Appreciating Myself

This morning I needed to book several business flights online – something that would usually take me 10 minutes. Today the website was being temperamental and I had to spend a great deal longer going backwards and forwards, entering a lot of information and reserving seats. When I finally got to the last click to pay, the website suddenly took me back to the home page and lost all the information I had entered.

I gently stood up, went to the kitchen and got myself a glass of water. I calmly returned to my computer to start the whole process again. As I sat down, I paused for a moment to appreciate myself. In the past I would have reacted and probably ranted and raved if something like that had happened. This time there was barely a blip. On the second round everything went smoothly and I quickly made my booking.

I realised that I felt so lovely in myself that I was not interested in reacting, because that would take me away from me. I know how unpleasant emotional reactions feel in my body and am not interested in them anymore, so they happen less and less. Equally, I have no desire to eat sugar because when I do I get all racy and that feels so horrible and noisy in my body. For these reasons many things have naturally changed; such as my diet, what I say, what I think, how I move and the energy I do things in.

Appreciating myself is something quite new for me: also a big note of appreciation to my beautiful Benhayon friends, who by being themselves showed me another way and inspired me to re-discover myself.

How lovely it is to enjoy being me – what could be better?!

By Nicola Lessing, Tweed, Australia

349 thoughts on “Appreciating Myself

  1. How awesome to have such a marker in your body of feeling lovely ‘I realised that I felt so lovely in myself that I was not interested in reacting, because that would take me away from me.’ that you did not want to react because you would feel how this would offset the relationship with yourself you had built. Pretty cool ✨

    1. Hi Vicky
      I wrote the blog about 6 years ago and things have changed a lot since then. It is no longer about me and my relationship with myself, but about my relationship with the all. Reacting means I am no longer available to respond to whatever is needed and also that I contribute to the harm in the world. I choose not to react!

      1. Hi Nicola,
        I know I saw the date of the blog and it is very awesome to hear just how much more has changed for you since then. I was appreciating what you shared in your blog as currently there is so much reaction in the world, so it is lovely to hear when someone loves themselves so much that it would be detrimental to the body to react … a great reflection to all ❤️

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