True Education and Healing Matters

I came from a family where education was prioritised and highly valued. In that sense I was ‘well educated’, graduating from a private school of high repute before going on to tertiary education. I was smart, capable and so, of course, it was assumed I would gain a degree of some sort. Without higher education, the potential of work was limited to the (unspoken, but implied) lesser jobs to which women without the piece of paper were relegated.

So I spent four quite enjoyable and fastidious years studying Natural Medicine, which covered all manner of aspects and approaches to health and wellbeing.

Straight out of college, I fell into work alongside some of Brisbane’s integrative GPs, where I began to gain a reputation as a practitioner who was dedicated, knowledgeable and very personable. Patients loved me, I got great results, and I made the GP’s work much easier with my knack for explaining whatever was going on and whatever was needed to support and motivate them.

In essence, I was very good at applying knowledge.

After a number of years however, I became restless, seeing that I only had half the answers I wanted to have. There were many shortfalls in both the medical world and Naturopathy; even combining the two (referred to as Integrative Medicine) didn’t feel like it was delivering what it could. So off I went to study Chinese Medicine. Another 3+ years of study, which I again threw myself into wholeheartedly, putting much of what I learnt into practice myself and becoming immersed in an understanding and an approach that seemed to fill so many of the gaps. Finally, I thought, I had all the answers.

Not long after came the birth of my son and some time off before heading back to work. But less than a year later I found myself burnt out, exhausted and experiencing a recurring case of pneumonia that seemed resistant to every intervention. The lack of resilience in my own health left me feeling disillusioned with my profession and all the knowledge I had accumulated, to the point that I essentially ‘retired’ myself from the profession. If I couldn’t even sort my own health out, what on earth was I doing with anyone else! The effort and drain of ‘helping people’ had become so acute that the mere thought of practising became abhorrent to me.

So, for all my ‘health’ education and my extensive knowledge and experience, I was not able to sustain a busy practice. My personal relationships were also struggling; then to top it off, I was at my wits end in trying to address what was a very debilitating illness.

It was at this point I met Serge Benhayon and began what has turned out to be the most profound educational and transformative experience of my life.

I can say that I learnt more about myself, life around me, my interactions and the patterns I engaged in with others in the next few years than I had ever come close to learning in nearly 8 years of tertiary study and 40+ years of life.

For example:

I learnt how to live in life without getting caught up in the drama of others around me; I learnt how to connect with myself and then foster and hold that connection. I learnt the difference between the love that comes from the connection and the emotional kind I had moulded my life around to that point.
I learnt how central this love was to my own healing and realised I had sought this from outside myself for so long.
I learnt how to restore my own sense of confidence and self-worth that was so unshakeable that I could no longer say yes to a relationship unless what was offered was equal to the love I felt for myself. Through this I learnt how to be in a relationship that was based on love and not on the dynamics that had been miserably played out previously.
I learnt what true responsibility was and that without it, I could never truly heal. I learnt that healing is to restore something that is already intact, and not a process of making us ‘better’ or different. I learnt that without my own healing, I had little to offer another that would support their healing.
I learnt about integrity, real integrity; an integrity that goes to our very core and is seen and felt in our every thought and movement – energetic integrity.
I learnt how to not give my power away – in fact, I learnt what my ‘power’ actually was.
I learnt what it means to be and feel like a woman, and not to live up to society’s ideals and beliefs. I learnt about my own delicateness; the tenderness and nurturing that are my most natural expression. I learnt to listen to my body and to connect to what is true for me. I learnt that my body’s communications are loud and broad, offering the most finely tuned navigation tool I could ever hope to find.
I learnt that I am connected to the Universe and hence I am part of something so much bigger and grander than I could ever have imagined. I learnt that I have a depth beyond the oceans and a wisdom I can access in the stillness of my breath.

Whilst this sounds like I have been given everything, the fact is I have.

What I learnt through Serge Benhayon enabled me to return to relationships with openness and real love. I experience a depth of relating to people that not only enriches my personal life, but every aspect of my professional life also.

I returned to work with renewed vitality and dedication, working well beyond any capacity I had before and with the ability to apply ALL that I live and know. So I have since worked some 8-10 years tirelessly in support of others and have yet to suffer an ill-health condition beyond the occasional common cold in that time.

Now THAT is testimony to a TRUE Education!

By Jennifer Ellis, ND, Adv Dip Ac, Practitioner Universal Medicine Therapies, EPA & ANTA member, Brisbane, Australia 

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355 thoughts on “True Education and Healing Matters

  1. It is so interesting how the state of illness and disease continually rises and yet we have more ‘therapies’ than ever, including advancements in conventional medicine. It is imperative that we look at the way we are living – eating, moving, relating – and bring True medicine into every aspect of our lives. Universal Medicine is all about taking our health and well-being into our hands by being responsible in the way we live. This makes perfect sense and has brought me to feel so very much more vital and healthy in my body…even as I grow into my elder years.

    1. When I was at University studying Naturopathy I had many meetings with the Dean pointing out many students in fourth year that were working in the teaching clinic were suffering from chronic issues that arise from exhaustion. This was not a concern the school thought worth any real consideration, in other words they didn’t feel people needed to walk their talk to educate. I then found Serge Benhayon who honoured and respected that without walking our talk there could be no true change for ourselves or others. So I chose studying with The School of The Way of The Livingness over my near complete University Degree…..

  2. The education system in our society today lacks the fundamental principle that we are all-knowing beings and that it is through our connection to our bodies that we get access to infinite wisdom that is available to all of us, so true intelligence is a whole body experience and not just something that is attributed to the mind.

    1. Well expressed Francisco. If we were to accept this fundamental truth as a whole, as the scientific fact that it is, our education system would be vastly different – as would our world for that matter!

    2. Well said Francisco, true intelligence is a whole body experience. We are all knowing beings and we access the infinite wisdom through the connection of our bodies.

  3. Reading this blows me away and makes me really appreciate the fact that we have such an amazing philosopher in our time and how much is there to learn if we are open to it.

  4. Jennifer, this is amazing to read. What Universal Medicine presents is life changing and offers the keys to true health and well being. Since attending the Universal Medicine presentations I have been taking much more care of myself and find that because of this my confidence, understanding and care for myself and others keeps growing.

  5. True education never comes at the expense of our body, as the current ideal of good education is that our minds are the only focus and the academic results being the only achievement. But if we get amazing results in education but a very poor health body and mind, are these results truly true?

    1. Well-said Adele, true education is never at the expense of our bodies, it is always in the honouring of the true nature within us, knowing that it is from this place that we have the capability to access the infinite level of wisdom from the universe.

  6. Exploring what true love feels like and how different this feels to emotional love is a great path to walk. I am finding that, on this path, true love is a quality, or a beholding light that embraces everyone, including myself. And with this there is endless understanding that goes to a depths I have yet to fully experience but know is there, waiting, with open arms.

  7. Jennifer this is a great blog, bringing it back to the true understanding our health, starting with self and being the living example and reflection for others. Bringing a lived depth of experience to share in your practice.

  8. We give an enormous amount of importance to education and to the containment and recall of knowledge, imagine if we put that amount of importance of an education that supported a truthful, solid and evolving way of living – now that would be magnificent.

  9. Your commitment and purpose is palpable Jennifer, to yourself first with all the seeking of true education and then gaining the wisdom through the Universal Medicine teachings. It is a huge service for yourself and your own development, but also for us all.

  10. We champion education and all we think education brings, yet what about true wisdom that comes from a true knowing inside, would we not all benefit from learning how to expand our clairsentience and our wisdom, rather than how to recall education.

    1. Yes, when we connect with our inner wisdom, there’s no recall needed, as everything is at our hands everytime. This is endless wisdom that can’t be boxed in any degree, but experienced and unfolded within our Livingness.

  11. Love what you have written Jenny, a true appreciation of the most amazing teacher and philosopher Serge Benhayon. And also love your list of learnings which of these this one really is a great reminder for me – “I learnt what true responsibility was and that without it I could never truly heal. I learnt that healing is to restore something that is already intact, and not a process of making us ‘better’ or different. I learnt that without my own healing, I had little to offer another that would support their healing.

  12. A testimony to what true health is offering us when we allow ourselves to be honest with ourselves including our body. To start building a relationship with what is rising as subjects or disease in our lives to work on – and not see it as a coincidence as everything comes with symbolism. The symbolism of what our body is telling us to become aware of and change..

  13. I take my hat off to anyone that was able to complete school, let alone a University degree! I was raised in a family that believed that the school system, although necessary to a certain age, was not supportive. My mother felt it was a breeding ground for competition and saw it was something that inadvertently seemed to shut down children’s natural light. Eventually I came to realise she was spot on and at 16 years of age I decided that school was not for me. I have, however been studying for over 10 years now as a student of Universal Medicine and I have learned more about myself, reading, writing, the human condition, nature, the stars, relationships, science, the true meaning of god and religion in that time. This livingness that I have seen and experienced is more than I could have imagined possible for one person to experience in a lifetime! I’m with you, this is true education! I also have my mother to thank for introducing me to Serge Benhayon and in turn, this amazing way of living.

  14. True education where we learn about energy and living life far exceeds any knowledge that we can possibly accumulate. Study and training can come later and will then greatly support to find our place in society and be of service to others.

  15. I can feel the truth, livingness and vastness of the following point, which I find immensely beautiful and inspiring “I learnt that I am connected to the Universe and hence I am part of something so much bigger and grander than I could ever have imagined. I learnt that I have a depth beyond the oceans and a wisdom I can access in the stillness of my breath.”

  16. Very well written I love the way that you are kind person and in your bad days you enhance your kindness more and most important you groom your self confidence.when we start loving ourself than we can love all around us.peace

  17. As I become more aware of my connection to the universe via the connection to within the elimination of individualisation, living from self has to become less but it is not something that I am setting out to do but is a continuous unfolding of what is next.

  18. Education has a high social esteem because it is widely seen as the only way to reach our potential and that as the only way to earn security. Yet, the potential we tap into is not truly THE POTENTIAL. It is an ad-hoc version that relates only to security earning.

  19. So often we are taught that healing is about getting better and attaining something, rather than, as you put it – ‘healing is to restore something that is already intact’. The moment we start with the fact that we are love, and use this as our basis, we see all the steps we have taken away from love and so can ‘heal’ them, let go of the hurts etc.. Otherwise we are trying to get to some picture we have of love rather than surrendering to what is already within.

  20. That really is true education and saying something, that you learnt more in a short time with Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, than you did in 40+ years of life and 8 years in education!!!! I can say exactly the same. In fact I so wish I had these teachings and this education when I was young and growing up. I know my life would have had far less struggle in it if I did.

  21. Such a wonderful foundation shared by Serge Benhayon and then your living way with this Jenny. Thanks for shinning a beautiful reflection to us All, it’s absolutely appreciated and essential so all women can feel the difference between the impost of general society expectations and our innate unique essence – which we all discover one way or another in truth that we can’t live the fullness, joy and vitality of who we are without our connection to this.

  22. “If I couldn’t even sort my own health out, what on earth was I doing with anyone else!” When practising an alternative therapy for over twenty years I met many practitioners who didn’t live what they taught their clients, who lived unhealthy lifestyles, and often smoked and drank alcohol. I felt something was wrong but it was ‘normal’. Meeting Serge Benhayon enabled me to turn my life around and perceive my former existence as being not at all normal. Here was a man who walked his talk and made absolute sense. The Esoteric health practitioners also do this, with the EPA – their professional organisation – having the highest code of ethics I have ever witnessed.

  23. What a wonderful ‘lesson plan’. What I love about Serge Benhayon’s presentation, lessons and The School of the Livingness is that all that is offered and shared is so with the truth that we are all equal and have access to absolutely everything to live our lives in the fullness of the qualities here described.

  24. 2. I agree that you can learn more about life, health, love relationships in one hour, sometimes even one sentence from Serge Benhayon than I have learned from all the education and qualifications I have achieved. What Serge presents is alive and whole whereas knowledge in the educational system is very linear and only has a part of the story. We need well rounded human beings in society not just people who are knowledgeable and skilful at their jobs.

  25. What you share here is gold, because true life is not based on how much knowledge we can attain, and the more we educate ourselves and realise that self-care and self-love plays a huge part in our ability to connect to ourselves, which in turn supports us to live a quality of life, that means we can build a foundation of love for ourselves first.

  26. What a great testament , thank you Jenny, to the truth and power of what we have been given in the Way of the Livingness. This is true education which brings us all the wisdom we need to live with harmony, love and joy within ourselves and with each other.

  27. Esoteric Medicine as presented by Serge Benhayon truly does offer the missing link to healing and medicine as a whole. It offers a true support to unfold how we live our life in every area and every relationship to deepen the quality and connection we bring, and that is something that can only benefit us all.

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