An Amazing Journey with Honesty and Expression

by Michelle Borg, Mackay, Australia

I have been a student of Universal Medicine for a few years now. I had read parts of Serge Benhayon’s books and listened to his audios but for me it was after meeting Serge in person and being at this year’s Universal Medicine Retreat that something deep within me awakened. I felt complete harmony.

My life has changed for the better by choosing to be responsible. What was presented at the Retreat by Serge and the Universal Medicine team allowed me to truly feel how I was living and conducting myself from thoughts rather than expressing the truth and being honest with how I feel. Choosing to be completely honest with myself and honouring how I feel has opened up a way of living which I had never truly experienced before. I thought I was living the ‘good life’ but in fact was disillusioned.

For me it is simple; I chose to listen to what was being presented, which was so beautiful, and felt what had purpose for me. I now choose to live as loving, respectful and honest with myself as I possibly can. It has been an amazing journey!

Thank you Serge Benhayon and the Universal Medicine team for your constant love and support.

180 thoughts on “An Amazing Journey with Honesty and Expression

  1. Michelle the simplicity of your sharing is so powerful. A few key words, ‘responsible’ and ‘chose to listen,’ is something we all could take heed of. Both of these words require a level of responsibility and a level of responsibility in how you apply it, to your everyday life, is key to the rest of humanity.

    Life has a purpose for us all and it is just connecting to what this offers and living it, to the fullest.

  2. “Thank you Serge Benhayon and the Universal Medicine team for your constant love and support.” That’s what I have experienced also, constant love and support. No matter what’s going on in my life there is no judgement, just a willingness to meet me in all that I truly am, and support me to let go of what gets in the way of my living that. My experience with Universal Medicine has been one of blessing after blessing, there’s no other way to describe it, and to see the miraculous changes in my life by accepting all that’s on offer, and applying it to my own life, is an ongoing amazing process.

  3. ‘Living and conducting myself from thoughts rather than expressing the truth and being honest with how I feel’ – this is a very accurate description of how most of us operate. We are not our thoughts yet we rely on our computation so much to figure things out, to come up with something, and to keep reaffirming the sense of “I”.

    1. We live so out of step with ourselves, we are so often in disconnection and disharmony, Coming back into harmony with myself has been a huge part of the support Universal Medicine has offered including learning to be open to how I truly feel and honouring this, being more honest with myself and what does or doesn’t support me, and by listening to and respecting my body.

  4. Bring open to honesty and feeling to truth is actually a beautiful surrender to our innate way of being at one with who we naturally are, allowing us to address, heal and let go of what is in the way of us deepening in our love.

  5. The first person we need to be honest with is ourselves. We can blame, shame and deflect but essentially taking a step back and considering the quality of Love we bring to our lives is an opportunity for an honest conversation that will change our life.

  6. When we choose to honestly feel from our body and to listen and honour those feelings rather than working things out from our mind our way of living completely transforms to one of simplicity, quality and love.

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