Dear God, Update about Serge Benhayon

Dear God,

I am ready to give you a laser update here from earth about the incredible man you sent at this moment in time called Serge Benhayon.

I know you KNOW everything but it is important I say it as it is.

First – As you know I did not even like the sound of your name. It disturbed me and I got very confused as there were simply too many people banging on about what you were, what you did and what you are all about. Well, thanks to Serge Benhayon and what he presents, that has all changed now.

Next – Earth Life right now is a mess. Things have got so bad that there are no words to describe the deep trouble we are in everywhere. Very few know what needs to be done or how we can get back to who we truly are.

Well on that note – THANK YOU GOD (cheap words I know but nothing else is coming to me) for sending SERGE BENHAYON because without him, I for one would have been so gone that I would have joined the ‘lost the plot’ club. Because of Serge Benhayon we now have the tides turning and there is work to be done.

I say thank you for sending Serge Benhayon God, but actually I can say thank you for sending me. I have come to absolutely know that even though the world is in a big mess, now is not the time to just give up – I have been shown I can be who I truly am by Serge Benhayon, and that is what I am here to do. I can assure you that I have heard the urgent call from you and your team and my job is to GET ON WITH IT and that is what I do best.

It is all in the end so very simple. I am amazed at what is possible if I just listen to what Serge Benhayon is presenting and apply it to real life here on earth – Incredible, Monumental, Stupendous, Amazing are all cheap words to describe my life today.

BSB – Before Serge Benhayon – the words would be Bitter, Exhausted, Resentful, Crazy driven and Frustrated with you God. I blamed you, the world and its brothers and mothers for my life.

ASB – After Serge Benhayon – the ugly list started to slowly change as I made new choices and Bingo, 12 years on you have the Pukka (real) list.

God, you have sent us in human form a man who walks the walk and talks the talk and lives and breathes exactly how I would imagine you to, if you were here right now. I don’t need you to pop down now and save me or deal with any of my nonsense because Serge Benhayon has reminded me exactly how I can truly sort myself out. ALL he has done and continues to do so is reflect to me what is possible and he just presents simple stuff that I get, as it has no complications and heady stuff.

The biggest thing is, Serge Benhayon has inspired me so much that I no longer even want to give up on life and instead I am the opposite – committed to life and my exhaustion has gone. I feel a grand purpose in what to do and as long as I hold steady and consistent, I am able to inspire and support many with my own unique way of being and the set of skills you God have equipped me with this time around.

I never dreamt that life could ever be like this, day in and day out. As you know I talk to you every day and THANK YOU GOD for sending Serge Benhayon. I am not him, but I know I have the potential and just knowing that is more than enough.

There is nothing I can buy for this man as he has absolutely everything, so I thought the best thing I could do is LIVE my middle name – ‘GET ON WITH IT’. To me, this is the only way I can deeply LOVE and APPRECIATE Serge Benhayon, and myself. I know without doubt to Appreciate this man is to absolutely Appreciate you God – for we are all one and the same.

Next – I have made sure I keep your name alive through writing about Serge Benhayon and this has given me the focus to just keep it simple and nothing is a big deal now, no matter what life brings.

I no longer feel overwhelmed or worried about the future because I know there is a grand plan and all I need to do is my bit and remain consistent. This I find easy and simple because I am not settling for a comfortable life, as that would be boring in my world. I like the daily reviewing and refining because Serge Benhayon has given me a deep understanding about my relationship to evolution and that should keep me going for the rest of this lifetime.

Of course there are those who are not content and are talking nonsense about this amazing man who has done so much for all of humanity but I am not letting that bug me or even affect me as I KNOW that as long as I do what I do best – never hold back in expressing what I feel – then I am in some way helping to stamp out the evil (because that is what it is) once and for All.

Thank You God for making me so fearless now so that nothing threatens or rattles me, regardless of what they have to say when it comes to Serge Benhayon. I know who he is and nothing and no one will change my Absoluteness that I know about Serge Benhayon.

I have made a strong commitment going forward to dedicate my life to what is needed for the True Plan right now on earth. No messing about and not getting caught in this life of creation – just GET ON WITH IT.

Finally God, thank you for never ever judging me and keeping me on track.

With deep Love and Appreciation to you God,


By Bina Pattel, Age 55, London, UK

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604 thoughts on “Dear God, Update about Serge Benhayon

  1. Serge Benhayon is a man that continues to inspire many, he can be accused of anything but the fact that he has not done anything harmful is the fact and based on that love will always win.

  2. Bina, your fearless-ness, your commitment to truth and your absoluteness of service to humanity oozes from this brilliant blog. I too “say thank you for sending Serge Benhayon God,” and I follow that with a big thank you to me for following the impulse to meet this amazing but very humble man, a man whose presentations of the Ageless Wisdom have supported me to turn my life around, from one that I was only just manage to survive in, to a life in which I live with absolute joy and true purpose. Now that is something to celebrate every day – and I do!

  3. Earth right now is a mess and very few know what needs to be done and how to do it: Serge Benhayon is a rarity of our times, being prepared to very publicly call things out and to keep living with the utmost integrity and dedication, what he knows to be true – with no preaching or expectations that anyone else will do the same. In spite of all the rubbish that’s been written about him, he keeps going, committed to telling it how it is, and living that truth, no matter what and to the best of his ability.

  4. The more I begin to embrace the ageless wisdom, the deeper my love and appreciation for Serge Benhayon grows. This man who I have not met that many times actually, feels like a friend who I have known my whole life – somebody I can trust, rely on and share honestly with.

  5. What a great idea that you have shared Bina, so many of us could write to God about the loving ways Serge Benhayon has deepened the truth surrounding you. Appreciating all that you have shared through this man Serge Benhayon, is something I will also write to you about and if I was to pick one simple word that has shifted my understanding about life then I would choose Love. Love has been delivered and expanded for us in so many ways through what Serge Benhayon has presented, that we should all now have a true universal understanding about the living truth that can be lived in the most loving ways.

  6. Whenever we catch ourselves being lost in complication, an emotional drama, an intellectual construct we need to remember what it is all about and – ‘just GET ON WITH IT.’

    1. Thanks Elizabeth – well he has a few today but he gets the verbal updates daily when I have my chat with him. It can be any time, any place and to be honest I got God on tap just like I got Serge Benhayon.
      They are on direct dial and boy oh boy they get my APPRECIATION without fail every single day as so much happens in one single day in the life of Bina GETTING ON WITH IT Pattel.

      The people I meet, what I hear and what comes out of my mouth blows me away most days !

  7. Ah, so many things to love about this blog each and every time I find myself back at it. I wonder if my soul constellates for me to be back here when I could do with a reminder of the simplicity of the next step. 🙂

  8. Bina I love your appreciation of Serge Benhayon and how you have expressed it in the blog. Just like you ‘I have been shown I can be who I truly am by Serge Benhayon, and that is what I am here to do’. It is simple yet life transforming simply being given the grace and gift to be ourselves and know that we can live it without needing to be anything or anyone. Serge has helped me make sense of life and brought a real understanding of truth and purpose, something I have had within but seldom if ever ignited before.

  9. Thank you, God for Bina’s expression. While reading your blog, Bina I came to realise that each and every single one of us has a role to play in this world of ours. We bring different flavours of love which may just be what the person standing in front of us needs. Yes, Serge Benhayon has inspired so many of us, we have changed our lives and seen what happens when someone loves us unconditionally. And now it is our turn to be this way in a world which is so messed up and needs exactly that.

  10. Serge’s love and commitment to the end is epic yet so unimaginably humble in the enormity of it. There is no other like him and yet we are on our way to exactly that.

    1. I agree with you Rosanna – what this man brings is beyond epic and his humbleness from day dot has blown me away.
      I KNOW I am on my way to exactly that and there is such a deep Appreciation inside me that there really are no words.
      No words could cut it with the grandness I feel in this claim.

  11. ‘It is all in the end so very simple.’ I agree, we make life so complicated for ourselves with the problems, the drama, the difficulties, yet what Serge Benhayon presents brings a simplicity that doesn’t involve any of these, but an understanding and awareness of how we ourselves can bring change to our lives. I too have found life really does simplify when his teachings are applied to life. There are no words to express the enormity of what he offers through his own way of living and presentations, and what is offered there for us all.

    1. This complication stuff hurts my head Ruth and I find it a waste of time.
      I know as a world we have a long way to go but BIG THANKS TO GOD AND SERGE BENHAYON the tides are turning.

      It is no surprise that my company is called Simple Living Global and it really is presenting to the world, more about how to live simple.
      There is of course a blog on there called ‘Complications’ which was super easy to write, as it is everything I choose not to live.

  12. When I ponder on the enormity of what Serge Benhayon brings and the sheer and utter levels of service he lives every single day I am totally floored and humbled by his love and dedication to humanity.

    1. I agree Michelle about the enormity of what Serge Benhayon brings and his levels of service every single day. However I am not totally floored by it, if I am being honest.
      I am not him and neither do I want to be him or have his life right now. That is something I have had to learn and realise because I am exactly where I am because of my choices.

      Where I am currently at in life and how I am choosing to live feels like a process of unfolding – like there is more and more but not having to do more, or clock watch or anything out there that the world seems to want me to subscribe to. Instead it is about an inner unfolding, inside me that is what is now needed that allows the space for so much to happen in one single day.

      A reminder for me is BSB and where I am choosing to stand today.
      My foundation is strong and there is always more and I keep saying yes to my most important relationship, which is with evolution. Not forgetting who I am and where I come from and what a mess this world is currently in, just inspires me to simply GET ON WITH IT.

      Yes, this man is super amazing but I too know I am EQUAL.
      It is a great reminder always to know where I came from and where I am at today.
      I have made ugly choices in the past and there are consequences to those choices and I am talking not just this one lifetime. My commitment has been with that word RESPONSIBILITY and by living with that word at the core of my choices, I can now feel how I have re-imprinted my super ugly messy past. Now going forward I KNOW beyond any doubt how life is today and how it will be in the future, even beyond this lifetime.

      Some may read this and think this is twaddle but what if it is true?
      What if our current footprints is the momentum that carries us into what we call the future?
      What if our biggest investment is about how we choose to live in every moment?

      1. ‘Some may read this and think this is twaddle but what if it is true?’ Bina, your candid expression always makes me smile! Yes, I am coming to know about being equal and I totally know that the choices I make now will impact the future, just as much as past choices are affecting me in here and now – each unloving one leaving messes to clean up but with the same token, each loving one has got me to this level of awareness and an openness for more. With Serge Benhyaon’s living example I am being offered a marker for where it is possible to get to and to sense and experience the sheer amount of love that is accessible to us all even if I can’t accept/let it all in just yet. I know too that it will all unfold in time and that my responsibility is to keep open to the abundance on offer and to keep surrendering to the part of me that is already whole and absolute and in that absoluteness rests the knowing of who I am, where I am from and what I am here to do.

  13. Dear God, thank you for Life and everything in it so perfectly constellated for everyone to learn their part and face themselves. Together we are all a piece of the puzzle in your plan. I appreciate you, Serge Bengayon, Bina Pattel, myself and every one else the same, for we are all a part of this plan.
    Love Adele

  14. It just needs one to inspire the many to be the one as well. Serge Benhayon is that one.
    Let´s all be the one for the many in our lives.

  15. “Thank You God for making me so fearless now so that nothing threatens or rattles me, regardless of what they have to say when it comes to Serge Benhayon. I know who he is and nothing and no one will change my Absoluteness that I know about Serge Benhayon.” It is good to know there are people who are fearless with the pukka truth and pukka love. I am a work in progress but getting pretty close. #lovewins #truthwins

    1. There is something very grand in what has been shared and commented on here Sarah. To know, unshakeably from our bodies what is truth. It is our truth, what we feel from what we have seen and experienced over a very long time. The consistency in love, truth, joy, the commitment to living transparently all supports the Absoluteness you can then hold in your body.

    2. Just reading your comment Sarah – Thank You.
      That fearless business is not an overnight thing as you know.

      I was recently asked this question where I was presenting, as many agreed they could feel I was someone who really is fearless in life when it comes to Truth.
      My response was not a to do list and neither was it preaching or telling the audience how to behave like it was some kind of recipe they could follow.
      Instead I talked about my living way and how I live truth day in and day out and what supports me in the face of nonsense out there every single day, that is a force which is felt and is NOT the Truth.

      I have a marker inside me, a compass and if that deviates or has even a slight disturbance, I just KNOW.
      I then have a choice to clock it or ignore it.
      Life means I need to respond in that moment. That response is what is going to make the next moment either on track with Truth OR dodgy and shaky with that unsettled feeling.

      So when it comes to Serge Benhayon, I hear and read utter nonsense said about him and sometimes it is in my face. First thing is I know how I feel and I know that compass inside me. That is how I know what is truth and what is not.
      If the circumstances mean that it is not just a simple observation but I actually need to say something then I do. Absolutely nothing will shut me up when it comes to speaking the truth about Serge Benhayon.

      This man has turned my life around and the woman I am today, with my deep Commitment to Life and True Connection to Purpose speaks volumes. I could not have even dreamed of a grand life that I now have today BSB. Before this incredible humble servant of God was in my radar, I was beyond a mess and with what was going on in my life. As I have said, over and over again – I doubt very much I would have been alive on earth today if it was not for the life and work of Serge Benhayon. Fact.
      This statement in itself confirms to the world why I am fearless when it comes to THE TRUTH ABOUT SERGE BENHAYON.

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