Appreciating Myself

This morning I needed to book several business flights online – something that would usually take me 10 minutes. Today the website was being temperamental and I had to spend a great deal longer going backwards and forwards, entering a lot of information and reserving seats. When I finally got to the last click to pay, the website suddenly took me back to the home page and lost all the information I had entered.

I gently stood up, went to the kitchen and got myself a glass of water. I calmly returned to my computer to start the whole process again. As I sat down, I paused for a moment to appreciate myself. In the past I would have reacted and probably ranted and raved if something like that had happened. This time there was barely a blip. On the second round everything went smoothly and I quickly made my booking.

I realised that I felt so lovely in myself that I was not interested in reacting, because that would take me away from me. I know how unpleasant emotional reactions feel in my body and am not interested in them anymore, so they happen less and less. Equally, I have no desire to eat sugar because when I do I get all racy and that feels so horrible and noisy in my body. For these reasons many things have naturally changed; such as my diet, what I say, what I think, how I move and the energy I do things in.

Appreciating myself is something quite new for me: also a big note of appreciation to my beautiful Benhayon friends, who by being themselves showed me another way and inspired me to re-discover myself.

How lovely it is to enjoy being me – what could be better?!

By Nicola Lessing, Tweed, Australia

292 thoughts on “Appreciating Myself

  1. Nicola just sharing this moment adds to the many other moments in our day to day to test us to either react or respond and what you presented is the loving choice you made. A beautiful share and a great testimony that appreciating ourselves during these moments leaves us appreciating the many other moments we take for granted or are unseen or forgotten.

  2. CL OH

    I love the simplicity here, no drama or complication just getting on with what needs to be done in a loving way. When we appreciate ourselves we cannot be disturbed by what is happening around us…true empowerment.

  3. Appreciation is the antithesis of the internal self bashing that many of us live with. It offers a new loving way of being with ourselves that forms the foundation for a life well lived.

  4. ‘I realised that I felt so lovely in myself that I was not interested in reacting, because that would take me away from me.’ Brilliant, Nicola, that’s it exactly. There comes a point in one’s mastery of life and self where reactions such as frustration feel awful and pointless. What a great place to get to.

  5. It is very easy to let appreciation of self slip by, to be able to see the giant patch of things that aren’t right yet, to be able to focus on the failings we all have. But what if the path to changing those failings was to appreciate the being within, the loveliness each of us is in any moment, and from there all can change.

    1. I wonder why it is easy to let appreciation slip by when there is so much to appreciate. Maybe because we love the identification of having issues and problems and even make them up so we can solve them.

  6. This is the key, appreciation that takes you more into you. It’s not for anything else other than the way it feels and how it then supports you to move through the world. I think this is a great example in the article of how we can choose to either go into life or pause and make another choice that then supports us to walk around in a different way. It would seem that most things currently in the world are attempting to push us another way and yet when you hold yourself, meaning hold how you truly feel, the world is then also pulled to align to that. We are the centre of things more than we currently care to know.

    1. That is so true, it does seem as if most things are attempting to push or even nudge us another way, but as you say when we hold true a whole other space opens up!

      1. Yes and the “push or even nudge” seems deliberate, like something knows that if we truly settle then all would be lost. We have built a life around things that don’t truly support us and so when we are purely in physical life then we are taken by what it offers. Life like this becomes almost single dimensional and yet that’s not how we truly are and so it’s a restriction or a contraction of this trueness. Appreciation, true appreciation breaks open the physical dimension of life and allows us to see further and bring more space into our life.

  7. This blog keeps popping up all the time…..and today I so appreciated that, having at first thought to find another and then stopping to ask what is this showing me I realised how dismissive I can be. I realised that this dismissiveness is also in my relationship to myself and I have been berating myself instead of appreciating myself. There is so much to appreciate and when I start it just grows and I feel the space opening up inside and all around me.

  8. I can see and feel that so much has changed for me over the years, but not always do I stop and appreciated myself for the choices made, such a simple and beautiful blog Nicola appreciating the gorgeous you, reminding me there is so much on offer to appreciate.

  9. Having moments appreciating how far we have come are invaluable. For me these moments deeply consolidate where I am at and prevents taking my life for granted.

  10. Such a simple tool, to get up and get out of the movement that one was in to then be able to start afresh, instead of staying stuck and exhausting oneself in emotional drama that does not change the situation at hand one bit.

    1. Yes even changing our posture at the desk can make a huge difference. Any conscious movement supports. A short walk is also fantastic even if just a few steps.

  11. This morning during an Esoteric Yoga session there was so much appreciation in how I can easily feel settled and content within myself when compared to 3/4 years ago. The more I settle in and accept how amazing I am the less tempting it becomes to react or act as if I am not amazing.

  12. I had to laugh at this because for years I would react to connecting to my online banking and hated using it, but then reading this I can appreciate that that very rarely happens these days. Love the getting up and re-starting the procedure.

    1. I love that Julie. I also keep having the experience where suddenly something that used to be a huge issue simply no longer exists – I can hardly even remember what the problem was 🙂

  13. Just reading this brought back the memory of all the frustration such an incident would have used to cause me, similarly whenever one has to call a utility company who rely on using call centres in somewhere such as India. I feel so blessed to no longer allow myself to get so frustrated and my blood pressure has improved considerably as a result.

    1. Yes and probably also the blood pressure of the person at the other end of the phone – they must get assaulted all the time by frustrated people!

  14. Nicola, its very gorgeous how you took moment to appreciate yourself, I also never used to appreciate myself, this has changed now and the appreciation I have for myself feels very building and gives me a foundation where I now feel confident in myself and who I am.

  15. What you describe here is huge. We are so used to being focused on the next thing and the next that we are constantly ahead of ourselves and on the go to catch up. What you show here is that a simple stop and focusing on ourselves, how we move, how we touch things. In other words feeling our body brings us into the dimension of now and whatever needs to be done gets done but is not the all.

  16. I have found walking away when things are not going so well usually helps, it gives me a moment to feel what is going on and look at why I am getting frustrated. More often than not it is usually because I have not allowed myself enough time and trying to rush things.

  17. ‘I have no desire to eat sugar because when I do I get all racy and that feels so horrible and noisy in my body.’ I have noticed this with people I work with, when there are tricky things to deal with, sweets and chocolate bars seem to be the thing they go to for some sort of reprieve from their anxiousness, and actually what happens, is they get speedier and more demanding and less easy to negotiate with. My challenge is to not react to this, but to keep centred and connect more deeply with my inner core that is steady and can be a rock at times like this.

    1. Another reason people eat sweet things is to get an energy hit or to stimulate themselves because emotions such as anxiety are quite exhausting – of course the “medication” (sugar) they take only makes it worse.

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