The Irony Of It All

by Annette Baker 

If all of these articles, reports, and stories suggesting that Universal Medicine is a cult, and that by direct association I am therefore ‘in’ a cult, were not so offensive and insulting, I would be laughing.

It really is absolutely laughable that these very simple, practical teachings – teachings I have chosen to implement as a support to best live my life – are being ridiculed and slandered… not to mention the other grossly misleading connotations that pervade these false reports.

Rather than exist through life in depression, which is where I was at and certainly where I was continuing to head (as are so many in the world today, evidenced by the huge rise in the prescription of anti-depressants); I felt my way with the presentations from Serge Benhayon and other practitioners and discovered a very simple, uncomplicated way to live. I slowly and steadily made the decision and choice to dump a few (unnecessary) extras from my life – alcohol, gluten, dairy and emotional drama – all in my own time, according to my own revelations as to how these things were no longer working for me.

And what I found was, as I eradicated these things from my life, the clarity with which I could feel what my body needed and didn’t need became increasingly evident. And through this process, the depression I had so regularly slipped into, slowly started to dissipate from my life. Not without struggle – I had of course identified with the idea that this was me – my lot, if you like.

I had been neither diagnosed nor medicated as I didn’t need someone to tell me what I was feeling, and I certainly didn’t need something to numb me from feeling! I was doing a good enough job of that myself. Mine was not a depression born out of a life of abuse or misery or hardship or tough times or neglect or loss, it was seated in the ever-present feeling that there had to be more to life; that what was out there as it, was not it!

Upon hearing the presentations Serge Benhayon was delivering, I discovered they were the missing link I had been longing to find. Of course now I understand and know very well that this ageless wisdom lives inside me too: it is not something only Serge can ‘give’ me, it is something he shares and it is inside us all to access for ourselves.

So the very strong and evident suggestion that something is going on here that is harming people absolutely blows me away: in fact and in truth, it is exactly the opposite. The sharing of this information – which we can, through right living, convert to our own wisdom – is totally harmless. And when lived with truth and commitment brings no harm to another… which is why these stories are so offensive and ridiculous. And may I say, I am not one to be easily offended. So it amazes me that we can be surrounded by so much that claims to be love when it is not, and then when something comes along that is love, we write it off as not love!

Watching highlights of the Olympics – a great Research and Development exercise – a commentator, speaking of one of the young athletes, reported that this athlete had had some troubles this year with her health, “…an ovarian cyst that burst or something”. He went on to say that it had “interrupted her training” – yet we call it love that she is out there on the blocks swimming for “all Australians”.

How wrong are our priorities when we see an issue like that as “an interruption to training”? And why is a very young woman having a problem like this in the first place, when she is seemingly so fit and healthy? Why is this question not being asked? Why is this not being investigated? Why doesn’t anyone feel there is something wrong with that picture? And how many other lesser issues were ignored in her body as ‘nuisances’ before it got to that?

Achievement before health and TRUE well-being is so acceptable in our society, but at what cost?

We see reports like these daily in the news, and in life: some hardship that has befallen someone, some ill that apparently came out of nowhere. Are we really so naive and ignorant as a species that we think we can live how we like, push, abuse or neglect our bodies however we like, and then be shocked and alarmed when our health ‘betrays’ us and then expect our ‘pushed to the brink’ health system to fix us, and come up with all the answers?

It really is ironic that that which is presenting to us how to be true love for ourselves, and therefore for others, is labelled as ‘not love’. Now THAT is harming, and THAT is not love! The irony will of course be lost on those making these claims, for as any true student of their own love knows, how can one know love if they are not first love themselves?

If they continue with these reports maybe I’ll come to my senses, go back to how I was living before, and get myself a magnetic wrist-band. That should fix everything.

And this is the crazy thing: there are so many products and modalities available that are apparently ‘good for us’, yet never ask the user or participant to take responsibility for how they are living. Why? Because it’s easy, it’s comfortable, and it doesn’t challenge how we are living. Yet when something of truth comes along it is viewed with disdain, scepticism, concern and fear.

The commentators of the Olympics would have me celebrate as “…a champion” a female athlete who “… came into the games with torn hip tendons” to run the 42km marathon. From how I live now this is not something I can celebrate. To me it is sad that we can be in so much disregard of ourselves, yet be convinced that it is something heroic; with total neglect and ignorance of the harm this is causing.

I feel certain that the inconsistencies of how we are living will one day be noticed, and felt, for the ills, harm and pain they are causing. It will however take a big change for humanity as a whole to accept that it is us who need to take that first step, and then successive steps towards our own true well-being, and realise and come to the understanding that we cannot just live how we like and expect someone else to do the fixing. THAT will be a day to celebrate!

For now I will continue to live with the most care and love I can each day, and celebrate in the knowing that there are others around me doing the same.

296 thoughts on “The Irony Of It All

  1. As a society we have a strange perception to celebrate people harming and abusing their body claiming it is done in the name of raising funds for cancer, or to show no fear or to show dedication to an event or an invested training – but why do we celebrate something that wrecks the body? This does not make sense! And so when you have an organisation that comes along to restore a more respectful and loving way of being with the body, it is laughable that they are labled as a cult – in fact they should be used as a world wide model to support our current health care system!

  2. Hear hear Annette – I love every word you have written here and could not agree more whole heartedly and stand by what you have shared with my whole body. What has been presented is an amazing simple and harmless way to live, something that has transformed my life completely and which I am so blessed to have come accross and chosen to embrace.

  3. We all choose what and to whom we associate with. When you realize that you had a long standing relationship with depression and you want to break that association, that is a step forward no matter what. If the people that you associate with are of help in that move, you cannot have but appreciation for them. This is true irrespective of what other people may say. Moreover, this only shows how ill informed, irrelevant and harmful what they say is. It helps no one, starting with those that have also associated in detrimental ways to patterns, the body and others.

  4. Spot-on Annette. It is crazy how hurting yourself to show you are ‘better’ than another is glorified while being loving of yourself and others is demonised

  5. We definitely as a global race need to take responsibility for our health and wellbeing. There is such a pervasive belief that what happens healthwise in our body is unrelated to how we live, that it’s random or genetics for example. But every single choice we make does indeed have a big impact on our health and wellbeing, from the gentle or rough way we move through our day, our thoughts and emotional reactions, our diet, sleeping patterns, and the way we exercise all have an impact. Even our relationships have an affect on us. There is really no area of life we can’t take responsibility for ourselves in by truly and honestly listening to and honouring ourselves and how we feel, and honouring our body and what it communicates.

  6. So true – achievement and recognition at the expense of our well-being, and how that is still championed in the face of the very obvious increase in the number of people who are unwell physically/mentally/emotionally is beyond belief. It really is worth stopping and taking a deeper look at the way we are choosing to live.

  7. I agree that it is unfortunate that humanity has been so degraded and worn down by the lack of love lived in the world, that even when the real deal comes along they won’t and can’t see it and instead choose to attack or ignore it, mostly because true love puts the power in our own hands to make the changes, rather than relying on something outside to save or rescue the situation.

  8. It’s like we champion the ability to push through whatever the body develops that gives us a chance to stop. We celebrate the ability to keep going regardless. But eventually no medical profession can fix the more severe conditions. It’s going to take time but thank God for Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, ahead of the trend in listening, honouring and cherising the wisdom of the body. Life is far richer together than against the body.

  9. I agree Annette – the changes I made from being inspired in presentations by Serge Benhayon have served my body, health and wellbeing beyond measure. Far from perfection, but it is clear what is not working for my body anymore.
    “I slowly and steadily made the decision and choice to dump a few (unnecessary) extras from my life – alcohol, gluten, dairy and emotional drama – all in my own time, according to my own revelations as to how these things were no longer working for me”.

  10. When we begin to start taking care of our body according to our ‘own revelations’ of how our normal is no longer supporting our health and wellbeing, we correspondingly deepen our relationship with ourselves which brings much understanding and grace to our daily lives regarding both ourselves and the world around us.

  11. Annette your article brings so much for us to contemplate, to override and not take stock of any illness we have is totally irresponsible yet many are championed for making such remarkable recoveries within the sporting world, totally oblivious to the true harm they are doing to themselves.

  12. Oh dear, the irony indeed. You brilliantly illustrated just how upside down and inside out we are living as a whole. We are not asking the right questions, we’re just avoiding them with all the immediate gratification we can get, whether it be supporting an olympian to feel good about ourselves and our country, or buying stuff for some retail therapy, to playing nice, to avoid rocking the boat, to simply keeping our blinkers on and letting someone else deal with the mess. No sense made here.

  13. Living from our essence and sharing the gorgeousness of this with everyone is to be celebrated. To applaud people who are hurting themselves for me rubs against the fact that their innate preciousness is being put aside for a level of personal recognition and positioning in life. We are already amazing why not put that level of skill into what serves humanity as a whole?

    1. Beautifully said Shami, just such a shame that this is being labeled as a cult when it is our future for a society to re-learn how to care and respect ourselves.

  14. Yes it is ironic that such simple and practical answers to so many of life’s ills are being rubbished or worse when they are giving so many the tools to address the many issues that are besetting mankind at the present time.

  15. Reading this blog again I realised how easily I can be caught up in seeking an answer – ‘there’s a problem here, so I must get into seeking mode’, I say to myself. But going into seeking mode is just another way of not being who I am – it is seeking who I am. So, today I am called to simply connect and be all that I am…no seeking required…just the choice to be all that I already am.

  16. OMG I love what you shared Annette – the reality of where people are at, priorities and responsibilities have changed and people still don’t get it.

    It’s ok for a car part to go wrong or break down, just take it to the mechanics – they’ll fix it but why did it break down on the first place, does anyone ever question this? Whether it was neglected or abused it’s understandable it is going to break down. So why don’t we apply this principle to our own bodies?

    Presenting the truth at times is received with some form of attack or label. One of my experiences in the work environment when truth was presented was perceived as that I was a ‘whinger’. They didn’t want to hear the facts, and be it sugar coated or band aided the truth will only emerge somewhere else……

  17. Living with self-care is a way of life to be honoured, and not ridiculed as the media have done with the teachings of Serge Benhayon. Despite their false reports, many people continue to live and develop with love and self-care as central tenets of their life.

  18. Well said Annette, there are hundreds of students worldwide who have transformed their lives in amazing ways and often reversed many health conditions with the support and true love of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine. To label this organisation a ‘cult’ without researching the facts just shows how low some are willing to go because it suits them to blame others for their life’s woes rather than take any responsibility at all.

  19. It can be amazing what we believe because it’s been that way for years and so we just follow in line of what has gone before us. Sport is one of those, as more and more I am seeing everyday people seriously injure themselves playing local sport. Everything from broken bones, torn muscles, ligaments, operations, exhaustion, fatigue etc etc. I am not saying or taking away someones choice to do what they want but I am just looking at the people rolling in and their injuries and asking how can this be good for us. I am a supporter of exercise absolutely but sport that involves extremes and huge physical contact for entertainment doesn’t make sense anymore and it’s hard to watch at times. To me we are still missing the point of why we are here and in that we have made a way of life that is just accepted because we have done it before and yet if we take a step back or even just a stop we would see how little it is actually truly supporting us.

  20. Why does society accept the denigration of teachings that help to lift people from very low to a point that they can feel pretty amazing? Isn’t it ridiculous? Each one is free to try the way it chooses and to realize which one works for them and which ones do not. If the Universal Medicine way works for some, why does it have to be denigrated via false accusations? Does this serve society?

  21. Thank you Annette for telling it like it is, when we make life all about function and become identified with that function, abuse becomes a way of living until we become aware of choice and consequences which when we become awakened to the fact that we are responsible for the situation we find ourselves in then and only then can true change occur.

  22. Hear, hear Annette, great blog. . . you say it all. It seems that people will do anything for recognition and to avoid taking responsibility for their own health and well being. I know I am still identifying areas that I am needing to look at and I am prepare to look. Universal Medicine has completely changed my outlook on life. I can no longer blame anyone and anything but my own choices for where I am today. And today because I have being able to make different choices I am in a much better place than I EVER, ever would have been otherwise.

  23. I have found it difficult to understand why as a society our propped up heroes are those that are willing to push through any physical symptoms their bodies are giving them to drive themselves to run the race or compete all in the name of sport? Sport that has a huge influence over our collective children I might add.
    But this we consider normal ?……. while on the other hand, educated and very switched on members of the general public who attend Universal Medicine presentations and consider the way we live life to be a form of medicine and that maybe, just maybe we have a part to play in our own health and well-being are thought of as weird and are branded as brainwashed cult members?
    This seems pretty bent out of shape and corrupt to me not to mention extremely convenient.
    What is being presented by Universal Medicine is not new, it has come through many teachers and philosophers since the dawn of time. It seems to me that the angle the media is taking is also not new, indeed some might liken it to the tactics the catholic church used when it was in power many years ago trying to squash anything that might expose it.
    It is up to each reader to feel the energy of the people that are writing these types of blogs and it’s up to each community member to speak in person with these so called “cult” members and  make a call for themselves as to the truth of any allegations and then stand up and say what they feel about the lies that are being spread. Its time we made our own news, for what I read in the papers these days does not seem to be what is actually going on in the world but rather what will sell and what will generate more income.

  24. When I hear attacks on Universal Medicine I look around at the community of people that I know and I marvel at the many amazing miracles I see before my eyes. Hundreds of people who have transformed their lives and now have amazing lives thanks to the inspiration of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine and the choices each person has made. It can be very cheap and easy to throw stones- but seriously show me where in the world something else like this is happening- where people are truly improving their life in all ways.

  25. “I will continue to live with the most care and love I can each day, and celebrate in the knowing that there are others around me doing the same.” And there will always be those who are jealous and think that the choice to live with love is not possible for them so they choose to reject and denounce it.

  26. The irony is that when we become ill courtesy of making lifestyle choice after lifestyle choice that had led to its manifestation we claim to be surprised.

  27. If we keep life on a temporal, physical level none of this makes sense – why would people get ridiculed, told that are in a cult and have family members concerned when clearly they are making healthier lifestyle choices? To go from depression to being an engaged active member of society is no mean feat, yet this is not celebrated but attacked. Clearly there is more at play here as why does that get attacked?

  28. Thank you Annette for your honest words. I only can agree as I was a person who did a lot of sports and I got ill from it because I was simply harming myself instead of loving myself. It took me a while to understand that the way how I did sport – the way I moved my body – the purpose why I did sport was a weapon against myself. Since I have chosen to have first a loving relationship to myself I would never do sport in that way and imagine now I am a healthier person.

  29. I was recently watching some news items where an ex-olympic swimmer was struggling with a mental breakdown. Other swimmers came out and said it was hard to find a purpose in life post the olympics. If this was truly the success that we champion it as, that person should be very content and full within themselves. Why is it then the norm that after a successful olympic career many athletes are having breakdowns- this clearly shows it is not the answer and it is not truly the pinnacle of success.

  30. Thanks Annette, just reading this through again and enjoying the simple truth you express, Universal Medicine has a lot to offer many people, and those who choose to listen up, take stock and apply as they feel appropriate to them, are the ones currently standing out from the crowds.

  31. What is truly absurd is how many of us chose to live in a way which is harmful to our body and then expect those in the medical profession to sort us out, so we can get back to and continue living in the same way, without a thought that it could be our way of living which caused our illness and disease in the first place. It is well time for us to start taking responsibility for what we manifest in our bodies.

  32. “For now I will continue to live with the most care and love I can each day, and celebrate in the knowing that there are others around me doing the same.” And this really all that is needed. Others may not understand the way I live which is absolutely cool. But the way I choose to live is my choice as is the way anyone else chooses to live theirs. Free will is a central law of the Universe. So for me to see and know others who choose to commit to re-learn to live a simple and loving life, in brotherhood, is indeed a celebration and an immense support at those times when I feel my old patterns and self-abusive ways come trying to make headway again. The power of reflection of one who is choosing to live a life of Love is powerful and not always easy to be around, but if we can stay steady and look back at the reflection, we see it is us and know we too have this Love within.

  33. “Yet when something of truth comes along it is viewed with disdain, scepticism, concern and fear.” We all hold the responsibility to discern what is true or not. It’s our right and given to be that and to express that. To be irresponsible and not look into and feel for yourself if something is harming or not is feeding the same lie where all this harm comes from. It creates a great stop to even consider let alone feel what is harming in this world and what is healing. “The irony will of course be lost on those making these claims, for as any true student of their own love knows, how can one know love if they are not first love themselves?”

  34. It is ridiculous beyond words that the sort of sensible, healthy, down-right commonsense things that so many Universal Medicine students have found to make such a difference to the quality of life they can live, are held up as cultish and harming. Coming from a naturopathic background I can attest to the fact that I (and most of my fellow students back in those years) did MANY things that actually were harming, all in the name of so-called health. Consuming all sorts of weird things, doing enemas, drinking clay, urine, moon-water… wow! Now going to bed at 9pm and cutting out gluten and dairy… THAT’s really weird!!

  35. Being inspired by another has been bastardized by these examples of championing others who have stopped listening to their bodies and pushed on regardless of the pain and injuries they have. We aren’t even inspired by people who are living without this need for recognition, excitement, roller coaster or struggling kind of life. We are being pitted against each other to compete, who can have the most issues, drama and health problems amongst a family, work place or group of friends. While we are in competition with each other over who is the most unloving and needing this…. loving choices will be ignored or boo booed. Showing another consistent loving way supports lifting the cloud of abuse from peoples eyes.

  36. Celebrating the love and care we can bring to our lives, into a world that has been designed to abuse and champion disconnection is not easy but it does deliver everything that we aspire to in the other way of living. No amount of recognition can surpass the feeling of true love and care. No ideal can ever be as satisfying as acceptance of who we truly are. Thank you for this reminder Annette.

  37. Thank you Annette for a great article, it is amazing how ignorant the world at large is in understanding the body and the responsibility we have in our everyday choices. When illness or disease befall someone there is shock and a feeling that this should not be happening so off to the doctor to fix what is happening with little or no thought as to how they are living in their day to day life that has contributed to this behaviour.

  38. ‘When something of truth comes along it is viewed with disdain, scepticism, concern and fear.’ Spot on Annette, some of the Media’s response to Serge Benhayon’s teachings was just that. Some media reacted so strongly to the truth and tried everything in their power to destroy Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon’s impeccable reputation. Throughout this time it has been very inspiring to watch Serge Benhayon go from strength to strength and deepen the love he holds for himself and to consistently offer humanity the wisdom and truth it desperately craves.

  39. It is so true Annette the inconsistency is baffling. We celebrate pushing our bodies to the point of failure, putting pressure on a health system to then undo our self abuse. We indulge in foods and drinks that our body struggles to digest and process all in the name of enjoying life, yet we have to take responsibility for those choices. It is not to say don’t have them if you want them but take responsibility for your choices, pay for your own consequences and healthcare. From what I have experienced in my body, the medicine we struggle with so much is honesty and responsibility.

  40. It is ridiculous, if not downright offensive that because you and I have chosen to implement a way of life that includes self-care, a clean diet, exercise, and great sleep, we are criticised and scorned. The world needs to wake up to what is on offer with Universal Medicine, for it is nothing short of miraculous for many many people.

  41. Beautifully said Annette thank you. Somehow we seem to have come to a point where we as humanity see the body’s ability to self-heal as a green light for abusing it. Yes, the body does have a remarkable ability to heal itself but this leads me to ponder how it would be if we live in harmony with the wonderful innateness, rather than fill its days with the need to eliminate unnecessary junk, fix our unnecessary injuries and compensate for our unnecessary fatigue. How amazing might life be if we choose to honour the wisdom of our bodies and live from its very impulses rather than against them? How might it be if all the energy it currently uses to heal our unhealthy choices, is instead utilised in choosing self-loving options? Worth a little exploration in my view.

  42. Well said Annette. Truth is feared by those not yet willing to live it. Hence the comfort (numbness) that is chosen to offset the consistent pull from within, that forever calls us back to the love that we are. We are each made of love but for the most part we shun it, blinded by our search for it ‘out there’ in the world and lost in the irony of this.

  43. I am celebrating with you Annette, to live life with my love has deepened the care I have of myself and holds me as I now feel love and a deep connection with others. In all the days I have lived, never before have I felt the exquisite beauty I feel when I love another as I love myself.

  44. A society that glorifies winning at all costs; pitting one against his fellow man, and one country against another and then points the finger at someone who is taking really good care of themselves and calls them brainwashed is a society with problems.

    1. Well said kathleenbaldwin. Another thing I have noticed is the ease in which ridiculing or putting another down occurs. This makes for feelings of superiority and makes the other wrong. It seems this is happening more and more in everyday conversation, often masked as a joke.

  45. One thing you cannot stop in life is people misinterpreting others through their own perceived bias. What the media did to Serge Benhayon is inexcusable – the way they arrogantly decided to typecast Universal Medicine as some sort of destructive cult – all without any proper research, or interviews with people who have known Universal Medicine for a long time. It was one sided, biased beyond compare, and surely yet another low in journalism in this country. That all being said, the media will always do what they do best – create a sensationalist narrative in order to feed their own coffers and boost sales of their dwindling readerships. All we can do is call it out, but most importantly continue to live what we know to be true, reaping the benefits of a life dedicated towards philosophy, religious contemplation, true self care, and transparency with all.

  46. How can anything that feels so right be denigrated. Serge Benhayon and the Ageless Wisdom teachings are simply commonsense. What is commonsense about putting your body through such trauma and self-abuse for a few minutes of glory and recognition. It’s a sad fact that this is seen as heroic and applauded when so many pay the consequences for their sport not only at the time, but also further down the track in their lives with their old sporting injuries. Imagine if the money put into these sporting activities and fields was spent in a way that would truly support humanity becoming unified, instead it appears we choose to support sports that applaud comparison, competition, and division. Really is it that much different to war? This is what is really ridiculous and this is what we truly need to question.

  47. Annette, you are spot on – how can we celebrate another person’s decision to do more harm to themselves? The answer is quite simple: we can only celebrate that if we have not really allowed ourselves to feel or connect to what is really going on. When we announce to an olympic stadium that someone is there against all odds after a ruptured cyst or torn hip tendons, it not only asks to celebrate an abuse, but it sets the example for others to do like wise – for others to ignore their body, push on beyond what they know to be true for themselves, and to live towards an image or an ideal that is harming rather than deeply caring for themselves. What example are we setting up for society.
    And as you have so well pointed out – there is an irony in the fact that when someone present true and deep self care, love and tenderness, then that has to be shut down in favour of what we have just mentioned above. Serge Benhayon does present such truth and is a true role model – yet this is not what people want because it asks us to be more responsible, it asks us to actually assess what we are doing in life that is working and is not working. Taking responsibility scares people off. But how different would our world be if people actually took responsibility? for example what if people actually too responsibility for their health? Could this mean true ‘Responsible drinking’ (which really means NO alcohol, not one drop!?); could this mean no more smoking or recreational drugs? Could this mean people would eat more healthily and leave out the sugar, the soft drinks, the excessive carbs and sweeteners etc? This list goes on…how much would the world change then? We live in opportunistic times, which means there is much change we can bring. The question is what change are we bringing – that of true and deep self care or not?

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