The Laboratory of Life

In two different laboratories, two technicians work diligently at their projects.

One is trying to piece together something they found. They are not sure what they found: it feels precious and important but they are not sure they have all the pieces. However, they are convinced that once they work it out, what will be revealed will change the world.

The other is restoring a beautiful work of art that has been covered in dirt over the centuries. The faint outline of the image is there in many places but in others it is totally obscured.

The first goes through a process of assembling and reassembling the pieces they have; at times they glimpse something beautiful but in the end there are always holes and gaps and so they go in search for the missing piece once again.

At times they want to pretend to the world that the work is finished to avoid embarrassment; at times they become despondent but they are persistent, driven by an inner longing. They assemble and reassemble the object to see if it can come together in another way.

They receive encouragement from senior technicians, who share similar experiences and pass on assurances that it doesn’t matter if you get there or not, the focus and dedication that is shown is what needs to be appreciated. In fact the technician is so well known for their dedication that they get invited to conferences to speak about their work.

The second technician works patiently, starting on one section of the painting and is amazed at the beauty and the colour that is revealed.

The work is delicate and they need to continually fight the desire to rush ahead. Sometimes they do rush ahead and it leads to mistakes and delays long term. If they focus on what is yet to be done, they become despondent, but if they focus on what is being revealed, time evaporates.

At the start of each day, they set the tone for their work, either rushed and focused on what is left or still and joyful in the knowing that the whole image is already there and that all they need to do is remove what is covering it. People from the first lab would come in and start to ask if they thought the colours were as vibrant as they once were, or comment on the technical merits of the art work itself.

From time to time the technician gets distracted by this chatter, becoming concerned that what is being uncovered maybe not be what they anticipate. So once again, the technician has a choice, to be swayed by the ‘what might be’ and the theories of jealous counterparts, or to be held in the knowing that what they are doing is already whole and complete. And with a dedication that is not measured by time or the accolades of others, but by a consistent dedication to restore each centimetre to the beauty and majesty that lies beneath.

In the laboratory of life we are often sold the job of the first technician. We are told we have to build something special but that we don’t have all the pieces already.

We are encouraged to find the missing pieces, the job, relationship, degree or award. We form groups who have all assembled their pieces in a similar way, so that the holes are less obvious. We even begin to think a life with holes is true and something to be acclaimed.

But the magic of life is the canvas, an image fully rendered and glorious in its beauty but obscured by past choices.

So the alternative is to work like the second technician. Knowing that our own soul is complete in every way and our work is to uncover a portion of colour and beauty a section at a time. We can become despondent at what is to be cleaned, or can be confirmed with every revelation that there is even more to uncover.

Inspired by Serge Benhayon, master craftsman and restorer of technicians the world over.

by Joel Levin, Western Australia

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867 thoughts on “The Laboratory of Life

  1. I absolutely loved the ending of this blog Joel. So true that our Soul is complete in every way. We give way too much focus generally to the issues and problems and holes in our life than we do to the fact that we are in truth million times grander and already beautiful amazing and that these issues pale in size to our true hugeness.

  2. Restore is a word usually associated with the status quo as in restoring order. Yet, when we understand that restoring order is essential for any body to be able to evolve, the meaning ceases to be a bad one. Moreover, restoring order requires getting rid of layers that do not truly belong and when this happens, there is only beauty left.

  3. “If they focus on what is yet to be done, they become despondent, but if they focus on what is being revealed, time evaporates.” Such a beautiful line. It says so much about life as when we come back to our essence and our true selves. Do we keep looking at what is still to be done or do we deeply appreciate all we have been doing and letting go of already?

  4. ‘We are encouraged to find the missing pieces, the job, relationship, degree or award.’ Only to discover that what we are looking for we already have, we have to choose to build the relationship within ourselves and then the beauty is revealed.

  5. I like the comparison you’ve done here – we can either try to put everything together, and sit focussed on the missing pieces trying to jig them in from a place where we know nothing. Or we can stand on the other side, the inside and restore everything that is already there.

  6. ‘Knowing our own soul is complete in every way’ that that we are complete but learning to live that completeness in life, and that our task is to uncover that which obscures us living that. I love the imagery offered here and see so clearly how much as a world we’ve gone for image 1, whereas image 2 is consistent, and steady and when they wobble they just come back to that steadiness again, no drama, just being with the process knowing we are complete.

  7. I love this and the many layers and truths that this holds, that it is already all there, that life in truth is not about going out and seeking something to complete you. That is like saying to a newborn baby- look your pretty good, but your not quite it yet, you need to get a good job, husband, education etc to complete you. This is just crazy- when you look at a newborn you know it is already everything so why do we do this to ourselves.

  8. We indeed are encouraged from a young age to believe that to make sense of life we need to piece together an existence that has certain ‘deemed’ essential components, and this is what will amount to a successful and satisfying life. If we can’t manage this, then we are missing out. Yet all along absolutely everything we could ever need and more, is already a given for us to simply explore and live in connection to and guided by. Our Souls are with us from our very first breath, and it is this inner-spark that is what defines who we are and guides us to live our true potential, in full colour.

  9. Understanding that we are all again going to live from the absoluteness of our soul, is the beginning of uncovering the layers of ‘muck’ that hides the beauty of our soul from ourselves and the world.

  10. I liked reading this ‘the other is restoring a beautiful work of art that has been covered in dirt over the centuries’ and sometimes this dirt tries to come back from time to time until we know that every fragment of this dirt is removed and that piece of canvas is squeaky clean and then, to the next area.

  11. A beautiful analogy. The first technician is virtually all of us, believing we have to build something new, the second technician knowing that everything already exists, all that is needed is to strip away all the what is not, layer by layer. The first believes knowledge is the answer to everything, the second knows that wisdom is.

  12. Thank you Joel, it makes so much sense what you have shared about the two different ways to approach life – to build an outer life absent of our true selves, or to reveal the beauty of the soul, which is something that is there in full already.

  13. To simply keep connected with oneself, and allow this connection to be the river that washes through us, healing the old, and revealing who we truly are… Simply allowing ourselves to be.

  14. It seems we do not need to re-create ourselves in this world, but to simply be and express that which we already are. Wise words Joel, thank you.

  15. “confirmed with every revelation that there is even more to uncover” the magic of rediscovering who you truly are.

  16. Such a wonderful example of the choice we have in our approach to ourselves and life. To know we do not have to get caught up in the rat race and to understand that the finish line is not a goal is like permission to be free, and to simply live and appreciate in all we have.

    1. Beautifully said Elodie. No matter what age it is to simply live and appreciate and celebrate in all we are and have. Love is the main event in life and there is no race to get there – it just IS ad we only have to deepen surrender and let it well up in all its beauty.

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