have all these keys, but do I know what to do with them?

What if I took just one of these keys and made use of it – if I put into action any one of the things Serge has presented or shared? What comes up is a feeling of “It won’t work.” But if I am honest, I know the keys will work. In fact, all the keys will do the same thing. They will help me to unlock those parts of me that have played safe, those parts I have kept hidden so that I am not asked to show too much of my true self to the world. These ‘locked doors’ are simply walls I have erected that stand between myself and others in the guise of protection. These walls offer no safety, only imprisonment, as only love and our expression of it can truly protect. This may perhaps explain why there is a huge part of me that does not want to try the keys. Perhaps there is a part of me that needs to have an issue to deal with or to have something to work at. Perhaps I feel safe here in my comfort zone with the doors locked. Perhaps I have become identified with having a certain level of problems because they keep me living in separation to the love that I am and my expression of this love with all others.

So here I am, happy collecting keys, pretending I am working on evolving and asking for more keys each time I reach a blockage in my path. I like building my key collection and knowing that I have them. But again, if I am really honest, they are being used as mere ornaments if I stop short of using them as they are designed to be used and that is to access the universal wisdom that is on offer inside me, inside us all, as Serge so lovingly and tirelessly shares with us.

So now it is time for me to look at my bowl of keys and make a choice as to whether I will use them. For it is only this one simple choice that stands between me and the great treasure I hold, we all hold, deep within.

By Nikki McKee, Company Director and Travel Agent, Goonellabah, NSW

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611 thoughts on “The Key to Life – Would you Take it? 

  1. Reading this was a great reminder that I have no issues because everything has already been given in the endless presentations from Serge Benhayon, Universal Medicine and by life itself. Serge has seen and felt the keys that the universe is providing for us and simply pointing out the fact that we have been given them as well.

  2. Very true Nikki and Serge keeps on giving keys and never does this cease and the keys are available for anyone who chooses to take them.

  3. Serge Benhayon has offered us everything humanity could need to help us come back to who we really are and get out of the mess the world is in.. His absolute love and integrity and consistency is beyond this world and is the greatest inspiration and reflection ever. It is our choice what we choose to do with it and the love we allow ourselves that is forever expanding.

  4. A beautiful expose of the spirit that loves to keep us in complication instead of walking the simplicity that Serge Benhayon offers.

  5. Perhaps we don’t use the keys so lovingly and freely given because we want to stay in control. By opening a door to untold healing and release from our self-imposed prison, we are entering the world of the unknown where control has no place, where we surrender into the arms of the Kingdom of God within.

    1. Wow, what you shared here Lucy feels like another key! Proof that we all have the same access to Truth inside us. I can see how letting go of control and the game of playing small and not standing out is a challenging one, but definitely worth going there as it unlocks our true potential.

  6. Whether we choose to use these amazing keys we are given to open up a new door, or to just add them to an ever growing bunch of keys that remains at the back of a drawer, will determine what our future will be.

  7. Hi Nikki, Thank you for this great reflection of truth and wisdom! The keys – those one liners of wisdom – are they used or simply read and then put in the key box….this is something I will take into my day to ask myself how many keys have I collected and how many have I used…and how many sit rusting from lack of use! Thank you.

  8. Serge Benhayon has presented to myself and thousands of people the truth about the gold that lies within all of us. If we just live true to ourselves, accept and deeply appreciate that we are divine sons of God then we have it all. The more we accept this the more we can get ourselves out of the way and embrace that everyone is just like us and hence no need for any sort of division or separation. Life could be so simple if we let it be.

  9. It is great to have a collection of keys to life which you can treasure and take care for but fact is indeed do we use these keys to evolve us in life? We have in fact all the keys that are needed to reclaim our ancient origin back into our lives and it all comes to using these keys, as they will unlock us from our ill and restrictive way of living and will open doors for living a life like in heaven on earth.

  10. You are quite right – any one key from The Ageless Wisdom unlocks everything one would ever need to know. But the mind likes asking questions, revels in complications and adores issues.

  11. We all have access to many keys of wisdom in our lives and it is from our movements that we can either utilise their truth and bring great change to how we live or leave them hanging on the hook to jingle in the wind. It brings it back to the simplicity of choice and how we choose to use the wisdom on offer or heed its magic for another day.

  12. The keys of the wisdom of life are given to us in so many loving ways by Serge Benhayon who works patiently and relentlessly for us to use them offering us everything . It is simply our choice to get everything else out the way and allow ourselves to be who we innately are and all is waiting for us on our journey home.

  13. We have such a habit of undervaluing the wisdom and profoundness of simplicity, such as is found in the ‘one-liners’ delivered by Serge Benhayon. We tend to receive the sentence, feel the tip of the iceberg of what is really being said and instead of going deeper to feel it, ask for the next tantilising bit of information. What I love about writing an email to Serge in my head, as I have done a few times in the last 15 years, is that I find I already know the answer – and it is always simple. Serge holds everyone as equal and able to access everything he can access, which when connected to creates the space for the understanding to come.

  14. In my experience, all of what Serge Benhayon presents blesses us with an infinite number of practical keys that unlock the mysteries of understanding human life.

  15. Quite often the very act of writing the question shows me that I already have the answer. The act of giving it the space to write it down provides the space for a true enquiry, and at that point I realise that we all have enormous wisdom and access inside each and every one of us.

  16. Absolutely Nikki, have we taken the keys given to us in our lives to their fullest? Or do we look for more to not feel that we have all those keys already but have not in full taken them with us. A profound sharing that makes us aware of the actual key: we need to use all the keys we got! And not put them in a box to save for later.

  17. “Perhaps his one-liners are in fact keys to life”; perhaps, yes definitely I would say. A beautiful blog Nikki, thank you for sharing your experiences and your wisdom.

  18. Everything we have ever been looking for lies within. We don’t even need to search as it is right here with us and has been all along. We’ve only forgotten this. Thank God for Serge Benhayon who came to remind us who we are and where we are from.

  19. Gift after gift after gift, blessing after blessing after blessing, I am still yet to truly appreciate all that Serge brings for humanity, ceaselessly.

  20. I conçur! Serge Benhayon’s one liners are absolutely keys to life. In fact everything he shares is. I can so relate with what you have shared hear as it is so easy to want the answer or ask for the answer but what do we actually do when we are given it? Are we willing to change our lives and be all that we truly are or do we ‘just’ ask another question completely and conveniently ignoring the answer we have been given to our previous question!

  21. I have re-discovered a few keys lately, hiding in plain sight. They have not been buried like many others have been but right in front of me waiting to be picked up and used once again. The choice to finally acknowledge them and to pick them up has been a long time coming but now that I have the feeling within my body is one of glorious liberation, so the temptation to beat myself up for having taking so long is easily cast aside. That will only delay using these keys to unlock the treasure that waits within, and delay is no longer a choice I choose to make.

  22. I can so relate to this blog. We have the keys to unlock so much misery, pain, complication but instead of using them, we often sit looking at them, picking up one from time to time and then putting them down again. Crazy stuff heh! Thanks for the honest sharing that allows me to be honest as well and inspire me to pick up my keys, to start unlocking the grandness that exists within me (and us all).

  23. I love reading your blog Nikki; it is such a simple gentle reminder that we have access to the keys of life whenever we choose, connect to ourselves and the keys are there.

  24. I have found that with Serge Benhayon thought his livingness and the ageless wisdom that I have been given the key to my life , the beholding so as to access the truth of my origins , therefore the keys to universal life that is there for all that want to live it .

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