A Real Communication

By Alan Johnston, Pottsville

During the recent ‘Sacred Esoteric Healing – Level Three’ course presented by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, something occurred that I am compelled to put in writing, in a sense a contract with myself. Care to witness?

Working in a group with other students I was struck, literally like a bell, by another student’s singular expression of her unwavering relationship to the Truth of who she is. It was an amazingly transformative communication and, as love always is, oh so simple.

Later, at the start of a lunch-break, I was able to ask her more about what she described as her ‘rock’.

How great it is when someone is just fully who they really are. Nothing in the way, nothing modified, no self-consideration.

What ensued was a direct pointing back to me, which at that moment felt divine. I was able to get how I had been making a subtle separation between my life, the everyday livingness, and the divine. Not one, but two. Not God immanent, but a breath and more away.

Hah to that falsehood!

253 thoughts on “A Real Communication

  1. Being all that we are should be simple but we complicate it with our hurts. Your blog reminds me that we sell ourselves and everyone else short when we do this and it’s not worth it.

  2. ‘…something occurred that I am compelled to put in writing, in a sense a contract with myself. Care to witness?’ – Alan, these few words have also triggered something deep within me and how we can fool ourselves by holding on to beliefs and ideals in the form of attachment to family that remain subtly unchecked in life. Thank you for following your impulse to share.

  3. There comes a point in time when divinity is not something aspirational, or extrinsic, but something that is deeply felt within. From that moment of realization, life becomes about the ever reawakening of our true connection to God, and there comes a point in time when that becomes very real and tangible to the point where you live in such a way as to honour that in full.

  4. When truth is presented simply and with no agenda it can be felt and wakes us from our slumber, what we do with it then is our choice. I love the way you embraced this Alan and wanted to know more and brought an acknowledgement to how we can falsely separate our lives from the divinity that is all around us, a sharing of a real communication that supports us all.

  5. It’s inspiring how chance encounters (but there are no accidents) can bring us a sudden deeper understanding of ourselves and life. Love this ‘to the point’ blog Alan. I also now know what the word ‘immanent’ means and your words have led me to consider how I separate life, the everyday livingness, and the divine.

  6. Allowing ourselves to be inspired by another and then approaching them directly for additional support to grow us even more is something we all should be doing alot more of.

  7. I can relate to this of living life with different categories or boxes, kind of like segmenting your life. Knowing the divine and having moments of connection to that but then just getting on with life and living the day to day and leaving the divine behind.

  8. I have come to understand when we get out of the way and allow ourselves to connect to our divineness within, life is simple and flowing. Our body communicates with us in every movement, it’s just so beautiful.

  9. Love it Alan, and how potent it can actually be to be so open to the reflection another offers… I trust that that breath was claimed as your own – God immanent, and that ‘transcendent’ stuff left for the cleaners 😉

  10. I understand what you are saying Alan, and the importance of being all of you as you describe beautifully “Nothing in the way, nothing modified, no self-consideration.” This is not thinking its just being..

  11. It is really beautiful when someone is just expressing as themselves totally being who they are without any form of measure, or self consciousness, what they communicate is love, and as a reflection we also have the opportunity to express with love and truth.

  12. “A subtle separation between my life, the everyday livingness, and the divine. Not one, but two. Not God immanent, but a breath and more away” – this is like a thunderbolt. So very recognizable. So subtle, yet a separation is a separation. How much deceit have I allowed in that little adjective. An unwavering relationship to the Truth of who we truly are – is simply a possibility available to us all, by choice.

  13. Life is absolutely amazing as every encounter we have with life and with people is an opportunity to deepen the awareness we have with ourselves and there is always this relationship happening no matter what with evolution that how could life ever be mediocre when we have the potential to go deeper constantly? Ah, the relationship back with the divine, this is so sweet that nothing can ever truly get in the way.

    1. And that is a beautiful way to relate to life, that another can bring an awareness of ourselves and vice versa. There is no joy or fun in life when I am me and you are you and we are two completely separate, unrelatable beings. When the fact is we are all the same, trying to own an issue that makes me different or stand out doesn’t compare to enjoying being with another.

  14. The real evil of life lies in the belief that God and everyday life are two separate things. We can then have what can feel like an existence void of any truth and love and begin to try and understand God through our mind and not the living truth of our body

    1. That is a great point Joshua, we see that play out in religion where those who are to represent God, like priests, monks, and nuns are to remove themselves from everyday life and normal relationships. Meanwhile God is available everywhere to everyone all the time, and in particular through each person’s inner heart. God is not some lofty being separate to daily life but very much a part of every single moment.

  15. Ah yes. Simplicity inspires us to return to the truth of who we are – often a great disappointment for that part of us that has revelled in the complexity of life and the identification it offers.

  16. The way you write inspires me to no end, I have never published a blog because it feels too big, too overwhelming and a little scary. When I read your little windows into your experiences all of those fears seem like they just melt away, it feels achievable; thank you, for reflecting this to me.

    1. Sarah I always read your comments because I get so much from them, it’s amazing what you share and how you uniquely express. It would be awesome to get a blog from you, just you expressing you – simple!

  17. The fact is that we can never truly be separate from our divinity, from God. It is only that we think we can, and live under the illusion that we have. Yet all that while the tension, the restlessness and the agitation we feel and experience from resisting living our divinity continues to rattle our bones, forever reminding us of the truth, the oneness that we are in separately part of, which is what ultimately confirms all that we are in essence.

  18. Beautiful story of the power of reflection and the alchemy that occurs when one is willing to accept the offer.

  19. Thank you Alan for sharing this beautiful experience of another’s reflection simple, clear and very powerful when we are open to receive.

  20. As enjoyable a-read again Alan as each time previously, and a beautifully captured and succinct reminder that we are already everything, and there is nothing and nowhere to ‘go’… which is what creates a separation between who we think we are, and God.

  21. We have reflections from everyone and everything in nature constantly. But our willingness to use these reflections to support the awareness and understanding of who we are and who we are not. Thats what makes it amazing.

  22. A big catch of the falsehood we have allowed our lives to roll from. Instead of the absolute truth we know to be true – that we had simply put a side to experiment the creation it could taste. One big mistake. Yet the absoluteness of truth we know – has never seased and is not ready inside us to be taken out and be lived.

  23. There is so much power in the reflection of another living who they are in full – this is why we must all not hold back, as we never know how powerful our own reflection is, nor the missed opportunities if we hold back.

  24. So great to read this Alan, thank you. I’ve been making this (false) distinction too. It’s reminding me I don’t have to. Actually, I never did. There is no separation, other than the one we create for ourselves.

    1. Such a great point, Victoria, that truly there is no separation, it just feels like there is and we make that illusion our reality and our truth.

  25. When the truth is spoken or presented there is no complexities, its absolute. I loved your sharing, its simple, powerful and something for all to ponder with.

  26. It is oh so good when we get out of the complexity – and break out the falsity – seeing the absolute clarity of what has been false (laid down previous as good, made to believe as good). Nothing is more freeing than seeing the evil in the good – and rise beyond and see what true beauty (truth) is.

  27. I love those small moments where another person can completely inspire you to see the world in a whole new way, ultimate proof that we can only do this together.

  28. There is magic on offer when we accept and embrace someone in their power. It can be common to react and for us to go into comparison, but when we appreciate them we can take their reflection and deepen ourselves.

    1. That’s exactly it Nikki, we can use it as inspiration and as a true marker for what’s possible for us to say “yes” to and live as well. We all have the same available to us equally, that’s how love works.

  29. ” something occurred that I am compelled to put in writing, in a sense a contract with myself. Care to witness”
    I care and I have witnessed , thanks for sharing Alan.

  30. The relationship we have with the divine is with us all the time, waiting for us to know it is there, and live with it as a knowing.

  31. I feel it’s that reflection of someone living their divinity that stops us in our tracks. It’s the evidence that opens us up to that possibility that we can live that ourselves, because there it is real and tangible right in front of our eyes. It’s not s book, it’s not a scripture, it’s not a promise or a presentation, it’s a living way.

  32. Beautifully and poetically put Alan. We make a spaghetti junction of complexity and Empire State Building of ‘issues’ when the truth of us and Love is simplicity. Thank you for the reminder.

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