The Irony Of It All

by Annette Baker 

If all of these articles, reports, and stories suggesting that Universal Medicine is a cult, and that by direct association I am therefore ‘in’ a cult, were not so offensive and insulting, I would be laughing.

It really is absolutely laughable that these very simple, practical teachings – teachings I have chosen to implement as a support to best live my life – are being ridiculed and slandered… not to mention the other grossly misleading connotations that pervade these false reports.

Rather than exist through life in depression, which is where I was at and certainly where I was continuing to head (as are so many in the world today, evidenced by the huge rise in the prescription of anti-depressants); I felt my way with the presentations from Serge Benhayon and other practitioners and discovered a very simple, uncomplicated way to live. I slowly and steadily made the decision and choice to dump a few (unnecessary) extras from my life – alcohol, gluten, dairy and emotional drama – all in my own time, according to my own revelations as to how these things were no longer working for me.

And what I found was, as I eradicated these things from my life, the clarity with which I could feel what my body needed and didn’t need became increasingly evident. And through this process, the depression I had so regularly slipped into, slowly started to dissipate from my life. Not without struggle – I had of course identified with the idea that this was me – my lot, if you like.

I had been neither diagnosed nor medicated as I didn’t need someone to tell me what I was feeling, and I certainly didn’t need something to numb me from feeling! I was doing a good enough job of that myself. Mine was not a depression born out of a life of abuse or misery or hardship or tough times or neglect or loss, it was seated in the ever-present feeling that there had to be more to life; that what was out there as it, was not it!

Upon hearing the presentations Serge Benhayon was delivering, I discovered they were the missing link I had been longing to find. Of course now I understand and know very well that this ageless wisdom lives inside me too: it is not something only Serge can ‘give’ me, it is something he shares and it is inside us all to access for ourselves.

So the very strong and evident suggestion that something is going on here that is harming people absolutely blows me away: in fact and in truth, it is exactly the opposite. The sharing of this information – which we can, through right living, convert to our own wisdom – is totally harmless. And when lived with truth and commitment brings no harm to another… which is why these stories are so offensive and ridiculous. And may I say, I am not one to be easily offended. So it amazes me that we can be surrounded by so much that claims to be love when it is not, and then when something comes along that is love, we write it off as not love!

Watching highlights of the Olympics – a great Research and Development exercise – a commentator, speaking of one of the young athletes, reported that this athlete had had some troubles this year with her health, “…an ovarian cyst that burst or something”. He went on to say that it had “interrupted her training” – yet we call it love that she is out there on the blocks swimming for “all Australians”.

How wrong are our priorities when we see an issue like that as “an interruption to training”? And why is a very young woman having a problem like this in the first place, when she is seemingly so fit and healthy? Why is this question not being asked? Why is this not being investigated? Why doesn’t anyone feel there is something wrong with that picture? And how many other lesser issues were ignored in her body as ‘nuisances’ before it got to that?

Achievement before health and TRUE well-being is so acceptable in our society, but at what cost?

We see reports like these daily in the news, and in life: some hardship that has befallen someone, some ill that apparently came out of nowhere. Are we really so naive and ignorant as a species that we think we can live how we like, push, abuse or neglect our bodies however we like, and then be shocked and alarmed when our health ‘betrays’ us and then expect our ‘pushed to the brink’ health system to fix us, and come up with all the answers?

It really is ironic that that which is presenting to us how to be true love for ourselves, and therefore for others, is labelled as ‘not love’. Now THAT is harming, and THAT is not love! The irony will of course be lost on those making these claims, for as any true student of their own love knows, how can one know love if they are not first love themselves?

If they continue with these reports maybe I’ll come to my senses, go back to how I was living before, and get myself a magnetic wrist-band. That should fix everything.

And this is the crazy thing: there are so many products and modalities available that are apparently ‘good for us’, yet never ask the user or participant to take responsibility for how they are living. Why? Because it’s easy, it’s comfortable, and it doesn’t challenge how we are living. Yet when something of truth comes along it is viewed with disdain, scepticism, concern and fear.

The commentators of the Olympics would have me celebrate as “…a champion” a female athlete who “… came into the games with torn hip tendons” to run the 42km marathon. From how I live now this is not something I can celebrate. To me it is sad that we can be in so much disregard of ourselves, yet be convinced that it is something heroic; with total neglect and ignorance of the harm this is causing.

I feel certain that the inconsistencies of how we are living will one day be noticed, and felt, for the ills, harm and pain they are causing. It will however take a big change for humanity as a whole to accept that it is us who need to take that first step, and then successive steps towards our own true well-being, and realise and come to the understanding that we cannot just live how we like and expect someone else to do the fixing. THAT will be a day to celebrate!

For now I will continue to live with the most care and love I can each day, and celebrate in the knowing that there are others around me doing the same.

305 thoughts on “The Irony Of It All

  1. I can totally relate, ‘I discovered they were the missing link I had been longing to find’. For years many of us have searched high and low, spent thousands of pounds, dollars, and many other currencies, and that link was never there or felt. And when the link is found, you are spot on, it is considered harming. The reality of where the majority of humanity is situated.

    We celebrate the person who literally has killed their body, to achieve something and yet, the person who makes the decision towards a more loving way for the body, is scrutinised.

    I feel at the end of the day, every person has the right to make whatever choice they want to make, and live their lives accordingly, however they wish to. It is their free will, and who are we to condone or judge another.

  2. It is really ironic when finally true truth comes along we do our very bestest not to let it expose the lies that we have been buying as our truth all along – only to expose ourselves not being interested in being truth-full after all.

    1. As Truth has always been with us and now it is simple to express it without having our head on the proverbial chopping-block! Because of what standing for the Truth in the past has lead to the most torturous demands on our bodies and torture has happened to us throughout history, so most if not all have a deep fear of what happens when we align to True energy.

    2. Exposing the energy that wants to perpetuate the lies has never been so simple and thus now we can start to disentangle our-selves from the ill-energy that would take us down the garden-path that is littered with lies. So as Annette has shared “as I eradicated these things from my life, the clarity with which I could feel what my body needed and didn’t need became increasingly evident.”

    3. Then, as we have a marker, when we move our bodies in a way that is not supporting the level of “clarity” we are now living, it becomes simple to feel this ill energy. Thus as we walk our talk, and talk the way we walk, we expose the lies or ill energy as they are felt in our bodies, as our bodies will no longer move with the same grace and integrity that was felt before the ill energy, so as we have felt what it is like to again align to true energy, then we can “continue to live with the most care” and loving way.

  3. The examples you give, Annette, of the dis-regard of the athletes is no different to a person who cuts themselves, they are both forms of self-abuse – it is just that one is lauded and the other is acknowledged as abuse, yet underlying both there is a lack of self-love, self-worth and unresolved hurts.

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