Universal Medicine: Wow, what a Celebration!

I have to say Universal Medicine knows how to put on an end of year celebration, and Saturday’s was without a doubt the best one yet.

Not only did we get to move and groove to the oh so funky beats of Glorious Music, but several students took part in a concert for the rest of us. And while each performance was completely different, from the joyfully playful Juzzie Smith, the angelic Victoria Carter, the stylish and soulful men’s choir with Chris James, to the outrageously truthful Baldwin sisters, Rebecca and Sarah, and the deeply inspiring songs of Michael Benhayon, Emmalee Benhayon and Miranda Benhayon, you could feel the absolute dedication to life, humanity and true expression in each one.

I laughed, I cried, I clapped and cheered and I got up and sang along when we were invited to. It was an amazing feeling to be part of such a joyous celebration. I am incredibly inspired and had so much fun just being me. And all of this without alcohol or drugs, and best of all, no hangover!!!

The other wonderful part of this whole day was the knowledge that amongst this gathering of over 300 people, my 6 year-old son was completely safe even though he wasn’t sitting with me or with me on the dance floor. He’d found something far more interesting – the sound desk! He was just allowed to be himself as all the children are at Universal Medicine events. They are welcomed and as much a part of the celebrations as everyone else. No better way to describe this than as a true family.

To Serge Benhayon and the Universal Medicine team, a heartfelt thank you for your continued love and commitment to us all and for inspiring in me the ongoing development of joy, love and harmony in my life.

By Michelle Sheldrake, Brisbane

97 thoughts on “Universal Medicine: Wow, what a Celebration!

  1. I love this line – ‘And all of this without alcohol or drugs, and best of all, no hangover!!!’ – because it is testament to the fact that we can be truly joy-full without the use of external stimulants. There is simple joy in true community with others when those people are simple connected to the love they are in their hearts.

  2. Thank you Michelle for sharing, my attendance was after 2012 but I have since celebrated the following years events; so much joy taking part in these events and enjoying the amazing talents we are treated to on stage.

  3. The celebrations, whether end of year or other times during the year, put on by Universal Medicine are just so much fun. I really get that feeling by what you have shared here Michelle and it’s certainly been my experience too. People of all ages are welcome and anyone can perform. It’s very beautiful to see everyone enjoying the company of each other and celebrating each other.

  4. Hi Michelle, you wrote this in 2012 and the Universal Medicine celebrations just keep getting more and more celebratory and not just at the end of the year, but throughout the year!

  5. Having just attended the Arabian Nights Ball in the UK – a celebration put on by Universal Medicine, a beautiful, fun, joyful and confirming time was had by all and to top it all I woke up the next day feeling energised and vital – a far cry from my party/gig years before Universal Medicine.

  6. It is a joy to see so many people having such a blast without any drugs or alcohol and leaving an event so inspired by each other… a blessing to witness.

  7. “No better way to describe this than as a true family.” Beautiful Michelle. I love Universal Medicine celebrations – everyone enjoying themselves – and not a drop of alcohol in sight.

  8. These must be one of the first celebrations I have ever been too where there is complete harmony between everyone including the adults and the children. It is equally fun for all with out a doubt and this is rare as most children do not in truth like the celebrations many adults tend to part take in and visa versa

  9. I spent many years partying and going to social events that always involved a lot of drinking, the Universal Medicine Celebrations are by far the most joyful events I have ever experienced.

  10. A beautiful celebration of a Universal Medicine Celebration. A celebration and appreciation of all who have answered the call to be students of The Way of the Livingness.

  11. Beautiful Michelle – I can feel your appreciation that the event was a gathering in which all felt safe to be their playful, joyous selves – opportunities like this are awesome especially when we are part of a larger group.

  12. Every year the end celebration gets better and better. I agree with your statement Michelle, children “are welcomed and are as much a part of the celebrations as everyone else. No better way to describe this than as a true family”.

  13. What better party can you have than one where all are choosing to be the love that they are, and to share that with everyone?

  14. It’s a party that leaves you truly rejuvenated and revitalised. And not with any drugs, alcohol, stimulants, late nights either. Just simply a feeling of waking the body up and feeling so alive and confirmed. There are no parties on earth like this one that truly is healing to be a part of.

  15. Everyone coming together in this way is a real celebration. As a kid I craved this especially at Christmas yet often family dynamics and other issues got in the way and then mixed with alcohol it would just get messy. This has shown me what a real family celebration can be like.

  16. Some parties I have been to have felt like there were sections or partitions such as ‘the kids area’, ‘the corner where all the guys hang out’ etc, but like you’ve shared Michelle my experience with the Universal Medicine celebrations is that there is none of that division of the room. There is an openness and a freeness for everyone to be with everyone.

  17. What I experience in the Universal Medicine community is that I am not judged. I feel very safe in that sense. If I express love, I feel loved back but not treated “better” than others, if I express less than love I am loved all the same. This is quite heavenly and, as you say, Michelle, true family.

    1. I agree Felix. It has been an amazing experience to feel the love of the Universal Medicine family. It was hard to accept at first but over time I have learned to let others in and this has supported me in my own expression of love back. I doubt I would have learned this anywhere else in the world. I wasn’t at the event mentioned but I can definitely understand why others feel it was worth talking about. What a celebration for those present and is a representation of how students are learning to celebrate every day as a natural part of life.

  18. Beautiful to read, and as I have experienced with some Universal Medicine celebrations, there is always an amazing feeling of unity and oneness present in these gatherings of all those beautiful people.

  19. Thank you for sharing Michelle…it was indeed a fabulous night out…and we have the potential to live this joy, vitality and appreciation every single day.

  20. An amazing and inspiring day beautifully captured and your wholehearted appreciation deeply felt. Gorgeous.

  21. What a beautiful way to celebrate, bringing and being all of you with your true family, love it!

  22. Michelle your use of the words ‘true family’ struck a chord with me. I momentarily felt the truth behind those words and then also glimpsed what so many of us feel with our blood relatives. It’s not that we don’t ‘love’ our blood families, it’s just that there is often so much other stuff in the way. When I feel what true family is,there feels to be a natural expansion and yet when I feel what blood families have come to mean there is a feeling of contraction.

  23. Beautiful words Michelle. Although I wasn’t present I can feel the joy and expansiveness of the night. I especially loved your comment – ‘And all of this without alcohol or drugs, and best of all, no hangover!!!’. This is true celebration – true family.

  24. Thanks for sharing your joy and appreciation Michelle, there should be so much more of that in the present world we live in.

  25. The end of year celebrations are such a glorious expression of joy, love and fun in celebration of claiming our re-connection to Soul and the way we choose to soulfully live, for ourselves and everyone.

  26. The events that Universal Medicine hold are amazing – they are genuine celebrations of the vitality and love that is each and everyones potential.

    1. Three years on, if we used to think that the celebrations were fun then, they are now even more joyful and gorgeous affairs. A week ago we celebrated at another Universal Medicine event with a 6 piece band plus three powerful vocalists. It was absolutely spectacular, better than any concert I have ever been to.

  27. These events are so worth appreciating – thank you Michelle – I was there that night and wholeheartedly agree. It was a celebration of true love, true connection and true family.

  28. I brought my own daughters to a couple of Universal Medicine events. They were truly welcomed there. It was truly remarkable how well they responded embracing to the open heart welcoming them even if they knew no one and if they could not speak the language everybody else spoke. This fact is very telling and inspiring.

  29. Thanks Michelle for sharing your evening with us. The joy in your words is there for all to feel and when we have the celebrations in the UK we get to feel exactly the same love and dedication from all involved. As you say…true family.

  30. Thank you Michele, for sharing your joy, and the fun that was had by all at Universal Medicine’s end of year celebration.

  31. With a few friends gathered we watched the celebration from our lounge in the UK and we had such fun being part of it. It truely was a celebration of life lived with love. Awesome.

  32. I agree! It was an awesome gathering. And what i noticed was all the children (and there were quite a few) were completely content with what they were doing. Whether they were playing together, by themselves, dancing, singing or checking out the sound desk! They were definitely feeling the love (my 2 1/2 year old son was chatting and dancing with everyone…!). What an amazing atmosphere for young and old!

  33. I too really love the family feeling we all enjoy having the young children around at the larger UniMed events. It gives a real feeling of community. As for the entertainment – it was world class both in quality and the fun factor. Most memorable!

  34. Thanks to modern technology I watched the celebration in a cosy fire lit room in London. Although we did not get up to move and grove 😉 our hearts certainly did.

  35. It was fun, wasn’t it? And so lovely to have all the children there as part of a loving group of people who watch out for and take care of all of them. Truly, a cause for celebration!

  36. Hear, hear Michelle – it was amazing and awesome, and so much fun! Such uniqueness and amazingness in those who shared their music, and such joy to celebrate and boogie together – yep, no hangover and the best fun ever!

  37. Michelle, it was a blast and my daughter Lydia simply loved being part of it. Universal Medicine and the people who attend rock!

  38. Absolutely beautiful Michelle – your appreciation of al the performances and the joy-full, safe space created by Universal Medicine is deeply felt.

  39. I agree the evening was full of fun, dance and laughter. It is awesome to just celebrate ourselves with others who are enjoying the same, thank you everyone for such an amazing evening…

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