The Key to Life – Would you Take it? 

What if you were given the key to life – would you take it? Would you even recognise it for what it was or know what to do with it?

I recently began pondering on this as I found myself composing an email in my head to Serge Benhayon, the founder of Universal Medicine. Over the past few years, I have written Serge a dozen or so emails asking what seemed like huge questions about my life. All of my emails have been responded to lovingly, with a few simple words.

As I thought about the next email I was writing, it occurred to me that perhaps Serge had already answered me. Perhaps what was answered in one of my previous emails was applicable to the current question. Perhaps his one-liners are in fact keys to life.

Each time I have been given such a key, I have accepted it with huge gratitude and placed it in my metaphorical key bowl. It sits there with all the other keys Serge has gifted me over the years.

I also have a collection of keys that I’ve been given at retreats, workshops and presentations… my set of keys is quite impressive!

So I have all these keys, but do I know what to do with them?

What if I took just one of these keys and made use of it – if I put into action any one of the things Serge has presented or shared? What comes up is a feeling of “It won’t work.” But if I am honest, I know the keys will work. In fact, all the keys will do the same thing. They will help me to unlock those parts of me that have played safe, those parts I have kept hidden so that I am not asked to show too much of my true self to the world. These ‘locked doors’ are simply walls I have erected that stand between myself and others in the guise of protection. These walls offer no safety, only imprisonment, as only love and our expression of it can truly protect. This may perhaps explain why there is a huge part of me that does not want to try the keys. Perhaps there is a part of me that needs to have an issue to deal with or to have something to work at. Perhaps I feel safe here in my comfort zone with the doors locked. Perhaps I have become identified with having a certain level of problems because they keep me living in separation to the love that I am and my expression of this love with all others.

So here I am, happy collecting keys, pretending I am working on evolving and asking for more keys each time I reach a blockage in my path. I like building my key collection and knowing that I have them. But again, if I am really honest, they are being used as mere ornaments if I stop short of using them as they are designed to be used and that is to access the universal wisdom that is on offer inside me, inside us all, as Serge so lovingly and tirelessly shares with us.

So now it is time for me to look at my bowl of keys and make a choice as to whether I will use them. For it is only this one simple choice that stands between me and the great treasure I hold, we all hold, deep within.

By Nikki McKee, Company Director and Travel Agent, Goonellabah, NSW

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716 thoughts on “The Key to Life – Would you Take it? 

  1. What if all it took was one key and we took responsibility for everything in life and turned what questions we have into the answers we are looking for by choosing the energy we are in first and foremost, and thus walking our talk and feeling our bodies first? Then the Joy-full-ness that would be our living way and the ensuing appreciation would open up or expand our evolution to be a True Son of God.

  2. Nikki, I really appreciate what you have written here because what you say feels true.
    That we have been presented with so many keys but which one will unlock the main door to the wall we have erected to protect ourselves from the perceived hurts of the world. I feel I can say from experience that there are many doors but when you unlock the main door then the whole universe stands before you and you remember who you are in truth unshackled by the lies and deceit that you have bought into as they were presented as the only way. Now, of course, we have a choice a different model of life to choose.

  3. “they are designed to be used and that is to access the universal wisdom that is on offer inside me, inside us all”. It’s a big difference between just receiving support (which is often needed), or also receiving the reflection of equality that comes with that support to know you can access that same universal wisdom.

  4. Yes, we have been given plenty of keys through the teachings of Serge Benhayon and every one is worth gold.

  5. Every word can be a key, and we are given so many, with so many choices to make. Do we store them away for another day, or grab each opportunity by the horns and walk it in the world?

  6. I cannot but wonder why do we choose to ignore or otherwise disregard the keys we are constantly presented in day to day life that unlock the doors to our wisdom.

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