True Religion is Simple

Religion is a very beautiful word, a vibrant word, a word that takes us beyond the limits of being human and into a connection to our essence, our multidimensionality, where we naturally live in the quality of love, truth, and equality that brings us all together through the bond of love; and from where we would never, ever want to hurt another.

Is there such a thing as God? Why are we here? Is there something greater than us, than just this world of the physical? What happens when we die – is this it or do we go to another realm? The answers to these questions depend on who we ask: if we ask the scientist it will be a very different answer from the sceptic, to the religious person and then there’s your mum, dad, work colleagues and so on.

All our answers or contemplations will be subjective and based on a combination of our personal experiences, learnt knowledge, exposure to the ideals and beliefs we have been raised with, whether we come from a religious, atheist or scientific family and anything in between.

But most importantly, there is our human condition that not one of us can truly escape from, one where we have been emotionally hurt in our lives, not feeling loved and met for who we are. Many of us are carrying these built-up hurts throughout our lifetime, so we then learn to protect ourselves so as not to be hurt again. There are many who have been hurt by ‘religion’ and even the word itself can cause a reaction. The truth is that we are influenced by external forces, which often determine the path we choose in our lives and the views we form on religion.

Religion is a very old word that has been here as long as time, or as long as human beings have been around. Religion has been dressed in many different clothes, with varying rituals and ceremonies, it has its ‘books’ of supposed truth, and then there are the masses, the people and the congregations that make up each religion. There have been wars, injustices, judgments, murders, genocide and witch hunts over the centuries, all in the name of religion.

We have turned to religion to connect to something far greater than ourselves, for some of us have felt lost and did not know where to go. What we end up doing is separating further. ‘Religion’ – as it has largely been – has not been offering the whole truth that has been sought.

It has become defined as something that is organised, that requires ‘heads’ who seemingly know more, who instruct people as to what their version of the truth is without revealing that it is a version, a re-interpretation, containing fragments of truth, but not the whole truth. For in-truth there can never be many differing truths, there is only ever the absoluteness of what is true and then there typically follows the many re-interpretations of this.

“One of the most destructive forces on earth is the re-interpretation of truth, which translates to being an act that corrupts and debases the truth. Through the corruption of truth we have the ultimate weapon – divisiveness.” (Serge Benhayon, Esoteric Teachings and Revelations II, p. 7)

Truth is simply truth, or it is not.

We have been using a word – ‘religion’ – to describe something that is not True Religion but its exact opposite. If religion is about God who is love, then there cannot be all these evil associations with religion, and the most cataclysmic fact is that the truth of religion has been so bastardised, and that the truth of religion was lost long ago.

This is true evil, the way it has separated us from our own connection with God, divinity, something much greater than this physical life that lives deep within us all. We are powerful beyond our recognition and yet we live in a way where we give our power over to those self-appointed authorities.

If we strip back all the layers over this word religion and come back to its origin, we would find the simplicity and vibrancy of this word, a living word, where deep down we in fact all know its true meaning: we know religion as we are that, it’s just we may not be living a religious life.

So what does religion actually mean in truth?

If we take it back to the roots of what religion truly is, the simplicity of the origin of the word,

“The truest religion on Earth is the one that has you re-connecting to the Divineness you already are. If you don’t believe it… do your homework on the true meaning of the word ‘religion’.” (Serge Benhayon, Esoteric Teachings & Revelations, p. 639)

If we lived the truth of this vibrant word religion, what would that look like? True religion is very simple and universal, therefore organised religions would not be required or needed as they stand today; we would have our personal connection with God and divinity, without an intermediary. If we began to live connected to divinity, then truth and love would be our natural way of being because the essence of Divinity is beholding in love and truth. As we live this way, we then bring this relationship we have with divinity to others we meet, as we are all made of the same essence, and so in this connection others will feel that they too can choose to reconnect to that which is within them also, and in doing so will feel the deep connection of our true Oneness.

Our relationship with divinity is Religion and it is in this relationship where we will naturally build loving relationships with each other.

So true religion could never, by definition, be involved with corruption, cruelty, warmongering and control over the masses in its organised ways because it feels and understands that God is love. How have we allowed someone to be deemed as a ‘higher authority’ in the church as being ‘the one’ who knows and has all the answers?

In the origins of these organised religions, true and great teachers came and revealed to us a way that we can live ‘above’ the limitations of ‘the day.’ Yet mankind got our ‘hands’ on these pure teachings and they became polluted with other agendas – personal gain rather than the simple truth of the teachings that were to be for all of humanity equally.

It was not until I met Serge Benhayon and his presentations on the truth of religion that I could let the word ‘Religion’ be claimed back in my life, even though this took some time, as it’s meaning to me was so poisoned that I realised I had never connected to the true meaning of religion. The true meaning is simple.

These revelations reawakened my own connection to the truth of God and in that my awareness of what life truly is has expanded beyond words and I realised that I knew this all along.

True religion is very simple, it is pure, it’s our reconnection to a divine power, a power that is us, as we are one, we are that. We are so much more than how we live currently. True religion connects us with our amazingness, to be lived as who we truly are. True religion is our relationship with each other as one humanity based on love.

Since I have reconnected within and deepened my relationship with God, my essence, my connection with others is also deepening as I know another is my equal brother as we are all from the One Same Source.

By Anonymous

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608 thoughts on “True Religion is Simple

  1. The purity of our essence/Soul is always felt and the searching is the feeling we have to return to the essence/Soul and that innate feeling will align us to God when we understand the relationship we have with our spirit.

  2. We have allowed ourselves to be fooled into many false religions which have us believing that there is something far greater than ourselves, so great we need an intermediary to dedicate themselves as the go between us and God. By giving our power away to an outside religion we have left behind, forgotten or buried the religion which resides within us; this is our connection to the universe and God. We don’t need anyone on the outside to tell us about the universe and God, as Jesus said 2000+ years ago the Kingdom of God is within. So we need to look no further than to ourselves.

  3. The fact that we have been misled about God through religions that interpret and re-interpret for their own gain (one simple look at the history books give you that snapshot) it is no wonder so many have turned away from God and any form of religion. We have learnt to be afraid of it from the inside and the outside!!! Yet if God is within, and it is who we are, where we are from and what we are made of, then it is an ever deepening relationship with ourselves, not an outside entity that tells us how bad we are or what we have to do to get approval.

  4. The etymology of ‘religion’ refers to it as a return. When I connect to my essence, that essence is a part of God. I have returned in that instance. Pretty simple.

  5. “It was not until I met Serge Benhayon and his presentations on the truth of religion that I could let the word ‘Religion’ be claimed back in my life,” I would say the same too Anon. Although I would say I had been ‘religious’ in the past I would not have claimed that when i was introduced to The Ageless Wisdom. However having now found the true definition of religion it is simple, as you say in your post – and I reclaim once again that I am a religious person.

  6. I’m really starting to appreciate how words that correspond to truth are then bastardised so as to take the person off course for many lifetimes. It’s such a devious way of holding back something so intrinsic to who we are is to hold it in plain sight but under the darkness of misrepresentation, This is where we have to come back to reconnecting with what is truth so we go deeper and are not fooled.

    1. Yes, the bastardisation of words take many of us off course. Having discussed the topic of religion with friends, now that I understand its true meaning, many more can claim they too are religious.

    2. Yes it is devious. There are a lot of religions out there that try to manipulate and coerce and therefore we have come to be afraid of the words and the people who live religiously. All of this can be felt if we turn off our ears and stop being swayed by words, movements and livingness is a far more powerful form of communication.

  7. Thankfully Serge Benhayon has brought back the true meaning of the word Religion so that the imposters can be exposed for the lies they are. I know I was totally sucked into an organized religion because it contained just enough fragments of the truth to fool me at a time when I had lost everything and was looking for a way out. And this is to me is what the Religious imposters offer; a false comfort, a false way of living. Once you are sucked into that consciousness it is extremely difficult to extricate oneself from.

  8. ‘We have been using a word – ‘religion’ – to describe something that is not True Religion but its exact opposite.’ I was so angry with religion for not being what I knew it to be, but it was me who walked away from God and turned to anger and my own intolerance.

  9. ‘True religion is very simple’. Yes, practical, inspiring, liberating and super accessible too. Out of the confines of what we have created as religion, true religion is a way of life, of being together that is totally natural to us all. There literally are no divisions. Imagine that.

  10. We often turn to religion as a way to understand the world and make sense of what we feel, but the trouble is the version of religion we have been sold falls very short of what true religion actually is. We know there is more to life, but there are very few people pointing us in the right direction. Thank God for Universal Medicine for being a beacon of light in the darkness.

    1. Absolutely Julie, at last here is someone who is willing to stand up and lovingly pose the question
      “Is it possible that we have been imposed upon and what we have been taught is religion isn’t religion at all”
      Just asking this innocent and harm-less question can bring up so much reaction in people so it would appear the word is loaded with ideals, beliefs and misconceptions.

  11. ‘There have been wars, injustices, judgments, murders, genocide and witch hunts over the centuries, all in the name of religion’. So one can completely understand why so many people in today’s age have an aversion to the word religion.

      1. I was in full-blown reaction to religion, I’d seen the hypocrisy and lies being taught. When I met Serge Benhayon and observed him and the love and integrity that he lives in all his movements, only then was I willing to put down my fighting gloves and listen.

    1. Although ‘religious’ in my younger life, I too got turned off by the hypocrisy of the church and the people in it. It seemed there was one law for them and one for others. The blessing of now understanding the true meaning of the word and returning to the Ancient Wisdom teachings in this life, transformed my attitude.

    2. Yes, it is no wonder. Therefore allowing space to re-connect to God through movement and through Love may take some time, perhaps lifetimes. Once the connection is felt there is no mistaking the truth of who we are, what we are made of and where we are from.

  12. Religion is everything about life. it is about how we love through our day, how we are with ourselves, how we are with others and what we are open to learning through each of these experiences and encounters. Knowing that we are religious in everything we do everyday opens us up to the knowing that God touches us in everything and constantly reminds us of his presence. Religion is life.

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