Experiencing the Magic of God in Daily Life

I’ve recently begun to realise more and more how the magic of God surrounds us every day and that there are messages to behold in the most obvious and unobvious of places. The messages are there for everyone; they are not given to a chosen few or those aligned to certain religious beliefs and you do not have to be special or gifted.

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The Magic of Nature, the Magic of God and Me

A while ago I had a revelation…. about the magic of nature and the magic of God.

I had taken a client to an appointment and was sitting in the waiting room. As I sat there waiting for her, I saw a picture on the wall of willow trees hanging over and into the water on either side of a river. It reminded me of my grandparents’ farm on the Shoalhaven River and how behind the island, which was part of their farm, the willows used to hang over the water. As the water flowed by, the lower leaves would glide across the water and you could see the shingles on the bottom, as the water was so crystal clear. The sunlight used to sparkle on the water and I remembered how much I always wanted to go into the water because it was so beautiful.

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The Mirror Never Lies – The Power of Reflection

One morning a mirror appeared in the town square of a small village. Like all other mirrors it could only reflect what was presented.

It was the mirror of Love and Free Will, a mirror that never lied and that allowed people to be seen by others exactly how they themselves chose to be seen. If you stood there as a labourer, a teacher or a student – that is what you would see reflected back. If you stood there as an orphan, a leper, a self-made millionaire, a sports star – that is what was reflected back. But if you stood with a willingness to look beyond the surface, the mirror reflected much, much more. Continue reading “The Mirror Never Lies – The Power of Reflection”

A Sacred Relationship with Self – Inspired by Natalie Benhayon

I recently attended a presentation by Natalie Benhayon on “A Sacred Relationship with Self.” This subject has been in my conscious awareness for a few years as I have been learning about and developing more self-love and more self-nurturing which has led to more self-esteem. When I received the notice of the presentation being given by Natalie, I suspected there would be a slant on how to be in relationship with my self as a woman. I’ve been a late bloomer so to speak, in the sense of realising what my true expression as a woman means for me. I was eager to attend, yet still a little apprehensive. The apprehension had to do with not being confident about ‘how to be a woman’. As the presentation began, I quickly learned that the evening would be about a relationship with my sacred self. Continue reading “A Sacred Relationship with Self – Inspired by Natalie Benhayon”