I Know God

When I was younger I remember knowing that God was with me – it was simple. I started going to a catholic primary school and they would talk about God. I remember reacting because I love God and felt him in and around me – it was very simple. The way they spoke of him felt like fragments of truth wrapped up in lots of lies.

My mum and I would speak of God a lot when I was younger and she would say that God is not something outside of you, he is not some guy in the sky with a grey beard judging you, but he is within your heart… always. He is love.

I remember a friend saying to me when I was about ten, why would you believe in a God that allows so much tragedy to happen in the world? I told her about this poem we had on the back of our toilet door with two sets of footprints in the sand and when there was only one set of foot prints that appeared, was when the person was going through their hardest time – this is when God was holding them. This was the simplicity of the connection I felt with God at the time. But she was angry at God. I remember feeling how can you blame God for what people do to each other, that’s our responsibility not God’s. I felt so conflicted by the truth of what I felt God is and the anger my friend was feeling and started to question, “Why doesn’t she feel God like I do?”

I was frustrated and upset that my friend didn’t feel God in the same way I felt God and that what God is has been completely misinterpreted. And so I learnt from a young age to shut down my truth because people might react. God was not something to talk to many people about because you were often judged, made fun of like you’re crazy because you believe in something you can’t see, or the way they spoke of God was like an almighty being – judging and condemning you. But for me it was simple… I felt it as, we can’t see love yet we definitely know when something isn’t loving or when it is. That is the same with Feeling God… it is like breathing.

So, for many years I shut down to the knowing that within me is God and when the topic came up in conversations, “Do you believe in God?”, the response would be that I believe in something greater than us like the universe…  but would never use the word God. I could feel how much people were angry and upset at God and the feeling of being abandoned and the blame they placed on God.

The first time I went to a Universal Medicine workshop, Serge Benhayon spoke about God from the truth of what I knew God to be and what my mum spoke of when I was younger.

The way Serge Benhayon spoke of the simplicity of God and how to reconnect to the body through a Gentle Breath MeditationTM felt like coming home to my best friend that I had tried to ignore, but was always there. Instantly I could feel a settlement within my body even though it was quite anxious a lot of the time.

I could feel God within me when I gently breathed in and out, and around me, – like being held just by connecting to my body through my breath.

I love how feeling God is actually a very simple and practical thing. Whenever I feel like life is overwhelming, I know I can choose to just come back to a gentle breath and feel my connection with God within my body.

I can reflect back on my life now and see that all my issues with God were my own doing by taking on ideals and beliefs of what God is from outside of me and not staying with the truth of what I know God is and what I felt within.

I appreciate that I went to Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon’s presentation years ago and that I reconnected to what I felt when I was a young person. It confirmed what I already felt God is.

Simply connecting to my breath and feeling the space this creates in my body and around me allows me to feel a connection to God. I’ve realised that anyone’s ideas or understandings about God is their experience and not mine to take on and the clarity I feel with God is something I deeply cherish and am honouring.

By Jemma Woodgate, Hair and Makeup Artist, Australia

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17 thoughts on “I Know God

  1. The way most religions speak of God felt like fragments of truth wrapped up in lots of lies. That is exactly how religion has managed to manipulate humanity by feeding us tit bits of truth wrapped in lies. If people didn’t tow the line and become a practising Roman Catholics you were put to death sometimes in the most excruciatingly pain-filled ways. The manuscripts in the vaults of the Vatican attest to the barbaric ways that people were converted into Christianity. The National Geographic magazine wrote an article some years back and used the drawings and notes lent to them from the vaults of the Vatican to write the article, almost as it was something to be celebrated rather than condemned for the barbaric treatment of human-beings. Everyone has heard of the Spanish Inquisition but what is not so widely known is the first inquisition was against the Cathars who lived in Europe and didn’t follow the Roman Catholic doctrine, so the ruling elite of the Roman Catholic faith in Rome decreed that there was only one faith and that was the Roman Catholic faith and if you didn’t recant any other faith you were put to death – true story.

  2. To me the only purpose of religion is to take humanity as far away from the truth of God as possible by taking ownership, rebranding and repackaging the truth of God into suitable truths which humanity has been forced to swallow and abide by. We just have to look back in history to know that the Roman Catholic church had very barbaric and pain-full ways to convert the population at the time. These mainstream religions have to constantly coerce people into the church because if they didn’t coerce they would have no congregation. Which is what we are seeing today, that society is abandoning the church because they can feel how corrupt mainstream religion is.

  3. Thank you Jemma and Gabriel for pointing out to humanity that the way that we are living is so far away from God and all that we are but that is our responsibility not God’s.

  4. Jemma it seems to me that we are deliberately bombarded with everything God is not to take us away from the true meaning of God. Religions as you say hold fragments of the truth but mostly we are sold lies to keep everyone in the separation to this greater part of us. Re-accessing God is our ticket out of this realm of life we have made a reality.
    “I can reflect back on my life now and see that all my issues with God were my own doing by taking on ideals and beliefs of what God is from outside of me and not staying with the truth of what I know God is and what I felt within.”
    Thankfully in Serge Benhayon we have a representation of the direct reflection that is there for everyone to have immediate access to heaven and all that heaven is.

  5. Connecting to what has always been shared by The Ageless Wisdom teachings about God, the heavens and the stars is an amazing home coming that, as you have shared Jemma, is so natural from what we can recall from being young and from past life experiences.

  6. Knowing and loving God is so simple and it is true that others’ experiences and interpretations can get in the way of being with and trusting what we feel and know is true. Your experience has been such a loving and supportive read. Thank you so much for sharing Jemma.

  7. Thank you Gemma, as much can be learnt from the way we breathe to the way we walk and talk in full connection with God, so our every movement by our will or free will re-aligns us to God.

  8. Beautiful Jemma. Imagine having a parent – so loving, understanding and kind but thinking you were an orphan the whole time! I’m just starting to get myself that I wasn’t alone the way I thought I was but held by God always in Love.

  9. I love the simplicity and clarity that you have presented, Jemma – and that is what I now feel is my own connection to God – simple and clear and steady and not to be abandoned ever again. With God walking by our side we are truly magnificent and a glorious reflection to the world.

    1. There is something about the word clarity of God, an unfetted God released from our man made ideals and beliefs, our mystical or demonic versions of God that have been spread around by various religions that have coloured our understanding of God. To come back to the clarity of God is to understand the simplicity of just knowing we are all held by God whether we know this or can feel this, really doesn’t matter because it is an indisputable fact.

  10. “… we can’t see love yet we definitely know when something isn’t loving or when it is. That is the same with Feeling God… it is like breathing.” What a beautiful and simple way to express how we can each know and feel God, in the same way we know and feel love – not seen with our eyes but felt by sensing. We all know what it feels like when love is not present in our lives and the negative impact, and when we don’t allow our inner connection to God it also has a huge impact. That is certainly something we can see worldwide, with the abuse and corruption as some of the examples of humanity living without their connection to God.

  11. Jemma, this line is exactly what I felt as a small child …”When I was younger I remember knowing that God was with me – it was simple”. Thank you for expressing this for me. I also remember attempting to express how I felt about God as a small child, yet no one seemed to understand, that I felt God inside me. Such simplicity of children, the expression of absolute truth.

    1. Mary Holmes, I knew God as a child too, I had no doubt about my connection to him. But the adults around me did not understand and ridiculed my understanding. As children we are more in touch with our sensitivity and can feel everything. We then seem to close this down because those around us have lost their connection to God and in their inner turmoil lash out at anyone who reminds them of what they so deeply miss. Meeting Serge Benhayon and hearing him talk with such simplicity about God was a breath of fresh air, at last here was someone who is the representation of God walking this earth to remind everyone of the truth of God. Not the corrupted versions of God we have been force fed.

  12. I love this Jemma – the way you have described knowing and being with God really highlights how simple it is. But the outside world’s version has made it into something mysterious and dependent on something outside of us – that somehow we have to strive to win God’s approval, when the fact is that God is love and is there in each and every one of us.

    1. Helen when I read your comment
      ‘that somehow we have to strive to win God’s approval, ‘
      Those words smack of some religious doctrine that as you say, has humanity fixated looking on the outside of us for confirmation of who we are, and there is the biggest lie we have been thoroughly duped by an energy that keeps us all in the distractions and comforts of life, anything to keep us from turning inwards to the inner temple of the soul.

  13. There is a beautiful simplicity in your knowing of and connection to God; everything else is just a complication and people projecting their hurts, disappointments and devastation over the way we have let a true way of living slip from our grasp. But that is, as you rightly say, not God’s responsibility but ours.

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