True Religion is Simple

Religion is a very beautiful word, a vibrant word, a word that takes us beyond the limits of being human and into a connection to our essence, our multidimensionality, where we naturally live in the quality of love, truth, and equality that brings us all together through the bond of love; and from where we would never, ever want to hurt another.

Is there such a thing as God? Why are we here? Is there something greater than us, than just this world of the physical? What happens when we die – is this it or do we go to another realm? The answers to these questions depend on who we ask: if we ask the scientist it will be a very different answer from the sceptic, to the religious person and then there’s your mum, dad, work colleagues and so on.

All our answers or contemplations will be subjective and based on a combination of our personal experiences, learnt knowledge, exposure to the ideals and beliefs we have been raised with, whether we come from a religious, atheist or scientific family and anything in between.

But most importantly, there is our human condition that not one of us can truly escape from, one where we have been emotionally hurt in our lives, not feeling loved and met for who we are. Many of us are carrying these built-up hurts throughout our lifetime, so we then learn to protect ourselves so as not to be hurt again. There are many who have been hurt by ‘religion’ and even the word itself can cause a reaction. The truth is that we are influenced by external forces, which often determine the path we choose in our lives and the views we form on religion.

Religion is a very old word that has been here as long as time, or as long as human beings have been around. Religion has been dressed in many different clothes, with varying rituals and ceremonies, it has its ‘books’ of supposed truth, and then there are the masses, the people and the congregations that make up each religion. There have been wars, injustices, judgments, murders, genocide and witch hunts over the centuries, all in the name of religion.

We have turned to religion to connect to something far greater than ourselves, for some of us have felt lost and did not know where to go. What we end up doing is separating further. ‘Religion’ – as it has largely been – has not been offering the whole truth that has been sought.

It has become defined as something that is organised, that requires ‘heads’ who seemingly know more, who instruct people as to what their version of the truth is without revealing that it is a version, a re-interpretation, containing fragments of truth, but not the whole truth. For in-truth there can never be many differing truths, there is only ever the absoluteness of what is true and then there typically follows the many re-interpretations of this.

“One of the most destructive forces on earth is the re-interpretation of truth, which translates to being an act that corrupts and debases the truth. Through the corruption of truth we have the ultimate weapon – divisiveness.” (Serge Benhayon, Esoteric Teachings and Revelations II, p. 7)

Truth is simply truth, or it is not.

We have been using a word – ‘religion’ – to describe something that is not True Religion but its exact opposite. If religion is about God who is love, then there cannot be all these evil associations with religion, and the most cataclysmic fact is that the truth of religion has been so bastardised, and that the truth of religion was lost long ago.

This is true evil, the way it has separated us from our own connection with God, divinity, something much greater than this physical life that lives deep within us all. We are powerful beyond our recognition and yet we live in a way where we give our power over to those self-appointed authorities.

If we strip back all the layers over this word religion and come back to its origin, we would find the simplicity and vibrancy of this word, a living word, where deep down we in fact all know its true meaning: we know religion as we are that, it’s just we may not be living a religious life.

So what does religion actually mean in truth?

If we take it back to the roots of what religion truly is, the simplicity of the origin of the word,

“The truest religion on Earth is the one that has you re-connecting to the Divineness you already are. If you don’t believe it… do your homework on the true meaning of the word ‘religion’.” (Serge Benhayon, Esoteric Teachings & Revelations, p. 639)

If we lived the truth of this vibrant word religion, what would that look like? True religion is very simple and universal, therefore organised religions would not be required or needed as they stand today; we would have our personal connection with God and divinity, without an intermediary. If we began to live connected to divinity, then truth and love would be our natural way of being because the essence of Divinity is beholding in love and truth. As we live this way, we then bring this relationship we have with divinity to others we meet, as we are all made of the same essence, and so in this connection others will feel that they too can choose to reconnect to that which is within them also, and in doing so will feel the deep connection of our true Oneness.

Our relationship with divinity is Religion and it is in this relationship where we will naturally build loving relationships with each other.

So true religion could never, by definition, be involved with corruption, cruelty, warmongering and control over the masses in its organised ways because it feels and understands that God is love. How have we allowed someone to be deemed as a ‘higher authority’ in the church as being ‘the one’ who knows and has all the answers?

In the origins of these organised religions, true and great teachers came and revealed to us a way that we can live ‘above’ the limitations of ‘the day.’ Yet mankind got our ‘hands’ on these pure teachings and they became polluted with other agendas – personal gain rather than the simple truth of the teachings that were to be for all of humanity equally.

It was not until I met Serge Benhayon and his presentations on the truth of religion that I could let the word ‘Religion’ be claimed back in my life, even though this took some time, as it’s meaning to me was so poisoned that I realised I had never connected to the true meaning of religion. The true meaning is simple.

These revelations reawakened my own connection to the truth of God and in that my awareness of what life truly is has expanded beyond words and I realised that I knew this all along.

True religion is very simple, it is pure, it’s our reconnection to a divine power, a power that is us, as we are one, we are that. We are so much more than how we live currently. True religion connects us with our amazingness, to be lived as who we truly are. True religion is our relationship with each other as one humanity based on love.

Since I have reconnected within and deepened my relationship with God, my essence, my connection with others is also deepening as I know another is my equal brother as we are all from the One Same Source.

By Anonymous

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585 thoughts on “True Religion is Simple

  1. When we understand true Religion and that in its essence there is an absolute simplicity and that it is not about trying to attain or go anywhere, but return to who we naturally are, we will begin to see how much institutionalised religion has bastardised the word, to make sure we never find our true way back to God.

  2. What religion are you? Which religion do you belong to? It’s as if a religion defines us and makes us acceptable or at least tolerable. We are all allowed a religion. We have created belief systems that back up our need to hand over the responsibility of our lives to an outer force or power. If we are to talk to God and/or have Him/Her communicate with us we need to be able to speak the same language. The more love stillness, harmony joy and truth we have in our loves the easier that becomes. It is not about pleading or bargaining with God, it is about being as centred and steady as possible and expressing how we truly feel from this place – and knowing our expression is in everything we do.

  3. “We are so much more than how we live currently.” Oh boy, ain’t that the truth. And really? Don’t we know it. Even if it is deep deep down, we know it. Because we are it.

  4. The religions of today speak words of universal love, equality of all, brotherhood etc. yet they do not live it. Where is the integrity and truth in that? Then where is there truth in their presentation of God?

  5. If a Truth is truly true it has to be so everyone, not for some and not for others. As with there is night and day, so it is with the Truth or not of God – and the only way we can truly know what is true is from our inner-heart, not from a book or what someone says.

  6. This is a very beautiful blog…just the simple litmus test of does the religion we currently have really unite and support humanity to work together or does it separate and divide us?.. is enough to make us stop and consider have we been sold a big fat lie when it comes to religion and its meaning and purpose?

  7. “We are so much more than how we live currently” We can live the grandness, beauty and love we all innately are, or accept a contracted way and live a lesser life of struggle and dis-content. I see many people not fulfilling their true potential, but choosing to conform, led by outside forces and dis-connected from their divine nature.

  8. “True religion is very simple, it is pure, it’s our reconnection to a divine power, a power that is us, as we are one, we are that” When we speak of ‘homecoming’ and a return to truth, this is it. The complexities of life fall away aa we follow a simple and love inspired path.

  9. “One of the most destructive forces on earth is the re-interpretation of truth, which translates to being an act that corrupts and debases the truth. Through the corruption of truth we have the ultimate weapon – divisiveness.” (Serge Benhayon, Esoteric Teachings and Revelations II, p. 7)
    Such simple but such wise words. When we know truth, there is no question as to its validity.

  10. ’True religion is very simple and universal’.
    ’Our relationship with divinity is Religion and it is in this relationship where we will naturally build loving relationships with each other’. I just love reading these two statements, they are pure, simple and honesty from the heart.

  11. Its a word that takes us beyond ourselves and the small picture where we are at the centre, and into something much larger. It dwarfs us, humbles us, gives us renewed purpose and encourages us to look beyond the petty and into the potential of everything we are.

  12. Even now when I hear the word religion spoken by another, it comes laced with hurts, beliefs and impositions. When I have heard Serge Benhayon speak of religion it is the opposite of this and what I love is that religion starts within and once connected to the within, it is reflected to others if they so wish to see, hear or feel it.

  13. Religion in its true meaning means a re-binding. It is the many parts coming together to form the whole that they are a part of. Yet many wars have been fought and much blood has been shed in the name of ‘God’ and ‘religion’. Not only is this an absolute tragedy, it is also a biting irony, for that which tears us apart can never be that which brings us together. And here the illusion is revealed so that we can see that the divisive ways we have come to accept in terms our understanding of ‘religion’ have nothing to do with God, love or true union (the coming together of us all) but everything to do with keeping us living in separation to this.

  14. When you ask people about their experience of religion you get a diverse response. Whereas when I present or attend Esoteric Yoga or experience any of the esoteric modalities, everyone has a common experience. There is a sense of oneness and absolute knowing that we are an equal part in the universe. There is no right or wrong, no judgment or rules, just the purity of love.

  15. Religion is so simple that we needed to make it complex and complicated to lose it, as actually we cannot ever escape the eternal bond with the whole. Once we are lost religion becomes the process of re-binding by undoing that which separates us from the state of oneness we are an intrinsic part of.

  16. I am very religious, and I always was in the true sense of the word.
    I grew up within the Christian Religion, but this never felt true to me as the words written and spoken felt loveless. I always knew what God truly is saying to us, because I felt that always in my heart. Meeting Serge and listening to all he shares, was so confirming of all the truth I always connected to. I just love this man. I could not wish a better present then meeting him this life, he stands close with the present of my angelic daughter…another huge blessing in my life.

  17. To understand that religion in your personal relationship with God and that no higher external organisation is needed in this, really breaks down a lot around the wariness many of us have carried with religion. I would have run a mile in the past if you suggested I was religious as I associated this word with cold, judgemental hierarchical organisations and regimes which were not loving and deeply hypocritical; it’s only through understanding that religion is in me, that it’s my connection to God and that it’s in all of us equally that I can now know I am religious. A huge thank you to Universal Medicine for re-igniting this understanding in me.

  18. Yes we are much more than we think we are. I became aware of this truth, through Serge Benhayon’s presentations and books on the Ageless Wisdom. To be in the presence of one who inspires us to be all of who we are supports us to dive deeply within until we connect to our eternal and multi-dimensional selves.

  19. “True religion is very simple, it is pure, it’s our reconnection to a divine power, a power that is us, as we are one, we are that” This makes religion accessible to all very ordinary ways, we walk, talk move with it within us. In this way it becomes a guiding part of us.

  20. ‘True religion is very simple, it is pure, it’s our reconnection to a divine power, a power that is us, as we are one, we are that.’ No arrogance, no divisiveness, no struggle just a simple way of living, living religiously with and for all.

  21. Religion is a word that has been heavily polluted with mis-interpretations and lies about God and Divinity and I’m very grateful to Serge Benhayon for the true clarity that he brings on this subject.

  22. When I read the first powerful quote from Serge Benhayon I can see how religion as we know it today has been used for the purpose of the separation of people, the control of the same people and in some cases for the benefit of just a few who place themselves in positions of power. I have finally come to know that there is none of these in true religion, as true religion is here to bring people together, offering them the truth of who they are and to know that every single one of us is of equal magnificence in the eyes and heart of God.

  23. The Irish people face a dilemma. The Pope is due to visit this week and since the last papal visit, the catholic church’s reputation has be torn to shreds in the face of multiple allegations and proven accounts of abuses against children and women over many decades. What’s the bigger sin, the abuse itself or denying abuse occurred, remaining silent, or shaming and ignoring accusers of abuse? Whichever way you package it, the church is not a place of God but of lies, rotten to the core and in no way represents true religion. To me, apology or not from the Pope, this is unlikely to change.

  24. “We are powerful beyond our recognition and yet we live in a way where we give our power over to those self-appointed authorities” Many communities who did this, found themselves and their children abused and tortured by the those in positions of authority and ordained to guide and protect them: priests, ministers and teachers. To know there is no authority greater than our own, would mean fewer of us, child or adult, would suffer abuse in silence.

  25. Very well written. You make sense of why this world is so upside down with regard to religion. As you say true religion is simple, it is about re-connecting to our divine essence. No authority needed.

  26. There is an episode on Serge Benhayon TV where Serge and Rebecca discuss religion and how violence is perpetrated in the name of religion. Serge’s sharing on this was that if there is violence it is not religion…at all. If there is anything destructive it is not religion. Unfortunately so much hurt has been done under the guise of this word, so much so that when a lot of us hear this work we shrink, shrivel and curtail away, because we are feeling the hurt of thousands of years and thousands of generations of bastardisation of this very magnificent word, that is more than a word, its our relationship to each other and to life. I am eternally thankful to Serge Benhayon for having the strength and love to hold firm on presenting what is religion, so that I can feel now what religion is in my own body, that I can now have a relationship to this word because it is how I now live my life.

    1. It makes sense to me, now, that if there is violence of any form committed in the name of religion the people committing this violence are not in the least religious, for as you say “anything destructive is not religion”. Unfortunately the violent actions of others in the name of religion are actions that seem to have been often accepted by society which simply goes to show that humanity in general have accepted the bastardised version of the word religion as they have been kept from understanding the truth of it.

    2. Yes I love how clear Serge Benhayon is that if something is destructive, in any way divisive or separative or abusive then it simply is not truly religious but a falsity parading itself as such.

  27. If only we all were raised to know what true religion was before we were raised to either join a religion or deny all religions. It would be far less confusing for our next generation of children.

  28. I love the title of this blog “True Religion is simple’ It is for us to keep it simple: align to the God we already are and express through our movements not words.

  29. A beautiful sharing on what true religion is, many religions have complicated and bastardised the true meaning of religion, so to bring it back to its divine origins and simplicity is very inspiring and supportive for the masses who have sold out to the lies and false images of many religions.

  30. “Religion is a very beautiful word” This opening line says it all and will expose anything that is less than true religion. Because when we don’t like the word we don’t like what we associate it with but this does not mean that religion in truth is not beautiful.

  31. “because the essence of Divinity is beholding in love and truth” – is there anything else we truly need?

  32. The word ‘religion’ is only distasteful when we are being affronted with its bastardised version, the way that religion has been fashioned to be, its hierarchical structures, denigration of women and some minorities, its lies and twisted truths.

    1. I wrestled with the faith that was my family’s choice of religion, Christianity. I questioned, and challenged anomalies, contradictions, lies and atrocities, my Mother in particular could not answer my questions, but expected me to acquiesce nonetheless. I could not. With new understanding all unanswered questions. of the past have been answered. And I follow path simple religions path that was always part of me.

  33. All Relationships are religion and we are never not in relationship. We have all but removed from our awareness that religion is all around us and our everyday lives.

  34. People are often searching for the ‘more of life’ (stemming from the, there must be more than just this physical life) and enter organisation religion. Offering people the ‘more’ but in truth, not offering the truth.

  35. Religion is a word that potentially opens up the universe to us. It is all about expansion. Yet, in our world, religion has become increasing reduced and such reduction has also reduced our relationship with the divine to almost none.

  36. Religion is simple and if it is not, then it is simply not religion but all we have put in its place to not live the exquisite nature of our true and godly selves.

  37. Why have we chosen for a life so disconnected from the love, from God, and with that choice created a life of suffering because of this disconnection? It sounds not very intelligent but that something else is ruling our choices, which are the external forces you are talking about.

      1. Yes Gabriele, and we can do that if we recognise we are moved either by the external forces we allow us to be moved by, or by the love that is our natural way with which we all are born with and never is not with us. It is a matter of choice.

  38. The fact that when you go to the different religious movements in the world you find all different versions or parts of the truth that always deeply annoyed me. In the beginning of my study I thought I had found it in the teachings presented, but after studying further I became disappointed in finding that they too were missing substance, not the full truth, thus leaving me in the emptiness I was in.

    1. It is a great illusion we live under that there are ‘many paths to God’ when the truth is there is only one true path and then the various winding paths that will steer us off course and take us the long way around.

      1. Hi Liane, that is exactly what I was experiencing, we can go for life times in this merry-go-round, from the one religious path to the other and actually go nowhere, but possibly becoming more disillusioned in life as a result. In that continual search we do not see that one true path is always there for us to choose. It is that illusion that is given by all the paths that do not allow us to make this simple choice and start to walk that one true path that is there for all of us to one day take, so indeed we are in delay when we let us take that long way around.

  39. I have recently committed to doing the gentle breathing every morning first thing and some exercises which have really supported me in so many ways.

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