How Grand is our Universe?

by Sally Scott, Manager, Perth WA

I attended Universal Medicine’s final Esoteric Developer’s Group (EDG) for 2012, along with 300 other people.

Serge Benhayon was enjoying himself… relaxed, having fun and very excited about 170 billion galaxies. What was I going to learn about today?

Every time Serge Benhayon presents at the EDG, or sometimes when other people are asked to present, I get to learn something that I would never have had the opportunity to if these presentations did not happen. Universal Medicine practitioners, as well as many student members who live their lives all over the world, often present either with Serge, or in addition to his presentations at these EDG events. They are everyday people – working, managing families, interested in their communities, their schools, politics etc – the diversity is extraordinary. 

So, for this particular one it was a science lesson on the planets, our solar system and the entire universe. This all came about because a couple of students went to the Brisbane Observatory and saw what the universe would look like 5 billion light years travel time from Earth. They then shared this information with Serge and Serge presented it at the EDG. See the following link to see what I saw at the final EDG for 2012: A Visually Stunning Presentation Of The Universe

You can watch a short video via the following TED link where Cater Emmart, Director of Astrovisualization at the American Museum of Natural History demonstrates a 3D atlas of the universe: Carter Emmart Demos a 3D Atlas of the Universe

The visual of us, our home, from 5 billion light years travel time from Earth is stunning. It assists us to see and to feel that there is so much more in the universe than planet Earth. We are a very small part of a much larger whole.

Over the years, via the EDG presentations we have heard from many people, talking about all sorts of topics. Doctors, psychologists, teachers, dentists, people who have been sick, accountants, builders, musicians, singers, lawyers and more have contributed. Serge Benhayon is interested in people, in what is going on in our world, within our healthcare systems, our schools, governments and communities. Serge and others share their insights, their expertise and their experiences so that we can learn more, understand more and feel more.

I appreciate everything that gets presented via the Esoteric Developer’s Groups hosted by Universal Medicine, and thank Serge Benhayon for taking the time to share these talks with us.

249 thoughts on “How Grand is our Universe?

  1. At times a little problem may seem so big. We can create issues and complicate things, but when I realize about the vastness of the universe, I can’t help but feel deeply held and supported, like we are part of something bigger and we are very much connected with each other and the All.

    1. We are all connected, there is much for us to comprehend , ‘there is so much more in the universe than planet Earth. We are a very small part of a much larger whole.’

  2. Carter Emmart says it all
    “We are the Universe”
    This is true so what have we done to ourselves that we are living in such squalor when the Universe is so grand?

  3. What is amazing is that Serge Benhayon has often spoken about the shape that comes into view as a ‘Nadi’ without ever seeing it presented in such a way. To me this then shows me how we have blocked our communication with the flow of the universe so that we have purposefully left ourselves ignorant to what should be easily accessible to us. Why have we made ourselves lesser than the grandness we come from the universe.

  4. Deepening our understanding of the Universe that we are an integral part of calls for a responsibility to appreciate and live the truth of who we truly are.

  5. I am always fascinated when we talk about far far distance. When it becomes astronomically long distance, we start introducing ‘light years’ instead of km or miles. Like, how can time be used to measure space? It’s like we hit a point where we just have to admit that it’s beyond our physical measure, and I love that. A bit like how everything starts making sense when we accept our multidimensionality and the fact of God, and that science has to include religion for it to become full.

  6. Sally thank you for your blog, it’s been lovely to reflect on the many things I have learnt from presentations by Serge and other students at Universal Medicine events, I have truly grown as a person and I have much more confidence in myself as a result.

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