Dulle Griet (Mad Meg) is Not so Mad After All?

“Each man for himself,” “blood runs thicker than water” and “dog eats dog” are the superficially contradictory war cries of the global community of captives, a pocket of which a little girl was born into in Holland in the 16th century. Momentarily all those adopted qualities were suspended though, as the village came together to celebrate the arrival of this latest addition to their community.

She was christened Meg and she had fun growing up – playing, sharing her joy, wide-eyed innocence and joyous abandon with everyone she came into contact with. But a lot of things just didn’t feel right, didn’t make sense to little Meg. On one hand was her joy and light-heartedness, on the other hand all these serious adults who said and did things that seemed contrary to what Meg could feel was going on inside of them. The only time they were not serious was when they drank an evil-smelling brew that made their eyes glaze over and their speech slurred. The men would grope at the women, trying to push their big working hands up the women’s skirts or into the cleavage of their blouses. The women seemed to half delight in the gesture and half be repulsed by the imposing deftness and undisguised lecherousness.

Awareness of this state, this dichotomy and contradiction between what was true and love and what was neither, only the young children seemed to have. The rest of the villagers had either lost this sense or chosen to not feel or acknowledge what was really going on, instead basking in the glory of fleeting victories over others or salivating over the delicacies of a village or private feast as they lined up for gooey cheeses, lashings of cream, hefty stews, herrings, pickles and onion rings and whatever else had been hauled to the tables.

As Meg grew older she could sense that the adults were captives of their own choosing; captives invisibly corralled in the parameters of a consciousness that relentlessly controlled the boundaries, drew the line of the demarcation zone between it (the harshness and dishonesty, everything that is not love and joy) and what it considers its nemesis (the love and joy that were so real for Meg and her little playmates).

Meanwhile, the people around Meg kept busy, trudging, shuffling around, seemingly going somewhere but in fact going nowhere while turning around in circles on a planet that obediently and endlessly circumnavigates the Sun, providing the platform for them to come to their senses, to themselves – one by one and by their own choosing, in the created time of existence.

It did not end well, not in the eyes of the world or her own – Meg could not forego, forsake or deny her innate sensitivity. She became isolated and a loner, an outsider who was deemed unfit for ‘normal’ village life, unfit for a marital union, an eternal spinster, an embarrassment and disgrace to her parents and wider family. She could see what was going on, the invisible swords, daggers and sabres people were thrusting into each other when their tongues were seemingly honey-coated and their speech mellifluous to the ears of those who had chosen to not truly hear. Meg could see, smell and sense the evil forces, the unseen, which to her were so very real. And so she set out to fight them, pointing a lance she had picked up after yet another skirmish in the direction of the unseen forces in a futile attempt to make others see, hear, smell and sense, to get them to take notice. But she was alone in her quest, could not bow to the stupor that they had all been born into and her kinfolk obediently subjugated themselves to.

All Meg could see was that the busier and more inflated or deflated the inmates’ puffery was, the less room there seemed to be for the awareness of their true state – that things were not as they ought to be, that life need not be such a drudgery and joyless affair. On occasion, drive and passion seemed to cut through the thicket of the turgid and paralysing emptiness they felt inside but, in the main, the voluntary captives willingly bowed their heads to the miserable and devastating yoke of their choosing and kept the consensual wheel turning around.

And so Meg became known as dulle Griet in her native tongue and people gave her a wide berth and avoided her eyes, her ever-knowing and seeing eyes, as she roamed the roads and lanes, her lance in hand.

Poffertjes* anyone?

Dulle Griet (Mad Meg) (Painting by Pieter Bruegel the Elder)
Dulle Griet (Mad Meg) (Painting by Pieter Bruegel the Elder)
To Serge Benhayon, with thanks for the inspiration from Esoteric Medicine, Volume II, The expanded understanding. Chapter 11, Pride and the preservation of pride. Part 4, The truth that pride avoids (unpublished at the time of writing, August 2019):   

“The answer is obvious – the creator of fixed failure and permanent unrest could not possibly be proud of itself unless it excessively controls all parameters of awareness.”

By Gabriele Conrad, NSW Australia

* Dutch mini pancakes.

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53 thoughts on “Dulle Griet (Mad Meg) is Not so Mad After All?

  1. When sanding on our head would it seem life is normal as so much of what is taught takes us away from our innate Love 💕 and sensitively we are all born with. So why not go full ⭕️ Circle and become The Love 💓 we were all born to and not the 🏴‍☠️ alignment to everything but True-Love 👩‍❤️‍👩💑👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩💏👨‍❤️‍👨 as is shared by The Students of The Livingness.

  2. I really appreciate Meg’s foresight and that she was able to withstand the onslaught of her community and stay steady with what she knew to be true.
    To see how the adults were captive prisoners of their own selves made choices and to see clearly there was another choice to be made, one of love and joy that she could feel this and hold steady in the grotesqueness of her surroundings.

  3. In the last few years, there has been no end of zombie movies. One TV series is now in its 11th year! The list of others increases every year with spinoffs. We have had no disaster of globe plagues that kill of 99% of the planet from secret government labs, so, where has our fixation with the walking dead originated? Of course, there are people on phones everywhere, with people walking and shuffling amongst mindlessly walking into things! In 2019 there were 5.11 billion mobile users in the world. Could it be, our phones are a plague we have released? Was Mad Megs observations a portent of what was coming?

  4. It’s a sobering read, the obedience to something that deadens one, or to be one that remains sensitive and aware and refuses to join. At some point everyone needs to come out of the dulled down and heavy way of life because it’s a separation from our natural way, from the innate essence of love and joy within us. But, when everyone is under the influence of a reality that’s not true, but it’s the pervasive normal, individuals who are willing to reflect a true way are sorely needed, even if you’re shunned as a result it’s better to live in the light of the truth and your soul and offer that reflection to others, than be in the well described ‘yoke’ of existing.

    1. What you have written here Melinda makes sense
      ‘but it’s the pervasive normal, individuals who are willing to reflect a true way are sorely needed, even if you’re shunned as a result it’s better to live in the light of the truth and your soul and offer that reflection to others, than be in the well described ‘yoke’ of existing.’
      There are many people that are willing to live in the light of truth and their soul and offer a different reflection because it is so needed in our society that is so lost and wayward. It is only by true reflection that this world will change.

  5. Mary what I was meaning was that that ‘ living each day in and with the glory of God’ is akin to ‘making a run for the wall’, because it’s breaking away from the pack and standing out. Historically when any of us have done this then the pack have shot us in the back and it is knowing that this is what happens that has kept and continues to keep the pack together. Having said that there are many of us now who are choosing to break away from the pack knowing full well that we will become targets but being ok with that.

    1. Not running with the pack is a choice that causes ripples on a pond we call life that will draw attention. But, when we are many, our light becomes a pond that is being rained on, causing ripples everywhere.

    2. I agree with you Alexis because by not living the so called ‘normal’ life is drawing attention from those who do not want the lie we are living to be exposed. Because once the many lies of multiple and intricate levels are exposed they will not have any hold over humanity that it currently has.

      1. There’s going to be a time Mary when the lies start to get exposed in higher and higher numbers and quicker and quicker succession until eventually creation is going to be exposed for the utter disgusting sham that it is. And I say Hallelujah to that!

  6. Who is willing to stand up and be counted, for those who have been willing to remain connected have been ostracised, stoned, crucified, burnt and even put in mental institutions and even today with so-called freedom of speech we can be set upon with lying accusations without any evidence and be vilified for sharing the Truth of who we are in essence, inner-most-heart / Soul, which is to be the most harmonious and loving being.

  7. We have learned to live in the house of mirrors that we have created. When we run into a glass wall and get stopped in our tracks, we just move on again, to aimlessly wander in the maze we have created. Do we call this life?

  8. The pressure to succumb to society’s lack of connection to what is loving and true can seem huge. What returns us is honesty. I remember being surprised that it doesn’t take much. I was surprised because, after living in the lies for so long, I didn’t fully appreciate I am, in essence and truth not of the lies. So it makes sense that even a degree of honesty connects us back to who we truly are. Then for me it’s about living in a world that is corrupted and staying true.

    1. I for one had no conscious awareness that I was actively contributing to the world of lies that we all live in. So embroiled are most of us in the illusion that we no longer recognise that that is what it is, smoke and mirrors. Go behind the scenes and you’ll find that there’s nothing holding it up, there’s no substance to any of it.

  9. Yes, she would see that we have not evolved at all. She would see through the lies that abound which try to convince us that we have progressed because our technology is better. And even this, the lie that technology has bettered our world, cannot be claimed because our use of it has enabled us to pollute the world, devasting wildlife and forna, not to mention ourselves.

    So often we create technology to solve an issue we have created. But more often than not, instead of addressing what caused the issue we carry on creating more. We live in the arrogance that we can continue being wayward because we can come up with solutions, but not realising the state we are actually in.

  10. There are those amongst us that have not sold out to inclusion at the expense of who they truly are, those that remain true to their inner heart bringing an unsettledness for their reflection of clarity, love and integrity – exposing all that has be sold-out on.

  11. ‘Each man for himself’, what a whopping great lie, there is no self, self is a completely fabricated construct. ‘Self’ is simply just smoke and mirrors, walk round the back of self and you’ll see that’s it’s as real as a hologram. We are the united body of God, a one unified energetic pulse that is not sectioned off anywhere and definitely not sectioned off into ‘people’.

  12. When we redefine words, we are creating something that slowly evolves away from the truth until its true meaning becomes lost in time. The true meaning of words is like an Agate Geode, the outside hides the beauty and richness of what lies within.

  13. This writing so simply exposes the waywardness of humanity, the ease in which one’s essence of self is forgone to play ball with almost everything that is seen and felt around them. Yet, throughout the many centuries there have been those people, like Mad Meg, who have seen through the veil and have felt the ridiculousness of following the masses. What person will we choose to be, the one that succinctly returns to living from ones true essence, or one that continues to journey around the sun with the pain, fear, angst and illness that living under the veil engenders?

    1. As you have said the waywardness of humanity has become what happens on an unmanaged field that has been left alone that is full of Dandelions, leaving no space for anything else to grow. But a weed is just a flower in the wrong place. We are becoming many that see and feel the veil for what it truly is and make our own space to grow unfettered amongst those around us.

      1. The community of ‘mad meg’s’ is rippling outwards and growing stronger as they see through the veil of illusion. Once the veil has been seen for the lies it represents there is then the choice to stay within the cold and dark of lie or walk in the purity of the sun which is God’s light. So who’s mad? The ones that stay within the cold and dark or those that walk in the sunshine?

    2. Contract/expand, contract/expand, contract/expand, these are the only two options that we are forever choosing from, it’s just that they come in a million trillion different ways. How we choose to react to something is a prime example of one such way, will we get irritated and annoyed or choose to see the deeper aspects at play underneath the external event? Basically will we contract or expand?

  14. I watched a TED presentation on the Universe and it struck me how inconsequential the earth is in the Universe. We come from Grandness and yet we have ignored this and instead and live in the squalor we have made for ourselves, preferring to bitch and fight with each other than see ourselves as being part of a much grander way to be. We abuse ourselves and others and live in such squalor just so we can be play at being individual, if the way we currently live is the sum total of our combined intelligence we are not intelligent at all.

    1. You know what Mary in some ways I feel compelled to applaud us all, it takes an enormous amount of dedication and application to be able to consistently reduce the grandness of who we all are into such an ugly and corrupted and warped version of life.

      1. I’m really getting a sense that we are owned by a consciousness that keeps a tight grip on what we can and cannot do. If we step over a mark in the sand towards true enlightenment, as you correctly say Alexis, we are corralled back into the corrupted and warped version of life. Maybe the way is to not struggle, or resist. Would this then allow a free-fall into the depth of God?

  15. If everyone in the world was mad except you who would look like the crazy person? As more people awaken to the madness we call normal life, our reflection will grow to what normal looks like.

    1. Well said Steve. Currently those of us who are living a different way are seen as kooky at best and mentally ill at worse but as you say that will slowly change over time as the living evidence of our bodies is the irrefutable evidence that there is a truer way to live and one that is felt and known by us all.

    1. Absolutely Mary but those forces also know that they can’t ever cause separation because we can never be separated from the body of God, the best that they can do is to make us temporarily think that we are separate but it’s only temporary and the pull towards unity is always, always there.

      1. This is actually what I’m starting to get a sense of that the forces do not have control they play the game that makes us think they are in control, they make it attractive for us to draw on their energy and not that of the universe. When we draw on the energy of the universe we know that we are all one, no drum rolls or fireworks we are because God is.

  16. Are we willing to open our eyes now? And if so are we willing to admit that Dulle Griet and many through the ages were not mad after all but chose to see what was and is truly going on and refused to follow the masses.

  17. Our awareness of what is true and what is not is age old – it’s only our habitual ways of avoiding this that have changed. What would Mad Meg make of today with all of us with our heads in our phones?

  18. It seems we have for eons found solace in ridiculing those who offer truths we do not want to see.

    A very simple ongoing example is our children: so many instances of absolute gold wisdom expressed from their tiny mouths. Yet how do we respond? We tend to laugh it off and re-tell the story as a “cute phenomenon” because it came through a “kid” – conveniently avoiding taking seriously the actual Gem of Truth that has been put on our table.

    It seems we have for eons found solace in ridiculing those who offer truths we do not want to see.

    And I won’t get started on the act of character smearing and damaging innuendo which is widely used by the media and various invested parties to conveniently deflect from the truth that someone may be offering. And how most of us seem to relish such stories more than the truth that is being black marked.

    1. As we have de-evolved in our own creation, we have continually settled for less and as time passes our standards have become almost non-existent. We are a long way from becoming like Sodom and Gomorrah… or are we?

  19. If we were all aware, such misery and those behind it all have no power. Such power is dependant on those who have subscribed to stay blind, stay in the shuffling and misery and not question “is there more?”

    1. The trouble with the question ‘is there more?’ is that most of us answer ‘yes, there’s more money to be had, more holidays, more fun, more living it up, more escapism, more adventure, more eating out, more clubbing, more mates, more cars’. Sounds really appealing doesn’t it but these things absolutely pale l in comparison to the more ‘Kingdom of Heaven’ that’s available within.

  20. We have not changed a lot in all of those centuries from Dulle Griet’s observations. Without awareness of the world around us and the energy that we allow to run through us, is Pieter Bruegel’s painting depicting our present and future?

  21. There have been many changes physically since the 16 Century to date but energetically nothing has changed. Meg would be an outcast in our society today as she was then. Anyone who dares to stand up for truth and expose the rot we live in is vilified as the majority do not want to admit that this way of living isn’t it. History stands as a testament to all those people who knew that life wasn’t it, that we are totally controlled by a consciousness that we are living under that suppresses the human body and those people who have exposed the lie have always been cast out and shunned by those who have an investment in subjugating humanity and use the controlling consciousness for their own gains.

  22. When we can not fault someone but we don’t want to admit the truth they present, the only thing we can do is lie about them. We cannot ever change the truth or take that reflection away.

  23. Let Meg’s and all eye’s of truth burn bright, and let her be called mad if that’s what is needed, but as the painting, the article and the quote shows, the madness is not within Meg, but around her. As Shakespeare once said, ”What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet”. Humanity has from the beginning of time, defined and re-defined words, people and reality according their fancy, obscuring what is none to be true in a game of self-serving smokes and mirrors. If it is madness that is dictating the definition and rule of what madness is by first denoting itself as sane, then we have a madness at play that can only be exposed by those who are prepared to be brave. It seems not much has changed since 1562, but as more open their eyes, we begin to see a change – Meg no longer walks alone, but with others who are also sane.

    1. I agree with you that Meg no longer stands alone and at last the mass of Humanity is being exposed in the rot we have perpetrated for eons.

    2. It has taken aeons to dig the hole we are now at the bottom of, or could it be a black hole that is endless? Today’s level of what is not normal, is a very tiny list. It has taken a few centuries from Megs time to reach our current level of depravity, but the spark within us all has never left, it has just been buried within over time. There are growing numbers of people just like Meg that are now seeing, remembering and feeling what is true. Good will triumph over evil, yes, but there was no time given for this to happen.

  24. Evidence of the complicity to the stupor is how quickly the group tries to pull back anyone who dares step out of it.

      1. There is another way Alexis and that is to live each day in and with the glory of God which leaves no doubt that there is another way to be and live. If we all run for the wall and get shot, there is no reflection that there can be a different way to be and live. That makes no sense to me.

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