No Alcohol or Drugs: No Boring Party here

by Anonymous, Mullumbimby NSW

I went to a concert and end of year party. Unlike many other parties at this time of the year, there was no alcohol or drugs, no fights or emotional outbursts.

When I was a drinker and a smoker, the thought of going to a party without any drugs sounded so boring to me. I just could not imagine how anyone could have any fun without being under the influence of something. Continue reading “No Alcohol or Drugs: No Boring Party here”

Amazing Grace

by Anne Malatt, Australia

I woke this morning feeling amazing. There was nothing in the way of this feeling, so I lay there and enjoyed it. The feeling welled up from deep in my heart and filled my being. It flowed up and down my spine and I felt it cracking and popping into place. It flowed down my arms and I felt them relaxing and releasing. My fingers tingled and my palms grew fiery. It flowed down my legs to my feet and out my soles. It filled my head, which felt much lovelier than what usually fills it. Continue reading “Amazing Grace”

Universal Medicine: There are no Damsels in Distress here…

It has become tradition that Universal Medicine celebrates the conclusion of each year with the ‘usual presentations’ followed by entertainment from the student body. Each year more talent comes forward to strut their stuff – in a very wholesome, entertaining and, this year, extremely funny way.

The Best Day

by Dr Rachel Hall, Holistic Dentist, Kenmore Brisbane

I had the best day yesterday at the Universal Medicine end of year talk, concert and dance celebration. The room was full with so much love, laughter, fun and talent and amazing people all under one roof having the time of their life. No alcohol or drugs needed here, just people being themselves and having a blast. I danced my butt off (not literally!), clapped, cheered, laughed, cried and sang my heart out. Continue reading “The Best Day”