Ayahuasca: Bad Medicine

by Naren Duffy, Customer Services, London, UK

I recently watched a short presentation given by the author Graham Hancock, relating his experiences with the hallucinogenic drink ‘ayahuasca’, and how he used it to stop smoking marijuana, among other things. Ayahuasca is a drink used in shamanistic rituals originating in the Amazon jungle, and it is used sometimes in the West for treating drug addiction as well as emotional difficulties, or by people who are interested in exploring exotic traditions from around the world.

Ayahuasca can be brewed using several different plants, but of the plants used, one will contain DMT (dimethytriptamine) and another an MAO (monoamine oxidase) inhibitor. MAO is a chemical that is present in our liver which serves to break down toxins so that they will be rendered inactive and not end up in the blood stream. DMT occurs in small amounts naturally in our bodies and is linked to dreaming and other functions, but when it is ingested it is naturally broken down by MAO. Therefore an inhibitor is necessary to make DMT have any effect when it is drunk. DMT can also be extracted from a plant and the extract smoked directly into the lungs to produce an extremely intense hallucinogenic experience which lasts a couple of minutes, while the ayahuasca experience can be equally intense and last around four hours, possibly longer. Continue reading “Ayahuasca: Bad Medicine”

From Spiritual Addiction to Simple Truth

by Bina Pattel, Aged 51, London, UK

My whole life I have been searching for Truth. I always knew my life and the whole world just made no sense.

Here is a laser update…

20’s I got into the spiritual stuff as religion was not for me. I was brought up Hindu, done a bit of Buddhist, Christianity, Catholic Church going and even visited monasteries. It was to find some kind of inner peace to my awful life that I had created.

30’s – I lived a wreckless life, trashing my body through food and alcohol and making lots of money and spending it faster than it came in.

Early 40’s – Still doing the spiritual new age stuff but with serious spending. I sold my house to pay for a £30,000 life mastery course and many other spiritual pursuits including another course that cost £35,000. My goal was to get the certificate at the end and then move on to another workshop or course that was going to “heal me and then others”.

It did NOT work. Continue reading “From Spiritual Addiction to Simple Truth”

My search for something more to life…

by Rosie Bason, Byron Bay

My search for something more to life first started when I was about 20 years old and living in the Caribbean. I started going to a guided meditation group, then I decided to learn Reiki but still continued to smoke and drink and eat foods that were not good for me.

I then studied for a diploma in Herbal medicine, learnt Kinesiology and several other modalities. I still continued to abuse my body; I would take drugs, smoke, eat junk food and not sleep properly… even though I had studied about the body and how it works.  Continue reading “My search for something more to life…”

Finding Something that Works for Me

by K.E.  Male Age 61 , U.S.A.

I had been searching outside myself for answers to my life situation (depression, exhaustion, pain). I even travelled to Peru to take Ayahuasca (to try to be fixed). That experience took me further away from myself and opened me up to extremely harmful energies.

I came to realise that the answers had to be inside, and so I was drawn to Universal Medicine. Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine teach and present that you need to reconnect to yourself before you can know what is True or Not True. This made sense to me. Continue reading “Finding Something that Works for Me”

A Woman And Her Family Start to Make Loving Choices

by Angela Perin, Brisbane, AUSTRALIA. DipT (ECE), BEd (ECE), Business Owner

I was introduced to the work and modalities of Universal Medicine in 2010, just over two years ago. One of my daughters had become quite ill with asthmatic symptoms to the point where she was missing many days off school. In the months prior, my eldest daughter was diagnosed with glandular fever and was also challenged with poor health as a result.

As parents, up until that point, we had prided ourselves in electing the alternative and natural medicine approach, and had largely avoided conventional medicine to treat any illness or symptom our family experienced. We felt we had a healthy lifestyle as we ate organic (wherever possible), and all participated in physical activity or sport on a regular basis. We didn’t eat fast food, my husband and I didn’t smoke, we didn’t have tattoos or body piercings, we didn’t drink excessively, and we capped our espresso coffees at 2-3 per day (we loved our coffee!).  Continue reading “A Woman And Her Family Start to Make Loving Choices”

What Was and What is Now

Having arrived in this world during WW2 I entered a time of sombreness, duty and doubt about the future – that was my environment. By the time the war ended I and my two siblings were fed on a belief system that children were to be seen and not heard, sit up straight, don’t chew with your mouth open, you will think what I tell you to think and be good or the bogey man will get you. Early school followed that pattern, and I soon learned that you could not trust anyone. Piano lessons assured that I would be isolated and disciplined.

The years passed, but even when quite small I sensed somewhere within me that I was beautiful – and later on this sense sent me on many a wayward path as I grew older seeking to be recognised, acknowledged and accepted. This seeking continued into the marriage, into bearing children while living in a coal dust filled town in Victoria, being a community volunteer/fundraiser etc. Continue reading “What Was and What is Now”