True Religion = No More ‘If Onlys’ 

Many of us torture ourselves with ‘if onlys’ when the world comes crashing down around us. When we begin to accept that what’s done is done, we may turn to religion for solace or rage at God for ‘allowing’ the unthinkable to happen. Either way, for many of us God is the one we call on in our darkest hours and religion is a word that seems to accompany him.

When the proverbial excrement hits the fan, we are given a moment to stop and consider what it is that we truly believe – what rings true for us and what we subscribe to in the way of religion.

It is flat out nightmarish to be stuck in a loop replaying the lead-up to disaster over and over again in your mind. Many torture themselves in this way until they believe that the accident, break up, fire, loss or death may not have occurred if only they had woken up 5 minutes later, caught another bus, said different words, stopped to smell a rose or stayed an hour later.

When life brings us to our knees, we are offered a choice: jump down the spiralling rabbit hole of ‘if onlys’ or connect to who we truly are and what we know is a Truth about a situation or feeling, without any doubt.

For what if true religion is actually the lived understanding of your own divine essence? What if every breath you take has the ability to remind you who you truly are? What if each and every moment of your life is divinely constellated to remind you who you truly are?

“If you understand what religion truly is, then everything is religion.”

Serge Benhayon, Esoteric Teachings & Revelations, p 46

True religion is living the truth that you know with every last cell of your being.  It is knowing that each and every moment you experience is a gift, no matter how horrifying or unfair it may seem at first glance. When you know true religion, there are no more ‘if onlys’.

Leonne Sharkey

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519 thoughts on “True Religion = No More ‘If Onlys’ 

  1. If we take the lesson offered when disaster strikes, it serves its purpose. Saying ‘if only’ and wallowing in wishing something didn’t happen means you miss out on the healing and learning. I am sure that nothing is random and nothing happens because God is a vengeful being. There is an order to the universe and corrections are a way of bringing us wayward humans back into order, back to the Godliness we are.

  2. When we go into the if onlys, there is always an issue with not being able to accept life as it is and the consequences of not living the truth of who we truly are.

  3. When we think about the ‘if Only’s’ we are forgetting that for every choice there is a consequence and that we are responsible for our own choices.

  4. The ‘if only’ trap stops us from looking at the truth of a situation, it stops our ability to read what is truly at play and see the bigger picture.

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