Dear God, Update about Serge Benhayon

Dear God,

I am ready to give you a laser update here from earth about the incredible man you sent at this moment in time called Serge Benhayon.

I know you KNOW everything but it is important I say it as it is.

First – As you know I did not even like the sound of your name. It disturbed me and I got very confused as there were simply too many people banging on about what you were, what you did and what you are all about. Well, thanks to Serge Benhayon and what he presents, that has all changed now.

Next – Earth Life right now is a mess. Things have got so bad that there are no words to describe the deep trouble we are in everywhere. Very few know what needs to be done or how we can get back to who we truly are.

Well on that note – THANK YOU GOD (cheap words I know but nothing else is coming to me) for sending SERGE BENHAYON because without him, I for one would have been so gone that I would have joined the ‘lost the plot’ club. Because of Serge Benhayon we now have the tides turning and there is work to be done.

I say thank you for sending Serge Benhayon God, but actually I can say thank you for sending me. I have come to absolutely know that even though the world is in a big mess, now is not the time to just give up – I have been shown I can be who I truly am by Serge Benhayon, and that is what I am here to do. I can assure you that I have heard the urgent call from you and your team and my job is to GET ON WITH IT and that is what I do best.

It is all in the end so very simple. I am amazed at what is possible if I just listen to what Serge Benhayon is presenting and apply it to real life here on earth – Incredible, Monumental, Stupendous, Amazing are all cheap words to describe my life today.

BSB – Before Serge Benhayon – the words would be Bitter, Exhausted, Resentful, Crazy driven and Frustrated with you God. I blamed you, the world and its brothers and mothers for my life.

ASB – After Serge Benhayon – the ugly list started to slowly change as I made new choices and Bingo, 12 years on you have the Pukka (real) list.

God, you have sent us in human form a man who walks the walk and talks the talk and lives and breathes exactly how I would imagine you to, if you were here right now. I don’t need you to pop down now and save me or deal with any of my nonsense because Serge Benhayon has reminded me exactly how I can truly sort myself out. ALL he has done and continues to do so is reflect to me what is possible and he just presents simple stuff that I get, as it has no complications and heady stuff.

The biggest thing is, Serge Benhayon has inspired me so much that I no longer even want to give up on life and instead I am the opposite – committed to life and my exhaustion has gone. I feel a grand purpose in what to do and as long as I hold steady and consistent, I am able to inspire and support many with my own unique way of being and the set of skills you God have equipped me with this time around.

I never dreamt that life could ever be like this, day in and day out. As you know I talk to you every day and THANK YOU GOD for sending Serge Benhayon. I am not him, but I know I have the potential and just knowing that is more than enough.

There is nothing I can buy for this man as he has absolutely everything, so I thought the best thing I could do is LIVE my middle name – ‘GET ON WITH IT’. To me, this is the only way I can deeply LOVE and APPRECIATE Serge Benhayon, and myself. I know without doubt to Appreciate this man is to absolutely Appreciate you God – for we are all one and the same.

Next – I have made sure I keep your name alive through writing about Serge Benhayon and this has given me the focus to just keep it simple and nothing is a big deal now, no matter what life brings.

I no longer feel overwhelmed or worried about the future because I know there is a grand plan and all I need to do is my bit and remain consistent. This I find easy and simple because I am not settling for a comfortable life, as that would be boring in my world. I like the daily reviewing and refining because Serge Benhayon has given me a deep understanding about my relationship to evolution and that should keep me going for the rest of this lifetime.

Of course there are those who are not content and are talking nonsense about this amazing man who has done so much for all of humanity but I am not letting that bug me or even affect me as I KNOW that as long as I do what I do best – never hold back in expressing what I feel – then I am in some way helping to stamp out the evil (because that is what it is) once and for All.

Thank You God for making me so fearless now so that nothing threatens or rattles me, regardless of what they have to say when it comes to Serge Benhayon. I know who he is and nothing and no one will change my Absoluteness that I know about Serge Benhayon.

I have made a strong commitment going forward to dedicate my life to what is needed for the True Plan right now on earth. No messing about and not getting caught in this life of creation – just GET ON WITH IT.

Finally God, thank you for never ever judging me and keeping me on track.

With deep Love and Appreciation to you God,


By Bina Pattel, Age 55, London, UK

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637 thoughts on “Dear God, Update about Serge Benhayon

  1. Appreciation and the Love we can hold Serge Benhayon in opens the door to also appreciate everyone, and by deeply Loving others with this level of transparency and openness, not wanting to interfere with another’s evolution is True-Love.

  2. ‘Because of Serge Benhayon we now have the tides turning and there is work to be done.’ So true. So very much to deeply appreciate in Serge’s livingness, dedication, purpose, love and care. In all he represents and all he stands for, after knowing Serge for over 13 years every time I see him I still go ‘WOW’ ‘WOW’ ‘WOW’ ‘WOW’. That is not putting him on a pedestal, but literally I am constantly blown away by his Livingness and what he represents and he just keeps bringing it ✨

  3. I totally agree with you Bina that God the universe sent a light in human form, his name just happens to be Serge Benhayon. It could easily have been say the Dali lama, as he also shows humanity that it is love first over and before anything else. And if we look back at our history this shows us that this has happened many many times. It is nothing new. Serge Benhayon and his entire family are currently showing humanity what it is like to live heaven on earth with such simplicity. Humanity is being offered a reflection, or not, it is up to each individual. And if someone wants to live in this harmless way then who are we to hinder them?

  4. Bina I had joined the joined the ‘lost the plot’ club, I was well gone, completely numbed out. In retrospect I have to say that being in psychotherapy for 20+ years did not help at all. Meeting Serge Benhayon brought about a slow but profound change to my life. One of the biggest lessons of life I feel I am mastering is one of understanding; to treat people with compassion, and do not judge when their viewpoint is different from your own. Perhaps you may learn something, however small, from everyone you encounter. This means to not judge another and to not judge another is to first not judge myself. Not quite there yet with this one but getting there.

  5. Serge Benhayon is the first man I met who is able to hold people with love no matter what, every move he makes is without judgement and you can feel totally safe to be in his presence. His living way is inspiring so many more people to also live with love and this is what changes the world, our return to love.

    1. We are blessed to have Serge Benhayon in our lives, reflecting what is Love and Truth; many many people have turned their lives around in incredible ways with the support of this extraordinary, ordinary man.

  6. What I am getting from this is we are all here to get on with it – whatever that ‘it’ may look like. Simple. We don’t need to go out there and find ourselves or a grand mission, what needs doing is where we are at. We are precisely at the place where we are designed to be, already equipped to deal with what comes our way. Life is actually very simple yet totally purposeful and oh so majestically planned when we just get on with it.

  7. ‘Very few know what needs to be done or how we can get back to who we truly are.’ Thank heavens, Serge Benhayon does! His wisdom, teachings and sharings are the roadmap back home.

    1. He certainly does Rachel and Serge Benhayon’s teachings are absolute gold, they light the way for humanity and once this path is lit, it will always be there for us all. He shows us what is possible and how to step out of the misery, corruption, and evil we have allowed and accepted in this world and there is work to be done for sure, time to clean up the mess we got ourselves into and Serge is showing us how this can be done, with absolute love.

      1. Serge Benhayon leads by his livingness – we are inspired by what we feel and see, ‘time to clean up the mess we got ourselves into and Serge is showing us how this can be done, with absolute love.’

    2. And even fewer of us seem to realise that we are Home, Home is actually who we are, it’s just that we distract ourselves like crazy, so much so that we become disoriented and think that we need to go somewhere or be something other than where and what we already are.

  8. ‘I know without a doubt to Appreciate this man is to absolutely Appreciate you God – for we are all one and the same’ – Amen. No more to add.

  9. I loved reading this blog, I could feel the deep appreciation of this man, Serge Benhayon and for very good reasons too.

    Many people are lost in trying to find themselves and blame others including God, instead of looking within themselves. I can agree that my own life would have been different if I hadn’t had met Serge Benhayon. As already stated, it would have been ‘nonsense’ to stay in what is not then to be in what is and that is to live a life from the heart.

    1. The world is a mess, with many people being lost; Serge Benhayon offers humanity a Way of Living that makes sense, that brings back Love and Truth, ‘Serge Benhayon has inspired me so much that I no longer even want to give up on life and instead I am the opposite – committed to life and my exhaustion has gone. ‘

  10. Great example of ‘it is important I say it as it is.’ Full of love and appreciation for a man like no other, who reintroduced so many to their relationship with God.

  11. Seeing just one person living life fully committed, purposeful, loving, truthful… is enough to know that we can do it too. No excuse, lie or justification can erase that fact and it will forever stick with us until we make the choice to also start living in such a way, the only true way for all of us.

    1. That is the beauty and power of experiencing such reflection of Truth, love, commitment and purpose. Once it is experienced, it is with us forever.

  12. I have always loved God. I always felt the Connection within me. Also, I always felt what he means to offer us and the wisdom that can be touched when we connect.
    When I met Serge Benhayon, it was so deeply confirmed in what I always knew to be true. Finally, I received a reflection on earth of the true way forward or backwards to who we really are.

  13. I say thank you for sending me Rik Connors too God. How would people know there is more to them? Even though the human being is not perfect, the expression that can come through us can be. from the stars. Without me it wouldn’t be as easy to know this. This is what I love. THANK YOU

  14. Beautiful to read this again and feel the sheer ( as in deep) love and vitality that you bring and your appreciation for Serge Benhayon and your reignited relationship with God.

    1. A beautiful tribute to Serge Benhayon, ‘God, you have sent us in human form a man who walks the walk and talks the talk and lives and breathes exactly how I would imagine you to, if you were here right now. I don’t need you to pop down now and save me or deal with any of my nonsense because Serge Benhayon has reminded me exactly how I can truly sort myself out.’ Love this statement, so true.

  15. I love this blog Binna, what a complete honouring of an incredible, extra-ordinary man who shows humanity the vast greatness we are all from.

    1. This blog is an awesome tribute to a man that can never be appreciated enough in what he brings for each and every one of us, ‘ I know without doubt to Appreciate this man is to absolutely Appreciate you God – for we are all one and the same.’

  16. I love what you have shared here Bina, everything you say is absolutely true about Serge Benhayon. We are blessed to have this man in our lives and reflect consistently what is possible, as many hundreds of people have turned their lives around in amazing ways with the support of this extraordinary, ordinary man.

  17. I expressed it this morning in a meeting: Serge Benhayon is the one that brought God back into my life. Before meeting Serge and attending his workshops and presentations I wouldn’t talk about God and thought God had abandoned me. Great to realize that God never left, is always, literally always there without any judgement just like Serge Benhayon.

  18. Yes indeed, there is a simple and constant joy in feeling what we are here to do and what we are a part of – ‘I know there is a grand plan and all I need to do is my bit and remain consistent’.

  19. ‘…even though the world is in a big mess, now is not the time to just give up – I have been shown I can be who I truly am by Serge Benhayon, and that is what I am here to do.’ This is huge, Bina. With so many of us escaping into social media, TV, computer games, over eating and any form of distraction through arguing and volatile relationships… (aka giving up on life) to know your true purpose, who you truly are and what you are here for is a blessing for all.

    1. The temptation to give up on life is huge, and is offered everywhere you look – from the way we crave holidays, to excitement about retirement, to name two obvious ones – and many tinier ones throughout our day – feeling like we just ‘need a break’ from the intensity of life, the relief of Friday, etc etc. When we’ve made our lives so intense, it’s no wonder we seek a break from them – which makes it even more inspiring to see someone like Serge Benhayon properly going for it, presenting truth from every angle, relentlessly, for 20 years, and showing that it’s entirely possible to work long hours, have a family, and withstand intense media attacks. When you know what your purpose is in life, there’s no going back and no giving up – why would you need or want to?

      1. One big temptation for me to ‘giving up’ was desperately seeking relief at the end of the day was with copious TV watching. I used to think about programs during the day. Then there were the holidays you mentioned, the weekends, the constant eating of chocolate bars and cake, literally losing myself in novels and finding any distraction or numbing tool I could, to not feel what was going on. Yes, life is intense and we all find our way of dealing with it. Serge shows that it’s possible to not get affected by the intensity, even though we might feel it and is clearly the most amazing role model of how to live life without the need for numbing and distraction.

  20. At first sight you wouldn’t see it – because Serge Benhayon is so incredibly humble and shows nothing of the charisma of a world star – but this man is the catalyst of true change on this planet. A true world leader.

  21. I too, thank God everyday for Serge Benhayon and the reflection and sharing he brings to the world. I now know who I truly am through his reflection and now honour that in myself and for others. Thank you Bina for claiming this truth and bringing it out for all others to read.

  22. Thank God for people like Serge Benhayon that are able to, by virtue of their living way, ‘raise the veil’ we are all living under so we may peer into the darkness of our own illusion with eyes refreshed by truth. And thank God for the many who are willing to have this veil lifted and not be deterred by what is exposed underneath. Only then will we reinstate our true way to live so that what is not true evaporates into the shadows from which it first arose.

  23. I always loved God, I love the connection with my greatest friend and how blessed I am that he send Serge down to support us back. My life is so blessed, so much healing offered and so much more of me to bring to the world.

  24. My life is now full since I have renewed my relationship back with God. This is not a false ideal, rule or doctrine to how I live, but a love I feel that is deepening in my body — the depth to how tender and delicate I treat and move with my body is how much I feel me and God.

  25. There is so much to get on with, for each and every single one of us. We are all placed on this planet with a divine purpose, to reflect, express and move the light of the soul. We all have our various contributions to the way the world is and thanks to Serge Benhayon, hundreds if not thousands of people are able to connect to this true purpose and live a life of energetic integrity and responsibility – what an incredible job this man has done.

  26. As you know Bina I love how you express your love for Serge Benhayon, God and yourself. In your last lines I feel the humbleness of being an perfect imperfect servant of God: ‘ Finally God, thank you for never ever judging me and keeping me on track.’

  27. Dear God, just telling you what you already know and that is that Bina Pattel and Serge Benhayon are the best.

  28. Losing the plot is always a possibility. You get lost within lost and you may not be aware of it. Not everybody comes out of it. Those that do, go through whatever they go through and get shaped by it. When they come up, it is crucial what they see in terms of where to, of possibilities, etc. and have to work hard to eliminate from their bodies everything they took on that is affecting their moving forward. That is where what Serge Benhayon has to offer has no parallel.

  29. “I no longer feel overwhelmed or worried about the future because I know there is a grand plan and all I need to do is my bit and remain consistent.” – how beautiful and simple is this…one step at a time focused with all of who we are, that is all that is asked of us and this in itself unfolds into a grand plan that we are all a part of.

    1. Thank you Henrietta for the reminder here.
      BSB I would worry about my future and had no clue that how I lived my day was going to be tomorrow and so on. That means how I live today is my future.

      So now all I have is today and the choices I make just by the very movements I make, will be the foundation for the next day which we call tomorrow and so it goes…

      Forever learning and seeing each day as an opportunity to express even more, is my simple daily recipe because Expression is Everything.
      I used to think that was about writing and talking but I know now that expression is every single thing and that includes how I choose to put my trash in the bin and empty the bin and clean the bin. ALL of that is expression and the quality is equal to writing this comment or my job or my relationship with my husband. It is all one and the same. Everything matters and everything is just as important.

      ALL of these lived moments hold a quality, a vibration and if vibration was our currency today, then I would be super rich. Fact.

      1. Exactly, Expression is Everything, we are always expressing in one way or another; what do we choose to express.

  30. The true inspiration that Serge Benhayon offers is beyond priceless, and there for all, totally accessible and ready to be used and applied to everyday life, not an abstract notion or pretty picture that isn’t real.

  31. Love love love this tribute to Serge Benhayon. He is an amazing extraordinary yet ordinary man, who walks his talk, unlike any other presenter or person I have ever met. I dread to think what my life would be like if I hadn’t come into contact with Universal Medicine or Serge Benhayon.

  32. Yes, Bina, I too would have joined the ‘lost the plot’ club had I not met Serge Benhayon, and been reminded that we all come from love and are love in our essence. This is something that can be felt in everyday life and is the greatest gift.

  33. There are so many remarkable before and after Serge Benhayon stories, including mine. We were all part of the ‘lost the plot’ crew – mostly because we lost ourselves, the gorgeous selves we were as kids. We stopped living what we could feel and responded to what we were told, at first by others then through our own thoughts. The greatest gift Serge has offered me is a re-connection to my body, which is the most amazing and accurate lie detector for what is true and loving or not.

  34. Bina, it is beautiful to read your transformation and to witness the woman you are today. Thank you for writing this ❤

  35. We all have the compass to Truth and thank you Bina, together and it is only that we do it together in our own way and flavor to say no and stamp out what is not of truth, that there is another chance to love, there is always another chance.

  36. Your commitment to the truth Bina is inspiring and uplifting. What is clear is that absolute knowing that there is way more to life that just what we can see. This world is full of lies and living truth takes absolute commitment and utter dedication to the greater purpose of us all.

    1. I really love what you say here Joshua – Thank You.

      The world is full of lies and living the truth does take absolute commitment and utter dedication for a greater purpose, taking into account the all, which is every thing and every one of us.
      I for one know that I walk the talk to the best of my ability, with no perfection. That way I never give myself a hard time as there are no goals or tick boxes to do.

      My track record thus far confirms my commitment and my consistency is what stands out as I will not waiver or buckle to any threat or nonsense out there that tells me to back off, slow down or go away.

      I learned about absolute commitment from a real role model called Serge Benhayon and I Thank God every single day for sending him right now.
      What a blessing for all of us to have this man present Truth no matter what.

    2. Yes Joshua, the world is full of lies, more and more keep being exposed; living the Truth is essential to returning to who we truly are; ‘ there is way more to life that just what we can see.’

  37. I saw this in a comment of yours Bina – “and not allow things that are not true to disturb me in anyway”. That is where true power comes from, not allowing things that are not true to disturb me. Coming back to me, through a gentle walk, being present in my body, gentle breath meditation etc…Livingness 101.

    1. I agree Sarah that there is something very very powerfull in claiming that I do not allow things that are not true to disturb me in anyway.
      Now I am not a halo head spouting off stuff – just doing what it takes to not let things get to me when I know and understand the quality of where it is coming from.

      What an utter waste of my time spinning on anything that is not Truth.
      I would rather focus on what I can feel has true connection to purpose and that means GETTING ON WITH IT. I even wrote a blog with this title as all those who know me well, know that is my middle name.

      This simply knocks out the disturbance as I go back to what I do know is the truth and works for me.
      One example is writing and that is something I do every single day and for me it is not a tick box but a moment that I truly enjoy as I know what I put out into the world has a ripple effect.

  38. I never tire of re-reading this inspiring blog and wholeheartedly with every word written here Bina.

  39. Bina– I love the breakdown of your life into Before Serge Benhayon and After Serge Benhayon. Your transformation is deeply inspiring.

    1. I feel the breakdown is important to express Elizabeth as the changes speak volumes.

      After more than a decade I would say there is even more to report as the changes are even grander and greater.

      What I am learning now is to not judge others because once upon a time BSB I was unaware and unable to be inspired as nothing around me was telling me the Truth.

      It took one man and his constant reflection and steadiness and unwavering way of living that got me to listen and take note. I then made the effort to pay attention to the detail and give it a go to see if it would work in my life – for example going to bed early and understanding the science of sleep.

      That was 13 years ago and with this lived experience I wrote a forensic article on sleep which has been shared all over the world because it makes sense.

      Boarding an International flight last week, I was talking to passengers who were saying they dread the Jet Lag thing – something I don’t get and have written extensively about. So I shared my website and they were thankfull simply because they rely on sleeping aids in daily life.

      This is one of many changes that are as you say “deeply inspiring” for our world which lets be honest, has lost their way and could do with some real life Bina Pattel talk.

  40. Serge is absolutely the real deal, and even more amazingly he is showing us that we too can live that same love and truth everyday, as we are all equal souls and equally part of God. And Serge is the sweetest and most caring person I have ever met, a true gentlemen alongside being a practitioner, author, presenter and philosopher, a friend to many worldwide and an amazing family man. The support I have received from Serge and Universal Medicine has completely changed my life and as a result the lives of those around me.

  41. Thank you God indeed for sending Serge Benhayon, and thank you Serge Benhayon for being the light on earth that you are.

  42. It is important for humanity to be aware who/what we have in our midst and you, Bina, I know will shout from the rooftops about your love and appreciation for Serge Benhayon until every last person has re-connected to the truth that is available to us all, so we can put an end to the lovelessness once and for all.

    1. No – I never shout from the rooftops Janet – that is simply not needed and it would exhaust me.

      I have found that being consistent every single day with my expression in every way to the best of my ability, without perfection is the way I will do what is needed for humanity.
      That means GETTING ON WITH IT and never holding back from saying what I feel, just as I have done so in this comment.

      I trust that makes sense and puts the record straight.

    2. We are love choosing to be loveless, it makes no sense, no sense at all. Not only are we love choosing to be loveless but we are love looking for love which is nothing short of idiotic.

  43. Dear God

    I don’t have any more comments that I can comment on right now so I thought best to talk to you by way of a comment.
    Well lets pretend you don’t know what is going on so here is the latest update.

    Things have got worse – even more so than when I wrote this blog.
    The world has a tension like never before. Many are doing way off crazy behaviour like never before.

    As a regular in hospital supporting others I can see how the connection with the medical staff and patients is no longer there, as everything has to be quick and waiting around to see the specialist is now at least 2 hours.
    More seem to have more than one illness and the staff look like they are not taking care of themselves.

    Next – we have more teenage murders and be it our justice system or education or whatever system, we are clearly not on the front foot.
    Our solutions coming from our policymakers and those in authority are simply not cutting it and then add to that the lack of funding we keep hearing about, it is clear the general jo public on the street is not feeling inspired.

    Cannabis is illegal in this country but it seems ok now to have everyone smoking it and no law enforcement.
    Our local community have no police on the street due to the station being closed and re located to save money.

    As you know I research daily and the global news is confirming something is not right. The way we are going about our daily life has to change.

    Next – I know the lies continue about Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine and those associated with them including me and my organisation.
    Well just to let you know God, I have you on direct dial with your team so no change there.

    Business as usual here but with an added Responsibility to simply GET ON WITH IT and not allow things that are not true to disturb me in anyway. Holding steady right now in these intense times is what is needed and you can count me in as I have no intention of wavering or deviating when it comes to TRUTH.
    I am on it God and once again THANK YOU for sending Serge Benhayon.

    1. What an honour it is to listen to this very personal conversation that is spoken on behalf of us all. Thank God for you Bina Pattel and all that you are willing to see and thus all that you reflect in your response to this. With people like you in this world, I know we are in safe hands and supported to see it all and say it all and move out of the mess we have created for ourselves in this plane of life. Amen x


    2. I love and appreciate your absoluteness and straight-to-the-point-ness, Bina. Your openness and dedication to evolution is truly inspiring and wakening up. Thank you for being Warrior of Light

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