True Religion = No More ‘If Onlys’ 

Many of us torture ourselves with ‘if onlys’ when the world comes crashing down around us. When we begin to accept that what’s done is done, we may turn to religion for solace or rage at God for ‘allowing’ the unthinkable to happen. Either way, for many of us God is the one we call on in our darkest hours and religion is a word that seems to accompany him.

When the proverbial excrement hits the fan, we are given a moment to stop and consider what it is that we truly believe – what rings true for us and what we subscribe to in the way of religion.

It is flat out nightmarish to be stuck in a loop replaying the lead-up to disaster over and over again in your mind. Many torture themselves in this way until they believe that the accident, break up, fire, loss or death may not have occurred if only they had woken up 5 minutes later, caught another bus, said different words, stopped to smell a rose or stayed an hour later.

When life brings us to our knees, we are offered a choice: jump down the spiralling rabbit hole of ‘if onlys’ or connect to who we truly are and what we know is a Truth about a situation or feeling, without any doubt.

For what if true religion is actually the lived understanding of your own divine essence? What if every breath you take has the ability to remind you who you truly are? What if each and every moment of your life is divinely constellated to remind you who you truly are?

“If you understand what religion truly is, then everything is religion.”

Serge Benhayon, Esoteric Teachings & Revelations, p 46

True religion is living the truth that you know with every last cell of your being.  It is knowing that each and every moment you experience is a gift, no matter how horrifying or unfair it may seem at first glance. When you know true religion, there are no more ‘if onlys’.

Leonne Sharkey

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468 thoughts on “True Religion = No More ‘If Onlys’ 

  1. The more I connect to my essence the more assured I feel and accepting of the choices I have made. For example at the time of writing this the UK general election has been on. Weeks before I connected to what vote I felt to choose, listening to others felt disturbing but my essence felt steady. Choices from the feelings in my body are the most steadfast and supportive choices I can ever make about any part of life.

  2. It’s funny how in our darkest hour we reach out to God and ask his for support; when we consider our life is going well we don’t even acknowledge him.

  3. Are they are darkest moments? For me its when I’m asked to dig deep that I find the treasure that is always there within me, and that can happen when I’m supporting someone who is dying, or falling into love. Having plumbed those depths, I now start to notice the same vastness inside in the more common and everday – nature and the big, blue sky being just one avenue.

  4. When life brings us to our knees it is a great opportunity to learn, expand, evolve and ‘do things differently’ next time; the choice and responsibility is ours. Beautiful blog Leonne, thank you.

  5. These ‘if onlys’ come from a place where something I have done is bad and rather regrettable. Staying stuck in this view stops me from truly seeing what’s I am being shown. For there’s a clear reason everything occurs, and not one ounce of vengeance or punishment exists in any of it. Every last act and circumstance is divinely designed to point us back to Love. When I see this how can I be upset Leonne? Or forget as you have shown here, that in our everyday, lives the medicine we need – and that is true religion indeed.

  6. It’s interesting how many of us will ‘dig deep’ or call on God in our darkest hours or when we’re really feeling challenged but what are we aligning with in all the other hours of our life..?

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