God is in the Detail

A beauty-full friend recently said to me “God is in the details.” I laughed and said I’ve only ever heard the idiom “the devil’s in the details”, and never understood it. Detail has always made sense to me, it supports me to feel very centred and still, so how could it be a bad thing?

I realised I had just been presented with the truth… God really is in the details.

This truth often reveals itself to me in my everyday life. My most beauty-full moments have all occurred when I have been present or paid attention to detail in the task I am doing.

For example, when I cook with attention to detail the meal looks and smells amazing. I will notice how the colours blend together; I will use ingredients that I may not have combined before. I will notice how the food sounds and I will cook according to when it feels ready, using my eyes as confirmation of what I have already felt. Then when I come to eat the food, if I continue with this loving level of attention to detail – setting the table with care, sitting in a supportive chair feeling my body as I sit, feeling the fork in my hand, using my senses to really experience the food – the food tastes amazing. I may have just cooked the simplest meal and magically become a gourmet chef! I have also noticed that the meal is filling without bloating: I was present with every morsel of food so a small amount feels like a 3 course meal. Needless to say I am then not hungry for hours or looking for something sweet to perk up my taste buds. This attention to detail makes all the difference to the quality of my meal and the quality of how I feel.

On the days when I look and feel the most beauty-full, it has always been possible because of the attention to detail I have allowed when I have prepared for my day. If I continue to bring this level of presence to every moment of my day with loving consistency – not a driving for perfection – my day just flows. There is such a joy to my day. Time feels endless and I get so much done. I feel light and lovely but so grounded and real. It is like I realise everything means something so I am attentive and right with me in every moment.

On days when I feel tired or in a rush, I have found that the most loving way to support myself is to stop, breathe, come back to my body and re-connect and once again bring my attention to detail. The world slows down around me and I am enveloped by this exquisite space. I feel whole again. I honestly feel connected to all and without a doubt feel the presence of God. How could I not? – I feel full of love in these moments and truly precious. I deeply appreciate that detail is such a supportive element, without it my life doesn’t flow.

If you have ever watched the wind blowing through the trees and felt the absolute harmony and stillness of the movement of the leaves as they dance and glide in unison together creating a ripple of harmony through the air, you will feel the beauty that detail can bring. Perhaps you have spent time staring at a baby, mesmerised by their beauty and the absolute love that radiates from them; detail contributes to this feeling too.

It did dawn on me as I was appreciating detail that by bastardising the truth of this idiom that God Is In the Detail, so many people may have inadvertently rejected bringing detail to their lives. I began to ponder on what other truths are bastardised to keep us separate from a true support that is there for all of us equally. What truths are kept from us that provide true inspiration and make a massive difference to us living a life full of true vitality and wellness?

I will forever be inspired by Serge Benhayon, his love for humanity, the presence he brings and his attention to detail. Heart-full thanks and appreciation Serge for bringing all of you.

By Bianca Barban, Registered Nurse. Melbourne, Australia

498 thoughts on “God is in the Detail

  1. The beauty is found in the details and it is even more beauty-full for us to stop, appreciate and confirm that we are super awesome in connection to our soul’s expression because this is where God really gets to soar, by the detail of our every movement. Simply amazing, thank you Bianca.

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