An Amazing Journey with Honesty and Expression

by Michelle Borg, Mackay, Australia

I have been a student of Universal Medicine for a few years now. I had read parts of Serge Benhayon’s books and listened to his audios but for me it was after meeting Serge in person and being at this year’s Universal Medicine Retreat that something deep within me awakened. I felt complete harmony.

My life has changed for the better by choosing to be responsible. What was presented at the Retreat by Serge and the Universal Medicine team allowed me to truly feel how I was living and conducting myself from thoughts rather than expressing the truth and being honest with how I feel. Choosing to be completely honest with myself and honouring how I feel has opened up a way of living which I had never truly experienced before. I thought I was living the ‘good life’ but in fact was disillusioned.

For me it is simple; I chose to listen to what was being presented, which was so beautiful, and felt what had purpose for me. I now choose to live as loving, respectful and honest with myself as I possibly can. It has been an amazing journey!

Thank you Serge Benhayon and the Universal Medicine team for your constant love and support.

145 thoughts on “An Amazing Journey with Honesty and Expression

  1. I love this Michelle, very simply and sincerely expressed, and your approach with what was presented is so supportive, listen and feel in what was presented has purpose for us and then live that in your way in your life, in other words you made it yours. Thank you for saying it as you have, it shines a light on how we make changes in a way that truly supports and I can see how when I’ve approached the wisdom offered by Universal Medicine in this way it’s changed my life.

  2. I have attended a few retreats by Universal Medicine. They have been incredibly supportive for me too, my expression has improved immensely. I used to shy away from expressing how I feel in a large group but now when I feel there is something to share, I do it without being nervous and without feeling not good enough. I have learnt to express truth clearly and confidently.

  3. No-one in their right mind could argue with this Michelle – and that our world is in desperate need of those who are so willing to live with responsibility and honesty as to what is truly going on for us.
    Awesomely said.

  4. A beautiful reflection to all those around you Michelle. ‘Less is more’ the less we distract and busy ourselves with distractions, doings, possessions, thoughts and seeking recognition for what we do, the more we find the joy, harmony, truth, stillness and love within that reconnects us to who we truly are.

  5. Life on earth is an amazing journey when we choose to live and express who we truly are, for this allows us to be aware of the bigger picture of life and the divine order that we are all part of.

  6. Living the ‘good life’ doesn’t cut it when we make life about purpose and that how we live affects everyone else. We can, however, live incredibly rich, loving and joyful lives when we make life about responsibility and evolution.

  7. The truth is that we cannot underestimate the power that is waiting to unfold through us when we choose to deepen our relationship with honesty. As we are continually evolving as such we are continually needing to bring deeper levels of honesty to the way we are choosing to live, in order for us to keep moving in connection to the greater levels of truth we come to know and feel.

  8. It’s incredibly easy to go through life and keep pretending everything is good and everything is ok and never really scratch the surface on honesty. It’s so liberating and freeing of all the beliefs and pictures we have to simply be honest and say this is where I’m at. It’s also a great platform to know your next step – because if you’re not honest about where you’re at now – how can you know what your next step needs to be?

  9. I can relate to this feeling of ‘living the good life’ only to find that it was not the life I thought it was. This happens all the time for as soon as I think everything is sorted, another wave of disillusionment follows, reminding me that we are not of this world and that in fact we are made of something far greater than what this place can offer, our souls are knocking at the door wanting to pull us back to where we came, and the more this can be seen and felt the greater our journey will be together.

  10. For me, meeting Serge Benhayon in person was the clincher; the solid vibration that I felt in his movements and his universal eyes reminded me of who I really am and why we are here. I remembered feeling like I had been woken up from a daze or a fog, everything from that moment on made sense, I knew what I needed to do and that was to bring all of me to everyone and stop hiding my light away for a rainy day.

  11. To hear about something and then to see it for yourself in person is and makes a huge difference. When you can watch someone in action in many ways it certainly says a lot to you.I remember growing up the impact this had as well, you more watched what others did rather then listened to what they say. As the saying goes, ‘actions speak louder then words’. Over and over again this has proven itself to be true and it’s not that you disregard what is said to you but there is more being said to you by movement then by words alone. I also remember watching Serge Benhayon in this way, you could see the difference and time and time again I was touched by the care and detail he offered everything and every movement.

  12. Being open to be honest with ourselves can be painful at times but this can be only for a moment as we can feel the healing and and expansion honesty offers on its way to truth.

  13. In being willing to listen, feel and honestly express what was true from your body Michelle, you were able to realise the true impact your lifestyle choices were having on your body and with that awareness take responsibility and initiate loving changes as a result. Our body knows harmony and responds, supporting us the more we honour how we are truly feeling.

  14. It is a great gift to learn that life is forever offering us loving opportunities to expand and evolve and that it is up to us to choose to observe with honesty, learn and heal what is required, and allow ourselves to naturally deepen our expression of the love, harmony and wisdom from within.

    I have woken. up today with an ache in my back and I am able to witness how this is directly related to the choices I made yesterday to push through because I did not want to look like I had not done my part. And I can also take it further back to the days leading up to yesterday because I had not prepared properly knowing yesterday was going to be a long day. Not that long ago before Universal Medicine I would wake up with an ache or some other issue and would just look at a way of erasing the symptom, not realising what a powerful learning there lay in that moment.

  15. The ‘good life’ is more often than not a kind of bubble existence that relies heavily on all sorts of numbing devices, from gaming to sports, from drinking to the ongoing use of over-the-counter medicine, from entertainment to hobbies. We only notice that something is amiss when they get taken away and we are faced with ourselves – and what then?

  16. Every time I replay any of Serge Benhayon’s audio I always hear a new message and it’s always appropriate for where I am in my life. There is a depth of honesty that has never before been presented to me that enables me to be me – love it.

  17. It’s funny how we can avoid being responsible for our lives – I know I avoided it for many years and of course my life ended up quite complicated and I felt drained as a result. Learning to be more responsible isn’t as scary as I thought, in fact it was life changing for me as well, and as I committed to my life and taken more responsibility, it is beautiful to feel the rewards that come with this choice such as greater energy levels, more power, simplicity and of course more love.

  18. Simple and so real Michelle. Meeting Serge Benhayon has changed my life forever, from one of anxiety, constant nervous energy, overwhelm, comparison, self abuse etc. to one that I love nothing more then to keep unraveling what is not true and love in my life and living more of who I am, who we all are without perfection.

  19. Life is so different when lived from the awareness that what we do matters – every detail is precious, never boring or tedious but a discovery and expansion way beyond any concept of what it used to mean to ‘live a good life’.

  20. When we feel harmony in our body, we realise there is so much more to us than how we have been living. The more we are honest with ourselves the more we are willing to take responsibility and be more gentle and caring. Our body knows love and responds the more we are willing to support ourselves.

  21. When we choose to live in a way that is loving, respectful and honest with ourselves it has a ripple effect on not only the rest of our daily life but for everyone else around us.

  22. “Choosing to be completely honest with myself and honouring how I feel” – this is an amazing journey of constant unfolding, very different from trying to make things work according to a picture of ideals.

  23. Choosing responsibility, being as loving as we can to ourselves definitely changes the way that we live, and at the same time offers an opportunity to others too.

  24. ‘My life has changed for the better by choosing to be responsible.’ Yes, this is probably the most life-changing choice we can have..

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