Return To God

“What would you ask from God, if you ever met him?”, wondered my mum with a counter question to mine.

I was about 9 -10 years old. We were returning home from listening to one of the scripture stories at a Hindu study centre (in our village in India), where a demon king did a lot of meditation and prayers to please God and asked him for immortality, so he could rule the world forever.

“Why would anyone ask for such a thing?”, I asked mum. And so, she posed the above question to me. Without much thinking I said, “What more could I ask for if I have met God? Except just be with me. None of our worldly possessions would be worth anything after that”.

Years went by, as I went through the worldly motions of life. On my 40th birthday, I felt a real sadness amongst all celebrations. Is this it, this is life? Nothing felt right. Searching through the many paths available, no God was found, nothing sat! Then…

I attended a workshop in which the presenter, Serge Benhayon shared that in truth, God is within us and always has been. I sat on my chair, sobbing my eyes out and couldn’t move. I was amazed that the very God I always wanted to meet was living within my inner heart all along! Is it that easy? How much have I resisted it throughout my life by making things about me, ignoring that loving voice, coming from deep within? My daily dialogue became connected with that inner voice, learning to discern which part of it was coming from The Truth. Is it my soul, lovingly inviting me to connect to God within or something else constantly making life complicated? There was one clue for me: God is always loving and never punishing, and this was felt in my body as an ease and settlement…  or not. I then started noticing my body contorting at things that did not feel true to me, like mental analysis, arguments, etc., all of which gave me headaches!

My journey started then, living with God. A little overwhelmed, I didn’t know where to begin. The workshop had presented that it all starts with self-love. “What? I love myself okay”, I said. Understanding the true meaning of loving ‘the self’ without an ounce of narcissism, came filtering slowly through the belief systems I had accumulated.

Serge Benhayon’s love for humanity and offering of clarity about a way of living, felt true. I felt his gentle humbling presence as every word he spoke touched my heart. I got a lot of guidance from the consistently respectful and honouring way he lived and presented on stage and through various books he has written, such as A Treatise on ConsciousnessThe Way It Is and others. I continued listening to The Way of The Livingness sermons and other audios, as well as attending Sacred Esoteric Healing courses. Reading these books and listening to the audio recordings regularly refined my perception of life. I understood that knowledge is necessary but living our energetic truth defines our alignment to an energy, either worldly or more Soulful – which then influences our ways of living. It supported me to see through the fog of our created ways.

Looking back at different aspects and my life in general, it seems like it was another life altogether! What I assumed to be normal things to eat, for example, didn’t agree with me anymore. I started listening to my body and as a part of this self-loving exercise, I changed my diet to support my body, trusting my awareness to feel what I can’t exactly see. My energy levels went up and I returned to my natural body shape. As a result of all these little changes, my interactions with everyone became more loving.

On top of all this, having understanding of energetic quality and integrity made me honest about how I am choosing to think and live, with a freedom I never felt before amongst the miasma of conditioning and beliefs I chose to live by in the past.

I now live in the world the same as before, going about my daily chores, engaged in work, family life and relationships. However, with this expanded understanding, I realise that any issues coming up are merely opportunities to become more aware; allowing me to observe and learn by being completely honest, letting go of any resistance that may bind me to current and corrupted models of society.

This, I feel, is the Ageless Wisdom presented by Serge Benhayon… and it feels like the true way. Now, it’s all about surrendering to the flow of this life and moving in accordance with it. Reading energy and de-personalising all the reactions I and others have, while keeping love as my focal point, has taken the struggle out of life and allowed the joy to pour in.

So here I am, years later, feeling light and connected by living the honouring ways of the true me, rekindled through The Way of The Livingness. What I knew as a child got confirmed. My innate connection to God, allows me to see God in everything, everywhere I go.

By Kiran Raichura, Expressing as an advanced beauty therapist and esoteric practitioner and a gorgeous, reflective universal woman, Mijas, Spain

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9 thoughts on “Return To God

  1. Hearing of the powerful knowing of what is true coming through the innocence of a child was so gorgeous to read. It seems that this truth is within us at the beginning of time and as we grow into adults, life impacts each of us in different ways separating us from what we know in our heart. I too, deeply appreciate Serge Benhayon and his humble, loving and confirming way in the presentations he has shared over time. Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. Beautiful Kiran – thank you for sharing your ‘Return to God’ through the presence of Serge – so tenderly expressed with your words – ‘I felt his gentle humbling presence as every word he spoke touched my heart.’

  3. The entire Benhayon family offers a different way to live. To me Simone Benhayon’s humbling presence and absoluteness and totally respectful way of living, stands out for all of us. Simone Benhayon to me is a marker of truth in as much as if what comes through another person or myself does not feel the same as the love that Simone holds humanity in then it’s not true. This makes life very simple to just observe and not to get embroiled in it.

  4. We all will one day return to God and in this blog you are showing the true and uncomplicated way to it.

  5. The way we see the world as kids is so clear and really based in the actual facts of how life works. If we do nothing in our life but return to the truth and wonder we felt at that age then we have made a step that is truly great.

    1. Yes Joseph, as kids we have clear and authoritative knowing. How we feel is the way to view the world and carry on on that path, then no stopping but journey inwards..

    1. Yes Bernadette we do know as children, I remember asking myself when I was young would I know Jesus if he walked again amongst us or would I walk by him not knowing? How would I know it was him?
      Many years later meeting Serge Benhayon I discovered the knowing is in the vibration that Serge Gives off like a certain quality of scent. It is in the vibration or quality of scent that I recognised the Ageless Wisdom as being taught again. It has never gone away and continues to grow stronger everyday as more and more people respond to the vibrational pull we can all feel. It’s what we do with the vibrational pull up that will determine how quickly we return to our soul but return we will. It is an absolute law of the physics of the universe.

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