First Time Mum: Realising Control is just too much Hard Work

by Trish Mazur, Marine Charter Co-ordinator, Gold Coast, Australia

I had my first child recently, during the time I have been attending Universal Medicine (UniMed) workshops and courses. The support I have received from the UniMed workshops has helped me to look and focus on myself and has given me an understanding that I am responsible for the choices that I make in my life.

By focussing on myself and not blaming others around me for the things I don’t like about my life, my relationship with myself and others has only grown and blossomed as a result. It has also enabled me to make the ongoing small changes to start living the way I want to live, and not wait for others to change.

UniMed has helped me see how and why I have always needed to control things in my life. Being open to taking responsibility for my choices has made me feel like I have the power to change my life and consequently has just made the whole experience of being pregnant, as well as having a baby, amazing. Of course, not without bumps along the away (excuse the pun), but it has just made it so simple.

Control was a big issue for me; letting go of that control makes me feel like I actually have more control of my life… go figure!

It’s allowed me to go with the flow and accept the changes my body needed to make to accommodate a growing baby, rather than be down on myself that I didn’t look like society’s ‘ideal’ of what a pregnant woman should look like.

It has allowed me to adjust with the financial changes that my partner and I had to face. We have been able to lovingly simplify and prioritise what is important and needed, and what is not.

For me, letting go of that control allows things to happen – to unfold beautifully and naturally as and when they are meant to (not ideally either) rather than forcefully, which had previously always been my style. This then also allows me to know what to do when I need to do anything – rather than using every bit of myself to be ahead of the game and know everything there is to know before it even happens, if it ever happens.

Feels crazy now to think that this was how I used to live. So much wasted energy, so much stress just thinking about trying to control everything.

UniMed has helped me feel what is right for me and my baby (previously, I feel I would be more concerned about living my life according to what others would feel is right for me), as well as helping me feel that I am capable of what is needed.

Life would have definitely been a totally different story without UniMed. Thank goodness for Universal Medicine.

344 thoughts on “First Time Mum: Realising Control is just too much Hard Work

  1. I am a new mum and it is great to read this sharing. What I also feel is that the more I simply allow my daughter to just be herself, the more she is herself. As soon as I worry or have a picture – it all goes wrong – nothing flows. This blog breaks the illusion that parenting needs to follow books or advice. We know it all, it is just about trusting.

  2. “For me, letting go of that control allows things to happen – to unfold beautifully and naturally as and when they are meant to (not ideally either) rather than forcefully, which had previously always been my style. ” with control there is always a picture of how we think things need to be, and when they don’t we end up with anxiousness frustration and the need for more control, letting go and allowing life to unfold in it’s natural way brings an ease-fullness and a simplicity to life.

  3. Ironically when we seek to control or think we are in control we are actually being controlled…

  4. When a woman is pregnant, she has a growing baby in her belly. When the woman is also growing in terms of awareness and in terms of her standing in the world, what she can bring to the growing baby is no less than the world.

  5. Control is basically about trust. Trusting that we don’t have to do ourselves and that we don’t need to plan everything ahead. Control in that way gives fake strength, a hardening, and is one of the ways to not be in the body and feel what is needed.

  6. ‘Letting go of that control allows things to happen – to unfold beautifully and naturally as and when they are meant to.’ Awesome reminder Trish, letting go of control has been a game changer in my life too as it is so exhausting living with the control and the constant pictures – this is a work in progress that has been such an important and loving step to take in my life.

  7. Thankyou Trish, I could really relate to this line “… using every bit of myself to be ahead of the game and know everything there is to know before it even happens, if it ever happens.” I hadn’t realised til I read this the amount of over-preparation I am doing internally for the future, instead of trusting in myself and taking care of the basics.

  8. Letting go and allowing our bodies to be simplifies life and brings harmony back to our movements. Not only does it free us from stress but others feel the difference to and it allows them to honour their own feelings and move and me just as they feel to as well.

  9. It’s amazing when we let go control life can just flow and it becomes so much more than we would often have allowed with our control. I love what you share here and how Universal Medicine has allowed you to live what is needed to support you and your family and to feel you know what that is in you. That’s true support and a real gift.

  10. Letting go of control gave you more control. I totally get that!! This is something I have played with also…through experimenting with simply trusting things to fall into place and actually allowing myself to work with the flow and order of things rather than trying to orchestrate them. IT WORKS! Wish I could say this was my default setting, but for now it’s still a work in progress as old habits die hard.

  11. When we let go of control, we are able to live a life that is naturally true for us, it has its own natural rhythm and flow, and we are no longer pushing against ourselves.

  12. Ah- ha – this is totally rocking the comfort of being in control.. and the discovery that it actually does not get us anywhere.. As you shared, this will only be a very discomforting experience at the end and makes us rather exhausted.

  13. Being able to let go of control is huge, but very liberating and you can realize that it was not needed anyway and how much you were standing in your own way. That when you do let go, that creates the space for others to come forward and be more of who that are what could be needed for everyones evolution.

  14. What Universal Medicine brings to be people is the missing link to life – we are forever energetic before we are anything else, and we can use some support to come back to that. Now and forever.

  15. We have so many pictures of how we want our lives to be that we use control to try and make what we want happen, which then leads to frustration, disappointment, and complexity. Letting go of control brings with it a sense of easeful-ness harmony and flow to our lives.

  16. There is a big difference between living in anxiousness and nervous energy controlling what is ahead to being aware of what is needed in the future to support oneself. The latter is a knowing that comes from a connection to self where what is impulsed from our soul perfectly supports us what is needed; the other drains and is exhausting depleting us with emotions running through the body.

  17. Being controlling in life comes from not feeling solid in ourselves, hence insecurities can be triggered and control is how we try to not feel all this. Yet control is very abusive and manipulative and never truly resolves anything, at best control merely delays when we have to deal with something which by then is a bigger issue than it is today.

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