Why Universal Medicine rather than other Complementary Therapies

by Jonathan Stewart, United Kingdom

Before meeting Serge Benhayon I was a full-time practising remedial masseur and kinesiologist of 16 years experience. With my then partner, and now wife, we had over 8 years established a thriving kinesiology clinic specialising in brain function and in particular treating children with learning disabilities. We were so confident in our work and approach to healing that we had founded a kinesiology college with arguably the highest training standards in the UK and were well on the way to establishing a fully residential training centre par excellence. I was the UK trainer for my main discipline and on its International Board, spoke at international conferences and sponsored many leading international kinesiology trainers to teach in the UK. Over the 16 years I had spent thousands of hours training, teaching, treating, attending courses in a wide spectrum of complementary therapies and met, both professionally and socially, many of the leading practitioners in the field of complementary medicine. However, within a matter of hours of attending a Universal Medicine workshop presented by Serge Benhayon, both my wife and I were feeling we had to question the very foundation of our confidence and approach to healing.

On the surface, and to all intents and purposes, Esoteric Medicine does not appear dis-similar to other complementary therapies. As with Universal Medicine, they talk about/work with the subtle bodies and energies of the human body; perceive that unresolved emotions underpin illnesses; that the mind and stress impact upon our wellbeing; that what we eat influences our emotional, mental and physical states; address the cause of an illness rather than the symptom; and appear to have many other aspects of healing in common. However, within 6 months we had made the decision to abandon all our future plans, irrespective of all the time and money we had spent, and to forsake kinesiology completely in favour of a whole new approach to life. So you may ask, why would someone give up in such a short time all that they had so successfully established and planned over many years to start all over again from the beginning for something that appears so similar?

I have been a student of Universal Medicine and living the work for six years now and so feel able to express with confidence what makes it different and distinct from other modalities.

  • Code of Ethics: When establishing our kinesiology college we looked at many models and what we established was very rigorous but nothing compared to the standards of Universal Medicine, which are arguably the highest in the world. Not only is the training of the highest standards but also the code states that practitioners are to abstain unequivocally from pornography, the use of alcohol, recreational or illicit drugs, nicotine and/or any other substance that will obscure and/or alter in any way their state of being. A practitioner accepting this code of ethics also commits to the best of their ability to live a lifestyle that supports in every way a reflection of the esoteric way of life.
  • Integrity: From my previous experience of practitioners, complementary and orthodox, myself included, it was common practice to advise a healthy lifestyle and then privately do things we told our clients and students not to do. It was not at all uncommon for lecturers to go out and party, smoke and drink, have unhealthy relationships, view pornography, abuse their status, etc. With Universal Medicine practitioners you know categorically that this is not the case. They “walk their talk” and this is lead by example by Serge. This importance of practitioner lifestyle is increasingly being shown to have an impact on client health. In 2010 Dr Siân Williams, director of the Health and Work Development Unit at the Royal College of Physicians, stated in a news bulletin announcing an audit into the standard of care in the NHS that, “Evidence shows that healthy staff deliver better care to patients”. With Esoteric Medicine this is taken much further in that how you are in everything you do and think becomes the expression of your energy and it is that energy that you bring to the treatment room and impacts on the client. If you have any energy that is unloving, angry, abusive etc. you cannot leave it outside the treatment room as you enter.
  • Energy: Most complementary therapies claim to work with the energies of the body with many practitioners calling themselves ‘energy healers’. In the case of kinesiology it claims to be the therapy that interacts most evidently and visibly with the body’s energies and that the body actually determines the treatment procedure. However, no therapy that I know discusses the actual nature of energy, if there are different energies and if there are, how to discern them or whether some can be harmful. This was not even presented in the course that I taught, The Energetic Sciences of Man.

In the first session of the first Universal Medicine workshop that I attended these questions were directly addressed and demonstrated clearly and succinctly through simple exercises. If there is murder, rape, paedophilia and other such atrocities, which are not loving, and there is also love it then follows these must be different energies. In fact, there can only be two energies: either that which is love or that which is not love. As everything is energy, as stated by Einstein and a scientific fact, and everything is because of energy, as observed by Serge Benhayon, then surely everyone should be able to discern what energy they engage and work with, if not at least a practitioner claiming to work with energy? This question challenged the whole foundation of the integrity of the way my wife and I worked.

  • Soul and Spirit – Fire and Prana: So many complementary therapies talk about, and claim, to work with the ‘Higher-Self’ yet never really questioning or understanding what they are claiming. As with the issue of the nature of energy, whatever belief fits with their ideology, or what is most in vogue at a given time, is naively accepted and espoused. For Universal Medicine this is not acceptable. As everything is energy then the ‘Higher-Self’, too, must have an energy and be discerned. Again clearly and simply the nature of this was presented and that there are in fact two distinct energies: the energy of the Soul, which is the energy of Love known as Fire, and the energy of the Spirit, which is not of love and is known as Prana. There is no attempt at persuasion or argument by Serge, or any Universal Medicine practitioner, to get anybody to conform to what is presented. The question is posed and it is for the individual to discern what is true or not true for him or her. The simple exercises to discern energy enable one to do this.
  • Innermost: Most, if not all, complementary therapies and many other practices, medical, social and religious, support the concept that in our innermost we are ‘healthy’, in balance, and this is our true nature. All that is required is to remove/heal that which is not of the innermost. In Buddhism there is an analogy with gold. When gold is extracted from the earth it is in the form of 9ct or less and to make it 24ct pure gold one needs to remove the impurities and so, too, it is with us.

Initially when Serge talked about the innermost, which is actually the meaning of esoteric, I thought I understood what he was presenting and how to connect with it. However, after time I came to appreciate that what Universal Medicine presents, and Esoteric teachings have presented consistently throughout the ages, is fundamentally different to all other approaches that I know.

As with the Buddhist analogy all other approaches endeavour to connect to this innermost by removing and/or healing what Buddhists call ‘obscurities’, generally perceived as illness, symptoms, behaviour patterns, unresolved emotional issues etc. With this approach one is coming from the outside to get to the innermost. What the Esoteric presents is that to truly heal and remove the ‘obscurities’ it is necessary to connect first with your innermost and using the energy of the innermost, the energy of the Soul, to express outwards to dissolve those things that are creating the dis-harmony in the body and in life. From this approach one is working from the inside out. Energetically this is completely different and consequently the two approaches are using two different energies.

With the standard approach you are using the same energy that caused the problem to heal the problem – the energy of the Spirit, Prana. If you have a mental problem, such as anger you use a mental approach, such as anger management, to address it, or physical symptoms, such as obesity with changing your diet or use pharmaceuticals to modify the body responses. If none of these work then the choice is usually to suppress and/or numb the symptoms using drugs – pharmaceuticals, social (coffee, alcohol etc.) – or distractions such as excessive exercise, computer games, hobbies etc.

  • Function: The primary marker for an improvement of health, of ‘moving closer’ to the innermost, by traditional approaches is a lessening of the symptom and an improvement in function. With kinesiology we had great success in achieving a functional change and improvement for our clients: freedom from physical pain, a lessening of stress in daily life, greatly enhanced brain function demonstrated by academic results and the improvement in physical co-ordination for children at school, etc. Personally I had struggled throughout my life with dyslexic and related issues. Through kinesiology treatments, in particular the brain function work, I experienced great functional change that resulted in a far more positive lifestyle, by society’s standards, compared to my life prior to my involvement with kinesiology – a string of broken relationships and not very successful work endeavours.

The question posed by Serge Benhayon was, if function was such a valid marker to determine health, how come that top athletes, who have the greatest care taken of their bodies that money can buy and science can deliver, still get ill and have mental and emotional problems, as do the super rich who have the same opportunity? In my own case I was overweight, drank coffee for energy along with alcohol regularly (verging on being alcoholic) for the sugar and relaxation due to work stress, and my relationships were not conflict free.

What was posed was that by addressing the function one was still addressing the symptoms, however much kinesiology and other modalities claim they are treating the cause. Because they are using the same energy that was responsible for the problem in the first place they can never see the bigger picture, ‘not see the wood for the trees’, and thereby have a truly objective perspective, or means, to address the situation in its full context – see it spherically. They are always looking at the problem in pieces. The consequence is that the best that can be managed is to move the energy of the problem around the body conveying the impression of improvement but in truth resulting in the problem arising in another form (the multi-symptomatic condition), or to numb the body so the problem is not felt, which in reality is burying it further into the body.

  • Healing: No illness suddenly arises without a process of development. And that process is not something that randomly happens to us but is something that results from our choices. For example, if one goes to bed late the hormone system becomes disrupted depleting the body of adrenaline, which puts it in an energy crisis. If one then counters the tiredness by consuming refined carbohydrates, sugar, alcohol for the sugar, caffeine and/or other forms of energy ‘hits’ these then in turn upset the blood sugar and insulin levels, which over a prolonged period, leads to putting on weight and can take one on the path to diabetes. At whatever level in the process one decides to attempt to address the situation the normal route is to take oneself and the condition to the doctor and/or complementary therapist to get ‘fixed’. Depending on the condition and approach one may be given medication, dietary and lifestyle advice, or a combination of these. The Esoteric approach is completely different.

There is no attempt at ‘fixing’. The practitioner presents, through whatever modality they are using, whether it be gentle touch, massage, counselling etc., loving gentleness that enables the person to connect to their own innermost and it is the energy of that person’s innermost that does the healing – not the practitioner. This eventually leads to one realising that one’s health and general wellbeing is a reflection of past decisions and it is not possible to blame anyone or anything for the situation one is in. In that acceptance of responsibility one comes to understand how and why one is not making self-loving choices, which result in the dis-harmony and unhappiness in one’s life, and to now change that and to make self-loving choices instead. This is not instead of modern medicine. Where it is appropriate it can be the most loving choice at a particular time in the healing journey. Esoteric Medicine supports this demonstrating it is truly complementary. This was a radical change for me as I had taken on the perspective through the kinesiology, and which is common among so many other alternative and so-called, complementary therapies, that modern medicine is one of the causes of the worsening health conditions.

In my own case, although the kinesiology had ‘switched-on’ my brain and I was functioning more successfully in society, it had not solved but only masked the underlying causes: the feelings of lack of self-worth, not being good enough, feeling unloved and depressed. When tired and overwhelmed these feelings would return with the old patterns of anger, depression and worthlessness. Kinesiology had given me an identity so I did not have to be with myself. With the Esoteric I was presented and supported to reconnect with my true essence. Through the guidance of the presentations from Serge Benhayon, the support of treatments from Universal Medicine practitioners and my own endeavours I have learnt to make self-loving choices for myself. All this has lead me to know and be with myself with no need for an external identification, that I am complete and full requiring nothing from the outside for acknowledgment and recognition. I do not manage this all the time but it is becoming increasingly consistent.

  • An Esoteric Practitioner: For a practitioner to practise Esoterically there is a primary distinction from all other types of practitioners that I have encountered. And that is they bring no agenda to the treatment. This is because they are complete in themselves. They have confidence in their own worthiness and love for who they are without any reliance on the skills and experience they have. They are just themselves and just meet the client for who they are without any judgment. They do not have to prove anything to, or need anything from, the client. From my experience all other practitioners required something back from their clients to validate themselves or their practice in some form or other. As a kinesiologist I used to say my reward was not in the money but in seeing the improvement in my clients. In fact, I needed them so that I could feel good about myself.

This Esoteric approach brings a quality to the treatment that no other does. As the practitioner does not require anything from the client so neither does the client have to provide or give anything either. This creates and allows a space in which there is no need for defence, judgment or criticism and whatever is there can be seen for what it is, released and the appropriate action taken. To achieve this, it is not in skills learnt or qualifications gained by the practitioner but by the way they have lived and developed their own connection with their own innermost.

It is for these reasons primarily that Esoteric Medicine stands heads and shoulders above any other complementary therapy. At the time my wife and I met Serge Benhayon and the Esoteric Medicine we did not have this understanding, but we felt the difference in our bodies. That difference and the common sense of what was presented we understood, felt and knew was Truth. We knew that we could not go back and treat in the same way we had been doing. We could no longer say with integrity that what we were doing was the best that we knew, either for our clients or ourselves.

When my wife and I stopped doing kinesiology we both believed we would be able to just switch modalities to be Esoteric Healers and everything would flow effortlessly. When we made that step we did not appreciate the level of shift required. My wife has since given up being a practitioner and is so much lighter and joyful for doing so. Although the majority of my time is doing general maintenance and gardening work I have managed to continue to practise. However, it is only in the recent few months that my practice has become steady with a regular flow of clients.

The changes I have made have been gradual, occurring when I have felt ready to make them and prepared for the next step in my healing. This is an on-going process and un-folding of my innermost, which is becoming my everyday expression. Only a month ago I was triggered to recall how I used to feel before I came across kinesiology and realised that deep down I still had not completely let go of constantly battling to fight off feelings of depression, helplessness, worthlessness and needing external recognition and acknowledgement to feel okay. I realised how powerful the kinesiology had been to suppress and numb me so well from feeling all of this that I had no longer even remembered how I had felt. All it had done was to strengthen and harden my shield from feeling love and accepting love from others. With the Esoteric support of Love I have been able to face and feel the hurt for what it is, to take responsibility for my choices and to move on. This has resulted in my life being increasingly joyful, feeling love and value for myself without needing external acknowledgement to endorse it. My marriage is now one of so much more tenderness and I am feeling and am far more healthy and fitter than I can really remember (I have lost 63lbs/28kg which is about 18inches round the waist in six years) and enjoy whatever I am doing without striving to be something.

This on-going journey of unfoldment of my true nature has come about from the inspiration and loving support of Serge Benhayon, his family, the Universal Medicine practitioners and my own willingness, even if reluctantly at times, to take responsibility for my choices. This loving support has never been one of telling me how I should live, what I should or should not eat but rather from a sharing of lived experiences that work and that I have chosen in my own time and pace to experiment with and adopt in a way that that is correct for me. This approach is not the way of a cult or a guru, but of the most loving, truthful friend that you can ever have. Thank you Serge Benhayon for being the love filled, inspirational man you are.

252 thoughts on “Why Universal Medicine rather than other Complementary Therapies

  1. This is an unbelievable account of events, you are truly a humble man, it has made me deeply reflect in the responsibility we all hold on this earth, with ourselves and with each other.

  2. All of our choices accumulate and so the quality of these choices not only lays the foundation for the quality of health and wellbeing we have in our daily lives today, but the quality of our future health and wellbeing equally.

  3. Thank you Jonathan for explaining so clearly the differences between Universal Medicine and other modalities. I have always felt that Universal Medicine was different and knew in my heart that it was above and beyond anything I had ever experienced. With any other modality I was always left with an uncomfortable questioning about the effects of the treatment or the way the practitioner was living, Universal Medicine has laid all that to rest for me and given me a deeper understanding of energy and my responsibility as a body of energy.

  4. I only have appreciation of Universal Medicine and the practitioners who live what they present. It’s not many in the world who “walk their talk.” (Although many walk a talk that is not asking us to be all of who we are and gives us permission to be comfortable with what is not true.)

    Walking the talk is expected of those in positions of influence and if they do not do so people become upset. This tells me we do know what integrity is and that it is fundamental to our society’s health and well-being. We understand knowing the talk is very different to living the talk, and living it with no interest in protecting any pockets of self-interest. This is why Serge Benhayon is so inspiring. He is showing us what is possible, as are other students of The Livingness.

  5. I have known you Jonathan for the last 17 years, spanning the whole of my teenage and adult years. The humility and tenderness that you share with me and all others was simply not there at the beginning, and there is not a shadow of a doubt that this is due to the deeply healing and inspiring work of Serge Benhayon. Your account of Universal Medicine reflects so much of what I have experienced when looking to mainstream complementary modalities and the Esoteric Modalities as presented by Universal Medicine.

  6. The integrity of the EPA is evident in the Practitioners living, and that they really do ‘walk their talk’. One only has to meet a practitioner and they will know this for themselves. The reflection may bring something up for us, as we know we are not living to the level of love and care that we could be, but rather than fight this, or attack them, it is wonderful to appreciate and embrace the healing this offers.

  7. Once Serge presented on the difference between Spirit and Soul, so many pieces of the puzzle fell into place and so much of the world and myself made perfect sense. Now the journey to understanding and the way of connection to the Soul has become a path of great joy as the light of oneness of all and of our responsibility to all becomes clear as our one true way of being, as part of the Universe and all that is.

  8. This article is a great expose on alternative therapies such as kinesiology i.e. implying that the therapy be used instead of Western Medicine. Where as the Esoteric Therapies are complimentary to western medicine. This is a big difference in these words.

  9. Jonathan,
    I too practiced kinesiology along with Bowen therapy. Like you, not long after experiencing a workshop with Serge Benhayon I made the decision to no longer practice these therapies. With the awareness that I began to connect with for myself, I could feel how energy simply moved around the body with these therapies, often going deeper into the body, hence they appeared to help, as the symptom presenting improved or went away completely. Yet the energy was still in the body, so it would again manifest into a symptom, that may well be more difficult to treat and truthfully heal. Once I felt this, I could no longer use these therapies. It is really insidious how much they trick us into believing they are healing because we look at healing as a quick fix so we can continue on with our life. My understanding now is in line, completely with this article, that healing is truly about arresting and changing the behaviours the have caused the body to move, contort, or contract for long enough that illness, disease and pain become present within it.

    1. It is the insidiousness of alternative therapies like kinesiology are in truth so harmful in the long-term as they give the illusion of healing an issue in the short-term.

  10. Thank you Jonathan – I very much appreciate what you have shared here and your understanding of the difference between that which is truly esoteric and that which is not. There is so much one could comment on here but I feel to highlight the importance of integrity and ‘walking the talk’. When we have true integrity our words come with true power too. Like you, I have lived without that integrity and more latterly with it. When we live the ‘do as I say not as I do’ ‘philosophy’ – our words cannot be heard in the same way they are if we do ‘walk the talk’. I see it in many ways – businesses being one of them – where there is a message or value base promoted but not lived – and the business is undermined as a consequence. What you have shared here is an example of real integrity and hence power. What a blessing.

  11. What you have expressed Jonathan is so true and I appreciate how much you have shared. I also have had to discard and am still discarding from my old patterns. My path of return to my Livingness will be my continuing choice from here to eternity, and like a lot of words ‘eternity’ has lost it’s true meaning so my feeling is that it probably is me being ‘fully connected’ to every aspect of the forever-expanding universes.

  12. For me I choose Universal Medicine rather than other complementary therapies because I know that the Universal Medicine Practitioners operate from a place of energetic integrity and love. I also know that they will have dealt with their own issues, and are thus able to provide a clear reflection for me, and support me with whatever is coming up in my life that requires healing

  13. Isn’t that very revealing that we can apply modalities, which even when we take care we don’t feel any more what was originally there to feel, and we drift away even more, acting out that we know how to heal. Like I shared in my blog “I Thought I was a Great Healer”, I took the misty layers away to see the truth again which was not easy but how beautiful it is to feel so much more like me again and even more to feel how beautiful I am, and we are.

  14. To hear how you walked away from the kinesiology and business that you were so heavily invested in shows to me just how touched you must have been by your experience of Universal Medicine’s esoteric modalities to make the changes that you have. Changes that are not just for you but for the true benefit of your clients and everyone really.

  15. Universal Medicine therapies teach me that life is one big sphere and I cannot just look at one part, call it a ‘problem’ and have it fixed and consider it healed. As you say so beautifully, their teachings are to be lived and it shows me how beautifully simple yet grand life is.

  16. I feel your story Jonathan is a very important one in the context of what Universal Medicine is about and what it offers society on a truly global scale. For why would a successful practitioner who was thriving in his business choose to forego this and hit the reset button were it not for something truly special. This is where the real story of Universal Medicine lies, in the lives of people who have seen there is something remarkable on offer that requires a change of approach to life, work and even a successful career.

  17. With your whole career and life once based around a modality that turned out to be missing the mark, I am amazed you were able to continue to explore what life is truly about without just spitting the dummy. I am sure you were not perfect in it but it is a huge pill to swallow and not only have you accepted that you were leading yourself and others astray with this modality but you have also stepped into being a living inspiration for truth and that supports amazingly to bring others back to themselves. This challenge speaks volumes for the man you are.

  18. “As the practitioner does not require anything from the client so neither does the client have to provide or give anything either.” Until reading this line I hadn’t considered how much pressure is put on clients by so many practitioners, when the practitioner is seeking to help, save, fix, heal etc. their clients, and so going on from that, if a client does not ‘improve’ then the practitioner thinks they have failed, thereby communicating to the client that they are a failure too, which is just adding more issues to the pile and is simply not true.

  19. What a powerful expose of the complementary ( and alternative) health modalities and an enlightening look at what constitutes an approach that is truly complimentary to Medicine. Your humility is very inspiring Jonathan and it is easy to read such an account due to the fact. It takes a lot to renounce something you have put your life towards for many years and gained such accolade and success in. But to do so from a place of seeking truth, allows your words to be so much more powerful.

  20. What an extraordinary step for someone to take… To let go of so much investment of time and money and energy, it is as if there is something within us all that, when it feels something that is intrinsically true, recognizes that and this recognition engenders the commitment that makes it possible to let in such a profound way.

    1. So correct cjames2012. When Truth is presented we cannot help to recognise it. If we reject it we feel disturbed, out of balance and confused. If we accept it in full then I have found that then sustains me with whatever challenges unfold, because I am in alignment with Truth.

  21. Thank you Jonathan for setting out so clearly the responsibility and integrity in the chosen way of living that is the essence of a practitioner of Esoteric Healing.

  22. What a great and big ‘inside scoop’ from someone who knows exactly what he is talking about! It looks like many therapies or so called religions are using the right/true words but without the true content. Quite apart from what is truly lived. I had a lot of offers in my life to go for alternative healing, denominations, cults, indulging in food, alcohol and other drugs…but nothing gave me the knowing of truth. Always I was searching for more, even though ‘a lot’ was given. With Universal Medicine (UM) I get the reflection of all I ever wanted of what is inside of me and I am connected to the responsibility to express this. UM is calling for nothing less than everything. I respond to this call, like everyone does because we are all despaired and want to become again who we truly are. But this has consequences and not everyone likes them.
    You Jonathan made such a big change and I am impressed to see how willing you are to live truth again. You gave up on a big temporal success, which was otherwise energetically destructive. To become aware again of our energetic being gives us a whole new view on life. And finally life make sense again. So, no wonder that truth is ignored and gets dismissed by so many – it is lighting up what we have done so far (what is scary) and calls us to a totally different way of living. Energetic integrity is calling us all of the time and you said ‘yes’ to that call in full. Hats off!

  23. This is an article with much comprehensive understanding in relation to Esoteric healing and other complimentary therapies. I love how it is written and know without a doubt that true healing can only come from within. As it is ourselves that ultimately determine how we go about living our lives. No one can force us to live with integrity and honour, this must be chosen, then lived.

    1. So true, Leigh, the more we appreciate, understand and accept that ‘true healing can only come from within’ the greater the healing can then occur.

  24. Wow – what an amazing account of a total life transformation. One of the biggest difference I have observed from Universal Medicine practitioners and other complimentary practitioners is that they do indeed “Walk their Talk”, which is super rare in the world. For example, where doctors smoke and drink and suffer with obesity problems, but how can someone who is struggling and unwell help you with your health? Practitioners who walk their talk are the only way forward that makes sense.

  25. I had never heard or thought about many of the things that Serge Benhayon presented on when I first met him. When I heard him talk it just made so much sense and I wondered how I had never been conscious of or thought about these things before.

  26. It is an awesome story Jonathan. On discovering truth you were willing to walk away from all the financial security and recognition that you had developed in the alternative medicine field. Some might call it brave but you knew you would be living a lie if you continued on the same path. You are hugely inspiring.

  27. Well presented Jonathan, I came from the same place – knowing that all these aspects of energy work existed. But had not come across the truth of energy, and so before doing so, I’d settled for a modality that was so far from the truth by the sheer fact that it was so ‘close’. I now know very clearly the difference between truth and fake and am hugely appreciative of the EPA for supporting in detail what it means to practice with true integrity.

    1. Absolutely Rosanna, the EPA is an exemplary organisation in the way that it supports all its members to continually develop the depth of energetic integrity and responsibility that they hold in their lives, for the benefit of everyone.

  28. I was reading a recent article
    ​online ​published on Alternative Medicine and the fact that it is such a growing and popular trend in America and around the world. The differences between Alternative Medicine and Universal Medicine are remarkable, not to mention Universal Medicine is a complementary modality working closely alongside Western Medicine. ​I​t appears to me that Alternative Medicine’s typical approach to the general public is…..​(below are points from the article)​
    • ​S​ay they have all the answers.
    • Maintain that their therapy is the only effective therapy.
    • Promise overnight success.
    • Refuse to include other practitioners as part of the healing team.
    • Seem more interested in money than in your well-being.

    Universal Medicine does not claim to fix anyone or anything and yet is super popular. Serge Benhayon really is leading the way in what Complementary Medicine can truly offer.

    But back to you, Jonathan, you should attach photos to this blog for the gradual and true change you have made in your everyday living. It would be remarkable to see ‘before and after’ photos.

  29. A beautiful honest and inspirational blog Johnathon! Your clear and concise expose of the differences between Universal Medicine and other complementary therapies show us the truth between the two energies we have a choice of using. Prana that is of the Astral Plane, or Soul that is Fire the energy of God. You also make us aware of the stringent Esoteric Practitioners Association that is expected to be followed by Practitioners.

  30. We can have so many different pictures that we think are true for us that it is only through connecting with our innermost we realise that they are not true for us after all. As we let go of these pictures we get to know who we truly are and reflect this to the world through our own unique quality of expression. I too were drawn to becoming a complimentary therapist before I met Universal Medicine and then decided to put it aside once I was introduced to The Way of the Livingness. Attending Universal Medicine I found out that it wasn’t about becoming a practitioner and solely a practitioner but about how I was with myself and the way in which I lived my life.

  31. Wow Jonathan what a complete turn around, and what an absolute commitment to truth you both have chosen. You both have broken a massive consciousness that many invest in, I’m blown away and inspired, and what an incredible account of what makes Universal Medicine stand out from other healing techniques. Universal Medicine offers a level of truth, integrity and love in my experience are not matched by any other techniques.

  32. Thank you Jonathan for a truly inspiring story, I so appreciate what you have shared about the differences between Universal Medicine and other modalities of which you have a vast knowledge and experience of, to be open to feel and accept the love and truth that was being presented to you while being heavily invested in Kinesiology is truly amazing, I love your last sentence. “This approach is not the way of a cult or a guru, but of the most loving, truthful friend that you can ever have. Thank you Serge Benhayon for being the love filled, inspirational man you are.”

  33. Although the different modalities and therapies that we have for restoring /supporting health and wellbeing other than conventional medicine can be grouped under banners (e.g., alternative, complementary), even in the case of those that are complementary to conventional medicine are not comparable.

    If we think of them in terms of movement, every modality is a different one. This is a nice way of looking at them since it is pretty straightforward to observe the differences when anybody walks. It just is not the same and does not feel the same.

  34. I love the precision and scientific nature of your article, one that makes clear how Universal Medicine and the Esoteric therapies and practitioners are so radically different from other, so-called alternative modalities. As long as we treat what needs treating with the same energy source that caused the problem in the first place, we will keep turning around in circles and not get anywhere; all we do is suppress, numb and possibly make functionally better. The deep healing shifts happen when we change the source of energy.

  35. Great dissection and article you have written here Jonathan on the art and science of healing. I completely agree that it is not enough to say we are working with energy without qualifying which type of energy we are actually working with and asking the deeper questions about whether this energy is actually harming or healing.

  36. In my view the trouble we currently have with healing and human life in general is that any contact or increased awareness we have beyond the physical three dimensional life is considered greater or a good thing, however we are not discerning the quality of what we are making contact with and whether this energetic aspect of human life is actually truly healing or not.

  37. Universal Medicine presents absolute truth in healing and that can be sometimes difficult to swallow as it exposes the lies that we have been living, and it is through our willingness and commitment to truth that once again we can reignite the love which lives within us all and that is the best medicine we can ever have access to and share with all.

  38. What a beautiful humble account of returning to truth. What you have shared is not an easy journey when one has invested many years into something. It’s very powerful to read and feel that letting go of our investments can bring incredible change.

  39. Thank you Johnathan, re reading is a great reminder of how important Love is to all that we do in this life. Your story will be an inspiration for many!

  40. This is a remarkable and extremely important piece of inspirational writing Jonathan. What a turnaround!!! This piece of writing leaves no stone unturned. It is a thorough observation and investigation into of the quality and integrity that Serge Benhayon lives and therefore has brought through in all the Sacred Esoteric Healing modalities that he has founded since 1999. Serge Benhayon has never professed Universal Medicine to be an alternative to conventional medicine but rather as complimentary . It is a testimony to your own integrity that you have been able to make the amazing changes you have.

  41. I think it says a lot about your integrity Jonathan that you were willing to not dismiss what you realised from attending that presentation with Universal Medicine and didn’t hold back from changing the way you live and work to be true to what you had reconnected with in yourself.

    1. And the questions are always posed with so much lack of pretension, need for acknowledgment or force – just with love.

  42. A huge transformation Jonathan to live with integrity. You had it all as a successful practitioner and trainer beforehand and yet you were humble enough to realise that the foundation it was all based on was actually unsupportive.

  43. I agree Jonathan, energy is widely discussed as part or complementary and alternative therapies training, but never did I hear talk of the source of energy, or more concisely, the two sources of energy -Soul or Spirit.

  44. If as a healer you yourself don’t embrace, respect and honour the lifestyle advice you give to your clients and privately do things you tell your clients not to do when you think no one is looking, it’s actually quite of hypocritical and definitely lacks integrity.

    1. I totally agree, Suse, however my arrogance and that of other practitioners who say, ‘Do as I say and not as I do’ believed this ‘honestly’ gives one the illusion that one is in integrity. What an excuse for irresponsibility!

  45. I agree Jonathan, we have made life about function only, ignoring the very fact of our origins which connect us to the grandness of the universe beyond our wildest imagination. For in truth it’s not something that we need to work on to live it, just the acceptance of that which is our natural right.

  46. I am still uncovering the depth of what being esoteric truly means. I can feel how I was trying to get it ‘right’ being esoteric and it is only now that I am realizing how that attitude is the very thing that compromises being esoteric in true sense. I used to do bodywork as profession, and in the beginning, I was thinking I could just apply ‘being esoteric’ to the technique I was practicing, but as you say Jonathan, it is not as simple as that. It’s not about choosing which hat to wear. It is of a completely different dimension.

  47. What you share here is very valuable, Jonathan. Through your experience you have realised the very difference between true healing and what other modalities really offer. Slightly similar in the surface, but completely different in the core of them.

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