A Real Communication

By Alan Johnston, Pottsville

During the recent ‘Sacred Esoteric Healing – Level Three’ course presented by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, something occurred that I am compelled to put in writing, in a sense a contract with myself. Care to witness?

Working in a group with other students I was struck, literally like a bell, by another student’s singular expression of her unwavering relationship to the Truth of who she is. It was an amazingly transformative communication and, as love always is, oh so simple.

Later, at the start of a lunch-break, I was able to ask her more about what she described as her ‘rock’.

How great it is when someone is just fully who they really are. Nothing in the way, nothing modified, no self-consideration.

What ensued was a direct pointing back to me, which at that moment felt divine. I was able to get how I had been making a subtle separation between my life, the everyday livingness, and the divine. Not one, but two. Not God immanent, but a breath and more away.

Hah to that falsehood!

267 thoughts on “A Real Communication

  1. I have read this a few times before but had to re-read it a quite few times again this time for me to really get this. Every time it felt like I was guessing what you were trying to convey in these words, and really, I have come to a point that it just had to be felt. Such is a power of reflection. Take it, or leave it. Be inspired, or not.

  2. To be inspired by another and then to give ourselves the space to really feel as to why we are inspired and to take it to the next step as to what we could then change in our lives to be the inspiration we saw in another is a great thing … and something if I am honest I do not fully see through. Something for me to reflect on as to why.

  3. What a reflection for you to feel Alan and a pivotal moment when we see something that we hadn’t seen before. As the clarity of this unfolds, how have we not noticed this before when it is right there to be felt?

  4. Don’t you love it when you dismantle a falsehood? I sure do. It’s like a weight has been lifted and the subsequent feeling of liberation is glorious, and usually way overdue.

  5. Many of us go through life not truly knowing who we are and I was one of them, I didn’t allow myself to acknowledge what I felt, my opinions were not my own, how I dressed and how I lived were not directly from me. That is changing now.

  6. ” I had been making a subtle separation between my life, the everyday livingness, and the divine.”
    What a learning , its so wonderfull how simply this revelation was brought to you thank you for sharing Alan.

  7. To be open and willing to be inspired by another is a great thing and then in expressing this has supported others, including myself, to reflect and ask ourselves the same question ‘where in our lives are we living in separation from the innate love that resides within’. I can see I am doing this in many ways .. not to beat myself up with, but instead it provides a greater awareness and pondering as to why am I and what I need to change within my life so I no longer am living this way.

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